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December 19, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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June 4, 1962
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SECRET DD/S DIARY NOTES 25X1A9A 25X1A9A 25X1A9A 4 June 1962 I advised me that he had consulted with General Carter about an that General Carter said he should be treated like anyone else. I have passed this along to John Tietjen and have also advised Matt Baird that I regretted that did not qualify for employment. Approved For Rele se 2006/01/03 : CIA-RDP76-00183R00 00020074-9 25X1A9A 3. I talked to I about getting extra crews and making a special effort to clean up the headquarters building prior to the end of the fiscal year. He has discussed this with Public Buildings Service representatives, and there appear to be some prospects. 4. I lunched with Matt Baird and Dr. has worked 25X1A9A with us on a part-time basis for several years, but I had never met him. Matt felt that there is a good possibility of getting him to come with us on a full-time basis if we want him. I have discussed this at some length with Matt and have asked him to approach Dr. and ascertain precisely on what terms he would be willing to come with us on a full-time basis. 5. Shef Edwards reported that the White House Secret Service has asked for trip to Mexico. from our Doffice to accompany them on the presidential 25X1A6A 6. as in to chat with me briefly as he has transferred from OTR to the CA Staff, DD/P. He is delighted with his job, and I hope that this will make good use of his considerable military background. LKW:jas Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000400020074-9 SECRET SECRET Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CIA-RDP76-00183R0000020074-9 DIARY NOTES DD/S 5 June 1962 could decide about the other developments later. I passed this on to 5X1A9A with a request that he put real pressure on the Public Buildings Service to get this place cleaned up. (I also think, however, that I should develop some sketches for General Carter and outline for him in a paper the problems, probable cost, etc., involved in converting this court to a useable area.) that he didn't have any specific ideas, but he thought that someone else might have. I explained to him that we had to have an idea as to what we wanted to develop it into before we could start, and due to the limited accessibility I didn't think it was very practicable to develop it into a place for people to stroll, lunch, etc. He said that he thought the first thing to do was to make it look as good as possible and that we 1. General Carter telephoned about development of the interior court. He said 2. I met with Emmett Echols (H. Gates Lloyd and to discuss what substitute we should have for the Career Council, which was abolished at a recent Executive Committee Meeting. We decided to recommend to the Executive Committee that there be appointed a Personnel Advisory Board chaired by the Director of Personnel. Membership would include one ddssignee from ch Deputy Directorate and one designee eas from the officek of the Dir c ~~ omptr oe er, Inspector General, General Counsel, etc. I requested Emmett to develop paper along these lines which we could submit for the Executive Committee Meeting agenda for Monday, 18 June. 3. I advised Ithat I thought we were too negative in our comments about the anti-glare tinting of windows. While I am not sold on this project, I think that we at least ought to experiment with a window or two, and I have asked Alan to do this. (Meanwhile, we should, of course, respond to Mr. Kirkpatrick's memorandum.) 4. Messrs. who have been here in training with Security polygraph operators, were in to say good-by and to express their appreciation for the training and treatment which they have received here. LKW:jas Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000400020074-9 SECRET