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November 17, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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July 5, 1954
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Approved For Release 2000/09/0&:'Cj -RDP76-00 ,$3R000100020103-9 DIAJ NOTES 25X1A DD /A 5 July 1954 1. I talked to Mr. Dulles about the investigation of CIA by the Hoover Com- mission and, specifically, about the designation of General Mark Clark to head this particular investigation. He advised me that he had sent a telegram to Gen- eral Clark at the Citadel expressing his pleasure at the press reports announcing his selection for this task, informing him of his plans to go to Europe as soon as Congress adjourned, and stating that if the General were not going to be in Washington prior to his departure for Europe he would be glad to fly down to Charleston and spend an evening with hjsa to discuss the subject. He advised me 25X1A9a that he wanted to form a small internal committee whose responsibility it would be to get materia General Clark and his task force to read. He wanted me, Kirk, a DD/I representative, and, possibly, Stanley Grogan to serve on this committee. (I think that he will probably want someone 25X1 A9 ices of Training and Communications also.) I suggested that we have or a member of his Staff, as the Executive Secretary of the committee since it was my understanding that General Clark's task force would be concerned with progress and management and would not investigate actual clandestine opera- tions. Mr. Dulles said that he wanted to familiarize the Clark task force with our needs for a new building, get their advice on Career Service legislation, and that he might throw in the agreed "activities paper" and the USCIB situation. We agreed to discuss it at the Deputies' Meeting on Wednesday. 2. I discussed with Mr. Dulles nr need for an Assistant DD/A, informing him of my desire to get someone from the DD/P side of the house and also of the 25X1 A9a fact that no nominati b orthceaning from that component to date. I sug- gested that we consider to which he reacted unfavorably, stating that 25X1A9ahe felt was fully competent o do the job but that he was one of the few highly trained and skilled persons in the clandestine services and that it would be a mistake to take him away from it. He asked me how I felt about Jim Garrison. I told him that I thought Jim would be excellent but that I could not afford to 25X1 A9a remove him from the Logistics Office inasmuch as there was no one else prepared to take over his job. He also suggested that was a young man whom he believed should be watched and browned orme that I knew 25X1A9~ personally and that I felt as though he would make a good Executive Of.. finer for the DD/A but that he was not quite ready for the post o sistant DD/A. However, I told him that I might ask his help in prying loose 25X1 A9a from George Carey and he indicated that he would be glad to len any assistance necessary. (I discussed this possibility with Messrs. - on 6 25X1A9a 25X1 A9a July 1954. Carey, of course, was most reluctant to see go and said that Approved For Release 2000/0910-&: CIA-RDP76-00183R000100020103-9 Approved For Release 2000/09/0Q: CJA DP76-001 8000100020103-9 STATSPEC 25X1A9a that he did not have anyone fu lay qualified to take his place and rea believed told it would be in the best interests of the Agency for him to stay would be Mr. Carey that while I could not give an immediate promo ion a to consider 25X1 A9a in line for a grade GS? 7 eventually and tha would like very and der his transfer to my Office. It was agreed that he would talk to No doubt he vise me when he had done so, after which I would also talk to him. will discourage Alan from taking this assignment but I think there is a distinct 25X1A9a possibility that I can get him.) Mr. Dulles also suggested as a pos- sibility and said that while it would leave him in a great hoe e w betold - ing to talk to Jack again about coming to my Office if I wanted him to. I him that I appreciated this very much but knew it would leave him in a hole, that Jack knew this, and, under the circumstances, believed that Jack's decision would be as it was before, i.e., to stay with the Director. (I told Jack about this and he seemed appreciative of the Director's thinking of him but agreed with me that 25X1A9a he should stay where he was for the time being.) 3. Mr. Dulles asked me how was getting along as Chief of the Management Staff. I told him that I thought things were going along very well, that I had had a very heart-to-heart talk with John when he took over this job, deal- and that I felt he was making a sincere effort not to offend people e him field John ings with then, his past major weakness in my opinion. manpower fihld but and I had agreed that his No. 1 contribution. should be in thm rim that that it was too early yet to tell what he would produce. I the informed r Division and John was about half-way finished with a detailed survey of that we would be able to get a better evaluation of his performance when this was ct him to c e -up completed. Mr. Dulles asked me to tell John that he wouldliexppest asked mcomo have with about a twenty per cent reduction in this Division. John stop by to see him sometime within the next two weeks to have a chat about the manpower situation; this, I have done. Approved For Release 2000/09/08 : Chid-E6-00183R000100020103-9