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December 14, 2016
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July 30, 2003
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January 17, 1973
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Approved For Release 2003/08/19 : CIA-RDP76B00734R000100250006-8 25X1 r- 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 C . D D. EV..-RHART Deputy DEPARTMENT OF THE NAVY NAVAL INTELLIGENCE COMMAND 2461 EISENHOWER AVENUE ALEXANDRIA. VA. 22314 MEMORANDUM FOR THE CHIEF OF RECONNAISSANCE GROUP INFORMATION REQUIREMENTS STAFF, OFFICE OF THE DEPUTY DIRECTOR FOR INTELLIGENCE, CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY Subj: U-2 Support for Weather Modification Experiments; rPrrt,est -F^ r 0 Encl: (1) OP-986 Memorandum Ser 007P986 of 5 Jan 1973 1. I IThe enclosed Memorandum from RADM MOFFIT contains a request for very high altitude imagery in support of a series of weather modification experiments which are to be conducted in the vicinity of Santa Barbara, California. 2. The purpose of the experiments is to develop effective cloud dispersal techniques which, if successful, could have operational application. 3. u Since the operational capabilities and sensor systems of the U-2 aircraft suggest its suitability for obtaining the desired imagery, your assistance in providing U-2 support to this project is requested. 4. u If your response to this request is favorable, it is suggested that direct liaison be established between the appropriate CIA officials and the Navy point of contact for the project, CDR D. N. BROWN, OX 7-1444. NAVY review(s) completed. CLASSIFIED BY: NAVINTCOM-OOX EXEMPT FROM GDS OF EO 11652 EXEMPTION CATEGORY 5B(3) DECLASSIFIED ON: IMPOSSIBLE TO DETERMINE DD/s&T FI( COPY Approved For Release 2003/08/19: CIA-RDP76B00734R000 Approved For Release 2003/08/19 : CIA-RDP76B00734R0001O025000fi8 -- '^' ' ' ' ` ? ' " ?- , - t?, I I I L. I Y N V 7 O r!r' iP TtiE f I - i._ c "_F OF i AVAL OPERATIONS WASHING-rotes, D.C. 20356 OP-986B1/mhs Ser_ 007P986 i 25X1 25X1 MEMORANDUM FOR COlLfl AND R, NAVAL INTELLIGENCE C6M-MA1--D Subj: Assistance in Conducting Research and Development Project, request 0 1. During, the period January to April 1973, Naval Weapons Center, China Lake will be conducting weather modification experiments over ocean areas in the vicinity of Santa Barbara, California, Timing of specific experiments is contingent upon the existence of satisfactory natural conditions. Last year such conditions existed about 16 times during the four-month period. The existence of satisfactory conditions can usually be predicted 6 hours in advance with about 8TZ, reliability. Tentative decisions to try an experiment are made 48 h-,,urs in advance with a Go/No decision 24 hours ahead. 25X1 2. "During this year we hope to conduct between 8 and 1.2 experiments, It would be of considerable value if very high altitude imagery (visible and/or IR) of portions of the experiment area (200x 200 n mile) were available at -1.10-minute i n+-.er'ta 7 R for one.. hour prior to li tial seeding and up to three hours following seeding. Informal liaison has indicated that U-2 str~rices might- be able to provide some of the desired coveragF, 25X1 3. it is requested that coverage of as many experiments as possible be au or.ized on a not to interfere basis in support of this weath:tr modification R&D effort, It is recognized that the unavoidable ind-fi- nite times the coverage would be desired and the short alert times which are intrinsic to the problem may preclude coverage in many cases. If authorized, it is recommended tha. t direct liaison be established between the R&:ID project personnel (Dr. Elliott, NqW:C, X2410) and aircraft activity in order to defin details and effect coord-i.nation. The point of contact on my staff for this project is CDR D. N. Brown (0X7-1444), C1.:Y1'Q-.j `i .:IEJ] i ` yy ! , _l 1 C - - ' C ' . 1 G.D.S. OF E.O. 1. tI :.J 2 EX ;._,T ;,r, Pd !or Release 2003/08/19: CIA-RDP76B00734R000100250006-8 J_ I., fj C f7'