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November 17, 2016
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August 16, 2000
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January 16, 1962
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25X1A Approved For Release 2000/09/08 :CIA-RDP76-001838000400010107-3 Approved For Release 2000/09/08 :CIA-RDP76-001838000400010107-3 Approved For Release 2000/09/08 :CIA-RDP76=Q~0183R000400010107-3 16 January 19b2 1. I talked to Sam Papich of the FBI about the case of He said 25X1A9a that the FBI thoroughly understood our position, had no complaints, and as far as they were concerned the case was closed. 2. I talked to Ed Saunders about the development of more specific recommen- dations concerning the financial management of the Agency, the Project Review Com - mittee, etc. , and emphasized that we must come up with specific recommendations which we think are in order or else expect someone else to come up with something which we would not like. 3. dropped in to talk with me about the situation at _ He said that Mr . Kirkpatrick; had asked to look into this matter and that Gordon had written a rather full and formal report to the Deputy Director (Plans) which was transmitted from Mr. Bissell'to the Inspector General. Gordon's report, appar- ently, placed full blame on and suggested that he be removed. Mr. Bissell's transmittal memorandum complained to the Inspector General about asking a Division to do the IG's work. Dave has asked the Deputy Director (Plans) to send a copy of the report to me and felt that the Inspector General's hands were tied unless the Deputy Director (Support) requested the IG to make a further investigation. 4. George Carey telephoned to say that they had bought a silver cigar box to give to General Cabell at a cost of $150 and requested that the DD/S Area provide $50 of this amount. I told him that while I thought people would not be too happy about this in view of the excessive cost of this party, nevertheless, I felt sure that they would contribute . n 5. Emmett Echols; reported that in considering the separation compensation for OTR surplus personnel the Panel had felt that we should extend -because 25X1A9a he was within eighteen months of being eligible for a discontinued service annuity. We discussed various ways in which this could be done but concluded that we should take our basic twelve months' policy back to the Career Council. I would prefer to have a two-year policy rather than having to make exceptions of this kind to a twelve months' policy. I think that it is important for the Agency to adopt a firm policy and make no exceptions to it. 6, advised :me that Mrs. -and Messrs. - the old Management Staff have appealed their separations to the Director. Approved For Release 2000/09/08 :CIA-RDP76-004838000400010107-3 Approved For Release 200A/09/08 :CIA-RDP76-001~83R000400010107-3 7. I spoke to Ed Saunders about the follow-up system on eturns . He seemed a little fuzzy as to just what the system was. I cited one particular case to him as an example and asked that he develop a system which would ensure that the command channel was notified and took appropriate action in cases where returns were not filed promptly. 8. I talked with the possibility of Lucile eing the DD/S representative on the Commu ity Task Force which is to study ways and means of standardizing the handling of intelligence infor-? mation. I t was agreed that she would be a ood ndidate for this job, provided 25X1A9a there was a close bond between her and (I think that there may be some merit in her reporting to Joe rather than direct to the DD/S. She will remain on DD/S rolls and will be our contribution to the Task Force effort. ) 25X1A9a 9. Ed Saunders has requested that - be returned to the Office of the Comptroller to become Chief of the Finance Division. I told him that I would talk to 25X1A9a b a out this but that I was not sure we could release him at this particular Approved For Release 2000/09/08 :CIA-F~PP76-001838000400010107-3