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November 17, 2016
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July 17, 2000
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April 13, 1967
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Approved For Release-2000/08/27 ': CIA-RDP75B0030R000800140002-1 April 13, 1967 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - SENATE 5.4997 In authorizing the martial law in the area, President Raul Leoni in commenting 13 major political enemies in Venezuela the Cabinet of President Rene Barrientos last on his problems has called upon the Or- and Colombia alone. night also outlawed the Bolivian Communist ganization of American States to do This, then Is only a capsule picture of Party and the pro-Communist Workers' Rev- something about "the subversive ma- what is going on in Latin America while olutlonary Party.: 3oth had been harassed some chinery installed in Cuba, well financed the Presidents are meeting at Punta del by the government previously. by outside powers." The more recent Este. The American people will be The decree said "armed irregular groups constituted by elements of different nation- acts of violence in Venezuela prompted watching to see if the United States, its al.ities, obeying the orders of international Interior Minister Reinaldo Mora to say: allies or both, own up to the state of Communism, have organized a base of oper- We have specific evidence that the acts of the nations of this hemisphere. ations which affects four provinces of the subversion spring directly from the Tricon- More evidence that Cuba now is Rus- southeast of the nation." tinental Solidarity Conference held in Ha- sia's principal base for subversion has A communique said that on Monday, nine vana. recently come to light. I have learned soldiers and four guerrillas were killed in the jungle 20 miles north of Nancahuazu, where Members will recall my earlier words that the Cuban merchant ship, Cerro a guerrilla training camp was located follow- that it was this Russian-sponsored con- Pelado, left the northern Cuban port Ing a clash March 24. ference in Havana last year that has re- of Mariel last December and carried Estimates on the number of guerrillas vary, suited in worldwide coordination in car- Cuban troops, arms, and ammunitions the army saying 400 and a newsman who rying out the subversion of the free to North Vietnam. Now, four SAM mo- visited the zone saying 100. world, bile units with Cuban crews are operat- Mr. DOMINICK. Mr. President, the What has shocked Venezuela more Ing in North Vietnam. Also in Decem- fourth country, Guatemala, has been In than any single event is the assassina-' ber a 10,000-ton Russian ship left that a state of siege for nearly 9 months, with tion just last month of Julio Iribarren, same port of Marcel, carrying mortars, no end of martial law in sight. Nothing former Director of Venezuela's social se- light artillery, medium tanks, rifles, and could be more expressive of the situation curity and brother of the Foreign Minis- ammunition to Hanoi. The fact is that In Guatemala than an article written by ter Ignacio Iribarren. Julio Iribarren Russia not only has turned Cuba into Vice President Clemente Marroquin Ro- was cruelly tortured by the Castro-Com- a potent base for subversion-with at jas, and published in the newspaper, La munists before being shot, and when the least 43 guerrilla training camps turning Hora. He wrote: police found his body it was covered with out more than 10,000 guerrillas a year- It looks as though Guatemala will be the posters and pamphlets from the National but also into a vast ammunition depot next American nation to fall to Marxism, Liberation Front of Venezuela, the po- by which its wars of national liberation Adding: litical arm of its so-called army of na- are supplied-90 miles from the United At the rate things are going, everything tional liberation. Does that not sound States. points to this eventuality. familiar? The torture and coldblooded The Soviet Union has reinforced its Mr. President, the situation in Latin murder of this prominent social reformer political "investment" in Cuba and Latin are reminiscent of the atrocities being America by manipulating the United America cannot be described merely as committed 10,000 miles away by the Viet- Nations. It has striven constantly to serious or alarming. I venture tong. There is obviously a link between divert complaints against Cuban subver- say that the military and governmental the National Fronts of Vietnam and sion lodged by members of the Organi- posture of our allies south of us is ex- Venezuela: they are united in a common zation of American States from the OAS tremely critical. purpose-the