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November 17, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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January 17, 1962
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25X1A Approved For Release 2000/09/08 :CIA-RDP76-001838000400010105-5 Approved For Release 2000/09/08 :CIA-RDP76-001838000400010105-5 Approved For Release 20QA/09/08 : Cf~-RDP76-001838000400010105-5 DIARY NOTES DD/ ~ 17 January 1962 1. advised me that General Gabell had talked with him about the proposal to iscontinue our language cash incentive awards program. General Cabell has some reservations about this and Bill understood that he would put it on the Depu- ties' Agenda for general discussion. 25X1A6a 2. I talked to Bill about OTR's plan to enter JOT's on duty at He assured me that no action had been taken on this or would any be taken unti it a been fully staffed out and had my approval. He said that the problem stemmed from the re- luctance on the part of DD/P people to have JOT's entered on duty at the new building. 4. was in to report on a couple of things in connection with the headquarters building: a. While the contractor guaranteed nothing, H. S. said that the paneling for the Director's offices would be on the site on the twenty-ninth and thought that it was reasonable to expect that the offices would be completed and that the Director could move into them on or about 1 March. b. As a result of an inspection yesterday by representatives from the Public Buildings Service, H. S. believed that the fan rooms were not going to be cow~ eted in time for us to start moving on 5 February. The contrac- tor was~~~agreement with this and declined to attend the meeting here yes- terday with PBS, H. S. , and representatives from Harrison and Abramowitz. H. S. said that there was no question but that PBS concurred in his views. (If this is the case I should like to be advised in writing by the Commissioner of Public Buildings and have asked H. S. to have this done without delay. ) 5. was in to give me a brief fill-in on the Director's meeting yes - terday with Congressman Vinson and also with Congressman Cannon. Mr. Vinson is going to resume chairmanship of the Armed Services Subcommittee and has scheduled a briefing for Mr. McCone on the twenty-second of January. John also said that Mr. Cannon was quite friendly. He had expressed some interest in the size of the Agency in Washington and asked the Director whether all our headquarters people were going Approved For Release 2000/09/08 :CIA-RDP76-001838000400010105-5 ~,; Approved For Release 200..0/09/08 :CIA-RDP76-''0~183R00040001Q,~05-5 to get into the new building. The Director told him that most of them would get in but that there would be one or two units left out. (This might be very misleading inasmuch as we are going to have some 2, 000 to 2, 500 people who will not be accommodated in the new building. ) Approved For Release 2000/09/08 :CIA-RDP76-001838000400010105-5