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July 17, 2000
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July 1, 1967
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-17) ',- TODAY'S Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP75600380R000800140017-5 Listen to The States-Item Chimes at 9, Noon and 5 The Associated Press, North American News- 'CL. 91?NO. 18 paper 2'.1liance, NEA Service and AP Wirephoto SATURDAY, JULY 1, 1967 0 F P a-1R ESS Second-Class Postage Paid at New Orleans, La. t i 4 12 i\ 'N. \-- . .11 Vi ?"'-___..., e,,,,N.:.N.vm,-,!,_,J (t.:,,M1 ? * * * * * * TOKYO (AP)?Chairman ? Mao Tse-tung's leader- ship claimed today President Liu Shao-chi of Red China has been toppled and that the party is now \ healthier, stronger and more vigorous. The Red Flag, theoretical journal of the Chinese Communist Party, made * the claim in an editorial 1 III mpri:? :;k,:e7)Pr? commemorating the 46th 1,e0 ) anniversary of the found- ing of the party. /7" '17 r) - The editorial, broadcast byd k . ?f t t.a Peking's official New China News Agency, said Mao sup- porters "have exposed and overthrown the top party per- son in authority taking the ?t- 0 1 nr, Trt,,vivrr?rvc7 171, Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP75600380R000800140017-5 By ROSS YOCAEY A special investigate for Dist. Atty. Jim Gar risen charged today tha Centriil Age ?vconcealed a least ii official docu meets vital to an ii vest ciation of President Joh] F. Kennedy's assassina don. Tom Bet hell. a signed b ,,Garrison to. 1:cwoy.0..14e,,.y_, I k? P75B00880R00 -AP W I REPHOTO. NEGROES ATTEMPT to overturn a car in Buffalo's .riot-torn east side last night but the vehicle proved to be too heavy for the vandals and police ar- rived in time to prevent further trouble. Officers said the violence subsid- ed with only "isolated, acts." FORCED TO SEZK NO. 2 POST ivIcthe eci go ze SAIGON (AP)?Premier Nguyen Cao Ky who has with- drawn from South Vietnam's presidential race told his coun- trymen today everyone must make sacrifices necessary .to unify the nation. Ky who agreed yesterday to run fora' the vice-presidency declared in a speech rnark- ? ing the closing of an election seminar: "If necessary, we must make sacrifices in order to realize unity. I feel I have lived un to those standards and feel qualified to ask you to live up to the same spirit. "We must also prove the prestige of the armed forces. The armed forces can only carry out its mission if it is united. If we can sacrifice our very life, we can do any- thing else including the renun- ciation of titles. I would like you to have this attitude in the elections." Ky announced yesterday he Would be the No. 2 man on a ticket headed by Chief of State Nguyen Van Thieu, forming a purely military ticket that appears a likely winner. Ky made the surprise de- 1.T,L,111. cision under pressure from the ruling Armed Forces Council which rallied behind Thieu when he entered the presidential race June 14. IT WAS APPARENT that Ky had lost so much' support among the generals on the council that he was forced to take a back seat to Thieu. It is unlikely that Ky would have accepted second place if he thought he had the pow- er to make any other deci- sion. Ky, dressed in a dark gray business suit, was greet- ed by a Vietnamese honor guard as arrived at Dien Hong Palace for a brief ad- dress to province chiefs from all over the country about the election. He declined to answer any questions from newsmen who anglic Sc- ys K i*-*-*-*-*-* Today's Chuckle We are all better off financially if we act our wage. crowded around him as he came out of the palace. Thieu was -not present. "THE PURPOSE of the war cabinet is to build and per- fect democracy in Vietnam. Only with this constitutional unity can we add to the pres- tige of the people On an in- ternational stage and defeat the Communists, Ky told the province chiefs. "Plan an impartial, fair election that serves only the interest of the nation. I call this the spirit of service, the spirit of the fighter. If we have this spirit, there is no obstacle that cannot be over- come." nie k with God Now,' &a .dened Mickey Hargitay A 2 By ROSS YOCKEY A