assumption of power to the U.N. Security Council. For ex- Let us take the case of oil-rich Vene- through unbridled acts of terroorism. In- ample, when in July 1964 the OAS zuela, a prime target of Russian-Cuban deed, Maj. Elias Manuitt Camero, head found Cuba guilty of subversive aggres- Intervention since 1961. Hundreds of of Venezuela's National Liberation Front, sion against Venezuela, Soviet U.N. dele- Venezuelan soldiers and airmen have bragged in a broadcast over Radio Ha- gate P. Morozov immediately objected to died fighting guerrillas, and hundreds of vana that it was his Liberation Front the findings, claiming that only the U.N. millions of dollars have fled that country that had tortured and murdered Julio Security Council is competent to define as a direct result of urban terrorism and Iribarren. aggression. Morozov's hope, to bring the forays by rural bands of Communists. An all-out guerrilla and terriorist war matter of aggression to the U.N. where But the people of Venezuela have con- has been declared against Venezuela by the Soviet veto could block any punitive tinued to support their Government. Al- Manuitt Camero. Within hours of that measure, failed because the United Na- though so-called student demonstrators declaration, guerrillas unleashed terror- tions Charter recognizes the competence there are vocal, and they receive sup- ist attacks and a group of 30 guerrillas, of regional organizations to deal with port from pacifist politicians and Intel- dressed In the khaki uniforms and green- matters affecting their own members. lectuals- here, they are in a very small, and-red berets of the, Castro-directed Nevertheless, I want to stress the fact almost insignificant minority. This was armed forces of national liberation, that the Soviet Union continues to seek proved when, despite threats from Cuba seized the town of Sabana Grande. world recognition that Communist sub- that those who voted in the elections Venezuela has been forced to throw version, in the words of Soviet Delegate would be shot, the people turned out and aplanes into antiguew Morozov, merely "represents the struggle elected Raul Leoni as President. It was helicopters s and n tdeplete in which the peoples of Latin American moved troops national countries are waging for national libera- treasury. campaigns that hs at Leoni the also proved last June 30 in the Domini- rilla can Republic when the people went to into the University of Caracas, a hot- tion." the polls and overwhelmingly elected I refer once again to the 1966 Tricon- Balaguer, of Communist activities. There they Balaguer, at the same time rejecting found the Communist fully entrenched tinental Conference of Havana. I do so Juan Bosch, who had strong leftist ties. and supplied. A Colombian guerrilla because it is one of the most significant The people do not want communism leader had been hidden on the campus international conferences to be held by and have steadfastly rejected it when- for nearly a year, where he carried out the Communists since the close of World ever they have been given the oppor- liaison duties between the National War II. One finds in the resolutions tunity to express their will. Small, vocal, Liberation Fronts of Venezuela and Co- which came out of that Conference the disciplined, well trained and well lombia. Tunnels had been dug into the declarations of intent and clues to the supplied, the Communists and their po- surrounding hills, and under the uni- strategy which will be followed in under- litical and intellectual dupes now try to versity buildings, where arms and am- mining the governments of the free come to power in Latin America, just as munition were found. The Communists world, including the United States. they try to come to power in South Viet- even had their own graveyard, where For this reason, Mr. President, I ask nam-through violence and terror. Be- they buried their victims. unanimous consent that the agenda of cause of this, the Communist Party is no While these facts may shock those the Conference, the general declaration longer recognized in Venezuela. Yet its who hnot heard them, not of the Conference, and the resolutions militants -manage to keep the country in who have those who have Bett they are following adopted by the Conference-all of which a state of political turbulence through news to appeared in a study of June 1966 pre- the use of student agitators, intellectual events in Cuba and Latin America over pared by the staff of the Internal Se- collalb~ r t MIA per~tnits, sab- the years. For example,, Radio Havana curity Subcommittee of the Senate oteun6?l > f ~, ( riZx lll~e b $8 2 ~ /~' ~ IAe P 0 8OR in the w a~ Liberation Fronts have el mmated o SCORD a h s o i rk