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November 17, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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March 17, 1958
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Approved Fo -Release DDS 1. At the Deputies' Meeting: a. The Director reported that he had met with Max Abramovitz and Fred King on Friday night and emphasized that he felt we must let a con- tract for our new building this year. and I met with the Director later in the day at which time he telephoned Max again. During this conversation Max thought that it might be possible to move the com- pletion date for final working drawings from 1 September 1958 to 25 July 1958. H. S. was to discuss with representatives of the Public Buildings Service the possibility of letting a part of the contract earlier and go to New York on Wednesday to meet with Max.) b. Elmer Staats' request for continuing our junior Officer Trainee with the Operations Coordinating Board on a nonreimbursable basis was discussed and it was the unanimous opinion that this arrangement should be discontinued. 25X1A 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 2. I met with Jim Garrison and at which time I told them that while I felt that we might be making a serious misty e I had decided that any consideration of installing the Ramac (305) machine in the Office of Logistics would be deferred for the moment due to all of the disagreement that was taking place. I instructed John to pursue feasibility studies in the Offices of Personnel and the Comptroller with the idea that if these studies proved that the Ramac machine should be installed we could bring in the Office of Logistics at a later date on either this or a larger system. I also directed that a management study of the entire Office of Logistics be started immedi- ately. I said I felt that the last management study had been too much of a rubber stamp and that I wanted this one to be tough and conducted with the goal of saving some people if possible. I also advised them that I would not tolerate another situation such as had been brought about. by the feasibility study concerning the Ramac machine and empha- sized the necessity for a close working relationship between the Office of Logistics and the Management Staff during this entire period. 3. I saw and told him that as a result of his scores during the I RDP700183R000300010076-9 DIARY NOTES 25X1A9a Approved For Release r0,OI6 p IA-RDP76-00183R000300010076-9 W P N W it vY9 N Y AIM ^ Approved For Release 20 ff, "r QP7640 183R000300010076-9 fjjE 25X1A6a Operations Course I had caused his case to be discussed at some length with personnel of the Assessment & Evaluation Staff and that based upon their recom- mendation I felt that it was unwise to assign him- as Chief of Support. He was 25X1A6a deeply disappointed and it was obvious that it was going to be particularly demoralizing to him to have to tell his wife and family of this change in plans; he did not question the decision, however. I asked him not to be discouraged and said that I would try to come up with some other job for him within the very near future. 25X1A9a 4. I also interviewed pretty much along the same lines and can- 25X1A6a celed his assignment to - he was also ver disappointed and demoralized. He was extremely critical of the instructors inasmuch as he alleged that 25X1 A2g they had told him that he was doing all right in the Course. He also said that Matt Baird had called him in and congratulated him on his performance as soon as he returned. I told him that he would remain in his present assignment in the Office of Training for the time being. Approved For Release 09'I!(? 0 lll -RDP76-00183R000300010076-9