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December 19, 2016
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August 3, 2000
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September 30, 1964
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SECRET Approved For R Iease 2006/01/03 : CIA-RDP76-00183R 500030048-6 DIARY NOTES DD/S30 September 1964 1. At the Executive Committee Meeting this morning: a. The Director expressed his concern about in-bound, rush-hour traffic on the George Washington Parkway. He thought that sometime we might have to deliver something to the White House or the Department of State in a hurry and that we would be completely bottled up in a traffic jam. He asked me to take a look at this situation to determine what plans are in being for the future and what, if any, special arrangements could be made to get us to town quickly if necessary. b. General Carter announced that Mr. Olsher had called to set up a meeting with Congressman Patman at 1600 hours tomorrow. c. The Director has been appointed a member of the committee to study the recommendations of the Warren Commission. It was decided that each member of the committee could have one staff man who would attend all meetings and spend full time working on the project. The Di- rector asked Dick Helms and Larry Houston to suggest some man who could spend full time on this project until about the first of the year. The Director emphasized that his committee membership was a personal assignment and has nothing to do with his official position as the Direc- 25X1A9A tor of Central Intelligence. 25X1A6A 25X1A9A 25X1A8B 2. I met wit Alan Warfield, and others to discuss Project felt very strongly that it would be operationally vantageous to build our radio relay station Assuming that this is true, which I do, it certainly would be administratively advantageous, and I asked him to redraft his memorandum to make a strong pitch in this direction. 25X1A9A 52511SU 25X1A6A 25X1A9A 3. Alan W Id wishes to send fro replace at 25X1A9A the I al I agreed with this, but it will involve a replacement for 25X1A9A in the (I asked to look into this.) 4. Alan Warfield and are convinced that the Transporta- tion Division should be made a staff function. I told Alan to discuss this with Although I have no strong feeling either way, I do feel strongly Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500030048-6 SECRET SECRET Approved For, Iease 2006/01/03: CIA-RDP76-0018J00500030048-6 that we must not oversimplify the requirement for expertise in the transpor- tation area. This is a fairly complicated field in which colleges and univer- sities are now offering majors, and the Army has established an entire Trans- portation Corps. (I don't care how they organize this function, but I want to make sure that they don't kid themselves into thinking that they don't need real expertise in this field.) a. Emmett reported that General Carter approved our retirement regulations; however, he does not want Emmett to go to the Bureau of the Budget or anyone else until Mr. McCone has been briefed- -if he wants to be briefed. General Carter laid this requirement on Emmett. Emmett was concerned about the activation of a Retirement Board to implement these regulations. We must give some prompt consideration to this. Emmett suggested the possibility ofl as staff members of the Board. A good chairman and the membership itself will be very important. b. Emmett talked to me about taking a trip to the Far East and taking his wife with him, at his expense of course. I said that I had no objection to this in principle but that I did not see how he could possibly plan on a trip until sometime after the first of the year at the earliest. c. Emmett invited me to the Blood Donor ceremony on 13 October at which Mr. Kirkpatrick will preside. I said that I would try to attend. 6. Emmett Echols talked to me about the case of (I want to pull out my file on this and re-examine the situation. As I recall, I com- mitted myself to keep in the payroll until he was age 60, not 62, and I think that I should facet is situation and ensure that his service is discon- tinued as soon as he reaches age 60.) 7. Larry Houston and I discussed some of the problems in the Far East concerning competition and alleged competition with Air America. He left with me a proposed cable to substitute for the one whic ave me yesterday. At the moment I am waiting for still another version from George. LKW : jrf Approved For Release 2006/01/03 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500030048-6 SECRET