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December 14, 2016
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June 12, 2003
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November 28, 1973
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25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/08/08 &. -1 Journal Office of Legislative Counsel Wednesday - 28 November 1973 35B00380R000800020030-3 w11 Page 2 5. JGO) In response to a request from Mr. Houston, I tried to reach John Martin, House Ways and Means Committee staff, but he was continually tied up in meetings during the day. The calls were cancelled in favor of a meeting to be arranged for Houston with Martin at a later date. 6. JGO) Met with Frank Slatinshek, Chief Counsel, House Armed Services Committee, and gave him two one-page items on the Grail SA-7 surface-to-air missile and the Sagger AT-3A and AT-3B anti-tank missile which were promised to him yesterday. 7. I I- JGO) Received a call from Everett Bierman, House Foreign Affairs Committee staff, who told me he has a request from Representative EdwardDerwinski concerning certain maps and asked if I would drop by during the day tomorrow. 8. II- JGO) Met with Bill Hogan, House Armed Services Committee staff, who told me that Chairman Nedzi, Intelligence Subcommittee, has requested Hogan to query us and DIA concerning the statement reported in the excerpts of President Nixon's questions and answers set forth in page A-12 of Sunday's Washington Post (18 November) that severe intelligence national security problems in the Ellsberg case were reviewed with the Ervin Com- mittee and that the Ervin Committee had agreed they were too sensitive for review and deferred further considerations on these matters. I told him I would check it and see if we have any identification of the matters referred to by the President for a report directly back to Chairman Nedzi. Hogan told me th-* 0 7.714 mill be scheduled for Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday next week depending on the schedule of the full Committee and he will let me know tomorrow. After discussion of the bill in detail, Hogan noted that the question of unfunded liability of the retirement fund could always come up even though this is an open session. I told him we would be prepared to handle it. Hogan showed me also a report from Air Force concerning allegations 25X1A in the. and gave me a copy of the pertinent pages which make reference to CIA cDomestic Contact Division activities for our comment. Approved For Release 2003/08/08 : CIA-RDP75B00380R00080O 3 ~~~, ~ 7/2003 Approved For Release 2003/6 >'C6U0380R000800020030-3 Y Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 Tuesday - 27 November 1973 25X1 6. 1 ~ JGO) Met with Chairman Lucien Nedzi, Intelligence Subcommittee, House Armed Services Committee, in response to his request and briefed him on the latest developments concerning SAT. He was particularly interested in why a question might have been raised with him of a pending action 25X1A on the part of CAB. After checking with I told him that STATOTHR had met with representa- ives ot uAb on ovem er an advised ern a e would be filin the g letter withdrawing request for CAB approval of sale tol together with STATOTHR a surrender of the certificates on Friday, 30 November. This is also the date that has been set for submission of proof of financing by the purchaser to the Agency. Since the original understanding with the CAB had been that the letter of withdrawal and submission of certificates would take place on 22 November, Nedzi felt that this extension of date to this Friday could be the matter that had come to the attention of his inquirer. 25X1A I also briefed Nedzi in detail on the raw information available concerning and gave him a verbal fill in concerning 2255X18gNedzi had no question on either of 25X1ATH I these matters. R ! 25X1 25X1 I gave Nedzi a two-page memo dated 27 November on the effectiveness of Soviet and U. S. weapons provided the Arabs and Israelis which he requested in the meeting yesterday afternoon with John Maury and myself. He returned the memo after reading it. I met with Nedzi again later in the day and made an appointment for Mr. Helms. 7. - JGO) Received a call from Bill Hogan, House Armed Services Committee staff, who told me Chairman Nedzi, Intelligence Subcommittee, will be scheduling hearings ^H .- 2.714 Parly next week. Hogan said the hearings will be pro forma but he would like to talk with me about the bill if I can drop by tomorrow. 8. - JGO) Talked to Art Kuhl and Ellie Voghtmann, staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and told them that the transcript of the Director's meeting with the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee on 26 November has been returned from the reporters. Since no requests have been received from members for review of the transcript, it will be retained in OLC for safe- keeping subject to the call of the Committee. CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2003/08/08 : CIA-RDP75B00380R000800020030-3. Approved For Release 2003/08/08 : CIA-RDP75B0038OR000800020030-3 PONFIDENT/AL Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Monday - 26 November 1973 Page 6 OCI, for information requested by the Director, I had several telephone 25X1 25X1 STATOTHR 25X1 25X1A conversations over the weekend with members of the Foreign Affairs Committee staff. I was finally able to contact Mike Finley, Inter-American Affairs Sub- committee staff, and learned from him that Representative Michael Harrington (D. , Mass.) has not yet filed a report on his trip to Chile but that he was quoted by a backpage item in the New York Times as having said that he went to Chile with a bias and returned with the same bias. I was able to ascertain that the bias referenced would be a belief that the CIA was actively involved in the overthrow of the Allende government and that U. S. Government policies during the period of the Allende government were in opposition to the aims of that government. Mr. Harrington met with all but one member of the junta (Pinochet) during his visit to Chile. 