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November 17, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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March 25, 1958
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Approved For UIease 2 a.0163"%01 IRDP76-183R000300010059-8 DIARY NOTES DP LS 25 March 1958 1. Attended a luncheon for Mr. Lee Rankin, Solicitor General, along with General Cabell, Larry Houston, Lyman Kirkpatrick, an Mr. Rankin appeared to 25X1A9a be very friendly and offered to help us in any way that he could. During the course of our luncheon he commented that Roger Fisher was leaving his staff shortly to teach at the Harvard Law School. 2. Attended the opening session of the President's Conference on Occupational Safety. The Office of Security had requested that I attend inasmuch as the President was going to speak and they felt that some senior person should be present as well as the CIA Safety Officer. This really isn't necessary since there are some 3, 000 people present; in the future I think that it would be entirely satisfactory to accept the invitation without actually attending the Conference. In this connection, Mr.-accompanied me to the opening session. From our conversation it was quite evident that he had not read the program nor looked upon the Conference in terms of what benefit the Agency as a whole might get out of it. There were several "workshops" from which personnel such as the Emergency Planning Offi- cer, members of the Medical Staff, etc., might have derived a great deal of information. Since Mr~=was" not even familiar with the program he, of course, had given no attention to this aspect of it. While admitting that our accident rate was about the low- est in Government he stated that one death would make us considerably higher than the remainder of governmental agencies, and I failed completely to understand his support- ing explanation of this statement. Note: Paragraph 2. was extracted in its entirety and sent to Mr. (DD/S - 58-1243) 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Approved For Releaser000-6 IA-RDP76-001838000300010059-8