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December 12, 2016
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October 17, 2001
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November 20, 1974
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W91619 i S 19726 ^NN~ vvc.~ v~ 1-%WTrn eceTll'I~TAT 1PrriRn-- SENATE . `"`"`"""`" ovember 20, 197 Mr. MAGNUSON. Let me finish. It is part of it; there is plenty of money there. Now, this amendment was considered by the subcommittee and was turned down. The Senator. did appear and pressed his amendment, which is some- what unusual, which is usually when these amendments come on the floor without anybody coming down talking about them, but Mr. CHILES. Mr. President- Mr. MAGNUSON. Let me finish. The Senator will have all the time he wants. Mr. CHILES. Yes, but I want to correct the Senator. The amendment was not considered by the subcommittee and turned down. The subcommittee told me to come to the floor with the amendment. The subcommittee did not consider the amendment. Mr. MAGNUSON. All right, we did not have a record vote, a rollcall vote on it, but the Senator got the word, did he not, down there in the subcommittee? Go to the full committee, and the Sen- request, no hearings, no r d - committee's action took the place of the qu testify, no regulations to ad- full committee, so I did not have the min r it duplicates and overlaps_O e of other programs, and t e opportunity to go there. and sear this thefnsel es. Mr. MAGNUSON. All right, let me St es should bedoing h o do av e . --? +uHere is an amendment that is not 1 W Mr. CHILES. . Mr. President, I w' not necessary at all for the purposes. My ,.,,,,,..,,. the nninf. The distin fished State should be doing this and is uvu+g chairman makes a very good ph oss~opnl- ument as to the fact th perhaps it now al ar . c g They do not need money from the Fe the States should be doing )fiings like eral Government. They get plenty un er this themselves. I might t d to buy the broad purposes of the billion d ar that. I did not pass the Old Americans n social services program. Here i St Act it passed before I got ere. amendment that has budget r uest, Perhaps, everything at the Older a no hearings, no requests to tes _fy, no Americans Act is doing a States could regulations to administer, and duPii- do for themselves. Eve thing that we are cotes and overlaps the OEO . pr grams. talking about in thi bill we could say It is a, worthy purpose. the States should doing for them- I do not know what my tote would selves. Why have a epartment of HEW? An txrith this-Would it set anew divl- h nAIP that for them- it re h What a If they are not doing That same ki doing with their share of the hundreds r?t all the wad be don by the States now. If they are not d ng that, they are not Carrying Tie proposal is intended to deve derly persons. Well, they ought to the capibai aiiu uv ~~=ate back? It encourages State public ility corn- Mr. MAGNUSON. I will yield back th missions. My State already - eld about remainder of my time, yes. State apropriations, not using any Fed- eral funds. having been yielded back, the question is would provide additional fuel that cou Education to winterize older persons' on agreeing to the amendment of the - i~ homes? I guess that is good, but the State into this? If we start this, what is going to pen, without any program, withou hundreds of millions of directed toward these go lems of the older A As I said to the the Senator under the b Senator frc4n Florida. The amendment was rejected: The PRESIDING OFFICER. The bill is open to further amendment. o take or three Senators are on their way, I motion I r. McCLELLAN..I suggest the ab- M ot need to yvThe clerk will cat the roll. ricans. HASKELL). /(Without objection, it is -so 6 items in this bill. I Mr. R TH. Mr. President, I send an tribute to exactly what immecj(ate consideration_____ ~fiie assistant legislative clerk pro- going to have to oppose this c ded to read the amendment. ons I have stated: There was Mr. ROTH. Mr. President, I ask unan- consent' that further reading of the amendment be dispensed with. The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without obi tion, it Is so ordered. The amendment is as follows: d of argument just could 'down. an older Americans Act. to give them a requirement, then ought to give them the wherewithal any wherewithal to come up with a plan. Mr. CHILES. I yield back the remain- der of my time. el- ices than there are recipients of the act. At the end of the bill add the following new section: SEC. 204. None of the funds appropriated by this or any other Act which are available during. the fiscal year 1975 for travel ex- penses, including subsistence allowances, of Government officers and employees.may be obligated, after the date of the enactment of this Act, at a rate which exceeds 75 per- cent of the rate at which amounts for such expenses were obligated during the fl WA year 1974. Mr. ROTH. Mr. President, on behalf of 13 of my distinguished colleagues and myself, I am submitting an amendment to reduce the amount of Federal funds spent on travel and transportation. The cosponsors are Senators MCCLEL- LAN, BAYIT, BEALL, BIDEN, BROCK, HARRY F. BYRD, JR., CASE, DOMINICK, METZEN- BAUM, WILLIAM L. SCOTT, STEVENSON. TAFT, and TUNNEY. Specifically, this amendment would prohibit the Federal Government from expending more than 75 percent of the amount expended in fiscal year 1974 for the travel and transportation of persons. A recent examination of the Budget by my staff and the GAO revealed that the Federal Government will spend almost $2 billion this fiscal year on travel and transportation to out-of-town confer- ences, meetings, and other employee transportation. With inflation being fed by excessive Federal spending and with the vital need to conserve energy, there is absolutely no justification for the Federal Government to spend such sums on travel expenses. This 25 percent reduction in Federal travel expenses would save nearly $400 million in this year's budget and untold millions of dollars in energy costs. Such a move would not only set an example Approved For Release 2001/11/16 : CIA-RDP76M00527R000700020008-4 --?V V - V ...,...,................ F.,., . ------------ - S 19727 November 20, 1974 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - SENATE be used in the private sector of the econ- On page 13, between lines 8 and 9, insert unanimous consent that the order for the only and save thousands of jobs. the following: quorum call be rescinded.. Inflation and the need to save energy Funds appropriated under "Occupational, The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without Vocational, and Adult Education" in the De- objection, it is so ordered. have caused millions of Americans to cut partments of Labor and Health, Education, back or cancel their travel plans. Vir- and Welfare Appropriations Act, 1975 for - - tually every business and private orga- carrying out career education under the. Co- ORDER TO HOLD H.R. 16757 . nization has been forced to reduce its operative Research Act shall be available AT DESK travel budget to save fuel and money. Yet only of Public Law 9the provisions of section the Federal Government has made no ef- Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I ask fort to cut back on its. travel budget. Mr. HATHAWAY. Mr. President, one unanimous consent that H.R. 16757, to Every Federal department and agen- of the most promising movements in extend the Emergency Petroleum Allo- cy has some fat in its travel budget that American education is the development cation Act of 1973 until August 31, 1975, can be cut to save fuel and money, in- of what is called career education. when it is received in the Senate, be held cluding thq Defense Department. I wish This is the effort to bring the worlds of at the desk temporarily. to emphasize that this travel limitation education and work into closer contact The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without is not intended to apply to troop move- so as to make education more relevant to objection, it is so ordered. ments. Since last December, the Defense successful participation in the society at _ Department has been the Government's large. SUPPLEMENTAL APPROPRIATIONS, number one energy saver by cutting its For several years now, the adminlstra- 1975 fuel consumption by 31 percent. I believe tion has requested funds for the develop- the Department can follow suit and trim ment of this concept on the Federal level, The Senate continued with the consid- some fat out of its travel budget with- but has been turned down, at least in eration of the bill (H.R. 16900) making out jeopardizing our national security. part, because of a lack of direct legisla- supplemental appropriations for the fis- Wisely, the President has called on all tive authority for such a program. cal year ending June 30, 1975, and for Americans to conserve fuel and budget Finally, in this year's Labor-HEW ap- other purposes. their money wisely. But if the Federal propriation bill, both the House and Sen- Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I am Government expects the American peo- ate appropriated $10 million for this pur- informed' that the distinguished chair- ple to cut energy consumption and sacri- pose under the general authority of the man of the subcommittee, the Senator fice in the battle against inflation, the Cooperative Research Act. At the same from Washington (Mr. MAGNUSON), has Federal Government must provide the time this was taking place, we were put- indicated that he is agreeable to this leadership. ting the finishing touches on what is now amendemnt by the distinguished Sena- A 25 percent cut in travel expenditures 93-380, the Education Act of 1974. Con- tor from Maine, and I therefore urge its would save nearly a half billion dollars, tained in that act is a provision, section adoption. conserve fuel, and demonstrate to the 406, directly addressed to the career ed- I yield back the remainder of my American people that the Federal Gov- ucation question. time. ernment is serious in its efforts to lead This amendment which I am offering Mr. HATHAWAY. Mr. President, I this country through a very difficult would: simply require the Department to yield back the remainder of my time. period and win the battle against Infla- conduct its career education activities . The PRESIDING OFFICER. The tion. under the new authority specifically pro- question is on agreeing to the amend- Mr. President, I yield back the balance vided for this purpose in Public Law 93- ment of the Senator from Maine. of my time. 380, rather than the more general au- The amendment was agreed to. The PRESIDING OFFICER. Who thority of the Cooperative Research Act. Mr. HATHAWAY. Mr. President, I yields time? This does not add a penny to the bill send an unprinted amendment to the Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I and will have the effect of seeing to it and ask for its immediate consid- suggest the absence of a quorum. that these funds will be expended accord- desk desk n. The PRESIDING OFFICER. On whose ing to the most specific and most recent eratio The PRESIDING OFFICER. The time? expression of congressional intent. amendment will be stated. Mr. MANSFIELD. On both sides. parenthetically, Mr. President, I would The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without like to take this opportunity to clear up The assistant legislative clerk read as objection, it is so ordered. The clerk one question with regard to the intention follows: will call the roll. of section 406 which has recently arisen. On page la, line 10 after the period, in- The assistant legislative clerk pro- Although the emphasis in this section is Bert the following: ceeded to call the roll. on career education programs In grades Provided, That the Commonwealth of Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I ask K-12, the bill and particularly the Senate Puerto Rico shall receive grants for the cur- unanimous consent that the order for committee report make clear that grants rent fiscal year sections. 