17.1 1- JGO) Met with L. James Kronfeld, Staff Counsel, Subcommittee on Foreign Operations and Government Information, and reviewed with him A ency correspondence started in June 1971 through October 1973 with California, who had written Kronfeld concerning release of information by CIA for his use in research dealing with the World War II "Liberator" pistol and its distribution. Kronfeld told me he would respond directly td without further reference to the Agency telling him in effect that he had been in contact with the Agency and others and it would appear that no further information on the subject other than that already provided is available. I thanked Kronfeld for his consideration. 18. JGO) Talked to Bill Hogan, House Special Sub- committee on Intelligence, Armed Services Committee, who told me the question of handling the (TART)S nnSf_nf-1i rina mendment would be taken up at the 8:30 meeting of the staff tomorrow morning. 25X1A cc: O /DDCI Ex. Sec. 25X1A Legislative Counsel DDI DDM&S OPPB EA/DDO DDM&S Approved For Release 2003/08/08: CIA-RD 7?57 > NT! 020030-3 V STAT EMPLOYEE BULLETIN 1. A cost-of-living retirement annuity increase of 5.5 percent has been authorized commencing 1 January 1974 for annuitants under either the Civil Service Retirement Act or the CIA Retirement and Disability System. 2. As explained in Employee Bulletin No. 379, "Possible Cost-of-Living Increase and Liberalization of Eligibility for Civil Service Retirement Cost-of-Living Annuity Increases," dated 5 November 1973, an amendment to the Civil Service Retirement Act now guarantees that an immediate annuity which begins after the effective date of a cost-of-living increase will be no less than it would have been if the employee had retired just before the effective date of the increase. 3. An example of the current application of the new amendment is as follows: a. If an employee under Civil Service Retirement elects to retire by 31 December 1973, his annuity will be the greater of his annuity as of 30 June 1973 with the prior 6.1 percent cost-of-living or the annuity calculated as of 31 December 1973. Added to that greater figure will be the 5.5 percent cost-of-living increase effective 1 January 1974. b. If the individual elects to retire after 31 December 1973, then his annuity on the date of separation will be compared to 31 December 1973 with the 5.5 percent and he will receive the greater annuity. 4. As was explained in Employee Bulletin No. 379, the cost-of-living amendment does not apply to participants in the CIA Retirement and Disability System. Equivalent legislation for CIARDS has already been approved by the Senate and we are optimistic that it will become law before 31 December 1973. If it is not, however, participants in CIARDS, to be eligible for the 5.5 percent cost-of-living increase, must be off the rolls no later than 31 December 1973. 5. Eligible employees wishing to take advantage of this confirmed cost-of-living annuity increase through retirement should contact the Retirement Affairs Division, extensions 3328, 3303, 3257, and 2847, as early as possible to permit expeditious review of service records and preparation of estimated annuities. DISTRIBUTION: ALL EMPLOYEES Approved For Release 2003/08/08 : CIA-RDP75B0038OR000800020030-3 Approved For Release 2003/08/08: CIA-~0j380R000800020030-3 25X1 25X1 25X1 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 2 Wednesday - 21 November 1973 4. I- JGO) Delivered the transcript of the Director's briefing of Monday, 19 November, to Thomas J. Reckford, Staff Assistant on Intel- ligence, Commission on the Organization of the Government for the Conduct of Foreign Policy. I also gave Reckford a lift to the Executive Office Building where he was to complete the arrangements for the secure storage of the transcript with PFIAB. 5? I I- JGO) Received a call from Angie Morris, Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff, who asked that I stop by and pick up a letter from the Committee. I told her I would be by as early as possible on Friday. 6. JGO) Talked to Carl Marcy, Chief of Staff, Senate Foreign Relations Committee, with regard to the transcript of the briefing before the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee last month by Secretary Kubisch and Ambassador Davies. Marcy told me he would like to accommodate us but none of the staff would be available in the main Committee room on Friday so it would not be possible for us to review the transcript prior to the Director's 25X1A briefing on Monday. has been advised. 25X1 7. JGO) Talked to Frank Slatinshek, House Armed Services Committee staff, who told me the addition of the Spaatz and Bradley riders on-tha CTARDS billL ould not cause any problem in his estimation in the expeditious handling of the bill. 25X1 8. 1 k RJK) Delivered to the offices of Senators STATSPEC J. W. Fulbright (D., Ark.) and Henry M. Jackson (D., Wash. tems in which their names were mentioned. 