special investigator for Dist. Atty. Jim Gar- rison charged today that the Central Intelligence Agency has concealed at least 51 official docu- ments vital to an investi- gation of President John F. Kennedy's assassina- tion. Torn Bethel], assigned by Garrison to research the Na- tional Archives in Washing- ton, D. C.. told the States- Item that from the list of con- cealed information it is ap- parent- that the CIA knew "a great deal" about Lee Harvey Oswald before the assassina- tion. Warren Commission concluded flip t Oswald acted alone in killing the president, but Garrison contends that there was a conspiracy, hatched in aw Orleans, of which Oswald was a part. , "THERE ARE 1,555 Com- mission Documents listed in the archives," Bethel! said. "Of these, only about 1,200 are unclassified and avail- able to the public." Bethell is a London school-, teacher who came to New Or- leans earlier this year to study the city's traditional jazz. He became intrigued with Garrison's investigation, said Bethell, and asked the district attorney if he could assist in the probe. Garrison signed him on and sent him to the archives. Bethell returned last week after spending more than a month in the nation's capital and compiled his notes. To thy he showed one of his memoranda to the States- Item. /N THE MEMORANDUM, Bethel! lists 29 commission documents which he selected as being of special interest to Garrison. He said he chose them from a total list of 51 classified files on the assas- sination. Among the most significant of these, Bethell said, were documents whose titles indi- cated that the CIA had ex- tensive information on Oswald before the assassination, that Oswald may have had access to secret U=2 aircraft files, that the CIA knew more about Jack Ruby (the man who shot Oswald) than it revealed pub- licly, and that the CIA failed to turn over some information to the Warren Commission. -11 In support of his allegation - that the CIA knew about Os- wald prior to the assassina- tion, which occurred in Dal- las on Nov, 22, 1963, Bethell cited a paragraph from one of the unclassified files. By LYNNE WOGAN he said softly, "They're so "Javnie is with God now. beautiful." I snow he has taken her, but Jayne Mansfield is a leg- end and as long as there is an earth, her name will be remembered here." These were the words of Mickey Hargitay as he, sat in a ctik ? He pulled a letter from his pocket. It was dated April 5, 1967, and he said he'd car- ried it with him ever since he received it. She was in London and he was in Rome. "Zoltan has started school tb da o itnFO' w4We4fe *MOM a t leans last night remembering start. There's a numbness in the woman he knew and loved the back of his neck that is Jayne had always thought of her children before she thought of herself. He said that if she hadn't, the chil- dren might have been killed in the accident here Thurs- day and her own life might have been spared. "SHE ALWAYS INSISTED RIBP75B008801R0008 back seat to sleep in when we traveled by car," he said. "It didn't matter how latp she AMONG THE AVAILABLE documents, he said, there ap- pears a notarized statement by State Department officer James D. Crowley, which says: "The first time I remem- iber learning of Oswald's ex- c:16440.4tif i,i en I received , A IVES?Page 2 2Y Approved For Release 2000/08/27 z?CIANRDP75B1:10880R0110800140017-5 e third year in a Autopsy , ....;_ted les. meral aviation had n, 1,.4,/ ,,, 112 viro.acin Here leding 1,000. There ''?6" I in 1964 and 1,103 The Orleans Parish Coroner's office was to perform an )eatlis autopsy on a 26-year-old woman Do hursdav, June 29, ai p.m? FRANK LOUIS. R.