121, 122, the quorum call be rescinded. under this section are available to insti- and 123 of the Elementary and Secondary The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without Education Act-of 1965 (as such Act exists tutionS of postsecondary education as on the date of enactment of this Act) in objection, it is so ordered. well as elementary and secondary schools, amounts equal to not less than the amounts Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I am We particularly did not want to discour- received by the Commonwealth of Puerto empowered, on behalf of the chairman age comprehensive State programs which Rico for the :fiscal year ending June 30, 1974, of the committee, to accept the amend- might include a postsecondary career pursuant to sections 103(a) (5), 103(a) (6), ment, which I think is an excellent one. education component. and 103 (a) (7), respectively, of the Elemen- Mr. ROTH. I thank the majority I urge the adoption of the amendment. tary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 leader and the chairman. I understand that the Senator from (as such Act existed immediately before the Mr. MANSFIELD. I yield back the effective date of the amendments made to balance of my time. Washington (Mr. MAGNUSON) , who is not title I of such Act by the Education Amend- Mr. ROTH. I yield back the balance present, is willing to accept the amend- ments of 1974). of my time. Dent. As I mentioned, it does not involve any additional expenditure whatsoever. Mr. HATHAWAY. Mr. President, this The PRESIDING OFFICER. All time Mr. President, I reserve the remainder amendment likewise would not add any is yielded back. The question is on agree- of my time. money to the supplemental appropria- ing to the amendment. tions bill. Rather, its purpose is to make PRESIDING OFFICER. Who The ator from Maine is recognized. Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I sug- which Puerto Rico receives for State Mr. HATHAWAY. Mr. President, I call gest the absence of a quorum. agency programs under title I of the Ele- up my amendment No. 1979. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The clerk mentary and Secondary Education Act. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The will call the roll. The amendment would merely provide amendment will be stated. The assistant legislative clerk proceed- last year's level of funding in Puerto The assistant legislative clerk read as ed to call the roll. Rico for title I State agency programs follows* Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I ask for handicapped children, neglected and. Approved For Release 2001/11/16 : CIA-RDP76M00527R000700020008-4 S 19728 Approved For Release 2001/11/16 : CIA-RDP76M00527R000700020008-& '""' CONGRESSIONAL RECORD -SENATE November 20, 197F delinquent children, and children in Because of the concern with being curs with the House concerning the ability adult correctional institutions. able to assess and repeat successful pro- to monitor this activity so as to allow suc- I have discussed this amendment with grams, these projects are subject tp an easeful projects to be replicated. For these the chairman of the HEW subcommittee, elaborate and comprehensive evaluation reasons, the Committee has also reduced and I understand that he is in agree- procedure at each step of their existence. uded advat included under support and inno- ment with it. First, each project must have a detailed nation grants. I reserve the remainder of my time. plan in order to qualify for funding. Mr. MANSFIELD. Mr. President, I am Before being funded, these plans are Well, Mr. President, it does seem to me informed that this amendment is like- subject to review by a State level title III that if we are now supporting 1,800 of wise satisfactory to the chairman of the Advisory Council, the State education these individual projects that out of committee, and I yield back the re- agency, and often, a panel of outside ex-. those we should learn something, and if mainder of my time. perts. Second, each program is evalu- we cannot learn something from that Mr. HATHAWAY. Mr. President, I ated annually by the State agency as well number, why, we had better begin re- yield back the remainder of my time. as being in continuing liaison with the during this program. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The ques- State. Finally, especially successful proj- I do not think more money is needed. tion is on agreeing to the amendment. ects are nominated by their State for r think the House was wise in cutting it The amendment was agreed to. "validation," the process by which the some. It is now $20-some-odd million Mr. HATHAWAY. Mr. President, I call Federal Office of Education certifies below the budget. up my printed amendment No. 1980 and projects for replication elsewhere. Here To add back to it is just giving money ask for its immediate consideration. the project is analyzed in terms of cost- to a program that may or may not be The PRESIDING OFFICER. The effectiveness, exportability and its effect working. We have a chance to determine amendment will be stated, on student achievement_ out of 1,800 if any of these programs The assistant legislative clerk read as I am sure that cases can be cited where are any good and, if they are, to make follows: these use of them. projects have been controversial, On page 10, line 21, strike the figure poorly executed or just plain failures. Somewhere, Mr. President, in the ex- ex- "$120,000,000" and insert in lieu thereof But any program of innovation and de- there ure are of areas over $300 wherecu cuts a year "$146,393,000". velopment