25X1A ,,~JUHiN M. MAURY Legislative Counsel 25X1A 25X1A cc: O/DDCI x. bec. Mr. Houston Mr. Lehman DDI DDM&S OPPB EA/DDO DDS & T Mr. Thuermer Approved For Release 2003/08/08iJ~R~) 5B00380R000800020030-3 Approved For Release 2003/08/08 : CIA-RDP75B00380R000800020030-3 JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Tuesday - 20 November 1973 House Armed Services Committee, in the absence of Representative Nedzi, to tell him of Ambassador Helms' upcoming visit. Slatinshek suggested it would be a good idea for Helms to pay a brief call on Nedzi during his stay. I told Slatinshek of our concern to push forward with niir (T4RnQ retirement legislation and he agreed to give it prompt attention. 2. - GLC) Talked with Joel Merkel, Legislative Assistant to Senator Henry M. Jackson (D., Wash.), and told him our General Counsel's office had been in touch with Frank Bartimo, Assistant General Counsel (Manpower & Reserve Affairs), DOD, about Merkel's draft language for section 2(5) of Senator Nelson's proposed resolution to establish a Joint Committee on Domestic Intelligence. Since Bartimo had found Merkel's language acceptable, we did not object to it although we felt there were better ways of accomplishing the same purpose. I said if we were asked to report on this resolution we would take the position that the Agency should either be given a full exemption or that language should be included to state that nothing in the provisions of the resolution should authorize the Joint Committee to examine investigative or surveillance activities conducted by CIA pursuant to law. Merkel said he was somewhat persuaded to accept our substitute language but then decided to use his language initially and then have the Senate Government Operations Committee formally request our comments and those of DOD. At that time we could submit our proposed language and the Committee could substitute it if it seemed advisable then. 3? I I- GLC) John Goldsmith, Senate Armed Services Committee staff, called regarding his conversation with John Maury yesterday. He said the man named Boyd they talked about yesterday was not the Jim Boyd who was associated with the Fund for Investigative Journalism which has sponsored 17 ecent efforts. 25X1A Approved For Release 2003/08/08 : CIA-RDP75B00380R000800020030-3 Approved For Release 2003/$,d0 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel STATOTHR Friday - 16 November 1973 25X1 25X1 Page 4 9. I I- JGO) Met with Bill Hogan, 1-louse Armed Services Committee staff, and received from him another crank letter from for our information. Also discussed with him the CTARng legislation which was passed by the Senate today. Hogan said although he cannot speak for the Committee, he sees no reason for formal hearings and feels the legislation can be expedited as soon as Chairman Nedzi, Intelligence Subcommittee, returns from his Middle East trip. 25X1 25X1A 10. JGO) Accompanied I Security, to a meeting with the staff of the Commission on the Organization of the Government for the Conduct of Foreign Policy and completed security documentation for Francis O. Wilcox, Fisher Howe, William B. Spong, Thomas J. Reckford, Paul Schratz, Gloria Adams, Barbara Moore and Jo Ann Lashley, 25X1A 2 25X1 12. RJK) Delivered several maps to Mark Ginsberg, 25X1 25X1 Senate Subcommittee on efugees and Escapees, per his request to 13. - RJK) Delivered a number of maps to Ann Pride, on the staff of Representative Bill Alexander (D. , Ark.) and Irene Schecter, in the office of Representative Richardson Preyer (D. , N. C. ), per their requests. 14. RJK) Delivered the Director's response to a letter from ena or oward Baker (R. , Tenn.) to the Senator's personal secretary. Approved For Release 2003/08/08 : CIA-RDP75B0038OR000800020030-3 CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2003/08/08 :11r_Ibn 13$?AQ00800020030-3 YY11 ,,~L AOWO& Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Friday - 16 November 1973 25X1 25X1 18. - LLM) Referring to my call to her some weeks ago, Hilda c rei er in OMB called to approve adding to our proposed cost- the period of marriage for a surviving widow or widower from two to one year. I told Schreiber that in view of the Senate's action today in passing our bill we could not make an addition at this time but thanked her for thinking of us and told her we would include the change in the amend- ments still pending with OMB. 19. LLM) In view of the news coverage of our 25X1 morning sessions with the Senate Armed Services Committee on allegations which intimate an Agency connection with I calle Woolsey to alert him to the 29 October letter from on the same subject and reviewed with him our proposed reply. Woolsey said he would like to have the substance of our reply once the letter is sent to Fulbright. 25X1 Committee staff, talked to Ellie Voghtmann, assistant to Mr. Holt, concerning the availability of Secretary Kubisch and Ambassador Davies' testimony before the Western Hemisphere Subcommittee during the last week of October. She was able to contact Holt later in the morning who advised that it would be necessary to obtain Secretary Kubisch's and Ambassador Davies' approval and to gain final permission from Carl Marcy, of the Committee staff. It would then be possible for me to review the transcripts in the Committee hearing room. I thanked Miss Voghtmann and told her that I would not pursue the 25X1A matter further at this time. has been advised. JOHN M. MAURY `Legislative Counsel cc: O/DDCI 25X1A Ex. Sec.' Mr. Houston 25X1A Mr. Thuermer Mr. e man DDI DDM&S OPPB EA/DDO DDS&T Approved For Release 2003/08/08 : CIA-RDP75B0038OR000800020030-3 CON I ENTIAL