-, beloved hushanu of -tmeler, lotner 01 Mrs. silo' and crank L. Giml- et Frances Porte and !umpier. -Jr., brother of Reussarle and Eloise survived by 4 grand- . Years; a nolive Of New .riends of the family, also ;the International Brother- rico' Workers Union Local e Invited to attend the The funeral home of Jacob 'Son Inc., 382/ Canal St. oft, on Saturday, July 1, o'clock am.,with Fe- at St. Dominic Church. Adair's! Cemetery. AL BROTHERHOOD OF - WORKERS, LOCAL' ONlON NO. 130--The offi- ,ters and members of this 3ocal union are hereby re- nuested is cutend the fu- inerol of our late brother, :FRANK GUMPERT, from ;funeral herrn of Jacob -Schoen and Son Inc., 3827 !I Saturday, July 1, 1967, Pak a.m. ..v order of ,DwARD SCHMALZ JR. resident. iHROVICH JR. -Teton/. Friday, June 30, 1967, at !a.m., HENRY P JAMES .; of Lilian Britten, father e James,' Henry P. James Schaeffer and Mrs. Lloyd - Biloxi, Miss., also sur- ;t grandchildren, brother of Walter James, Mrs. Pearl f. Edward Bucherl, Mrs. doter and. Mrs. Thomas ,a-ron Rouge, La.; age 63 'trends at inn tsimily, alsu 3 members of Isis Ledge employees of Falstaff t Brewery Workers Union, Ito attend the funeral. Oho funeral home of Joseph 4500 Magazine Sr., on 4,1967, at 2 o'clock p.m. Greenwood Cemetery. No. 406 R&A.M.-The of- ' ficers and members of ,this lodge are ,raternso.? ]ly requested to meet at the funeral home of Jo- I seat' Laughlin Co., 4500 !Magazine St., on Satui- !day, July 1, 1967, at 1:30 !o'clock p. ft., for:Cr- I attending and condueti'on Ices for our tete brother, AMES. All Master Masons to attend. By order of LOUIS W. DUNN, Worshipful Master. P.M., Grand Isle, La., on Thurs? 29, 1967, at 7:40 o'clock LIE MARIE LANASSE, Mr. and Mrs. Hocton sister of Nancy Ann, Sn and Hectbn Lanasse Jr., S tote, La.; granddaughter re Lanasse of Grand Isle, Aorrison of Hartford, Conn.; a native and a resident of La. friends of the family are 'fiend the funeral. Our Lady of the Isle Church. juiy 1, 1967, at 10:00 Our Lady of the Isle Cem- 4 Isle, Le. I Funeral Homo, Houma, roe of orrancemants. cldaY, June 30, 1967, at 2 ? MR. THOMAS W. LANG, 'Thomas J. Lang of Baton ! grandfather of Thomas M. C. Lang and Mr. Paul C. brother of Mrs. William _er Long and Duncan Lang; ors; a native of Camden, Iina, and a resident of Ba- La. friends of the family are 'tend the funeral, which will on Sunday, July 2, 1967, at em., -tram the Rcibenhorst Government Street, Baton -Roselawn Memorial Pork. .n Friday, June 30, 1967, at P. m., JOSEPHINE HEN- MBRALLO, wife of the late s Marthet, mother of Lor- e Marthet, sister of Mrs. me and the lite Anthony :sister-in-law e' John Ma- Dhter of the :ate Elodie hd Anthony Tc.-orallo, age 'native of New Crleans, La. friends of the family, also ,f NASA Michoud Assembly e invited to attend the fu- the funeral home of Jacob Son, Inc., 3327 Canal at., , on Monday, July 3, 1967. St. Vincent De Paul Come- con after 3 a. m. Sunday. F time will be given. -On Friday, June 30, 1967, dock p.m., ARATOLE JO- :HERNE; cgc 48 years, be- and of Nancy Gugllelmo; Ars. June Purcell ond Mrs. Meyer; brother of Mrs. an, Mrs. Lucette LeBlance, Bridgette Duhon and Mrs. Davos and Evans Matherne Philip and Alfred Mi-theme, In,' Bella, Mrs. Mathilde who died at Mary Hospital at 4 a. m. today reportedly of an overdose of barbiturates. She was Mrs. Susan Gras ofl 3105 Colorado, Kenner, who Was admitted about 5:56 p. m. yes- terday: Jefferson Parish police said they were investigating the death of Mrs. Gras, who was brought to Mercy late yester- day by a relative. . Continued from. Page 1 added. The editorial went on to say that "Through *the great pro- letarian cultural revolution, we have got rid of the hand- ful of party people in author- ity taking the capitalist road, the masses of party members have tempered themselves' in the revolutionary fire, and new blood has been infused into the party. "THIS HAS MADE our party healthier and more vig- orous and given it greater fighting strength." Neither the New China News Agency nor the editorial ' mentioned the fate or where- abouts of the 69-year-old Liu who succeeded Mao as state president in April 1959. Reports from Japanese news- men stationed in the Chinese capital have not mentioned Liu's movements in recent days. Recent Peking broadcasts, however, indicated that Pre- mier Chou En-lai has taken over Liu's role and functions. Chou played host to Kenneth D. Kaunda of Zambia who re- cently made an official visit to Communist China. Deaths RAMOS-At Santa Barbara, Calif., on Tuesday, June 27, 1967, IDA RAMOS, daughter of the late Henry C. Ramos and Marianne Meyer, sister of Frank L. Ramos and the late Carl E. Ramos, COO 87 years, c native of New Or- leans, 'La., and a resident