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December 9, 2016
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September 4, 2000
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July 2, 1952
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`-T ET 742~_t DIARY NOTES ADD A 2 -12 July 1952 1. I have had numerous and long conferences with the Director, Mr. Wisner, Mr. Mr. Hedden, and others regarding the reorganization of the DD/P area-- ervices. In the beginning, I was somewhat unhappy that this proposal had been presented to the Director without any consultation with this Office and at being summoned to a large meeting with the Director to discuss this problem without having had the benefit of reading the paper prior thereto. However, as a result of these discussions the Director insisted that the DD/A's Office be thoroughly out in. He emphasized that he recognized only two command channels, i.e., himself and the Senior Representatives overseas, and that all other members of his staff, including DD/P, were extensions of himself who exercised staff direction (not command) of field activities on behalf of and in the name of the Director. After varied and long discussions this paper has finally been resolved and I believe that the Director will sign it on Monday, 14 July. 2. I have had several discussions with ding the transportatio?FlA9a function and getting a new man to head it, jN16Wwhom we had hoped to g % 1A9a is in Europe and it looks doubtful that we will be able to obtain his services. It now appears that we have a o has just joined the Agenc 5X1A9a and who has substantial Quartermaster and Transportation experience. I am exploring this possibility. 3. Jim Garrison gave a very excellent Briefing illustrated with charts, etc., to Mr. Dulles, Mr. Hedden, Mr. Wisner, and others on 9 July. Mr. Dulles and Mr, Hedden were most complimentary of the Briefing. Jim recommended that no deals be made with 'at that we extend two old contracts for more materiel. DD/P de- clined to concur in this recommendation until he had had a chance to review the whole thing. I have had Jim prepare a two-page brief of this program which I am sub- mitting to the Director, !t. Upon General Smith's instructions I conferred with Mr. Broadbent of the Bureau of the Budget and other officials of the Public Buildings Service regarding the possibility of getting into a new building. They proposed, first, that we move to 7th and D Streets (this is totally unacceptable), second, that we take over the Munitions Building or, third, the Navy Building. After further discussion with the Director, I have informed Mr. Broadbent that we would not accept the 7th and D Streets location. Our first choice would be the Navy Building, into which we could get our whole Agency, and our second choice would be the Munitions Building, which would necessitate retaining certain of our present buildings. The Bureau of the Budget now has the ball and we should hear from them before too long. Approved For Release 2001 /08/0i8 Gh4, P76-00183R000100100085-1 Approved For Tease 2001/08/0 RDP76-0018380100100085-1 +,a- :avrrrriiYfari? 5. In discussing the new TSS T/O (occasioned by the Program), the / question of super grades came Mr. tisner,, in my presence, r sed this matter 25X1AcJA/ wj1 General Smith since insisted on a grade GS 18. The Director has authorized me to approve o ,, provided I can clear it with the Bureau of the Budget. In addition to this,, there are four grade 16's in this new setup. General Smith has directed that I establish a ceiling on caper grades beyond which we will not go. In view of this I am going to dust off our staff study on this sub- ject and smt n i t it to him. 6. I have given a lot of time and thought to a replacement for 25X1A9a So far, I have not found the solution bat hope to come up with something the next few days. 7. At the Deputies' Meeting on 11 July 1952, the Director authorized me to proceed with discussions with the Bureau of the Budget concerning the possibility in order to get on with the con- 25XlAld struction of a radio station in the Par East. -2- Approved For Release 2001/08/G ~C1 DP76-00183R000100100085-1 i9?, knforma6ori