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December 12, 2016
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November 21, 2001
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October 9, 1974
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Approved For Release 2002/01/02: CIA-013Ob9 V19700140006-3 Attached is a statement by Moorhead placed in the Extension of Remarks in the Congressional Record of 9 October. He includes the statement by President Ford in which he strongly supports the passage of H. R. 16373 and supports the goals of S. 3418. Also, Representative Drinan placed in the Extension of Remarks a letter to President Ford from some clergymen condemning CIA actions in Chile. Approved For Release 2002/01/02 : CIA-RDP76M00527R000700140006-3 Octobd p,? ~ For Release 2002/01/02 :CIA RDP76M00527R000700140006-3 I rnNT _& -n ership of programs ublic of Chins.. The positive lead- sonal information In hundreds of Feder Voter crnvernnieri th., T _,_._~ _ arsi loaders, and your people in recent years world what free psmc accom- eligibility and promotion in the Federal reumstanees service an rreea rn rA-a - nation and hope and progress in writing privacy legislation. S. r many more ,.. ,,, ---_. _.. ._ .Ron. CtDIS3 C OLLINS, Hon. WINbIAsi CLAY, THE PRIVACY ACT OP 1974 1101)1 WILL AM S MOOR . HEAD OF PENNSYLVANIA IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Wednesday, October 9, 1974 Mr. MOORHEAD of Pennsylvania. Mr. Speaker, I would like to call attention to a statement issued this morning by Presi- dent Ford on privacy legislation we are now considering in which he expresses his "enthusiastic support" for H.R. 16373, the Privacy Act of 1974. In the develop- ment of this legislation, our government ment of this legislation, our Government Operations Committee has received ex- cellent cooperation and technical assist- ance from the staff of the Vice President's Domestic Council Committee on the right of Privacy-long before Mr. Ford became President-and also from the Office of Management and Budget. The statement follows: STATEMENT BY THE PRESIDENT Legislation to protect personal privacy is making significant progress in the Congress. I am delighted about the prospect of House and Senate action at this session. Renewed national efforts to strengthen protections for personal privacy should be- gin in Washington. We should start by en- acting uniform fair Information practices for the agencies of the Federal government. This will give us invaluable operating ex- perience as we continue to examine and rec- ommend needed actions at the State and local level and in the private sector. The immediate objective should be to give every citizen the right to inspect, challenge and correct, if necessary, information about hint contained in Federal agency records and to assure him a remedy for illegal In- Members of 15 protestant and Roman v lions of privacy by Federal agencies ac- Catholic missionary sending groups, at a countable for safeguarding his records. Iii meeting at the Inter-Church Center in New >11ting, the right of privacy, of course, York City on Oct. 3, attacked as "immoral n + t i e balanced against equally valid pub and naive" President Ford's recent defense of lic interests in freedom of information, nn- CIA intervention in Ch:+lle anti other foreign tionai defense, foreign policy, law enforce- countries. `it and in a high quality and tru *- P-e?ident " - o es~lbi.lza the Constitu- r as Vice President, of the Cabinot- t Dually elected government o.? ai:other s GNAT vats i t 1 33shesric Council Committee on the co tritty, replies: "It is a recognized fact that Sr. Tere L Chain SC, SSt. Vn Coord:aa- ht of Piracy, I asked the Office of ,Ian- Ii?s'orica.ll , as Well as resentl tot Sister., of yan,,,e icreSt. r'illceat. ru ii to work Jointly ;~uth the best Interest Yofrthe ecOun~ Mr. JThe P rte:i, Secretary For ~merI 9lin- orld ~re taken in t > Committee staff, the Executive agen- tries involved." istries, Madeline r ed Church in A^.herica. Sr. and Budget -iid the Congress to work out realistic Monibers of several protestant denomina- nator, School `S ers Conway, of Not Darne, Pie on h e ctive legislation at the earliest pos- tions inat with members of ten Rcman Cath- Province. m S'iusbantiai progress has been olic orders of men and women. They termed Rev. William J. e.lull, S.I., National Direc- t do by both the Senate and the House on si in- - a:.