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December 20, 2016
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Approved For Release 2006/08/10: CIA-RDP75B00380R000400130012-5 CONFIDE TIAL Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Wednesday - 14 November 1973 25X1 STATOTHR 25X1 and I talked by telephone with I and Tom Reckford, Commission on the Organization of the Government for the Conduct of Foreign Policy staff, regarding the arrangements for Mr. Colby's appearance before the Commission next Monday, and made arrangements with them for the necessary security briefings and certifications. We discussed with Mr. Crowley our requirements regarding the handling of the transcript in his reporting firm and he had no objections. Mr. Reckford expressed concern that State and DOD were not making similar arrangements for physical security of the hearing room and the handling of the transcripts of their witnesses. We said this was a matter that we thought had to be resolved by each agency in accordance with its own requirements. Page 2 3. Jim Woolsey, General Counsel, Senate Armed Services committee, called regarding the St. George matter. He said that in connection with the Committee's inquiry into St. George's allegation concerning Mr. Helms' first knowledge of the Watergate breakin, he would need to know the names of the watch officers on duty in the Watch Office on 17 June 1972 and all other relevant information including the Watch Office log, tapes if any, and the procedures under which the Watch Office operated during the time period from midnight 16 June 1972 to the time of Howard Osborn's called to Helms on the evening of 17 June 1972. I brought up with Woolsey the matter of Dave Dorsen's, Ervin Committee staff, request for copies of the Agency's correspondence to Senator Symington on the 28 June 1972 memorandum and pointed out that as he knew there were in fact two unclassified communications to Symington: the memo of 6 November 1973 and the letter of 5 November along with the text of Helms' response regarding the 28 June 1972 memo. Woolsey said that on instructions from Symington he had shown the 5 November letter and Helms' response to both Senator Baker and George Murphy, JCAE staff, and would attest to this if the matter came up. Under the circumstances I told him we would give Dorsen only the 6 November memo since the Committee was on notice regarding the other correspondence and could request it if they wished it. CONHHDENTAL CRC, 7/19/2003 Approved For Release 2006/08/10: CIA-RDP75B00380R000400130012-5 Approved For Release 2006/08/10: CIA-RDP75B00380R000400130012-5 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 Wednesday - 14 November 1973 4. I I Pat Holt, Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff, called to say Western Hemisphere Subcommittee would like to hear from the Director on Monday, 26 November 1973 at 10:00 a. m. on the present and prospective situation in Chile. He said there would undoubtedly be questions also on the events of last summer and the possible Agency role therein. He said the Director's testimony would be a followup to the recent testimony of Std- llenartm n officers on the same subject. He said the hearing would be in executive session and a transcript would be made. After checking with the Director, I confirmed to I It th Director's availability and notified Dick Lehman, OCI, and IO, of the requirements. 25X1 5., Talked to Senator Stuart Symington who confided he was having Andrew St. George in to his office this afternoon for a talk prior to possibly calling St. George to a formal Committee hearing on Friday. He said he had run St. George down through Seymour Hersh, and Symington wanted to be sure that we were pulling together all the information necessary to refute St. George's allegations. 6. figures or financial data. Called Senator Birch Bayh to say we still He said in this case we need not come over to brief him but he to let him know as soon as we had a meaningful story to tell. Received a call from Chuck Conneely, Senate Armed Services Committee staff, who said he was preparing the Committee report for our cost-of-living retirement legislation for CIARDS for Committee action tomorrow. He said he thought it was essential that they include in the report the gross figures representing the increase in the unfunded libility for each of the cost-of-living increases. (These figures are included in a classified statement on the financial impact on the legislation which we provided the Committee staff.) After we had consulted Mr. Wattles, I advised Conneely that if he and Ed Braswell, of the Committee staff, felt it was absolutely essential to put out these figures in order to facilitate action on our bill that we would not object although we ordinarily prefer not to divulge either personnel cc: O/DDCI DDI DDM&S.' DDS&T ./ JUHN M. MAURY I Legislative Counsel "" EA/DDO OPPB J CRC, 7/1/2003 Approved For Release 2006/08/10: CIA-RDP75B00380R000400130012-5