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December 15, 2016
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February 26, 2004
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March 31, 1972
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Approved For Release 2004/03/26: CIA-RDP75B00514R000091 SECRET DD/S&T# /9fi7y 7,;?- MEMORANDUM FOR: Executive Director-Comptroller SUBJECT: DDS!' Comments as Requested on Ref. A. A. ExPir Memo (undated), "Archives, History, and Records" B. 17 War '72 Memo for Record, "Nxbir- Coa+pt's Meeting with Deputies, 8 March 1872," para. 3. 1. Annual Reports - I do not believe the annual Program -an extremely complex procedure and lengthy document--should be further complicated by appending the annual reports. I understand that you want an evaluation of the past year in order to put the future program in better perspective. But I would suggest that we prepare the annual reports one to two months ahead of the deadline for the Call. As you know, the deadline for the draft Call this year is I April, and it discusses not the oncoming fiscal year's program, tut the one following (i.e. 1974). I would suggest that annual reports cover a period of, say, mid-February to mid-February. This would give the Director- ate the advantage of reviewing the accomplishments etc. of the previous 12 months just prior to considering its draft program for two years hence in detail, that is, prior to the l April submission to PPB. Both the workload and the documents would then be more manageable. 2. Archives - I would suggest that the annual reports may not bee the easiest way of indexing the archival docu- ments. I feel that papers should logically be tabbed for archives at the time of receipt or production, under care- fully coordinated criteria, and suggest that other means than the annual report, such as ADP, would facilitate maintenance of such an index. Approved For Release 2004/aE &`RDP75B0 02 I 00Y9 Approved For Release 2004/03/26 : CIA-RDP75B00514R000200140010-9 25X1 SECRET 3. Histories -- A number of DDS&T's programs are suf-- ficiently large to span a period of many years. I am not sure that the annual report would suffice the historian in compiling the history. The point in time when the writing of the history of such it program should be started will depend on the appropriate milestone. In the case of the OXCART, for example, the milestone was the decision to phase out the program and send the aircraft to storage. The history covers some 12 years. Deputy Director for Carl E. Ducket Science and Technology O/DD/S&T DistribuLion: Orig & 1 Addressee 1 - EO/DD/S&T S&T Registry 31 Mar 72) ILLEGIB RE DP75B00514R00020014001 Approved For Release 2004/SE6. 0-9