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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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January 21, 1965
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25X1A6d 25X1A6d 25X1A9a 25X1A6a 1. I talked with Alan Warfield about his conversation with Mr. - concernin the urchase of the so-called ' Alan assured me that Mr. Wo completely understands that we would be happy to negoti- ate with him at any time should he be freed of his option obligation to Mr. - I am inclined to agree with Alan that we should not approach He is apparently paying the owners nothing for his option and would have noth- ing to lose by holding out for a high price based on maximum use of the land. (While I agree that we should watch and wait, I also think that we should clear the purchase of this land in principle with our Congressional committees and have so recommended to Mr. Kirkpatrick.) 2. I met withM number of problems. 25X1A9a b. presented to me a general, but not final, repro- gramming plan based upon a review of the first half of Fiscal Year 1965. I told him that it looked all right to me but said that I would like to have 25X1A9a Bob Bannerman and review it before we commit ourselves. 25X1A9a Approved For Releasso 2000/08/27 ~ DP76-0018&000500050061-9 DIARY NOTES DD/S 21 January 1965 C. presented a case, and I think a very good one, for changing the work hours of the Office of Communications to 0830 to 1700 25X1A6d 25X A6d 12 1 A6d Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500050061-9 SPURT T Approved For Release.2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP76-00183P400500050061-9 hours. I told him to send me a paper making this recommendation and I would approve it. (In this connection, the Deputy Directors were given considerable flexibility in deciding what personnel would come to work at what hours in order to ensure that their offices were properly manned. I have a feeling that the great bulk of our employees are now working from 0830 to 1700 hours, and sometime soon I should like to make a quiet survey to see what actually has happened since we moved into the Headquarters building. Traffic entering the grounds seems to flow smoothly, the only bottlenecks that I have observed being the Chain Bridge and the traffic light at the Route 123 entrance. We might be able to compress our schedule to eliminate the shift from 0900 to 1730 hours without any great inconvenience.) 3. Howard Osborn pointed out to me that the opening of the Key Building and other additional buildings in Rosslyn will call for receptionists, for which he does not have slots, and for guards, for which he does not have money. I told him that, of course, we have no alternative but to provide these people and that I thought we could provide some relief in both categories. 4. Howard Osborn reported that the Chicago Tribune carried an account of the Director's appearance before the Senate Armed Forces Committee and Defense Appropriations Subcommittee on 11 January which was uite contra- dictory to what the Director actually said. He has advised that 25X1A9a he will try to investigate this further if the Director is concerned about it. 25X1A9a 25X1A2d1 25X1A5a1 FOIAb3d 5. Howard Osborn and were up to brief Bob Bannerman and me on a number of items. a. A defector has been in our custody for nine months and is using up a large number of manhours. Howard is exploring the possibility of using contract guards, custodians, etc., to alleviate this situation. b. At the request of DD/P, Howard has continued to act as the contact with Mr. who recently generated some publicity for the Agency. c. Chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency's Office of Counterintelligence and Security, and a FOIAb3d civilian assistant, are being briefed by the Office of Security on personnel security procedures. Howard said that Lt. General Joseph F. Carroll, Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500050061-9 SHUT Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : ( ~76-00183R000500050061-9 Director of DIA, thinks that DIA should have its own investigative and clearance procedures. (This may well signal a move on the part of DIA to take over some of these functions from the Services.) d. Howard reported that the Office of Finance em- 25X1A9a ployee who was charged with indecent exposure, is resigning as of 29 January. He thought that the Office of Personnel has been able to find him another job. 25X1 C8c 25X1A6a e. Howard reported that will be in town soon. He would like to volunteer to send a team. o to assis~in his 25X1 C8c 25X1 C8c new MW he primary purpose, however, of establishing better rapport with and being able to get the straight dope from when 25X1 C8c necessary. f. Howard reported that the workload on th eas- ing very substantially and that he expects to use to a greater extent to alleviate the situation. 6. Jack Earman was in to alert me to the following: 25X1A2g 25X1A9a a. Jack said that will apparently have a sanity hearing in the next day or two. Jack encouraged me to ensure that Mr. Kirkpatrick and Paul Chretien know about this just in case it should hit the press. 25X1A b. Jack told me that had talked with him about Head- 25X1A9a quarters Regulation _ which has a charter for BPAM. Apparently Gerry is going to oppose this very strenuously and told Jack that he thought it was a great intrusion upon the functions of the Inspector Gen- eral. LKW: jrf Approved For Release 2000/08/27 76-00183R000500050061-9