will involve blind alleys and there ts can and On page 11, line 3, strike the figure unsuccessful projects. It would be a poor should be made without doing any ir- "$4,351,043,000" and insert in lieu thereof program of innovation of there were no reparable harm, and be done at a saving, "$4,377,486,000". failures. I think the high continuation and be done prudently. Mr. HATHAWAY. Mr. President, this rate by the States and localities is very Certainly a prudent reduction could amendment would continue funding at strong evidence of the usefulness of this be made in this item and, for that reason, the present level for title III of the Ele- program. I shall support the action of the com- mentary and Secondary Education Act. Finally, it should be apparent that all mittee. This title provides for grants of limited is not well with American education. Our Does the Senator from New Hampshire duration to State and local educational people sense it in their refusal to support want some time? agencies for the purpose of stimulating its funding at previous levels. And our Mr. COTTON. Just one word. innovation in education methods. The inability to deal adequately with na- Mr. McCLELLAN. I yield to the dis- committee recommendation for funding tional problems such as inflation and the tinguished Senator from New Hamp- is $120 million-which is $26 million be- energy shortage indicate, at least in part, shire. low this year's level and the President's a failure of the educational system. Mr. COTTON. I would simply like to budget request. My amendment would At this time of change and crisis, cuts report, in the absence of the Senator restore the cuts made by the committee in funds for innovation and development from Washington, that we agree with and leave the program at the present seem particularly untimely. We spend every word that our distinguished chair- amount-$146,393,000. less than 1 percent of our education man of the committee has said. In my opinion, the major thrust of the funds for development; and title III Now, at the time our subcommittee entire my opinio ,the a effort thrust -which constitutes 80 percent of this tiny met and we took the evidence on this only amounts to about 7 percent of total amount, title III Is cost effective and the matter we found there werein existence only amounts t about has been and evidence is that it works. I hope Senators already various experimental projects, school continue to be in the areas of in will join with me in helping to preserve innovative projects or special projects, should tin development. areas o the vital role of this program in Ameri- and according to the testimony of the novation u focused on and development. Title educational I prob. has s can education. Office of Education, over 1,700 of those fours e the disadvantaged special enadvantaged and has prim- Mr. President, I reserve the remainder projects were going throughout the lems o enormous of my time. country. At least one representative-I tivity ate an in this field. v TII amount has of the commi u pro- - yields time? the Office of Education, but one of the the dams through aid to libraries and as- Mr. McCLELLAN. Mr. President, I witnesses-admitted that it was utterly sectored servvices. And title III has, for think it would be well for the Members Impossible, of course, to monitor any the first time, significant amounts of the Senate before voting on this such number of projects and be familiar of funds ime, made expressly for the puts amendment to take account of what is with their purpose and their success, available being done in this field already. and most of them have run for 2 or 3 pose of innovation and development. According to the Senate report under years. Now those projects cannot all be The first point to be made about title the title of "Supplementary Services" good. They may be good in purpose but III is that it has worked. Almost three- the report states: they cannot all be effective projects. quarters of the projects funded have The bill contains $120,000,000 for supple- It seems that this is one point where, been continued with State or local funds mentary services authorized by Title III of without ending the program, we could be after the 3-year Federal support period the Elementary and Secondary Education a little more sparing in the money that terminated. In light of the constraints Act. The amount recommended is a decrease we appropriated and, therefore, both the on local school budgets over the past of $26,393,000 below the request-I think chairman of the subcommittee, the Sen- several years, this is an amazing record. that means budget request-"and $5 million below the House ator from Washington, and I am entirely Further, there is evidence that a sig- allowance." in agreement with the chairman of the nificant number of these projects-about Now, this is what=I think is significant full committee, and we feel we must op- one third according to most estimates- and it ought to be taken into account: pose this amendment. are being adopted by other schools or Under this program, grants are awarded Mr. McCLELLAN. I anticipate that the school systems. And of course, beyond to State and local educational agencies pri- chairman of the subcommittee, the dis- strict replication of specific projects, marily to support projects considered to be many of the concepts and techniques exemplary and/or innovative. Although sup- tinguished Senator from Washington, developed under title III have been used portive of the thrust of this program, the will be on the floor in a minute. But, if I in modified form throughout the round Committee is not convinced that all of the may ask the Senator, the ranking mem- more than 1,800 projects currently in opera- ber on the subcommittee, according to try. tion should continue. The Committee con- the information I have from the testi- Approved For Release 2001/11/16 : CIA-RDP76M00527R000700020008-4