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November 17, 2016
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July 22, 2000
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July 16, 1974
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Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-R THE WAS G'TON ? The Federal Diary Law Enforcement Pension Liberalized The government's 40,000 law enforcement personnel and firefighters can now retire on full pension at age 50 after 20 years of service. public Law 93-350, signed by the President late Friday, au- thorizes the permanent early re- tirement bonus, and eligible employees who quit between now and the end of the year won't have to pay extra for it in the form of higher pension plan contributions. Under the retirement system in,effect until Mr. Nixon signed the bill, law enforcement aides and firefighters had the option of retiring at age 50 after 20 years service if their agency and the Civil Service Commission ;approved. They also had their jIlifetime annuities reduced sub- stantially for every year they were under age 55.. That is all 'changed by the new law, a bene- fit other, f^ppr d certain to demand from the next Congress. The new legislation has van - By Mike c'ausey ous effective dates, even though Mr. Nixon signed it July 12. Highlights of the new bill, and the effective date for each, ? It authorizes but does not require the head of each agency to fix minimum and maximum age limits for law enforcement personnel and firefighters ef- fective July 12,1974. ? The requirement that CSC approve the early retirement is eliminated as of July 12. ? Beginning January, 1978, law enforcement personnel and firefighters will be mandatorily separated at age 55 with 20 years service, except, ? Agency heads are author- ized to exempt some individuals from mandatory retirement un- til age 60, if the 5 -year extension is in the "public interest." ? Now (as of July 12) all em- ployees in the law enforcement firefighter category may retire under the 50-20 formula with no reduction in annuity because they are less than 55 years old. ? Effective January, 1975, law epforcement personnel and firefighters will begin paying more into the civil service re- tirement fund to financ the new benefit. Those workers, teseV2Ol;'0 8/ ' pay 7 per cent o gross an 1 salary into the fund, and their agencies pay a matching 7 per cent. Next January, the agency and employee mandatory rate will go up to 7.5 per cent each. ? Effective July -12, 1974, the new formula permits the eligi- ble employee to compute his or her retirement on the basis of 234 per cent of the high-three year average salary' times 20 years. Service over 20 years will be computed at the 2 pet cent level. It would work this way: To be eligible for the new. early retirement benefit, the lavv defines the estimated 41,000 persons as individuals "whose primary duties are the investi- gation, apprehension or deten- tion of persons suspected of fed- eral crimes, or the control or ex- tinguishment of fires ... " ? A $10,000 a year law en- forcement aide or firefighter would multiply 2'h per cent times his first 20 years of serv- ice, to get 50 per cent, or an an- nual pension of $5,000. If that employee had three years of service beyond age 50, he or she would multiply 2 per cent times the three years, getting six per cent, or $600 additional, for a to- tal annuity of $5,600 a year. Premium pay for irregular, unscheduled overtime is in- cluded as part of basic pay, for the first time, for the purposes of computing an annuity. This new benefit applies to law en- forcement personnel. Federal firefighters, paid under the wage board (blue collar) system already haavvepoveertiime -com- efc~fi~e110~ o?