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December 9, 2016
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September 4, 2000
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October 3, 1952
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4p ,JoOA*Y Infolwn wN.. DIARY NOTES ADD /A 1. Asked o expedite staff stud which would make available certain funds to the C ief of Procurement and Supply so that he could order items now which be actually requisitioned by the operating offices for some months. assures me that this study will be completed within 27 2 1A the next few days. 2. Declined to approve a request from the Office of Operations to have excused from Jury Duty. Checked this out with who finally agreed with me. 3. Dr. Tietjen reports that resigned last Thursday then disappeared late that night. However, she showed up in Boston on Friday morning with friends. She is emotionally disturbed and since the Director had written a letter or two, copies of which are in her file, Tietjen wondered whether we should inform the Director. I checked the file and concluded that these were routine letters that had been written in behalf o a mutual friend of her father and General Smith. Do not believe it necessary to notify DCI, 3 October 1952 , Mr. Meloon telephoied re nce a Mr. of OSI who is in George Washington Hospital, broke, etc. an ve only a few days. He is incurring expenses at the to of about $52.50 per day. Friends in 0SI 2. 7A have been paying part of the expenses out of their pocket. Told Meloon to prepare something for our consideration and we would tzy, to find some way to give relief. 25X1 A 5. At request, advised Colonel Edwards that General Smith had decided that it would be wisest for him to apply for retirement and accept civilian employment with us effective 1 July 1953. )5X1A 6. telephoned reference a Captain they have in the field who has been there two years. They committed themselves to employ him as a civilian at Grade-l1 at the end of the two years. Now they want to keep him out there as a Captain for a third year but since as a civilian he would make 2. 7A several hundred dollars per year more, they want to pay him the difference. I 2. 7A told -I could see no way in which this could be done. 7. Talked to about the NIS ro gym.-is very insistent that the GPO plant is not suffering f `@5 k and in fact says it takes so long to get material through the GPO plan that he would prefer to ti have it done elsewhere. I told him I did not think this was possible and that I might ask him to participate in a meeting sometime this week to resolve this matter. He also assures me that they are going to step up their NIS program very shortly. Approved For Release 2001"QWA-RDP76-00183R000100100051-8 ~h ~nForrr-~t-ae+