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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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January 29, 1965
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SECRET Approved For Release 2Q,00/08/27 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500Q 049-3 DIARY NOTES DD/S 29 January 1965 25X1A9a 1. called to say that his people who are now in Alcott Hall would need a little more space and at least one special-purpose room when they move to the Rosslyn area. I asked him to relay this re- quirement to the Office of Logistics without delay. (In this connection, the Office of Logistics should ask all components located in the temporary build- ings whether they will need any extra space when they move. If our over-all planning figure is not big enough, it should be resolved now rather than later.) 2. Joe Becker and I discussed the following items: a. I talked with Joe about the proposed survey of machine operations in the Credit Union. He said that he had not heard about this and that, if the job really required only one man for one week, he thought that the Office of Computer Services might be able to do it rather than to con - tract with an outside firm. I gathered that he might also have some reservations about the firm which conducted the survey of OCS. He said that he would first like to explore the possibility of OCS's conduct- ing the survey and that, if they could not do it, he would then give me his opinion of the outside firm. (He will be back in touch with me in the not-too-distant future.) b. I also had a long talk with Joe about DD/S computer problems; s ecificall the roles which the Office of Computer Services and the should play in developing a system for DD/S. I was very candid and frank with Joe. I said that the had been formed because OCS had not done the job which I thought they should have done at least two or three years a o and that I felt it essential to get on with this job. Now that the has been formed and is working, I under- stand that there is a virtual impasse since OCS and the Group cannot agree on who is responsible for what. Specifically, it is my understanding that OCS feels that it is their responsibility to decide in large part what we need and whether it is worthwhile and have said that there is no point in proceeding with our system unless we are going to centralize personnel, medical, and security records. I told Joe that, as far as I was concerned, it was a DD/S responsibility to decide what we need and to explain why we need it. It is also our responsibility to establish certain ground rules or restrictions because of policy, security, etc . , within which or around which the system must be developed. It is then up to OCS to determine Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500050049-3 SECRET SECRET Approved For Release 200QA08/27 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500050,Qp9-3 how to meet our requirements. However, we should both recognize that, if we draw such a clear line of distinction without partial, if not complete, cooperation on both sides throughout the entire process, we shall not get very far. Therefore, it is necessary that we accept the principles of who has the primary responsibility for the "what, " "why, and "how" and that we work together during the total process. Joe had no disagreement with these principles. I went on to say that I under- stood OCS Dronosed to insert one of their neople as a supervisor between I said that I thought this would not work. While I feel it is essential for somebody from OCS to spend virtually full-time working with these people, he cannot take over the DD/S responsibility for developing the "what, " the "why, " and the ground rules, and I think that to insert him in any sort of supervisory capacity would be a great mistake. I found that, in conversation at least, Joe and I had no disagreements about these principles. Joe under- took to talk with his people, and I undertook to talk with the- 25X1A9a Group in the hope that we can get this problem off the dime and move forward with the program. 3. was in to discuss a number of matters with me. a. Jack said that, by moving the Office of ELINT's quick-reaction laboratory out of the Headquarters building to a commercial contractor's location in they can solve their space problem for the time being a east. Jac e w send me a memorandum to this effect. The memorandum will also state that we might give some thought to the possibility of moving the Office of Research and Development out of the Headquarters building later this year. b. Apparently Bud Wheelon is not happy with some of his furniture and decorations, and Jack wanted to know who was really responsible for this. I told him that the responsibility for selection of the contem- porary furniture, color scheme, etc., was entirely in the hands of the Fine Arts Commission and that the Office of Logistics merely purchases what they specify. c. Jack appealed to me to reconsider a "Bellboy" for and, I think, gave adequate justification based on Don's position as Chairman of JAEIC. I told Jack that I would honor this request with his assurance that the Office of Special Activities' request for two "Bellboys" would not be re-presented. He will therefore send me a memorandum on this, and I will approve it. Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500050049-3 AS E GET Approved For Release 20Q4408/27 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500050, 9-3 4. I talked to Dr. Tietjen about the status of his briefing on our psycho- logical testing program. He, the Chief of the Assessment and Evaluation Staff, and the Chief of the Psychiatric Staff have given considerable thought to the problem and feel that they are prepared to defend our program at any time. However, I told Dr. Tietjen that I wanted a positive briefing prepared along the lines of the polygraph briefing which he will attend on Monday, 1 February. (I want to follow up on this in a couple of weeks to see where it stands.) 5. Emmett Echols telephoned to say that I would recall that, when Bob GJ/~ I /1JQ - briefed me, he did not have a de ut . Emmett said that they have scoured the files and feel that is the best available person at 25X1A9a this time. I told Emmett that I was not very enthusiastic about this since Bob's deputy would normally command a grade GS-15 position and that I thought we had stretched a point when we promoted Tom to grade GS- 14. 25X1 A9a Emmett said that Bob wants Tom, who is a good friend of and that he thinks they would get along well together. He also said that Tom's real objective is to go overseas. I told Emmett that his chances of going overseas to represent me in a Support capacity were not very bright. I 25X1A9a asked for a few days to think about this. (I would like and 25X1A9a to ripple the roster to see whether we have someone else who cou. represent us better. I really think that Tom is the type of man who does not make us look too good in the Clandestine Services or anywhere else.) 6. I talked with again about his personal aspirations and told him that Matt Baird felt rather strongly that, since his successor, John is a non-Office of Training careerist, the Deputy Director of Training s ould be an OTR careerist. While Matt thinks very highly of Jack, he thinks that it would be wrong to have him come in as the Deputy Director over the heads of the other OTR careerists. I told Jack that I was inclined to agree with this and that, while the matter has not been finally settled, at the moment it does not appear that he will be the next Deputy Director of Training. I assured him that I would keep him in mind for return to the DD/S at any time there was an appropriate opportunity. 7. John Tietjen was in to talk with me about The psychi- 25X1A9a atric evaluation is not quite finished, and Dr. _who has been conducting the evaluation, wishes to consult with another psychiatrist. While the situation is not black, at this time there are not a series of green lights for Frank's return to the Agency. LKW :jrf Note: Extract of paragraph 1 to D/L on 1 February 1965. Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500050049-3 SECRET