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December 9, 2016
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September 11, 2000
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June 12, 1961
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Approved For ReItese 2001/03/30 RDP76-001838000300100151-5 25X1A DIARY NOTES DD/S 12 June 19 61 of the Project Review Committee. hart hPA? *?yYVl`~u ~riat who is Secretary 25X1 A9a 1. I departed at 0700 hours for 25X1 A6a F where I addressed the students at Dr. ~`s Management Course for a 25X1A9a session of the course and had lunch with Dr. a_ hour. I stayed through the morning 2. I was very well impressed at the way in which the course got started. I believe twenty-five of the thirty people present participated in the first case and their discussion was lively indeed. It would appear that we have a good both from the standpoint of their experience and their intellectual abgroup il ty.? Dr. udents 25X1 A9a seemed exceptionally well-pleased with the wa thins got started. It will, of co, 25X1 A9abe different from the _ Course since 25X1 A 9 different d his different. However, at this point I am optimistic that it will be anucces approach is 25X1A6a 25X1A9a 3. I returned from at about 1400 hours. While at 25X1 A6a talked with gnu er my return, to Matt Baird about an swimming pool as a part of our construction program next year. As I understand this has been stricken from the plan because they did not feel that we could finance it out of the funds available. I suggested that if this swimming pool were really needed we should go ahead and include it in the plans and build it later on so that we do not have to get new A&E plans. 4. During my discussion with U tt r,o ,.o,.,.M- generally critical and hostile toward the construction pro lu wniie on hts tour he was 25X1 A him. Matt said that he has furnished gram which was explained to a paper on this, and if necessary, 25X1A9a I plan to speak to Bill about this, since in his capacity as Recording Secretary of the Project Review Committee, he is a little off base in taking this attitude. 5. I have arranged with Shef Edwards to have a briefing at the new building at 1400 hours on Thursday so that I may be up-to-date on his plans for physical security at the new building. 6. reported that they have been in touch with the National Security 25X1 A9a Council and Dr. Kissinger on several occasions and that they are fully prepared to support Dr. Kissinger and the National Security Council in whatever way is necessary. I told Joe that this is fine and that I would assume that this matter was in hand unless I heard something to the contrary. 25X1A9a mechanism to a class. Rill ,-,.r,,,~* ;~+_v recently to describe the PRC 25X1A6a DD/S:LKW:mam Approved For Release 20 O #?l : CIA-RDP76-00183R000300100151-5 W