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December 19, 2016
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December 14, 2006
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November 20, 1973
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Approved For Release 2006/12116 :CIA-RDP75B00380R000400050027-8 Journal -Office of Legislative Counsel Page 2 Tuesday - 20 November 1973 4. (Confidential -GLC) Met with Guy McConnell Senate A ropria- tions Committee staff, and gave him a paper prepared b OPPB, on the status of the cuts imposed by the House Appropriations Committee to the Agency's budget. I told McConnell again that the subject of how to handle the for salary increases was still up in the air but we were relying on him and Ralph Preston, House Appropriations Committee staff, to work this out. I said we would be happy to discuss it further any time he wished. He said the Senate Committee would probably focus on this issue next week. I briefed McConnell on the inquiry we had received from Mark Bender, Congressional Quarterly, for our views on three questions he posed regarding the Agency's relationships with the Congress and the impact of such things as the Bay of Pigs, ITT /Chile, and the Watergate. I told McConnell that Bill Colby preferred not to have us speak to Bender for the record on this subject, but I provided McConnell with some material we had prepared which he might want to use in any future conversations he might have with Bender on the subject. Spoke briefly with McConnell about the matter of the Renegotiation Board's interest in some of the surplus profits of the sale q~?S,8?Z?r McConnell said he thought if we could legally retain these funds and turn them back into the Agency Reserve account he thought we should do so. 5. (Secret -GLC) Met with George Mur h Joint Committee on Atomic Energy staff, and gave him the new Murphy reviewed the role he has played for Senator Baker and Senator Symington in the Andrew St. George issue. In response to some needling from me, he assured me that he was responding to directions from these two Senators on Watergate issues but was not coming up with any recommenda- tions on his own. 25X1 6. (Confidential -GLC called to say that it is his informa CRC, I5I2003 Approved Far Release 2006/12116 ,, ~IA~I~~pAf~'~~5B00380R000400050027-8