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November 17, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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January 28, 1958
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Approved For R lease 2000/0 RDP76-O&183R000300010176-8 . DIARY NOTES DDS 28 January 1958 25X1A 1. Ed Saunders reported that he, had met with Rex 25X1 A9a Reid, Bureau of who approved of the release from the Reserve of $1.5 mil- lion for Project and $2.2 million for Project _ In accordance with my 25X1 A2g understanding, however, I told Ed not to release any of the $1.2 million for replace- ment of ordnance items until we received further word. 2. Shef Edwards was in to talk to me about Security personnel in Project AQUA- TONE. Approximately twenty youngsters just out of college were hired as Security Of- ficers to go overseas with AQUATONE at which time they were promised jobs and careers with the Agency when they returned. Their tours of duty are now up and they will be re - turning shortly. Inasmuch as AQUATONE has not phased out as was anticipated they al- so have to be replaced. I told Shef that I saw no alternative but to replace them with contract employees and that we would have to absorb the twenty who were returning as soon as we could. If all of these people have to be absorbed by the Office of Security it will put them considerably over strength and they will not be able to recruit profession- als for severals years. 3. Jim Garrison re- orted that approximately twenty truckloads of equipment left 25X1 A2g over from Project had been delivered to the - Warehouse and that 25X1 A6a he would have to devote a considerable amount of overtime to renovating and repacking it. In addition, Project AQUATONE is turning in a great deal of surplus equipment which is going to cause the same kind of difficulty. 4. I reviewed with is committee's proposal for changing our quar- 25X1A9a ters allowances and signed the paper which will now be submitted to the DD/1 and DD/P for their concurrences or comments. 25X1A9a 5. and I saw Congressman Broyhill about the traffic problems in the Langley area and particularly about the letters on this subject which he has been re- ceiving from Sam Neel. The Congressman is not concerned about Sam Neel as an indi- vidual but is concerned about public relations in the area. I think we satisfied him that we were very much aware of the problem and doing our best to cope with it. 25X1A9a 6. Public Buildings Service, telephoned to say that they were somewhat concerned about the desires of our Security people to enforce extreme secur- Approved For Release 2000/09/08 : CiA-RDP76-00183R000300010176-8 Approved For Release 2000/09/0 tDP76-001t%R000300010176-8 25X1A9a ity measures on the contractor for our new building. He said that they had had simi- lar problems with the State Department building, as had the Atomic Energy Commis - sion with their building, and believed that they had accomplished their objective with- out resorting to extreme measures which he felt would cause us a lot of trouble with the contractor and probably run up the price considerably. He also emphasized, however, that they would administer the contract in any way we wished. I told him that I shared his feelings but would like to talk the matter out with our Security people before making any final decision. 7 elephoned to say that he thought we ought to do some- thing about maintaining the trees and shrubbery at 25X1 A6a i t take as h which were in a serious state of deterioration. He estimated that it m g much as $5, 000 to do the necessary. I told him to go ahead as long as there were adequate funds in the Center's budget. 25X1A9a 8. Gordon Stewart reported that John Tiet jen, - 25X1 A9a DD/S Area were elected to the G ar . This leaves corn h 25X1A9a e from t pletely off the Board and causes me some concern as to who is going to lead this group in the forthcoming year. I want to pursue this with Gordon. 9. Ed Saunders advised me that he thou ht we would have to get clearance from 25X1 A6a the Bureau of the Budget before constructing I told him that I would suggest sending a cable to the field asking that this be cleared with Bob 25X1A9a 10. Ed also reported that had signed off on a paper which combined eight projects in the 10 Division, ranging from $30, 000 to $570, 000, into one. He did not believe that the DD/P Area had authority to do this and said that he was holding up this action. He also commented that they had taken similar action concerning one FI project and one PM project. I told him that offhand it sounded to me as though he were correct. Macy on the spot. 25X1A2g 11. Tim Garrison advised me of the proposal to transfer to the Real Estate & 25X1A2g Construction Division. I told him that I was not satisfied that this was a wise move and asked him to look into it further. Approved For Release 2000/09/08 : CI -RDP76-00183R000300010176-8