~r e e e to ` Wi 052TR00&7001ity Ann Mr aheu n:S,tl?ih1e, AT, . y inn il o ?^ 3Member of Can- of raft'.: n records contl.:ning per- stated that CLI covert activities are not Iii tralrGovernin Board, Zgai knoll Sisters. rot , when questioned at a re- responsible efforts to nchia ;rorth Federal work force. rent press conference about the U.S. L ov- i:rirn,:diately after I as.;umecl the hair- ernrnent's ri ,1 t t d Sucnstanthve amendments are needed to per- fect the bill. I do not favor establishing a separate Commission or Board bureaucracy empowered to define privacy in its own terms and to second guess citizens and agencies. I vastly prefer an approach which makes Federal agencies fully and publicly account- able for legally mandated privacy protec- tions and which gives the individual ade- quate legal remedies to enforce what he deems to be his own best privacy interests. The adequate protection of personal pri- vacy requires legislative and executive ini- tiatives In areas not addressed by HR . 16373 and S. 3418. I have asked Executive branch officials to continue to work with the Congress to assure swift action on measures to strengthen privacy and con- fidentiality in income tax records, criminal justice records and other areas identified as needed privacy initiatives by the Domestic Council Committee on the Right of Pri- vacy. CHURCH REPRESENTATIVES AT- TACK PRESIDENT FORD FOR HIS DEFENSE OF CIA INTERVENTION IN CHILE HON. ROBERT F. DRINAN OF esASSACHUSETTS IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES Wednesday, October 9, 1974 Mr. DRINAN. Mr. Speaker I know , that my colleagues will be interested in the attached material sent to President Ford concerning his recent defense of CIA interevention in Chile. This material has been sent to the President .by 15 Christian missionary sending groups. I attach below a press release concern- In., this material, and the full letter to President Ford along with the names and identification of the 15 individuals who coauthored this letter: CHURCH REPRESENTATIVES ATTACK FORD AND E 6387 cerned or the U.S. They called for their dis- continuance. They further strongly disassoci- ated the churches and missionar y groups from any such covert activities. The letter grew out of a consensus which quickly developed at the meeting. Those present were all mission superiors or mission coordinators or officials within their groups, but they were signing as individuals, not as, official representatives of their organizations. AN OPEN LETTER TO PRESIDENT GERALD R,? FORD--OcrosER 7, 1974 ll/1l. PassrnzNT: While grateful to you for publicly admitting the role the CIA played in "destabilizing" the Allende government in Chile, we are dismayed at your attempted defense of such interventions. Seldom have there been events se, blatantly incompati- ble with the ideals we hold as Americans and as Christians. As members of fifteen distinct Protestant and Roman Catholic missionary groups who work in Third World countries, we see such interventions as immoral and Inde- fe _sible. You tried to justify the U.S, intervention in Chile by saying that communist nations do the same. We flatly reject using the im- morality of others as justification of our own actions. Are we to imitate, the very evil which we claim to be opposing? You also implied that the CIA was merely defending democracy, In Chile by supporting opposition press and political parties, and this was "in the best Interests of the people of Chile." Aside from the arrogance of such a claim, we and your statements far short of the truth. CIA funds were alloc t d a e to bribe the Chilean Congress, to supportna- tional strikes, and to foment civil disorders which precipitated the coup. Furthermore, where is the CIA support for freedom of the press and democratic parties in Chile now that they have indeed been suppressed-? Contrary to what you would have us be- lieve, CIA covert actions In the Third World frequently support undemocratic govern- ments which trample on the rights of their own people. We missionaries have felt first- hand the effects Of such interventions, which are certainly not In "the best interest" of the majority of the citizens of those coun- tries. U.S. interventions serve the Interests of their wealthy minorities and are-as our critics often say-instruments of American economic domination. Nor do such actions, which are prohibited by International law and by Article 6 of our own Constiution, serve "our best interest." as you stated. Gangster methods undermine world order and promote widespread hatred. of the United States. Watergate has shown that such methods? once accepted, will event- ually be turned against our own citizens, In view of these facts, we hereby dissociate, ourselves from our government's use of tike CIA to intervene in the internal affairs of other countries. W-a further demand: a dis- closure of the CIA's cast and orssent covert actions, the terlnination o all future CIA covert actions; and the prosecution of any who may lh;,, .e perjured the^hsaives regard- ing CIA activities. ve these goals. 