of Santa Barbara, Calif. for the past 10 years. Funeral services will take place from the funeral home of Jacob Schoen and Sun Inc , 3327 Canal at, at N. Scott, on Saturday, July 1, 1967, at 9 o'clock nt. ROQUiern Mass at Holy Name of Jesus Church. Interment in Metairie. RODRIGUEZ-On Friday morning, June , 2.0, 1967, at 8:22 o'clock, EDWARD A. RODRIGUEZ, husband of the late !sa- 1 he. Schulingkamo; father of Mrs, An- ncoel Lassus, and Edward W. Rodri- gue,t; son of the late Sarah Flanagan ant. William Rodriguez; !grandfather of Mrs. Joy Ann Kerr, Geraldine Berke Cud- Glenn Lassus. Relatives and friends of the family, also emoloyes of T. Smith & Sons and United American Merchants, Junior Order Council No. 14, also Internation- of Longshoremen's Association Local Na. 1418 are Invited to attend the fu- neral. Services from P. J. McMahon & Sons Funeral Home, ,I800 Canal strect, non, cemeteries (parking in rear), on Sat- urday afternoon, July 1, 1967, at 2 o'clock, followed by religious services' at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Interment in St. Vincent de Paul No. 2 Cemetery. STRODE-On' Thursday, June 29, 1967,- at 4:30 o'clock p. m., JOHN STRODE, age 47 years, son of the late John Strode and Sarah McKinney; father of Mrs. Marlon Shedeit, Mrs. Jo Ann Chat- ton, both of Natchez, Miss., and John Strode; brother of Mrs. RoseBremer, .Mrs. Daisy Kieran, Mrs. Eloise Cale- cos and the Int .s,ronlo w .1- ? ? , L n DA ,Lafie Cites Hidden Data 0 Oswald Continued from Page 1 copies of a telegraphic mes- sage, dated Oct. 10, 1963, from the Central Intelligence Agen- cy, which contained informa- tion pertaiMng to his current activities." Said Bethell in his report: "THE CONTENTS OF THIS message apparently did not reach the Warren Commis- sion because there are no commission documents origi- nating from the CIA dated prior to the assassination, so we cannot request this infor- mation by document number, but it would interesting to know what the CIA knew about Oswald six weeks be- fore the assassination." Bethell said that some of the classified documents are labeled "S" for "Secret" and "TS" for "Top Secret," but he does not know what the difference might be. Apparently, he added, there is some degree of secrecy to all the classified documents, even the unlabeled ones, since they all remain unavailable to the public. HERE IS BETHEL'S LIST of the titles of 29 classified commission documents from the CIA, all of which he feels may have some bear- ing on Garrison's investiga- tion (Each is preceded by its commission document num- ber.): CD 931-Oswald's access to information about the "G-2. (S) CD 1054 - Information on Jack Ruby and associates. (S) CD 674-Information given to the Secret Service but not yet to the Warren Commis- sion. (S) CD 871-Photos of Oswald In Russia. (S) CD 321-Chronology of Os- wald in USSR. (S) CD 680-Appendix to CD 321. (S) CD 691-Appendix A to CD 321. CD 818-Revisions of CD 321. CD 692 - Reproduction of official CIA dossier on Os- Wald. CD 1216-Memo from Helms (CIA Director Richard Helms) entitled "Lee Harvey Os- wald." (S) CD 1273-Memo from Helms re. apparent inconsistencies in information provided by 'CIA. (5) CD 935-Role of Cuban In- telligence Service in process- ing visa application. (TS) CD 1551-Conversations be- tween Cuban president and ambassador. (TS) CD 347-Activity of Oswald in Mexico City. (S) nr, no A A 'conspiracy. Oswald's Mexico City trip the summer beforre the as- sassination has been labeled by Garrison as ha ving played a key role in the al- leged plot. The CIA has nev- er admitted interviewing Os- wald there. Silvia Duran is a Mexican woman who worked in the Cu- ban Embassy in Mexico City. She was the first one to whom Oswald spoke on his visit to the embassy. SILVIA DURAN IS QUOT- ED extensively in the Warren report, but apparently some part of her testimony has been withheld from public scrutiny. Gilberto Alvaredo, probably a Mexican, was not men- tioned in the 26 volumes, nor was Pfs. Eugene D' who apparently cleairteu (4) have information about a plot. The "cropped picture" re- ferred to in CD 1287 may re- fer to Commission Exhibit 237, labeled in the report only as "photo