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December 9, 2016
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September 2, 2000
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November 13, 1953
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Approved For aplease 2001/08/0.8 :, CJ~-RDP76-00183~,Q0010010003q DIARY NOTES ADD A 13 November 1952 1. Met-with to dis- cuss Section 9.4 o t e Con identia Funds Regulations. We agreed on a procedural regulation which is ready for publication if Mr. Wolf approves. A representative of the Real Estate and Construction Division is at get-25X1A6a ting information concerning conditions under which houses can be purchased. I be- lieve that in view of the small number of houses we are talking about our solution lies in making the down payments on the houses and letting the employees amortize the debts by payments equivalent to rent while they are occupying them. We will probably proceed on this basis; however, I expect to have this decided next week.25X1A9a 3. Asked Larry Houston to expedite an inquiry as to whether or not wants to resign. If he does not wish to do so we will be obliged to convene e Board-which heard his previous case to determine if there is anything new in his re- ply to unclassified charges. Larry expects to know definitely by Monday or Tuesday. staff employees he can move a course which will have 100 students in it to the site sometime in January. The General Counsel is exploring with the Atomic rgyom- mission and other Government agencies what may be possible in the wa of !si ance, would write a memorandum making specific recommendations as -what use could be made of the site, outlining the conditions attendant thereto, and that we would work together as fast as possible. He tells me that if we can find housing for seven Ji 2. Matt Baird stopped in to say that the Director had instructed him to work out with me the details concerning the future use of We agreed that he25X1A6a 4. Asked Ed Saunders to expedite his report on the method of handling ad- vances to contractors. 5. Met with Mr. Saunders, General Morris, and Mr. Meloon to discuss "Person- nel Ceilings." A draft of a memorandum to the Director should be ready by tomorrow, 25X1A9a 6. I asked to look into the - Project to determine whether the progress and inancia reports required are actually being rendered. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 7. Asked to follow through with our offices to make sure that they are doing everything they are supposedto do in connection with the establishment of Career Service Boards, etc. Approved For Release 2001/08/08 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000100100030-1