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December 20, 2016
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September 20, 2006
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November 26, 1973
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Approved For Release 2007/02/07 : CIA-RDP75B0038OR000500260008-5 CONFIDENTIAL Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Monday - Z6 November 1973 Page 4 who appeared before the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to discuss Chile. Greece was also discussed. See Memorandum for Record and transcript. 7. I Accompanied the Director and 8. Briefed Frank Slatinshek, Chief Counsel, House Armed Services Committee, on recent developments in Greece. 9, I IMet with Senator Milton Young whom I briefed on :recent developments in Greece, Arab/Israeli situation and Soviet weaponry. He said he would like a status report on the U. S. effort to acquire and evaluate an SA-6, remarking that Senator Proxmire had called upon the GAO to make a study of the effectiveness of the SA-6 and on the basis of this study was recommending a drastic cut in the U. S. program for developing a comparable weapon. 25X1 10. I I Cliff Hackett, House Foreign Affairs Committee oaf , ca e to say et the Europe Subcommittee, under Chairman Rosenthal, desires a briefing on the Greek situation. After checking, I called him back to say that as we understood the ground rules, such briefings should be checked with Chairman Morgan, of the full Committee, and we had called on Marian Czarnecki, Chief of Staff, to check on this for us. I commented we had an unfortunate experience with one of the other Subcom- mittees and wanted to be sure we touched all the bases. He said the meeting would be informal, no transcript would be taken and they would be perfectly happy to have a briefing on the staff level without bothering the Director. I 25X1A told him as ill and I wasn't sure when we could arrange it. 11. I I contacted members of the House Appropria- tions Committee staff several times during the day but the flefensP 3s rmpr bill andyeportwere not available for release. The full Committee was in session during the entire afternoon on the bill. Approved For Releas 20 ,7.// Nl# I Yl 75B0038OR000500260008-5 Liu