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December 14, 2016
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July 30, 2003
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January 1, 1973
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Approved For Release 2003/08/19 : CIA-RDP76B00734R000200010005-4 __ IRVING P. KRICK ASSOCIATES. INC. WEATHER ENGINEERS 611 South Palm Canyon Drive, Suite 216 Palm Springs, California, 92262 J:Lr. William E. Colby Director THE CEPNTRIL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY McLean, VA 22101 Dear Mr. Colby: I challenge you not to discard this letter until thoroughly reviewed! T#o27,7 7 2 :/S& At the moment you are engaged in reorganization. 1,10 G;ant to talk to you about 1:eath.2r". We confront you with a unique and reliable method of preparing lol,g rdnge weather forecasts for months to years in advance. This method has been proven in academic, military and industry, commerce and agricultural fields over the past 40 years. Some of the more current tests and verifications of national and international importance involved the following: 1. The forecast of the severe drought of the 1950's as early as 1946. Forecast the end in the fall of 1956. 2. Forecasts of Presidential inaugurals and other special :,mite House forecasts from 1957 to 19730 3. Forecast of the severe drought of the 1970's as early as 1966-69. 4. Forecast of the drought in the Pacific Northwest(nowwj prevailing) as early as 1963---a drought now causing an energy crisis and the lowest flows of record in the Columbia River. 5. Forecast of Hurricane Agnes that hit the eastern coast areas in 1972, alerting clients of this event as early as 1969. 6. in 1961-62 c:e forecast that Russia and China would have crop failures and told our clients in Canada to forget summer fallow, plant total acreage to be prepared to sell crops that Lussia and Chink ~,-ould be buying. r,ll these things happened, as forecast, and think of whet strategic intelligence information this is. It should be put to your usage. The barriers of scientific jealousies, disbelief and governmental bureau blockage should be eliminated, at least to t)rovide proper testing by usage. How can your company at this time not Consider the vital Ln;pportance of a weather forecasting method that is unique and not possessed by any government on the globe, including our ov,n? Why can't, w;e h?Ip be your 'Mr. Weather"? Approved For Release 2003/08/1.9 : CIA-RDP76B00734R000200010005-4 Approved For Release 2003/08/19 : CIA-RDP76B00734R000200010005-4 Vie have also been active i n weather modification in !?:any parts of the world since 1946. "zen one t:.inks of such ~orrendou. ossible developments as control of the weather as a weapon in superpower politic. Shen one can appreciate intelligence as a service for peace and possible disarmament. Isn't the accurate and timely intelligence essential to our ,.u,vival of freedom. Until this aay arrives there must be intelligence organization to obtain for oui government information it cannot obtain officially. The world looks to us for solutions of its problems. The role of intelligence services should be that of keeping the policy makers fully informed of anything happening in the world that might affect the U.S. politically, economically or militarily, either directly or indirectly. It may range from famine in India, drought in Africa, to discovering the next nation applying for membership in the nuclear club. Intelligence, like weather forecasting is not an exact or precise profes_.ion. Unless all information in existence on a given situation is available to the Aral.yst" charged with the responsibility it is impossible to project with any certainty what will happen in the future. If an individual iS good at his job he should have the Opportunity to perform:; and if he isn't then remove him. Nowhere else in ';;either is there the imagination, drive and ability to act quickly and in projected time segments beyond the capacity of others to perform.. Shouldn't such a vital ability be utilized, en- LL. and not destroyed Or blocked by pey bureaucratic jealousies? I a:rai t your reaction to this suggestion .-Math high hopes. Enclosed are a few documents to substantiate some of the points made previously in this letter. ih nk you kindly for youl'attention to this notice. Paul J.'Caubin Vice xesldent-t.arketina Ptia Also enclosed our review-,,,of our long range forecast of the Mississippi flooding this year! Approved For Release 2003/08/19 : CIA-RDP76B00734R000200010005-4