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December 9, 2016
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September 11, 2000
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July 17, 1961
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Approved For Release 2001/03/3U-PC'rA-RDP76-0043R000300100080-4 25X1 A DD/S 17 July 1961 1. Ed Saunders received a telephone call from Sam Crosby, staff member of the House Committee on Appropriations, who said the Committee had received reports that "the U-2 flights over Cuba last week revealed missile bases under construction. " Mr. Crosby requested that he be briefed on this subject. I took this up at the Deputies' Meeting this morning and Mr. Bissell undertook to designate someone to brief Mr. Crosby on what we knew about this subject; it was also agreed that we should tell Bob Smart of the House Committee on Armed Services the same thing that we tell Sam Crosby. Mr. Kirkpatrick agreed to assume responsibility for following through on this and I advised Ed Saunders accordingly. However, through some misunderstanding Crosby was not briefed today, the seventeenth of July, and I have asked Kirk to take it up with Dick again. Presumably it will be done in the course of the day on the eighteenth of July. 2. At the Deputies' Meeting this morning: a. I tried again. without success to get approval for the exposed badge system in the new building. No one had any good reason for not wanting this system; it is the administrative inconvenience which does not appeal to very many people. It was agreed that we should circulate a paper on this subject to the Deputy Directors for their comment. Therefore, I have returned the original Office of Security paper to suggesting that he beef up his arguments and at the same time personally hand carry the paper to Bob Amory and Dick Bissell to see whether he can get their concurrences. b. I queried the Director and Dick Bissell as to whether they had re- ceived any further indication from Elmer Staats about the release of funds nd August to support certain continuing costs growing out of Mr. Bissell indicated that the release of these funds had not yet been approved by Mr. Staats. c. Bob Amory expressed some concern about the recent publicity in the WALL STREET JOURNAL and THE NEW YORK TIMES concerning our Project WALNUT. While it was agreed generally that IBM had gone too far in these articles, it was also agreed that this was a plus for the Agency. 25X1A9a 25X1A2d2 3. Matt Baird telephoned me this morning to say that as a result of his investi- gation of the pranksters among the JOT's he was going to recommend that ten of these JOT's be declared unsuitable for the Clandestine Services. I told him that, of course, Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000300100080-4 SECRET SECRET Approved For Ruse 2001/03/30 :CIA-RDP76-0gjj3R000300100080-4 this meant that they were also unsuitable for the Agency and that in view of the graveness of any such decision he should defer action until he had given me a full report and I had a chance to consider it. At the Deputies' Meeting this morning, as a result of a telephone 25X1 A9acall which had received from Matt along the same line, Dick was very out- spoken to the Director and to everyone else to the effect that no such action was justified insofar as he knew. He did this particularly because Matt had said that Dick's attitude was at least, in part, responsible for his recommendation. I talked to Matt again after the meeting and told him about Dick'.s comments and asked that I be given a full report as promptly as possible and that no further decisions be made until I had acted on the report. 25X1A 4. was in to present me with the slate of officers which he is pro- posing for a ection to the various boards at the meeting tomorrow in New York. There is really no change from the existing setup. We also discussed two other items: 25X1A9a a. A recent cable from concerning helicopters. George 25X1A9a is very firm in his feeling that-is completely off base. He feels that twin-engine aircraft should be used for all hazardous missions whenever they are available and that they should not be overloaded except in emergencies. This would appear to be an eminently sound position and I want to follow up on this with Stan Beerli. b. George's relationship with DPD. George said that he has been having 25X1A9a a meeting with DPD (usually Stan Beerli ) every Wednes- day afternoon. However, they continue to boycott the executive committee meeting and George volunteered that he thought it might be wise to discontinue the executive committee meetings on a regular basis and have them on call when there was business to be discussed. I told him that this made sense to me and that unless Larry Houston or Gates Lloyd disagreed I would suggest 25X1 A9a that we go ahead. 25X1A9a 5. , a Management Analyst, was in to tell me that he had been over a objection to this but that I thought the solution to his long range problem might not be best served by his going to the IG's Staff even if they should want him. -wants to continue 25X1 A9a in the management analysis field; however, he stated he agreed with me wholeheartedly that a Management Analyst in CIA who had not had actual experience elsewhere in the Agency was fighting an up-hill battle. I think he is fairly well convinced that he should look outside of CIA for his future. 25X1A9a 6. reported for duty and I had a brief chat with him about his new job as Special Planning Assistant to the DD/S. 25X1A9a d 25X1A9a iscussed with me a request which (who is going Effas Chief of Station) had made to him to the effect that he be permitted to take a him on the ship. Inasmuch as the principal reason for disapproving of this request would be that s i ~nent o 25X1 A6a Approved For I 'lease_q_ SECRET Approved For Release 2001/03/1O.'C1A-RDP76-0018 000300100080-4 volved, I approved. However, I cautioned Vernon to word the travel order in such a way that this would not be a precedent for other people to follow at will. Vernon also said 25X1A6a that _ was quite unhappy about and critical of the handling of his departure by the 25X1 A6a Africa Division. I asked him to call and have a frank talk with him about this general subject. Approved For Release 2001/03/30 : Cl -RDP76-00183R000300100080-4 SECRET