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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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January 27, 1965
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Approved For Release-4000/08/27 9nW6P76-00183RQ00500050054-7 DIARY NOTES DD/S 27 January 1965 25X1A 1. At the Executive Committee Meeting this morning: a. Mr. Kirkpatrick referred to the Patman Committee hearings on foundations and pointed out that Mr. Olsher of the staff had inserted three editorials which were very hostile to CIA. General Carter asked Larry Houston how this happened, and it was obvious that Larry had not seen the report. Mr. McConereacted to this rather violently and said that he considered this to be a gross legislative failure and that, if we do not have people who can prevent this, we should get some. He asked that the whole matter be thoroughly investigated. b. The Director instructed General Carter and Mr. Kirkpatrick to conduct an investigation to find out why a cable which arrived in the Agency at 0700 hours yesterday morning was not delivered to him im- mediately since it contained information which apparently predicted the overthrow of the Vietnam Government. Mr. McCone briefed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee at 1000 hours yesterday morning and did not have the benefit of this information. He was extremely critical of this failure. .0 c. The Director also spoke very strongly about contacts with the press. He said that he wanted all contacts with the press by members of this Agency to cease immediately. He said that the President is determined to find out the source of some of the leaks to the press and that, when he does, he will ride the culprit out of town with his name in headlines. (I passed this on with full force at the DD/S Staff Meeting.) 2. 1 attended the annual GEHA meeting this morning in the auditorium and was disappointed that there were less than fifty people in attendance. I want to take some action to correct this poor attendance at not only this annual meeting but also that of the Credit Union. It seems to me that both these enterprises are of vital importance to all employees of the Agency and that they should have a great interest in them. Certainly every Personnel Officer and possibly every Chief of Support of each component, in addition to a few others, should attend these meetings. (I want to address a memoran- dum to the Deputy Directors to try to drum up a little more interest.) 3. presented the Office of Logistics 25X1A9a briefing. The following significant points were covered: Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500050054-7 ET Approved For Rele s 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP76-0018&R000500050054-7 25X1A6a a. They received a copy of the GSA regulation on file safes, furni- ture, etc., pursuant to the President's economy program about which we have been reading in the press. They left a copy with me, and we agreed to get together and discuss it again sometime soon. b. They reported that the Technical Services Division has very grandiose ideas about the refurbishing of the 2430 E Street area when they move In. They want it to be comparable to with lower 25X1 A6a ceilings, central air conditioning, etc. I told them that this would be in- consistent with the President's and the Director's current directives on economy and that we would fix these offices up nicely but .would not under- ll the h a take an expensive and unnecessary refurbishing program wit frills we have at 11 c. George thought that the refurbishing which we are doing at the Key Building will cost in the neighborhood of $150, 000. 25X1A6a d. George told me that certa ersonnel char es in the Office of 25X1A9a 25X1A6a Logistics involvin the transfer o from the to nd of to the have been sc e uled 25X1 A9a for this summer. (This is okay with me.) 25X1A6a 25X1 A6a e. George alerted me that who is willing to go 25X1 A9a to ,ut not to Saigon, may as c or an appo ntment to see me. I told George that I would be very glad to see Tony but that he wouldn't get any sympathy from me since he has no children and is exactly the type of man who should go to Saigon rather than somebody with a number of small children. 25X1A9a 4. Bob Bannerman and I attended a polygraph presentation by of the Office of Security. This presentation was for us alone, and I thought that it was excellent. I think that it is ready to present to the Director or anyone else who would like to hear it. 5. I called John Clarke to ask what had happened to our proposal to con- vert contract linguists to a project. He said that he was embarrassed and apologized for not getting this to me sooner. He assured me that the proposal will definitely be approved soon. 25X1A9a 6. Jack Earman asked me to read his report on the case of 25X1A9a who has retired for disability. He was brought home early Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : Cl 6-00183R000500050054-7 Approved For Release4900/08/27 : CIA -00183RQ0 500050054-7 25X1A6a from and has made many allegations against the~ station, 25X1A6a 25X1 A9a particularly against . Jack has concluded th' refire simply vindictive statements. The only charge which concerns me at all is that y 25X1A9a on at least one occasion advanced himself funds from the petty cash fun an t ey had some difficulty getting him to pay the money back. I sug- 25X1 A9a gested to Jack that he ask of the Audit Staff whether he has any facts to support this allegation and also that he mention it to when 25X1 A9a he is in town in the next few days. He might also mention the al legation that 25X1 A9a spends a disproportionate amount of his time at the night 25X1 A6a spots and see if Gordon feels that there is any pattern in his con uc a out which we should have some concern. Jack said that he would do this, and I returned the report to him. LKW:jrf Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500050054-7 ET