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December 22, 2016
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October 29, 2009
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July 11, 1972
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(,iA.ll., fly~(-) Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/29: CIA-RDP75B0038OR000100030112-8 G 0, NFIE T1AL OLC 72-0786 11 July 1972 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence SUBJECT: Developments During Your Absence 1. Representative Rangel Request for Reports on Drug Traffic. You will recall that on 13 June I wrote Rangel saying that in view of his continued interest in obtaining copies of certain Agency reports on the illicit drug traffic, we were reexamining the possibility of declassifying at least some of these reports. On 28 June, Rangel wrote Ingersoll of BNDD requesting the same material. Ingersoll has referred the request to us. (Tab A) The whole problem has been taken up with the White House, where Walter Minick, Bud Krogh's deputy, apparently opposes declassification of any material on the illicit drug traffic. The matter is now being reviewed by David 'Young, Executive Secretary of the Interagency Review Committee on Classification, whose decision is expected momentarily. If Young agrees with Minick that none of the reports can be released, we should be prepared for possible legal action, and OGC has been in touch with Justice in this regard. Rangel seems determined to press for a showdown. On 10 July he issued a public statement charging that CIA's "paranoid quest for secrecy" was keeping vital information about the drug traffic from the American public, and that we were "covering up for the international merchants of death. " (Tab B) 2. Representative Aspin's Letter on Opium Smuggling. Aspin's 27 June letter to you which appeared in the Congressional Record on that date was received by the Agency on 3 July. We immediately asked Aspin's office for the "additional information" which he said he had received from Alfred McCoy. Upon examination, this additional information DOJ Review Completed. EXE;,;PT FROM &EA,E;;AI CUIASSiFICATiOH OF E. 0. 11 E2, E''E"+"PT! CATE&u3Y: (cir;i8 arc Gr more) TEL CRC, 4/10/2003 ---Approval-of D -. --- I 25X1 (u"I Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/29: CIA-RDP75BOO38OR000100030112-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/29: CIA-RDP75B0038OR000100030112-8 g ~ m I F1 U1, TML appears to be essentially the same as that which McCoy had provided the Proxmire Subcommittee in support of his testimony there several weeks ago. (See Tab C for that portion of the material McCoy provided Aspin which deals with the Agency and Air America.) FE has requested the field to report on the detailed allegations. Attached at Tab D is a copy of Aspin's 27 June letter to you, together with an excerpt from the Congressional Record of 30 June containing Charlie Gubser's comments and a copy of your reply to Aspin. 3. Allegations of Preferential Treatment Being Given to Air America. Scoop Jackson has received a letter (Tab E) from an outfit in Vientiane called Lao Air Development which complains that Air America is overcharging U. S. agencies and which offers comparable services at substantially lower rates. Craig Jarrell, who signed the letter, claims he is in touch with Jack Anderson on the matter. We promised Jackson's office we would check on the facts, which DDS is doing. 4. Legislative Interdepartmental Group Meeting. At a 7 July LIG meeting serious concern was expressed regarding the Mansfield "end the war" amendment. Apparently the Administration is dismayed to learn that perhaps a dozen senators whose support it had assumed, such as Chuck Percy and Jim Pearson of the Foreign Relations Committee, have turned out to be "fence sitters" despite some active lobbying by Kissinger. It is planned that after Congress reconvenes, Kissinger will entertain the "fence sitters" at a breakfast and try to win them over, hoping that the Democratic disarray following the convention, coupled with expected ARVN military successes, will strengthen his appeal. 5. Armed Services Committee Investigation of LaVelle Case. Stennis has sent Jim Woolsey and Larry Garcia, of the Committee staff, to Saigon to investigate the LaVelle case. The station has been alerted to show them appropriate courtesies but avoid any discussion of the LaVelle matter. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/29: CIA-RDP75B0038OR000100030112-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/29: CIA-RDP75B00380R000100030112-8 `9-` 14, TUi L 6. Interest in Hersh Articles on "Rainmaking. " On 5 July John Goldsmith called to say he had seen Seymour Hersh's New York Times story of 3 July (Tab F) alleging Agency involvement in "rainmaking" in Indochina. He said that in view of the concern the story would probably create on the Hill, he was calling it to Stennis' attention, with the suggestion that Stennis get himself briefed on the matter so he could respond to the questions that were likely to come up. In view of Hersh's second story on the same subject on 9 July (Tab G), we should be ready for queries by both friend and foe. 7. Scheduled Congressional Appearance. House Foreign Affairs has you tentatively scheduled to appear on 27 July to discuss Soviet strategic weapons and SALT verification. Presumably the text you used before Senate Foreign Relations with little or no modification would be responsive tc25X1:ir request. John M. Maury ',.-Legislative Counsel Attachments: TabsA - G col Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/29: CIA-RDP75B00380R000100030112-8 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/29: CIA-RDP75B0038OR000100030112-8 TAB Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/29: CIA-RDP75B0038OR000100030112-8 s ? Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/29: CIA-RDP75B0038OR000100030112-8 :T'i':3 llonorablo v. -.. ou o2 Eopi t "~aca~", `aivos D. C. OW0525 Li In SOply to your 1ot~or of Ju,.o VJ, 1072, x ogquostfng co ?ta a docuroal8. .{w w ...i~~ ,A'(ry~lGr,+~~V .ral~ici-i'.~.1 ..4ii+'i w Y f;, . 5r+:.'~.8 b by Y.I ~el~ip.A., ~ i -iav airt cr Zad\i ~4k++~riV ~!o ~.,.. "tip~'v ~~^< ? ??`~{~~r? to i~lij~ re "."a-' to CIo= docum :natal cc ic:+l'~yxl the o, iod. Me I MOW. sir-.?.. _ Xt r',~~++~~.. '\y^^pprp g C'Yr.; t-.., r.?tC~,. m+~ ,r yry.,~t.?y* JLtcS{'w.'rl Uiitod wiz- cs and OL. '$ $? :um 1o- . l nl e L: .wws::.a :Rr: ~..ii. .R..?.w ...c.tti /J1Kiiikr ...'.Y?`i.~%'?x'\.`rYbxcrt1X I& liz2- ~,ting off a series of underground ex- this year, weather warfare was a I plosions along the edge of the Conti- covert operation being directed by the ?, ?, J i t Chi f f St ff ith Whi H n e s o o a w ouse te rental Shelf, or by producing a natural ,earthquake. A guided tidal wave could acquiescence. ,be, achieved by correctly shaping the The fact that the program existed at all came to light only last week in energy-release sources. The New York Times. But, despite an c+ Changing the physical makeup extensive investigation, it could not be of the atmosphere by creating, with / learned how successful the program a rocket or similar weapon, a "hole" had been, how many missions were in the important ozone layer between conducted or whether it was still being ?-?10 and 30 miles up that is responsible used in connection with the heavy for absorbing much of the ultra-violet bombing of North Vietnam that fol- . -light cast from the sun, Without the lowed the enemy offensive last April. protective layer of ozone, a molecular Making rain has long been techni- i ,.form of oxygen, the radiation would cally feasible. Scientists have learned .be fatal to all human, plant and animal that rain fall can be increased I i life that could not take shelter in the by as much as 40 per cent after seed- i affected area below, ing clouds by aircraft with silver-i0-}Dr. MacDonald (who is now a dide particles. Other chemicals, includ- '.member of the White House Council on ing dry ice, also have been used with ? Environmental Quality) made it clear success, both in the United States and .that his essay was based only on spec- in Southeast Asia. ulation. Last week, however, it became Military and Government specialists . known that at least part of his maca- ''acknowledge that there is little precise bre weather arsenal had been secretly scientific knowledge of the short-range ,.in use by the United States since the :, impact of cloud seeding and practi- v.1960's. :cally none of the long-range ecological Air Force planes, supported by ' the ''effect of changing the amount of . ' ' Central Intelligence 'Agency, have been natural, rainfall. Some aciontists have Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2009/10/29: CIA-RDP75B0038OR000100030112-8