of an unidentified man." Garrison charges the pic- ture was given to the com- mission when it asked for a picture taken by the CIA of Oswald and another man com- ing out of the Cuban embas- sy in Mexico City. GARRISON SUBPENAED the alleged Oswald photo- graph from Washington be- cause, he said, the "other man" in the picture is vital . to his investigation. A CIA of- ficial replied, however, that an intensive search of CIA files could reveal no such picture. The' DeMohrenschildts were prominent in Dalls' Russian community. They took Os- wald and his wife under their wing when the couple re- turned to the United States from the Soviet Union. Some of their testimony is included in the Warren Report. Nothing has filtered down to the public cOncering either the Canberra phone calls 'or the letter to the Costa Rican embassy, both of which could have had some effect on the commission's o n e - assassin conclusion. Neither has there been any mention of a spy school in Minsk, where Os- wald spent a good deal of his time in Russia. BETHELL SAID THAT af- ter spending long hours dig- ging through the archives, he has divided the commission documents into three.classifi- cations: Group A-completely DR. GEORGE W. MEYER S OMOri(V013 Funeral services for Dr. George W. Meyer, professor and head of the Newcomb College Department of English, will be held tomorrow in Edwardsville, Ill. Dr. Meyer, an internationally recognized specialist in the works of Wordsworth, Shake- speare and 19th Century Eng- lish, died yesterday at Touro In- firmary after a brief illness. He was 55. THARP - SONTHEIMER - THARP Funeral Home Inc., 4117 S. Claiborne, is in charge of arrangements. Interment will be in Edwardsville. He was recently named to-the Pierce Butler professorship in English at Newcomb, which was to have become effective today. Dr. Meyer was the second Eng- lish faculty member to be named to the special chair in English.. A native of St. Louis, he re- ceived his bachelor's degree in 1932 and his doctoral degree in 1941 from the University of Michigan, where he was initi- ated into Phi Beta Kappa, na- tional honorary scholastic fra- ternity. , He also studied in 1933-34 at the Sorbonne in Paris. A MEMBER OF Tulane's ath- letic ..aciVisory. cammittee,..Dr, Meyer conducted a number of Tulane educational conferences, delivering more than 38 lectures on American and English au- thors. Dr. Meyer was a member of the Modern Language Associa- tion of America, numerous hon- orary and professional societies and also the New Orleans Lawn Tennis Club. He is survived by his wife, the former Emily Fuller Camp- bell; a son, Dr. George Meyer Jr., and a daughter, Miss Julia Meyer. Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP75600380R000800140017-5 per:f tea Ed sarn as ' wee ties. pre' the p.m are p.m 0 palf 9:31 pric 0 ent( gro loot pal fro: sta, per Pa: tri bic ing bac vid Pa- pal to ebi Jai ish ide the pr( nic ca.: spt wc tiv 9 be wi les tr( fo: thi be le ar CI 23 be at to a: rc al C( tc a mu. KuP.PPOr5,1 on Saturday, July 1, 1967, of .9..o'-cro'Ck not Street, Baton a. tn. Requiem Moss at Holy Name of Church.Jesus Interment in Metairie. Memorial Park. _15n0 30, 1967, at OSEPHINE HEN, wiro ..of the late motile', of Lor- sister of Mrs. 'he late Anthony w of John Ma- the tote Elodic Tambrallo, age New Orleans, La. the family, also dchoud Assembly o attend the fu- 31 home of Jacob , 3827 Canal st., ay, July 3, 1967. - De Paul Ccme- 3 n. m. Suriday. be given. June 30, 1967, ANATOLE JO- tae 58 years; be- anCy Guallelmo; ?urcell and Mrs. ,rother of Mrs. ,uccite LeBlance, Duhon and Mrs. Evans Matherne Alfred Matherne, Mrs. MathIlde Mathilde Breaux Is; also survived native of Race- dent of New Or- . = the family, els; tilde. Museum and invited to attend Jdunilev Funeral Sri Street, (Park- day, July 3, 1967, mmaculate Heart ausolcum, tl 2:00 o'clock p.m. , June 30, 1967, JESSIE SLANG- ifs Hugh J. Mo- s. Eunice Wher- ulssegur, of New Gibson McDOn- ter of Mrs. L. A. rvived by eight great-grandehil- f the family are funeral, se of Thom-Son- 127 S. Claiborne 'e adjoining), on f hi 1, 7967, at 3 ervices at Mater 1-rollion ave. at :emetery. Warning after II tine 30, 