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December 9, 2016
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September 11, 2000
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April 22, 1953
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Approved For Release 2001/03/30" CiA RDP76-00I83R000100090006-0 ADD A 25X1 A DI4 tY NOTES 22 April 1953 25X1A9a 2. I requested Shef Edwards to prepare certain statistics concerning secur- ity disapprovals and related matters which Mr. Dulles could use, if absolutely es- sential, in connection with upcoming Budget Hearings. 25X1A9a 3. According to George Meloon, General Cabell's commission has been signed b.v the President and now awaits the signature of the Secretary of State. I told about this and suggested that they might needle Gener- al Smith's office to get it signed. 25X1 A6a 1. I asked Ed Saunders to 1 into, and to discuss with me or Mr. Wolf at an appropriate time, a cable from requesting that that station be able to pay salaries at the "capital" rate of exchange in lieu of the official rate. 5. With Messrs. Wolf, Saunders,W and Pforzheimer discussed the con- 25X1A9a gressional Budget Hearings for Monday morning and arranged to be present in Mr. Wolf's office for a dry run at 2:4 p.m. this afternoon. 25X1A9a 6. I advised that we would authorize the purchase of a stenafax machine, originally in en a for use only by the Regulations Control Staff, and instructed that it be placed at such central location as the General Services Of- fice felt could best serve the Agency's needs. 25X1 A2d 1 7. . Mr. Garrison of the possibility of using the site for 25 1 A6b ~ Project and requested that he work with Colonel Baird an to 25)41 A9a develop all of the information on this area. Mr. Garrison sugges e a the de- cision as to whether or not we could use the site might be made from here without a trip down there. It was agreed that all of these facts should be reviewed with the DD/A, after which we would determine whether or not it was necessary for some- one to make the inspection. 25X1 A9a 8. Participated with Messrs. Wolf, Saunders, -Pforzheimer, 25X1 A9a Amory, and Sheldon, and certain members of TSS, in preparation for briefing Mr. Dulles prior to his appearance before the House Appropriations Committee on Mon- day in connection with our budget. Approved For Release 2001/03/30 CIA-RDP76-00183R000100090006-0 Approved For Relese 2001/03/34: CIA-.RDP76-001H3R000100090006-0 I _t 22 April 1953 25X1A9a SA/DD/A_ 25X1A9a The Personnel Office stated that they have taken care of the separation papers and that no further action by this office is necessary. ADD A Forwarded to the AD/P for his information a memorandum from the CAO/DDP on the subject of "Enlisted Personnel for DD/P Activities." The memorandum states that the Office of the DD/P has a study currently in process and ac- tion directed toward the review and revision of all field personnel require- ments of that organization which will result in better capability for firm and realistic personnel procurement and assignment control. (EP.-3-9329) Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000100090006-0