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December 19, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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February 13, 1962
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Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000400010067-8 ! Tfl!O #-VD/t 3. Apt': Briefing 4'.a. Schrie 1,00 . rr ,. - Iheon with Gen. ',3< 3:30 P.=. 1: p.. p q 2;30 P.m. - - ? IN34 ,F'~ ? 4 GkVx'L #9 : 30 i .r . - WeSking G .rx-n activities a day r SBUSUM DIFO (cam =G--1 ) w 30 P.M. . IISD DIM'! 9:15 a.m. - Lt. 1. 4Y, 13FF20" 1962 Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000400010067-8 Approved For Release 2006/01/03 CIA-RDP76-00183R00Q400010067-8 DD/S 1. At the Deputies' Meeting this morning: 13 February 1962 b. Bob Amory appealed the earlier decision to leave the Map Library out of the building. No decision was made. However, Mr. McCone agreed to look at the space and to make a decision on Thurs- day, 15 February. c. The Director again spoke about his feeling that we probably had too many personnel at headquarters. He was apparently much impressed with Mr. Mahon's statement at the Budget Hearing on Sat- 25X1A9A urday, 10 February, and again emphasized that he intended to bear down on this with the hope that substantial reductions could be made. 2. I told that I had heard over the weekend from a friend that had been engaged to make alterations in the Credit Union. He knew nothing about it. I told him to get in touch with the Office of Personnel, and if dealings were being carried on wit they should be stopped immediately. telephoned about a number of things: a. He said that the Director wanted to get new chairs for his dining room. I told him that we would be glad to do this if someone would tell us just what he wanted. (Apparently, lis handling this.) b. He also said that Mr. McCone was not satisfied with his desk chair and wanted to get a straight "no swivel" chair. Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000400010067-8 Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CIA RDP76-00183R000400010067-8 c. Apparently, consideration is being given to the possibility of elevating the Comptroller to report to the Deputy Director of Central In- telligence and combining the Audit Staff with the Inspector General. No mention was made of the General Counsel, although I intend to recommend that he report to the Deputy Director. 10. Shef reported an incident to me wherein there was some drinking on the I over the weekend and apparently some 25X1A9A comment had been made about it. I told Shef to get in touch wit the senior Security man there, and tell him that this was poor judgment when on this kind of duty and that one should not take a drink or do anything else which might cause criti- cism; also, that he should so conduct himself in the future. NOTE: Extract of Item No. 7 was made for the General Counsel and the Director of Security on 15 February. (DD/S 62-0671) Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CA-RDP76-00183R000400010067-8 Approved For Rele'ase 2006/01/03: (I r P76-00183ROQZ00010067-8 c. Mr. McCone was irritated again this morning by our tele- phone service when he placed a call to General Norstad in Paris. (I have talked wit the Chief Operator, about this.) d. The Director also had asked Jack to have me consider the possibility of placing the Map Library in the auditorium. Apparently, he does not think that we have much need for an auditorium. This is not feasible, and I will explain why it is not feasible to the Director. 25X1A9A 25X1A5A2 25X1A 25X1A9A 4. I have had several conversations with I about the layout of the Director's space on the seventh floor and have emphasized to him the necessity of furnishing this information at the earliest possible date so that we can have telephones and other equipment properly installed for the move at the end of the month. 25X1A9A 5. I met with Shef Edwards to discuss the activities of the Auto- matic Data Processing Staff in the office of Security. It was agreed that we should pro- ceed with this study; however, Joe was made responsible for proceeding in such a way as to be entirely consistent with the over-all DD/S effort which is being undertaken. 6. With regard to our memorandum which has gone forward to the Director rec- ommending the dissolution of the telephoned Mr. Dulles. He felt that the Directors had carried on these duties as a favor to him and that we should relieve them of their responsibilities. While he would not advocate the dissolution I he had no objection and, in fact, concurred in the action proposed. 1A 7. Stan Grogan telephoned to say that the Director had reversed his earlier de- cision concerning I who wanted to run :for City Councilman in Garrett Park, Maryland. Stan is sending me a copy of the paper that indicates this decision. 8. Larry Houston called about clerical help for the Gary Powers Board of Inquiry. All proceedings are being taped, and it is anticipated that they will need about six good stenographers to keep up with the tapes. I asked him to get in touch with Emmett Echols on this. I also approved of their using the first floor at East Building for this Board. 9. At the Deputies' Meeting this morning the Director asked that the three Deputies get together with the Reorganization Committee and consider carefully the recommendations that it is about to make with regard to reorganization. He summar- ized the Committee's current thinking as follows: Approved. F& life*adw2 LU6tO u]C l A RMlDDL1 @OfM$O$DO67b8and Development. Approved For Re[Wse 2006/01/03: CIA-RDP76-00183R00Q400010067-8 Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CL -RDP76-00183R000400010067-8