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December 19, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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July 13, 1964
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Approved For Release 2006, EIIA-RDP76-00183R000500020033-3 DIARY NOTES 13 July 1964 1. At the Executive Committee Meeting this morning the Director re- quested that an investigation be made of the delay in the delivery of two cables he sent to Under Secretary of State Ball over the weekend. (I reported to the Director on this subject on 14 July and furnished Walt Elder and General Carter a detailed written analysis. The gist of it was that there were only about six to eight minutes' unaccounted-for delay in handling. There was a twenty-minute delay because of circuit troubles; another twenty minutes could have been saved had the message been sent FLASH instead of IMMEDIATE, and another one and one-half hours if the Director had addressed his message to the Secretary of State rather than to CIA for passing to the Secretary of State. He has now requested that a procedure be developed which will ensure the most expeditious handling for him and General Carter only. I askedl to do this.) 2. I talked with Tom Parrott and John Clarke about NSAM's No. 300 and 301. They arranged to send a copy of I report down for my 25X1A9A review. In this connection, John said that he felt the machinery to prepare an Agency position on this and similar papers was not very effective. I told him that I agreed and that I thought this was something he probably should take up with General Carter. 3. alled to say that in reviewing their pro rietary real estate report they discovered that they had no information on properties, most of which were in the EE Division. I told him to go after this informa- tion and to let me know if he has any trouble getting it. 4. I spoke to Howard Osborn about instituting an "exposed badge" cam- paign. As you walk through the corridors a good number of people do not have their badges exposed so that they can be identified. 25X1A9A 25X1 25X1A9A 25X1A9A 5. With my approvall sent a dispatch to saying that we need him at Headquarters an tat, since his wife is sick, wouldn't he like to come home and see that she is properly hospitalized, etc. 6. Howard Osborn reported that he thought we had a break in the today and agreed to meet with him tomor- LKW :jrf Approved For Release 2006/01ST CR RDP76-00183R000500020033-3 25X1A9A 25X1A9A