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November 17, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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January 27, 1958
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Approved For -Release 2000gpW 'CIA-RDP7640183R000300010179-5 DIARY NOTES DDS 27 January 1958 25X1A 25X1A9a 1. telephoned to say that had been invited to accompany one of his contacts on a trip to Latin America and that the contact would bear all of the Agent's transportation expenses. He wanted to know if I saw anything wrong in letting him go and paying his per diem while he was there . I told him that I didn't and that he could accomplish this by issuing a travel order to this effect. 2. telephoned to say that the Director had signed off on our request- ing $2.2 mi ion from the R f 25X1A6a 25X1A9a 25X1A2g eserve or Project but had stipulated that he wanted to review the hardware situation before we spent any of the $1.2 million released for that purpose. 3. I asked Gordon Stewart to talk to about the morale situation among the military personnel in the PP ff. He told me that he thought the morale among the military people in shop was not good and that he proposed to talk to Dick about ii. 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 25X1A9a 4. Mr. Dulles received a call from And- Good aster at the White House concern- ing one of our employees by the name of . It seems as thnii h Goodpaster had hAan o,4.,i__A Lam. - -''- 25X1A9a nat we were forcing to go to- against his wi l . Investigation indicated that = had 25X1A9a been disappointed for some time because he had not been promoted to grade GS-14. He is in the Office of the Co t ll 25X1A6a 25X1A9a mp ro er as is whose wife is a sister of Mrs. has been romot d t 25X1A9a p e o grade GS -14 and apparently there is considerable jealous bet h 25X1A9a y ween t e two sisters. Recently Ed Saunders selected= to o to- g Accordin - t 25X1A6a g o own statement he had decided to accept this assignment and when he told his wife ab i h 25X1A9a out t s e became extremely irritated and called ex-Governor- without his knowled e G 25X1A9a g . overnor then apparently called Andy Goodpaster, or someone at the Whi 25X1A9a te House, who ca ed Mr. Dulles. Mr. Dulles relayed the problem to me thro h 25X1A9a ug . I talked to both Ed Saunders and about it and with Mr Dulles' i i 25X1A9a . perm ss on telephoned Andy Goodpaster and explained e situation to him. He was ver appreciative and said that the whole thing had been put to him on the basis of th 25X1A6a essignment and since we were no longer pressing this matter they had no further interest in it. 25X1A9a Approved For Release ir, p08 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000300010179-5 Approved For Release 2000/ IA-RDP76-0183R000300010179-5 25X1A5a1 5. I talked to a u somewhere e.LSUV to 25X1 A5a 1 or and about the idea of getting a panel of scientists at c operate consider our total research and development problems rather than have them project. seemed to think that this was a very good idea wouldsolated profollow through when he took over responsibility for all re - in indicated on that one isolated and a vacuum search and development. 6. Dick discussed two problems with me in connection with Pr ojectiAQUAT ONE. possible criticism f these contracts said that they were getting rned ready 25X1 A9a to settle some of their that h he is seriously cone anal Jim Garrison in that . He also sug- wanted to start having regular meetings betwee order to insure that Jim was fullYed settledgeable of what they were doing. lements and submit his comments on them be- total ed the ge sted that Jim review the propos ved fore they were presented to the contractors. Dick was other problem obviously cou.cern d about the He prore- AQUATONE procurement program. Again, procu possibility of being criticized for the way~~~ made a umber of mistakestheir e ment; he was quite frank to say that they posed that a board be set up, composed of Kirk sAr.r F rr e'aa~~ Larry o~ ~~d me as members, in addition to one member from the , and whate make ver re review the whole procurement program, oarn I told him?that in both of these prob- ports and recommendations seemed appropriate. prin- I was certainly interested in protecting the but would like to think the matter ciple I could see nothing wrong with his proposals over further as to just how they should be accomplished. position at this late date and of cerned about putting Jim Garrison in s a record to protect Dick being pulled in on it myself merely for the sake of building up against possible criticism.) 25X1A9a I had lunch with who posed the usual question, 7. At his request, "How am I doing?" I told him that I had been concerned about his performance recen y25X1A9a had served With himon. I advised 25X1 A6a and that there were three s ecific matters which had him that not too long ago a W credit, con had made some rather serious charges a He ass einvolving I ns eed have no c cuct at oncern the Officers' Club, excessive drinking, etc. case I was not 25X1 A6a that 25X1 A9a about allegations. I told him ha a but of ka in an whether the matter had been turned over to the Inspector G I in- formed to have things brought up at this late date about his conduct ga- formed him that the second matter involved this hat the rut oin the r was han uite gram ant that he 25X1 A9a manta of Support people to the field. I said i" He 25X1 A6a was trying to rig assignments so that he would succeed doing anything commented that he would like this job bunk it was Division policy to send to their field proper. He then proceeded to tell me th P76-00183R000300010179-5 Approved For Release 2000/09/08 :CIA 7 7,i 7 Approved For Brelease 200Pf: CIA-RDP76-*e183R000300010179-5 stations Support people who had served in the Division here at headquarters. I re - minded him that the Division had no authority to make such policy and, furthermore, that he was responsible to insure that the Support Career Services were looked out for as well as the interests of the Division. I also told him that it was generally un- derstood that he was the individual who was pushing this policy rather than the Divi- sion itself. The third matter, I said, concerned his drinking habits. I informed him that I had been told recently that he was doing entirely too much drinking at lunchtime, taking too much time off for lunch, and sometimes not showing up at the office in the afternoon without the formality of taking annual leave. He seemed quite surprised at this but was in a pretty weak position inasmuch as he had had two stiff drinks in my presence. (I have seen him on a number of occasions recently at the Army/Navy Club however ld hi l , m, so to with a bottle on the table, many times when he was alone.} I a that I had talked to and that had talked to about his performance and they had no complaints; in fact they thought that e was o- ing an entirely satisfactory job. I added that his latest Fitness Report would likewise reflect a good performance. 8. Gates and I had a long session with Gordon Stewart to discuss possible can- didates for the position of Deputy Director of Personnel. We asked Gordon to think about this seriously and to get together with us again in a couple of weeks to try to come to some definite conclusion. Approved For Release 2000/0 p t rc A-RDP76-001838000300010179-5