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November 17, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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January 15, 1958
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Approved For Rel ase 2000/09/ RDP76-001J3R000300010204-6 DIARY NQTES 25X1A DDS 15 January 1958 25X1A9a 1 ? buzzed to say that the Director had decided not to take up with Bob Macy at this time any of the pending projects except which he is .now sched- 25X1 A2g uled to do at 3:45 p.m. on Thursday. 2. Larry Houston, Gates, and I discussed Larry's paper on the subject of "prof- its from proprietary organizations ." Larry explained that the Comptroller had original - ly felt that any receipts, whether they were profit or not, should be turned into miscella- neous receipts but that further discussion had satisfied him that this was not necessary. He believed that we should be alert to the fact that we might have to give an accounting to the Congress sometime and that we should be in a position to do so if called upon. Gates and I agreed that we would discuss this matter with and some aran _ ment whereby each project would be called up for an annual review; thus, eventually we 25X1 A9a would get ourselves Into a position where we could give an accounting to the Congress, or anyone else having the need to know, if we were asked to do so. 25X1A9a 3. advised me that his people had had som cussions with the Fl Staff on a ditional training for indigenous personnel at told that a paper was en route to me th oueh and that he had been 25X1 A2g the Office of Training recommending that 25X1 A29 we set up a site within a site at for this purpose. 4. Bob also reported that had talked to him since his return from the 5X1 A9a field about our Area Training Program. Dick felt that one of our greatest weaknesses was the inability of our people to communicate with indigenous people at the various sta- tions and that we should reorient our Area Training Program so as to emphasize the psy- chology (rather than the geography, climate, etc.) of the indigenous people and any other aspects which would facilitate communication. 25X1 A 5. Lunched with Gates, Larry Houston, Jim Garriiso Messrs. Smith, Lynch, Crai hilt and g , Jr., and Jorgenson of the McLean Citizens Associa- tion Roads Committee. We acquainted them with the right-of -wa problem Highway 123 and the Misses Scattergood and Thorne problem. We told them that inas- much as this matter was now in the courts we did not feel that we could inject ourselves into it but we dropped a good strong hint that we hoped public opinion in the area could be brought to bear on the situation so as to persuade these ladies that they should make this sacrifice (whatever it is) in the interest of the community. We then discussed the ter Approved For Release 2000169/0: CIA-RDP76-001838000300010204-6 Approved For R lease 200050- IA-RDP76- 183R00030001 0204-6 traffic problem during the construction period and it was clear that they felt very strongly indeed that we should make every possible effort to keep our trucks off of High- way 123. Mr. Smith in particular made suggestions as to how this might be done and that asked they are certainly Worthy of further exploration. they Our meeting . was also friendly and them to get in touch with us at any time th y had further get together in another two or three weeks in any case in order to review the situation again. As a result of this meeting I am convinced that we should do some more infor- mal exploration with GSA, and possibly with the prospective contractors to see from what points they will probably haul their material. We should also meet at an early date with the State Highway people in Richmond to emphasize our problem and the necessity for some prompt action so as to have the necessary roads ready when our construction starts. 6. Met with to discuss the establishment of the SSA- +41 enc A y g as the focal point to coordinate with t . e Cover Division, as well as oer components, in our dealings involving men, money, and materiel. Both Ken and Harry are in agreement with my ideas and seem enthusiastic It was agreed that they would work out more detailed proce- h em. about implementing t dures, and Ken is committed to report to me within the next week or two as to how things are going. 7. I talked to about Matt 's Christmas card. He said that it was true that Matt had asked the artists to give him suggestions and that he had given a prize of $10.00 out of his own pocket to the one who designed the card he chose. Furthermore, he assured me that the card was not made at Agency expense but, rather, at Matt's ex- pense, that it was his personal card, not an Office of Training card, and that the entire cost came out of his own pocket. 25X1A9a 25X1A12a 25X1A9a Approved For Release 2000/09/ k rA=RDP76-00183R000300010204-6