1967, at t DR. GEORGE .sband of Emily lila Clark Meyer ;and Dr. George , San Francisco, from the Nome pans Inc. 4127 . Louis, Inc., I? nterment will e,Ill sue 25, 1967, at ,ELLIE PARDO, .Edna Guy, Mrs. ts. Lillian John- 'ris, Mrs. Eva Miss., and Mrs. otoula, La.; also " other relatives the family, also embers of First , are invited to funeral services 1812 Louisiana if, July 1, 1967 ]rded via auto Miss, for inter- Cemetery, Rev, Mortuary. beach, Va., on 1967. at 2:30 Ii MAUDE SAN- e Hayden Park- Roy J. William Nards, Mrs. An- 'lard Hondfinger; Mr. and Mrs. of Eugene Son-I - and Mrs. May ' by 15 grand- rat-grandchi Idren. e of Chattanco- ent of this city the family, also i.rs of American :Also employees . and Scoriono -.6 to attend the gl home of La- N. Ramoart St. lirilim (narkiog lturday, July 1, 55. St. Alnhonsus RODRIGUiez2n Friday n,,,,?r, 30, 1967, RODRIIIIK119f4rTlelfe Isa- bel Schulingkam0; father of Mrs An- nabel Lcissus, and Edward W. Podri? guez; son of the late Sarah Flanagan and William Rodriguez; grandfather of Mrs. Joy Ann Kerr, Geraldine Early end ? Glenn Lassus. Relatives and friends of tile family, employes of T. Smith & Sons ,,fl United American Merchants, Junior Order Council No. 14, also Internation- of Longshoremen's Association Local No. 1418 are Invited to attend the fu- neral. Services from P. J. McMahon & Sons Funeral Home, 4800 Canal street, neer cemeteries (parking in rear), on Sat- urday afternoon, July I, 1967, at 2 o'clock, followed by religious services at St. Paul's Lutheran Church. Interment In St. Vincent de r'. . -1o. 2 Cemetery. -- STRODE?On Thursday, June 29, 1967, at 4:30 o'clock P. m., JOHN STRODE, age 47 years, son of the late John Strode and Sarah McKinney; father of Mrs. Marion Shedell, Mrs. Jo Ann Chef- ton, both of Natchez, Miss., and John Strode; brother of Mrs. Rose Bremer, .Mrs. Daisy Kieran, Mrs. Eloise Cale- cas and the late William Strode and Bob Davis, also survived, by flee grand- lid men. Relatives cod friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral. Services from the funeral home of E. J. Ransom & Sons, Inc., 1024 Ely- sian Fields Ave., or! Saturday, July 1, 1967 at 11 o'clock a. mg. Interment in Greenwood Cemetery. VOLCKMANN?On Thursday, June 29, 1967, at 3 o'clock p. m., ED'NINA W. LUSK, beloved wife of Frank L. Volck- mann; mother of Mrs. Carolyn Reaves; sister of Mrs. Bernard Nowak; grand- mother of Cadence Reaves. Age 55 years. A native of New Orleans, La. Relatives and friends of the family, also the members of Beta Sigma Phi So- rority, Gentilly Woman's Club, Or- leans-Lakeside Home Demonstration Club, Saturday Bridge Club and Gen- filly Rug Group, are invited to attend the funeral. Services from the funeral home of Ja- cob Schoen and Son Inc., 3827 Canal Street at North Scott, on Saturday, July I, 1967, at 8:30 o'clock a. m., with Requiem Mass at St. James Ma- ier Church. Interment Hope Mausoleum. Memorials In Loving Memory of BERTHA SEALS Died?July 1, 1965 A heart of gold was stilled forever, When death upon you laid his hand; Some day we pray we'll meet again In God's own bright and heavenly land. Sadly missed by, SISTER ANNA MAE HENRY AND FAMILY. In Loving Memory of Our Dear Father GEORGE J. HEFLER On His Birthday?July 1 Died March 1, 1951 This is your birthday, Father dear, Not as it used to be; The gladness of the day is gone, , You are not here to see; For you are in your lonely grave, And our tears are all in vain; But ohl how haPPY we would be If we had you back again Sadly MISSCa by CHILDREN AND FAMILY. NEW ORLEANS STATES-ITEM PublisheO daily except= Sundays by The Times-Picayune Publishing Coro., 615 North Street, New Orleans, La. Entered at the United States Post Office, New Orleans, as secand-Clas$ matter Nov. 22, '1912. MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press Is entitled ex- clusively to the use for republication of all the local news pninted in this ;Flw erydli=ecil- as well as t_ei all Associated nLeis dispotche, Advertising representative: Maloney pc-gan 8, Schmitt, Inc, MONY Build, .frX7Chi'elnant;,'Ye.,,GaChFCIesi"o; 433 , ,6NO6orrtil 1025 Elm St., Dallas. Joy. 4o202;_ 000 Griswold Street, Detroit, Mich. 48226; 407 W. 6th Street, Los Annefes, Calif. 