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December 19, 2016
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September 10, 2003
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March 13, 1973
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Approved For Release 2006/09/25 : A-RDP75B003 8000100050122-5 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 Tuesday - 13 March 1973 zon i 8. JGO) Met with Ralph Preston, House Appropriations Committee s a , who told me that he had received a call from a newspaper requesting the amount of back pay and other entitlements that would be coming to John Downey on his release from prison in China. After checking with John Warner, OGC, and Angus Thuermer, Assistant to the Director, I told Preston that back pay and general questions from the press media are being referred to the Downey family (preferably Bill Downey) as matters relating to Downey's personal affairs. Preston told me that he will be 25X1A involved in reprogramming hearings through this week and most of next and will not be able to schedule a meeting with me and IC, on intelligence community matters before the end of next week at the earliest. 25X1A He will have to await until that time also to schedule the briefing he has requested at Headquarters on the CIA budget. I has been advised. I brought Preston up-to-date on the Director's meeting with the 25X1 \_ joint Senate CIA subcommittees on Chile. Preston asked that I keep him up-to-date so that Chairman Mahon will not be caught out on any inadvertent or other publicity that might arise from these meetings. Slatinshek asked that I contact Chairman Nedzi and arrange for the briefing directly with him. I briefed Slatinshek on the Director's appearance before the joint CIA Subcommittees of Senate Armed Services and Appropriations. Slatinshek had no comment. requested on CIA methodology in 9. JGO) Met with Frank Slatinshek, Chief Counsel, House Arme Services Committee, and discussed the proposed briefing for himself and Chairman Nedzi, Intelligence Subcommittee, that had been 25X1 1.0. JGO) Talked to Fred Ladd, State Department (632-2478), who is handling the staff arrangements for briefings for Jim Lowenstein and Dick Moose, on the staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on U. S. Security Agreements and Commitments Abroad. A 25X1A tentative date was set for an Agency briefing here at Headquarters at 9:30 a. m. , Wednesday, 21 March. C/FE, has been advised. Approved For Release 2 :ICIA-RDP75B00380R000100051d58/5/2003 4