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November 17, 2016
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July 12, 2000
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January 13, 1965
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Approved For Release 200G498/27 : CIA-R 9 ff'83R000500050Q, 3 DIARY NOTES 13 January 1965 1. At the Executive Committee Meeting this morning: a. I reported that Jim Rowley, Chief of the Secret Service, alerted us that he would be requesting Security Officers from the Agency to as- sist the Secret Service in protecting the President during the Inauguration ceremonies. b. I also reported that we have vehicle passes for General Carter, Mr. Kirkpatrick, and the four Deputy Directors for use on Inauguration Day. I suggested, however, that these be kept in the Watch Office so that they could be used by anyone who has a real need to get downtown. This was approved. c. General Carter requested that we offer Rufus Youngblood, Chief of the White House Secret Service detail, our armored sedan for use on 20 January. This, of course, we will do. d. I said that we could reserve a very limited number of parking spaces at the 2430 E Street complex for those people who attend the Executive Committee Meeting if they will let us know that they want one. 2. Matt Baird reported that Mr. Kirkpatrick advised him a couple of weeks ago that we could forget about the Office of Training movie which the Director asked us to prepare for showing to our Congressional committees. Matt agreed with me, however, that we should make such a movie but that we should do it over a period of time. We will assemble films of classes in training and produce a good, meaningful movie. 3. I talked with Bob Fuchs again and also with Deputy Chief of the Africa Division, about Bob's trip to Africa. It is now planned that Bob will leave ob will work out the details with the Africa Division. 4. Bob Fuchs reported that Joe Hoover, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Budget), is ver teed off at the A enc as a result of Mr. Kirkpatrick's 25X1A2g letter tying together nding. Hoover apparently called Bob and reall own. o o tat he should explain the Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500050067-3 SECRET Approved For Release 200%g8/27: CIA-RDP7 00500050 6 3 Agency's position to Hoover as best he can but that in the final analysis, if he can't satisfy Hoover, he should merely tell him that he is just the book- keeper in this operation and that, if he has a real bone to pick, he should pick it with Mr. Kirkpatrick. 5. I met with Matt Baird, Paul Bore, to discuss the five JOT's on duty with the Office of Operations for whom 00 has no ceiling slots and also to talk about the eight JOT's who are already on 00 rolls but who cannot be promoted in accordance with our implied commit- ment and their expectations. These JOT's were told when recruited that, subject to measuring up to our expectations, they could expect semiautomatic promotions at specified times up through grade GS-11. We decided to pre- pare a memorandum for my signature, which the Office of Personnel will draft, asking for an exception to the ceiling so that we can transfer the five JOT's to 00. We will not include the promotion problem in this paper since this will be affected by whatever system John Clarke and the Office of Person- nel eventually come up with to control average salary. (In a later discussion with John Clarke and however, I gathered that he is agreeable to providing flexibility or exceptions to take care of this kind of situation.) 6. Bob Bannerman and I met with John Clarke and o get a 25X1A9a reading on the restrictions which have been imposed byte Bureau of the Budget which affect our average salary and manpower control procedures. We know what the facts are, but John has not yet worked out a system. He' is working with his own people and with Emmett Echols and hopes to pro- pose a system for formal approval within the next several days. I empha- sized to him the desirability of doing this as rapidly as possible and said that, when a system has been decided upon, he should brief the Executive Committee and possibly others on the system, the restrictions, and how everybody will be affected. 7. I talked with Alan Warfield and items. about a number of 25X1A9a a. We discussed the Department of State's attempt to get the entire hill on which our 2430 E Street buildings are located for a new Depart- ment of State annex. I decided that we should not write any letters to the General Services Administration or the Department at this time. I think that we certainly do not want to block the Department from getting a $30 million annex if they are otherwise successful. Also I don't see much point in going to GSA until they get a new Commissioner of the Public Buildings Service and a new Administrator of GSA itself. At that time I think that we should alert PBS to the problem which this would Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDR76-00183R000500050067-3 SECRET N-CRET Approved For Release 2004908/27: CIA-RDP76'- 18 00050005 07-3 create for us. I also think that we should talk to the Department at the same time and that John Clarke or someone else should speak to the Bureau of the Budget. I think that our line should be that, while we don't want to stand in the way of the Department in any way, we must have good office space for components which would have to move out of the 2430 E Street complex. Conceivably, we might use this small leverage to generate support for building an annex at Langley. 25X1A6d b. Alan reported that he will see Mr one of the owners 25X1A6d of the this afternoon in an attempt to find out if they would be interested in selling this piece of property to us. c. I was surprised to learn from Alan that, when we move out of the Matomic Building, the Bureau of Public Roads will not get any of the { space we vacate. He assured me, however, that this will not affect the use permit from BPR for our parking lot. I pushed Alan and H. S. to get on with the parking lot. H. S. told me that it will be completed by 1 No - vember 1965. This seems slow, but I guess this is the best we can do. d. I also asked Alan and H. S. to do some thinking about a gymnasium- -where it would go, how much it would cost, etc. - -so that we can crank it into the budget for Fiscal Year 1967, provided of course that we can sell it "in house. " e. I have heard several complaints recently about the quality of bus service to the Headquarters building. I asked Alan to take whatever steps he thinks necessary to find out how good or how bad this service is and, if justified, to prepare a letter making representations to the company for improvement. p'i 8. Dr. Tietjen advised me that told him he will be ready 25X1A9a to return to work on 15 January 1965. Therefore, Dr. Tietjen is having him examined and evaluated by an independent doctor and psychiatrist. We will Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500050067-3 SECRET 25X1A Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500050067-3 Approved For Release 2000/08/27 : CIA-RDP76-00183R000500050067-3