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December 9, 2016
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September 18, 2000
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April 30, 1974
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pproved For Release 2001./07/27 : CIA-RDP75B,00380R000800070015-5 S 6550 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - SENATE time, and referred as indicated: By Mr. METCALF: the classification and d classification of of- ficial information in the interest of national defense. Referred to the ommittee on Gov- ernment Operations. .By'Mr;CHILES: S, 3400. A bill to ext d coverage of -the automobile assistance p gram and the spe- cially adopted housing p gram to those vet- erahs qualifying for seal ance under section 351 of title 38, United Sates code. Referred to the Committee on terans' Affairs. S. 3401.A bill to inc de laboratory fees for routine cytological t is for the detection of uterine caner within e coverage of Fed- eral employee health in ranee plans, Refer- red to the Committee on ost Office and Civil Service. : By Mr. JAVrTS: S. 3402. A bill to amen the Higher Educa- ?tion Act of 1965 in order o provide authority to assist training of dis vantaged students Tor t1 e . legal professio Rerferred to the Committee on Labor At Public Welfare. . 13403. A bill to ame.AL the Act of August 81, 1922, to prevent t Introduction and spread of diseases and rasites harmful to honeybees, and for othe purposes. Referred to the Committee o Agriculture and By Mr. THURM01: 8. 3404. A bill for the lief of Maria Luisa Fernandez-Martinez: Re rred to the Com- mittee on the Judiciary. By Mr. GRAVEL: 5.3405. A bill to dire the Secretary of the Treasury to study he impact of the cost. of living in the Stale of Alaska on the tax burden imposed on i residents, and for other purposes. Referre to the Committee on Finance. By Mr. GRAVEL: 8.3406.. A bill to amen he Comprehensive Employment and Train g Act of 1973 to provide flexibility in adj ing the maximum pay rate for public servi jobs in high cost of living areas. Referre to the Committee on Labor and Public Wel re. By Mr. COOS (to himself, Mr. Hvn- Dr sxozs, Mr. B cR, Mr. PEAasox, S. 3407. A bill to ame the Act of Sep- tember 23, 1940 (Public w 815, Eighty-first Congress) to urovide fo feaster assistance in a manner which assu increased protec- tion against personal injuries resulting from disasters. Referred the Committee on Labor and Public Were . 8. 3408., A bill to' provi that the laws re- stricting the coastwise tr e to vessels of the United States shall no apply to certain hovercraft on routes ove and or over water only as an incidental pa thereof. Referred to the Committee on Co merce_ Relations Act, as amen d, to amend the definition of "employee" to include certain agriculturafemployees. erred to the Com- mittee on Labor and Pub c Welfare. By -Mr. ROBERT . BYRD (for Mr. S. 3410. A bill to enabl the United States to insure an adequate s' ply of food for its citizens, while providing od to foreign coun- tries for humanstarian rposes, by estab- lishing a Federal Food eserve for certain desigi)ated commodities nd by establishing controls on exports of su commodities. Re- Terreci to the Committee n Agriculture and Mr. BAYH. Mr. P cost-effective diagn April 30', 1974 S. 3399. A bill to amend section 552 of """ """ ?"? title 5 of the UTnited State_ node (kno,,... greater now, it ap clear interest of national defense. Referred to courage women to take the Committee on Government Opera- The reason I introduce duce for appropriate reference a V111 LV emend the Freedom of Information Ant service under aensura v aq:ssi acatio11 Vl U1111iial info mat1V11 in is. Therefore, we can inc the interest of national defense. Pap test by encouragin Companion legislation (H.R. 12004) companies to provide was introduced .in the House on Decem- While a number of insur ber 18, 1973, by Chairman MOORHEAD of do provide this coverage, the Government Operations Subcommit- to discover that neither tee on Foreign Operations and Govern- f ernmentwide health insur o This bill reflects a great deal of study ment is encouraging us and Government Information Subcom- sibili -li lyttos set an example may wish to review Chairman MOOR- themselves, and female fa READ ' S remarks, at page H11668 of the to have this test done. CONGRESSIONAL RECORD for December 18, There are currently aa . 1973, and House Report 93-221, dated Federal civilian employe May 2) 1973 and entitled "Executiver , coverage wee extended Classification of Information--Security would significantly increa emption (b) (1) of the Freedom of Infor- opoortunity to getWa Pap ' ? mation Act (5 U.S.C. 552) : interval recommended At this point I do not know that I group, either yearly or t this subject which the Senate Subcom- this effort to'decreasefthe mittee on Intergovernmental Relations tality rate from a form will conduct. The MusxIE and MOORHEAD which we have a great subcommittees are conducting a thor- I when it is discovered ea Aortant and complex matter. ! of this bill be printed, in By 1vMr. BAYH: There being no objecti S. 3401. A bill to include laboratory ordered to be printed in fees for __-a_,- ._ - for the diagnosis by adding at the end ther f the following: "(G) Laboratory fees wi respect to not Brine cancer when section of this Act only a ly to each con- tract entered into under s ion 8902 of such ges at which cure title, or any renewal of uch a contract, ealth Service con- authority to assist trainlig of disadvan- tic tool in the can- Referred to the Commit on Labor and lease 2001/07/27 : CIA-RDP75B00380R000800070015-5 - are significantly that the cost ef- r testing is even resent time. Mr. President, his simple test. my bill to in- the service is the Pap test ase use of the all insurance the two gov- nce programs ees do so. It eral Govern- of the Pap is health and ve a respon- for others by . If routine o them, we the number mear at the will support ational mor- cancer over