50005; 777 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10017; Newark Star-Ledger Bldg., Newark, N.J. 07101; Philadelphia Na. l,anal Bank Bldg., Philadelphia. Pa. 19107; Locust Bldg., 1015 Locust .Street, St. Louis, Mo. 63101; 681 Market Street, San Francisco, Callf. 94105; Florlda Resort & Travel, The Leonard Co., 371 Lincoln Road, Miami - Beach, Fla. 33137. Subscription rates effective Sept. 20, 1964: CAV;trilg': Cities & Mall Mail politan Towns Other Foreign N.O. R.F.D.. 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Collections of subscription at other than Pt/blithest rates are not author- ized, 321. CD 692 ? Reproduction of sairigeChditil6b/27q.s- CD 1216?Memo from Helms (CIA Director Richard Helms) entitled "Lee Harvey Os- wald." (S) CD 1273?Memo from Helms re. 'apparent inconsistencies in information provided by 'CIA. (5) CD 935?Role of Cuban In- telligence Service in process- ing visa application. (TS) CD 1551?Conversations be- tween Cuban president and ambassador. (TS) CD 347?Activity of Oswald in Mexico City. (S) CD 384?Activity of Oswald in Mexico City. CD 528?Re. allegations Os- wald interviewed by CIA in Mexico City. CD 426 ? Interrogation of Silvia Duran in Mexico City. Duson after first interroga- tion. (S) CD 1000?Mexican ' interro- gation of Gilberto Alvaredo. (S) CD 1287?Re. Oswald and affidavit concerning cropped picture. (S) CD 698?Reports of travel and activities of Oswald and Marina. CD 631?Re. CIA dissemina- tion of information on Oswald. CD 708?Reply to questions posed by State Department. CD 1012?George and Jeanne DeMohrenschildt. (S) CD 1222 ? 'Statements of George DeMohrenschildt re. assassination. (S) CD 943?Allegations of Pfc. Eugene Dinkin re. assassina- tion plot. (S) CD 971?Telephone calls to U.S. embassy, Canberra (Aus- tralia), re. planned assassina- tion. (S) CD 1089?Letter re. assina- 4tion sent to Costa Rican em- ,bassy. (S) CD 1041 -- Allegations re- garding Intelligence Training School in Minsk (USSR). (S) Some of the persons and in- cidents referred to in the documents' titles are familiar to students of the 26-volume Warren Report, but some are entirely new. It is not known, for in- stance, what access Oswald may have had to the secret U-2 files, which involved the controversial spy planes that flew over Russia in the late days of the Eisenhower. ad- ministration. There has been speculation, 'however, that electronics work for the project may have been done at Atsugi Air Force Base in Japan where Oswald served as a Marine before his defection to Russia. RUBY, WHO DIED OF can- cer early this year, was cleared by the Warren Com- mission of any CIA or for- eign government connections. In his investigation, however, however, Garrison theorizes Ruby may have had zoth, and, in fact, he has charged Ruby was a partner in the alleged Ut L11,11. ICOLLIliVAly LUX., Ali J_Valu-tl, (.4 in the Warren Report. the Sorbonne in Paris. miles belo Nothing has filtered downol 137:511ane's be reacha ath-; leans in k i#Al2 e r e a9 lo; 9e0cctglffl committee, Dr.1 by driving V8f) the letter to the Costa Rican Meyer conducted a number ofl Mississippi embassy, both of which could Tulane educational conferencesd and down have had some effect on the delivering more than 33 lectures Chasse hii commission's o n e - assassin conclusion. Neither has there been any mention of a spy school in Minsk, where Os- on American and English au-I 23). thors. Petrovid Dr. Meyer was a member of I be a mino the Modern Language Associa- motorists wald spent a good deal of his tion of America, numerous hon- at the fort time in Russia. orary and professional societies to keep and also the New Orleans Lawn away. Mot Tennis Club. rected to He is survived by his wife, above the the former Emily Fuller Camp- "Busses bell; a son, Dr. George Meyer, continuous Jr., and a daughter, Miss Julia' to shuttle - Meyer. Triumph a The guie- Satellite-- USS Colun' Continued from Page 1 P. m. 10th st. Wharf : perimental Satellite, to trans- mit ultrahigh-frequency radio OPEN 3 signals to investigate radio in- held aboa ? terference sources at high al- a. m. to 4 titudes. and 1 p. n It is the