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December 9, 2016
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September 2, 2000
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November 14, 1952
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Approved For2please 2001/08/08: CIA--.RDP76-00183Qp0010010Pi DIARY NOTES ADD A 14 November 3,952 1, Discussed with Bill Peel the title for the present Procurement and Supply Office. Jim Garrison has proposed the name of "Logistics Office." Bill proposes "Materiel - Logistics Office." I told 3ill.that I thought "Procurement and Supply Office' was more descriptive than either of their proposals and that we would leave it that way for the present. 25X1A9a 2, - telephoned to say that Mr. Dulles thought that the Agency should participate in the Crusade for Freedom drive. I called Bob's attention to the fact that I thought this would be unwise in view of the Director's decision that we would not participate in any other drives except those for the Red Cross and the Community Chest. Bob said that he had forgotten this and would discuss the matter further with Mr. Dulles. 3. Larry Houston says that he expects to talk with lawyer on 25X1A9a Monday or Tuesday and will know at that time whether or not wishes to 25X1A9a resign. Li.. General Morris telephoned to say that we had no retired Air Force officers that we could make test cases of in accordance with General Ackerman's suggestion of a few days ago. I told him to forget the matter for the present. I will call General Ackerman and tell him that we are still discussing the over-all reimburse- ment question and probably will not submit a test case at this time. 5. I asked Dr, Tietjen to draft a memorandum to the Director of Training for ray signature outlining the extent to which medical service could be rendered by the 25X1A6a doctor at 6. Also talked to Dr. Tietjen about his concept of an Assessment Program in the Agency and emphasized that the medical staff should consider using such assets as were already in the Agency; specifically,., the assessment people now employed in the Office of Training. 7. Dr. Tietjen expressed his concern at the attitude of the Junior Profession- al Selection P azel and feels very strongly that he cannot allow them to have access to his files. I assured him that I thought he need have no fears inasmuch as I was sure that the Director would not authorize any such action. 8. Dr. Tietjen reported that Dr. Silk, Superintendent of St. Elizabeth's Hos- pital,., has advised him of a procedure which is entirely legal and which will enable Approved For Release 2001/08/08 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000100100027-5 Approved For, elease 2001/08/08 :,.0 P76-001838 00100100027-5 us to bypass Gallinger with some of our psychotic cases. This will require further study and he will report to me. 9. Delivered Personnelts paper on "Reassignment and/or Separation of Personnel" to General Morris with my suggested comments and asked that it be rewritten in final form. 10. Spent some time with General Morris and Mr. Meloon going over the paper on "Personnel Ceilings." Approved For Release 2001/08/08 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000100100027-5