`fltig question mark, as federal offi- cials still are trying to deter- Army Material Comma: Of- ficials say we missed the mark yesterday in airing a secret government- industry set of 270 pro- posals which include, among other things, the sale or lease of the AMC Tank Automative Com? mand to either Chrysler or Gen- eral Motors. While such a pro- posal is being studied. AMC confirms, it would involve the AMC tank factory in Detroit rather than the much larger tank command next door. The government contractor survey of AMC recommends, as we reported, the shift of work between some arsenals and the phase-out of work at many which it says are "underuti- lized" If the sale or lease plan is approvedeby the Pentagon, the tank plant would be turned over to whichever giant auto- maker wins ]]ins the contract to build ~4vt~iv+4~=e tank. he plant which is owned by the gov- ernment. fiproved F ()W Q/Q f llLM aR1O R000600140005t29 April 24, U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, receiving further testiimonyfrom the nominee. Hearings were recessed subject to call. NOMINATION Committee on Post Office and'Civil Service: Commit- tee, in executive session, ordered favorably reported the nomination of Robert E. Holding, of Wyoming, to be a Governor of the U.S. Postal Service. (CIVIL SERVICE RETIREMENT 1 Committee on Post O ffce and Civil Service: Committee concluded hearings on H.R. 6o78, extending provisions of law relating to civil service retirement of certain employees engaged in hazardous occupations to cus- toms and immigration inspectors; and H.R. 9281, to provide improved retirement benefits for Federal law enforcement and firefighting personnel, after receiving testimony from Senators Percy and Dole; Representa- tive Brasco; Thomas A. Tinsley, Director, Bureau of Retirement, Insurance, and Occupational Health, Civil Service Commission; John Ryan, Federal Criminal In- vestigators' Association, Bristol, Conn.; W. H. McClen- non, who was accompanied by Jack A. Waller and Fred Schillreff, all representing the International Asso- ciation of Firefighters, Washington, D.C.; Eugene Ros- sides, Washington, D.C.; Joseph Gamble, Washington, D.C.; Clyde M.' Webber, who was accompanied by Carl Sadler and James H. Lynch, Jr., all representing the American Federation of Government Employees, AFL-CIO, Washington, b.C.; Nathan Wolkomir, Na- tional Federation' of Federal Employees, Washington, D.C.; John J. Murphy, National Customs Association, Washington, D.C.; Mary Gereau, representing the Na- tional Treasury'Ernplo ees' Union, Washington, D.C.; Ordway P. Burden, New York City; and Edward J. Kiernan, International Conference of Police Associa- tions, Washington, D.C. -`_ Chamber Action Bills Introduced. 53 public bills, H.R. 4332-14384; 2 private bills, H.R. 14385 and 14386; ~efid 5 resolutions, H.J. Res. 986, H.'Con. Res. 481, an . Res. Io59-1061, were introduced. Pages H 3195-H 3197 Bill Reported: One report ' s filed as follows: H.R 8193, to require That a perc tage of U.S. oil imports be carried on U.S.-flag ve s, amended (H. Rept. 93- 1003)- Page H 3195 Late Report: mmittee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries recei ed permission to file a report by mid- night tonight on H.R. 8193, to require that a percentage of U.S,,oil imports be carried on U.S.-flag vessels. ;Page H 3093 WATER PROJECTS Committee on Public Works: Subcommittee on W Resources concluded hearings on three bills, aft ceiving testimony as follows: S. 2668, to modify the project for the Falls Reservoir, Neuse River, N.C., with testim Senator Helms; Dr. Arthur W. Cooper, of Natural and Economic Resources, Sta Carolina, Raleigh; Mayor Clarence Li leigh; Mayor pro tempore Nathan Yel N.C.; Mayor Fredrick Bond, of C Howard E. Manning, Raleigh; i S. 3141, authorizing construction o way, Douglas County, Kans., wi Senators Pearson and Dole; Wal County Board of Commissioner Rose, of Lawrence, Kans.; and am and y from e of North tner, of Ra- n, of Garner, ry, N.C.; and. the Clinton Park- testimony from r Cragan, Douglas Kans.; Mayor Jack uck Fisher, Lawrence *Chamber of Commerce, Kans.;And S. 3262, to provide a facility` for a whitewater canoe- kayak slalom course adjace Meldahl locks and dam, from Senator Taft; and Olympic Kayak and Ca Also, committee re from Brig. Gen. Jam Irvin Reisler, Chie hio River, with testimony rs. Robert McEwan, U.S. e Committee. ived testimony on these bills s L. Kelly, Deputy Director, and Planning Division, both of the Office of Civil WArks, Army Corps of Engineers. PAPERWORK URDEN Select Com ittee on Small Business: Committee re- sumed h rings on the Federal paperwork burden, receivin