first step toward day. development of a satellite that Bells wil would enable field troops to Orleans fo communicate reliably with p. rp. in a rear headquarters or other ration of combat sodiers. dence. ?DODGE, for DetoartrriPnt The bel of Defense Gravity Experi- has becom ment, designed to extend 10 is sponsori thin booms up to 150 feet to ana Sons test a concept of stabilizing a Revolution satellite so one side always faces the earth. A camera, carried to record the action of the booms, was equipped with a color-filter wheel to obtain color photo- graphs of the earth. A series of yellow filters are to de- termine which is best for peering through the haze of the earth's atmosphere?help- ful knowledge for develop- ment of reconnaissance satel- lites. ?DATS, for Despun Anten- na Test Satellite, similar to the three communications 8ate1lites except for a new antenna intended to transmit 75 per cent of the radio sig- nal strength to earth, com- pared with 15 per cent on the BETHELL SAID THAT af- ter spending long hours dig- ging through the archives, he has divided the commission documents into three classifi- cations: Group A?completely unclassified; Group B?par- tially classified, and Group C ?completely classified. About 300 documents are still classified, he stated, and the remaining are divided about equally between the completely available and the partially hidden. Many of the Group B docu- ments, he said, are hundreds of pages long, but some of their pages are missing from the files. One large FBI report he re- calls in particular is "about five inches thick and some 750 pages long. Thirty-six of the pages, though are mis- sing." ONE OF THE )PERSONS dealt with extensively in those 36 pages, Bethell noted, is David William Ferrie, the now-deceased 'former airline pilot, who, according to Gar- rison, plotted with Ruby, Os- wald and New Orleans busi- nessman Clay Shaw to as- sassinate the president. Of those Garrison has. named, three are dead. The fourth, Shaw, the retired manager of the International Trade Mart, is awaiting trial on the conspiracy charge. Garrison himself said he is highly interested in the docu- ments on Bethell's list. Asked whether he would at- tempt to subpena the classi- fied files, the district attorney present satellites. replied, "I can't say yet. We'll just have to wait and Darn.-- see." Continued from Page 1 Camera to Photograph 426 acres, the lake contains Postal System Lines HAMBURG, Germany (AP) ?A specially designed Agfa Re- cording camera will soon be in- stalled in the new' pneumatic postal tube system of the city, to provide a photographic check of the tube lines for water teak- age, tube dislocations and other damage. The camera will travel through the tubes at , a speed of 21 miles per hour photo- graphing the inside surfaces at a rate of six pictures per sec- ond, without interfering with the normal movement of bulk 3.6 billion gallons of water. IN FRONT OF THE dam are the small communities of Voorhies, Riverside and North Riverside in Lewis County, about 50 miles southwest of Nashville. . The state-built darn began seeping w t e r Wednesday after two days of steady rain. Federal consultants were called in "and we deter- mined we'd better do some- thing quick," a spokesman for the Game and Fish Commis- sion said, Engineers are lowering the lake through a 24-inch valve mail in any way. The pneu qt the base of the dam, but matic tubes have a diame? Ificials said 10 to 15 days of 173/4 inches and are' said to would be required to drop the be the largest of their type in pressure behind the dam to a the world, safe level. Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP75600380R000800140017-5 'org,anizatio; Churche Protestant, The States join in an ing bells ticipate. Mayor and Gov. have isst calling for means of ication to liberty anc THE YU citizens to "I urge fly Old G It doesn't one. Even tiny flag fici ent." The ma and trash continued Hall will all state (including and most Gov. Mc: son Parish F. Donelc Monday a well, but the city oft Monday w: work day JUDGE SON of th? Parish cou. nounced hd Monday. H ing notices should dis they will b date set fo Jefferson does not courts in t