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December 19, 2016
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January 13, 2006
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June 27, 1972
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Approved For Release 2006/02/07 : CIA-RDP75B%WSQ 400070065-0 Calls: 8 Ins: 0 Outs: 0 JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Tuesday - 27 June 1972 1. (Confidential - GLC) During the morning Jack Ticer, Chief Clerk, Senate Armed Services Committee, called. He said he had just stepped out of a Committee meeting at Senator Goldwater's request to raise with the Director personally the question of "If, in his opinion, SALT eliminates the need for SAM-D? " I told Ticer I thought this was a question which we would want to defer to someone else since we did not keep track of US weapons programs. However, on the instructions of the Director, I quoted the Director as saying "We in the Agency do not know what the current specifications for SAM-D are. Therefore, reluctantly, we are not in a position to have an opinion one way or the other or to be on one side or the other. " Later in the day Ticer told me he had passed the Director's :message to Senator Goldwater and commented Goldwater was not happy with the Director's response and said he (Goldwater) hoped the Agency did not always do business that way. 2. (Confidential - GLC) I called Leonard Killgore, Administrative Assistant to Senator Barry Goldwater (R., Ariz.), and advised him of my earlier conversations with Jack Ticer, Senate Armed Services Committee staff. I told him we understood the Senator was not particularly happy with the Director's response but tried to explain to Killgore that we did riot keep track of US weapons programs nor were we in the net assessment business and this is why the Director felt we could not state a position on this issue. I underscored that we, in fact, do not have the specifications on Sam D. Killgore explained he had attended committee hearings for Senator Goldwater during his recent absence because of illness and that he and the Senator had found only one instance in which a witness ever leveled with the committee on SALT and this was in off the record statements made by Secretary Laird on 6 June. He said all of this had left Goldwater quite exasperated with the testimony that has been given and he wanted to go to the one man he felt would give him an honest unbiased response. He said he appreciated the reasons why the Director felt he could not answer the Senator's question but thought it would be very useful if the Director called the Senator before his departure from Washington on Friday and explained this to him personally. The Director said he would give Goldwater a call in the next day or two. aM- iron ding * t Approved For Release f : CIA-RDP75B0038OR000400070 ta3sitieatian t2i4 Approved For Release 2006/02/07 CIA-RDP75B00380R000400070005-0 6R Page 2 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Tuesday - 27 June 1972 3. (Confidential - GLC) I queried Bill Jordan, Senator Proxmire's Senate Appropriations Committee, Foreign Operations Subcommittee staff, as to whether Alfred McCoy had provided the Subcommittee with material which would back up the various allegations he had made in his testimony on 2 June to the effect that US officials were condoning or encouraging illicit drug traffic in Southeast Asia. Jordan directed me to Mr. Neilson McGowan, of the Appropriations Committee staff, who made the unclassified transcript with several supplements provided by McCoy available to me. See Memorandum for the Record. 4. (Unclassified - GLC) Talked with Charles Kendrick, Administrative Assistant to Senator Peter Dominick (R. , Colo.), and thanked him for his efforts in the job that the Senator and members of the staff had done on the amendment (No. 1257) to modify section 515 of the Foreign Assistance Authori- zation bill (S. 3390). 6. ( Secret - GLC) Talked with Bill Woodruff, Counsel, Senate Appropriations Committee, and asked him if he had had an opportunity to review our proposed report to the Government Operations Committee on S. 3529. Woodruff said he had not and asked that we check back with him tomorrow. EFROUdeo irsfl autennatic Approved For Release 2006/02/07 CIA-RDP75B00380R00040007000 0 !Le._1 s5ilicatlen Approved For Release 200'6/0.2ff7 r?: CIA-RDP75B00380R000400070005-0 ~,~,1 L I Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 Tuesday - 27 June 197Z 7. (Secret - JGO) Met with Mr. George W. Ashworth, Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff, who asked if the Agency could provide the Committee with a brief survey of weather modification in Indochina. He said that this is a matter that Senator Pell (D. , R. I. ) has become quite interested in and that he has requested staff assistance in developing the question. I told him that with the exceptions of Senator Pell's short press release over the weekend concerning alleged weather modification of American forces over North Vietnam, I knew nothing of the modification and recommended to him that he refer the question to the Department of State. As a followon to last week's briefing he asked also if the Agency has any information concerning the possibility or engineering capability of the Soviets to increase the missile capacity of the Y-class submarine from 12 to 16 or more missiles. 8. (Secret - JGO) Met with Mr. Ralph Preston, House Appropriations Committee staff, who told me that his time for this week and part of next has been completely scheduled but he will meet with our people as soon as 25X1 possible. I briefed him on the following items: North Vietnamese offensive toward Hue, action on the Bolovens Palteau, North Vietnamese concern over support by allies, Soviet delivery of the Flogger to frontal aviation, 9. (Confidential - JGO) Met with Mr. Jack Sullivan, House Foreign Affairs Committee staff, who told me with apologies thatthe Committee will have to change the 25 July date for possible meeting with the Director on verification of the SALT agreement. He will call as soon as the Chairman focuses on a new date. Mr. Sullivan asked if we could have a transcript and I reminded him that we have not had a transcript in the past in appearance before the Committee. This point will require further discussion. The present schedule of the Committee will be to have Messrs. Rogers and Laird on the first day of testimony, Admiral Moorer and another military witness on the second, and Mr. Helms on the third day to be followed by such members of Congress and private individuals as may request to be heard. The DCI has been advised. 10. (Internal Use Only - JGO) Met with Mr. Richard Moose, Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff, who told me that he has been working on behalf of the Foreign Relations Committee with representatives of the Senate Rules Committee and others concerning utilization of computer techniques. He anticipates that the question of development of a vocabulary for Committee use will arise within the next few weeks and asked if it could be possible to meet with Agency personnel for informal discussion on the subject. Mr. Briggs, OPPB, has been advised. r a6,J rn auiumau Approved For Release 200 A)J -RDP75B00380R00040007 -Wing and Oacf~ssiii~atioa Approved For Release 2006/02/07 : CIA-RDP75B00380R000400070005-0 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Tuesday - 27 June 1972 12. (Unclassified - LLM) IFBIS, called to report a Page 4 constituent request the Department of Commerce had received from the office of Representative H. R. Gross (R. , Iowa) for copies of the supplement covering the 23rd CPSU Congress. r _j advised that a copy of this material is maintained by the Library of Congress but that FBIS does not have it on hand, and said she will advise Commerce of this and offer our good offices to close out this inquiry with the office of Representative Gross. 13. (Unclassified - LLM) Ray McRae, Minority Counsel, Subcommittee on Intergovernmental Relations, Senate Government Operations Committee, returned my call of the other day on S. 3529, Federal Advisory Committee, and said that the former General Counsel, Winslow Turner, felt that our proposed letter to Senator McClellan was fine and that we should be able to get the requested exemption from the legislation. cc: O/DDCI Mr. Houston Mr. Thuermer Acting Legislative Counsel DDI DDS DDS&T EA/DDP OPPB Item 11 - WH; Alien Affairs Staff Approved For Release 2006/0 DP751300380R000400070005 xtluded Srom automatic downgrading and dsrlassitlcatlon