testimony from Howard Schulte, Deputy As- sistan ecretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and He th; Laurence C. Brown, Cove-Craft, Inc., Laconia, ; and Charles O. Strickler, Rocco, Inc., Harrison- urg, Va. Hearings were recessed subject to call. Presidential Message-Foreign Aid: Received and read a message from the President wherein he proposes foreign aid legislation-referred to the Committee on Foreign Affairs and ordered printed (H. Doc. 93-293) Pages H 3094-H 3096 Military Pay: By a voice vote, the House agreed to the conference report on S. 2771, to revise the special pay bonus structure relating to members of the Armed Forces, clearing the measure for the President. Pages H 3096-H 3097 Arms Control and Disarmament Authorization: By a voice vote, the House passed H.R. I2799, to authorize appropriations for the Arms Control and Disarmament Act. Agreed to the first three committee amendments. Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP75B00380R000600140005-0. D approved For Rel;i($Z Qpgg 0QIQ600140005- ES Ax~ril.1. y 071 Rejected the fourth committee amendmert that H.R. 13998, National Aeronautics and Space Adminis- sought to require arms control impact statements (re- tration authorization (open rule, i hour debate) ; jected by a recorded vote of, 152 ayes to 239.noes). and H.R. 11989, Fire Prevention and Contr Act (open Civil Service Annuitants; By a yea-and ~nay vote of 296 yeas to 102 nays with 3 voting "present;" the House passed S. 628, to eliminate the annuity reduction m,.de, in order to provide a surviving spouse with an annuity, during periods when the annuitant is not married. Agreed to the committee amendment; Agreed to an amendment to the committee amend- ment that extends coverage to a spouse married for a total of r_ year to the employee at the time of retirement Committee Meetings COTTON MARKETING SYSTE~P` Committee on Agriculture. Su ommittee continued hearings on the N ion.'s cotton system with testimony from flnblic witnesses. Hearings continue tomory w. on Cotton marketing Agree to amend the title of the bill. Committee on Agric ture: Subcommittee on Oilseeds H acs 1a10, the rule under which the bill was con- and Rice held a he, ing on. the peanut program and sidered was agreed-to-earlier by ;;t yea-and~nay vote of heard testimony fr public witnesses. ? 6 and the time of death; and PEANUT PROGRAM 3 yeas to 3o nays with 2 voting present. 3 Pages 11 3111-H !H 19 Public Safety Officers' Benefit;;: By a yea-and-nay vote of 320 yeas to 54 nays, the House passed 1132x, to provide benefits to, survivors of certain public safety officers who die in the performance of duty. Rejected a motion to recommit the bill to the Coni- mittee on the Judiciary(rejected by a recorded vote of 77 ayes to 30o noes), Agreed to the committee ammendmnents. Rejected: A substitute amendment that contains the provisions of H.R 64 9; . 4 An amendment that sought to make the bill effect ve on the date of enactment in lieu of October 1?, 197: jected by a recorded vote of 187 ayes to 191 noes , any An amendment that sought to require the ederal Government to pay a gratuity equal to tha rovidcd by a State or local government not to exceedA combined total of $5o,ooo (rejected by a division vote; of 48 ayes Subsequently, this passage was -va ted and S. 15, a similar Senate-passed bill was passed in lieu after being amended to contain the languagic'of the House bill a; passed. Agreed to amend the titk of the Senate bill. H. Res. 1056, the rule unc -r which the bill was con., sidered, was agreed to ear er by a voice vote. Pages H 3119-H 31:0 Referrals: wo Sena -passed measures were refcrre . to the appropriate H se committees. Page H 3195 Program fd'i Thursday: Met. at noon and adjourned at Committee on Appropriations: Subcommittee on 7:44 p.m.,.4ntil noon on Thu,-sday, April 25,wllen the Treasury, Postal Service, and General Government held House will consider H.R. 13959, National Science Foun- a hearing on. the Administrative Conference of the dation authorization (open rule, is hour of debate); United States. Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP75B0038OR000600140005-0 Quorum Calls otes: One quorum call, three ye