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November 17, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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February 28, 1958
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Approved For Release 2000/09/ RDP76-001'83R000300010110-0 UOIL DIARY NOTES 28 February 1958 25X1A9a was in to see me. With regard to the purchase of a house in 25X1 A6a he feels that there is no urgency about this matter and said that he would keep his eyes open for a suitable house but would make no pressing attempt to get one right away or obligate funds prior to the end of the Fiscal Year. He fully understands and ap- preciates our desire that he occupy the house as soon as we acquire it. He was most ciativ E-. had iven to this matter and of the meeting which we ar- appre with 25X1A6a ranged I explained to him that DD/P had made recommendations to the Director in con- nection with his representational allowances and that as I understood it they preferred to charge as much of his expenses as possible to operations rather than to representa- tion although they did not question the total amount. He also understood this and was completely agreeable. 25X1 A6a He had some question in his mind as to whether or not the instal- lation was essential. He said that it was in excellent condition and was we managed by the man in charge; however, there were ten people involved and he hoped that I would take a good hard look at it when I came over. He also questioned the advisability of having a girl stationed at this location. He said that the young lady who was there now had not complained and was the type who could handle herself well under these cir- cumstances :but that it was rather an isolated area for a girl without much companion- ship and perhaps it would be preferable to assign a man to this post; however, if this were not possible the next incumbent should be selected with the isolation aspect in mind. 2. At the Deputies' Meeting: a. The Director indicated the extreme importance of Project_ stating that it had top priority over anything else in the Agency at the moment and that resources should be drawn from wherever necessary in order to support it. (Following the Meeting I called- to ask him if there were anything special we could do and also instructed J. R. of the priority of the Project and to be extremely responsive. Al called later to request that we purchase and pack for de- 25X1A2g 25X1A9a 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/09/0 RDP76-00183R000300010110-0 Approved For Release 2000/09/0JEC `' ZDP76-0018eR000300010110-0 parture on Sunday a "one kilowatt radio broadcast extension" which J. R. has arranged to do . ) b. I briefed the group on the status of the "pay raise bills" and pointed out that according to the Senate version we would be unable to hire anybody during the Quarter beginning 1 April and only fill one-third of our vacan- cies during succeeding quarters unless an exception were granted by the President, (I have requested Gordon Stewart to check his recruitment list and insure if possible that those key people whom we may be recruiting en- ter on duty prior to 1 April.) 25X1A9a 3. I talked to Gordon about our summer employment program and told him that we should develop procedures which would screen applicants very carefully against our requirements and that we should take only those which were really needed, declining all others regardless of whose feelings might be hurt. 4. advised me that the Comptroller General was going to issue a rul- ing which would say in substance that in connection with a week ago Monday---when employees were encouraged to stay home on annual leave---agencies should charge em- ployees with annual leave only for those hours prior to which they generally released those personnel who were on duty. I agreed that if this were the case we should arbi- trarily adopt 2:00 p.m. as our dismissal hour and charge all of our employees who did not come to work a maximum of five hours of annual leave. 25X1A 5. 1 briefed Mr. Dulles and General Cabell on the status of health. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 6. was in. to talk to me about 's most recent paper on "the stimulation of innovation. He was concerned about the authority which Dick would have to transfer "personnel and funds" and commented that if there were any intention that the Office of Communications would be requested to effect direct con- tracting he would not want such authority. He said that he recognized their dependence upon specialized and trained. contracting officers and that he considered their working arrangement with the Office of Logistics to be a very good one. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 7. -telephoned to say that Mr. -had returned and advised him that tquestion of whether they were going to effect certain changes in the support setup in the one of which concerned the elimination of the Chief's position at the 25X1A6a -2- IDP76 Approved For Release 2000/09/08 - L?4-00183R000300010110-0 it Approved For Release 2000/ 8 . IA-RDP76-00183R000300010110-0 25X1A6a had not been decided Tack is not in favor of eliminating this position at this late date and proposes, with permission, to send a 25X1 A6acable to - stating that we are going to go ahead and send out Howard Preston for this job. I told him that this met with my approval and to draft a cable and show it to me before sending it out. 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/09/08-RDP76-00183R000300010110-0