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December 19, 2016
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September 12, 2005
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March 11, 1973
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25X1 Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP75B0038OR000300100002-0 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP75B0038OR000300100002-0 17A " T *- --T, Approved For Release 2005/g1t,21;!,7,i 1 075B0038OR000300100002-0 ~ Chile.WiH By JEREMIAII O'LEARY No Witness List Star-News Staff writer .p.,li_ Arms ,,.point. -ta ana- Asked about the memo and the Anderson column, Levin- w ck when the Senate d senate Yo c ign xt son told The Star-News their .ask when tee on was no evidence of ITT in- volvemesubcona nt in the Chilean , inultinatinnal corporations be- breakins. Hendrix, a Pulitzer -gins Bearings on the allege Prize-winning reporter in Mi- j qn, l_T lephpne K - ami in 1963, said he and other Wapli Corp. plotting to inter- newsmen had known Sturgis in -f.ere with the domestic polio- _.aal affairs of Chile. early days of Fidel Castro's . The subcommittee, headed regime. Hendrix said he had known Sturgis, a defector by Sen. Frank C h u r c h, from the Castro air force, as D-Idaho, will convene on "Frank Fiorini". He said he March 20 and the hearings are has neither seen nor communi- expected to last about two c a t e d with Sturgis-Fiorini weeks. '1 e_ raw material, of since 1961. U e . probe is explosive since it The subcommittee has not. involves a Marxist govern- r Je lt5 witness list put W at verbally hostile to the 1luumrlzly Chu_i anti Dex in- rllhest States, one - n the wn would like to question_ Til- icticst.of .the American con- liaM_ V, Broe, who was the glamerates, the Central Intelli- CSA:.&.-Thin region director in grace Agency, ' the White 19,7.9 .when the ITT allegedly House, the State Department ,e4,Mpiced , with U.S. officials tL1 controversial columnist r certain Chileans to blWk ,jack Anderson. .the. OW71oii o? Marxist Presi- That the hearings will be (I@-PA-Salvador Allende. conducted with bare knuckles It might also want testimo- 6 ray from Viron P. Vaky, thee, nt on Feb id . e became ev when subcommittee counsel National Security Council spe- Jerome Levinson and a staff cialsist for Latin America and assistant went to New York to now ambassador to Costa interview ITT executives in Rica, who reportedly had a advance of their appearance brief conversation with ITT's here. Q .L when Lev- J.D. (Jack) Neal about the iiason became exasperated at Chilean matter. the answers he was getting. he U?:d M. Korry, a former pvedicted that the "roof was Newswe .h correspondent who going to fall in" on two of IYilL -.lInbassador To mule: Late 1971 , also is be- JT,TT,s Latin region public rela- Wrgugh Lae .tions specialists, Hal I-lendrix Bared to be ont"l~xe subcominn- end Robert Berrellez. r itue~s list. Korry last - ned A c c o r d i n g to informed yFar wad alig to the Over sources, Levinson predicted spas Private I n v e s t m e n t stories would be Corr'' a Government corpora- newspaper printed linking ITT with the }inn for -iii wring U.S. private 1 ' g nvestmgnt C?tp.,. a goyerKri- Watergate intruders and with ment corporation for irssurln l break-ins at both the Chilean U.S. private investments in embassy here and the homes developing nations. of Chilean diplomats in New ITT witnesses will .ho York. Thursday, columnist Andcr- tHarold i'it corporation; president of I' son did indeed emerge with a vice >anresrdent E..J Gerrity I piece saying Senate investiga- at;-llendrix, Perrellfi tors suspected the Watergate ,-mer j slringlon office vice "Mission Impossible" team. }~Lr slut?'rr 3?. R-_ Merriam_m and may also have engineered the -ressibly others. breakins of the Chilean embas- Considerable Contact s and residences ITT offi- lba -documents area series of ] moranda between 1TT a#fieials and ux icate COfl a41i_"n1actbelwecnAlLe- nm- p.anat_and various govcr n]ilent atficia_lson the subject of ping -Allende out of power. ITT had x..$153 million mvgst- plctot n the Chilean Telephone #, since expropriated- at that time and also operates two Sheraton hotels there. One memo from Hendrix and Berrellez reports that the U.S. government had given Korry the "green light" to do everything possible, short of a Dominican type action, to keep Allende from taking pow- er. Allende was the narrow front runner in a three-man race for president and was elected to the office by the Congress in November, 1970, two months after the popular vote was counted. Hands-Off Policy The documents purport to :show that ITT offered money "in seven figures" to keep Al- lende from winning the runoff. Some memos have ITT execu- tives reporting a plan to stim- ulate economic chaos in Chile that might lead to a military coup against Allende. In the event, the U.S. adopt- ed a hands-off policy; there was no crisis and no military coup and no evidence that American companies collabo- rated to create an economic disaster in Chile. ITT's people privately say the memos were in Hie nature of reports of what was going on or what fright happen in Chile, not clotting by the company alone ix in concert with any U.S. agency. The Church subcommittee will be trying to elicit hard answers under oath to ques- tions raised by the ITT papers. Enven y and woof of ti!e vials wryly spoke of T.evin- Tlx:#, son's February prediction and ice," ti ar the collection the March publication of the 4L.i11l, Fl} l ciacumenis which story. CZm . _ iiltQ Anderson:; l an is fgQlil The Levinson nxemo, accord- ==the ~V'ashington office -of ing to Anderson, said that "the tLQ_Wr P0rati4rl . Anderson has Cuban community knew they never revealed how he came had worked together on CIA by the documents and, so far jobs over n nwnbcr p1~w, ens as is known, ITT has never and that Sttir]~iss ar}~l` ~lYhed Fp~itRet~e e~~2@ 1l/2 :CIA-RDP75B00380R000300100002-0 had known each sihcr for ited the documents, or collies years., of them, out of the office.