3b ?N C IJ - Extens;ons of Remarks October 9, 197x. Appr&QW (2se- h6Y01102 : CIA-RDP76M 00527R0007gpA4PP,?d- ,t eIimin sub ery program w c attn Rev. William McIntire, MM, Secretary Gen- grandchildren: Second was the discovg his military induction physical standard housing, replacing it with liveable oral, Maryknoll Fathers, during Dr. Lois Miller, Associate General secretary, that he had been stricken with glaucoma quarters. Model Cities, according to the World Division of the Board of Global Minis- and was fated to become totally blind. man, has brought in $9,479,000 tries, The United Methodist Church. It is characteristic of Jim as a feisty short life span which conclude Rev. Milton J. Olson, Secretary for Latin and courageous Irish man that he did not next year. He explained that 41 ban Fathers USA. Sr. Mary Reynold, OF, Secretary General, Dominican Sisters Sparkill. Rev. George Telford, Corporate Witness and Public Affairs,, General Executive Board, The Presbyterian Church U.S. Dr. William Nottingham, Executive Secre- tary of the Department of Latin America and the Caribbean, The Christian Church (Dis-. ciples of Christ). Sr. Janet Wahl, RSM, Mission Coordinator, Sisters of Mercy, Rochester. Rev. William L. Wipfler, Latin: American Working Group, National Council of Churches. Rev. James Zelinski, OFM Cap, Provincial Councilor, St. Joseph. Province of Capuchin Fathers. Rev Benjamin Gutierrez, Liaison with . Latin America and the Caribbean of the- Program Agency, .United Presbyterian Church in the USA. TRIBUTE TO JIM BRAY IN THE HOUS OF REPRESENTATIVES I' ednesday, ctober 9, 1974 fornia and contrlbUtea to Lne war --lb ' Under the 1974 H ising Act, Stephens by working in the shipyards. Even when noted that during t . next five years, Athens he became totally blind in August 1955, will receive close G. $12 million through the it did not prevent his starting a new busi- Community Dev9 pment Block Grant. Dur- ness-the Mission Palm Restaurant- ing this fiscal ar alone, $3,446,000 will be loans made possible through Con-` and wry Irish humor so typical of Jim, he says that he never regretted this blindness, but admits that. it is "a bit hard on the shins." For Jim retirement has brought what I think retirement should bring for everyone-the time and the energy to and, lam proud to state, a close p6 friend of mine. Democratic party is all about, as the party dedicated to hard work, fair play, and equality of opportunity for all through education and other humani- ly s rnent and LO t ite emocl a Flu t a+ port o came at an early age. Life was hard for _+ r- ~ and e r a 1 race Athens to trop snort titer the ei lathe .u of the paper, and I i support his widowed mother. It at Nuld like to insert as shows A re-, during the last decal At as this time that he formed his rst of his article in the CONG SSIONAI. RECORD, cu rirable record of progress--an alnlCd At - The article follows: _,. ,.i...... +,re rd m?ni.t4 a better place llciidin- trades. Although rohnbitlon t oxi ressman 1 b r __ ------ interrupted Jinl's career as a the featured tall at tlxe openin oY Athens ntay 1 ='+'e l;a.'t?,.nder, he later beca e a lifelong History Village last week, took e oppor- G a ber c2 the Culinary Yorkers and tunity to address himself to the, i pact of EMPLOYE; THEFT AND RISING federal spending in Albans during to last HOSPITAL COSTS S] Lt 41st,, u~v.. w.... ... r _._ 111- .a. r ll s today. And, it mull not have occurred at a ore q~ i y ~`~ i~~ LENT y e since ii tli cue of i", J Bray Was also app 1F is tutpedcoil whattW SlU ban Renew 1 3317 OF NEW xoRxs at .',ely' _,._nizing f r the Denloc':Ltic tin P IN THE HOUSE OF REPItc I'1 t3 . Ai, 21 lie beta e a precinct Captain land, property that had Nitre value for til GFNTAT1V alt: tided b h the 1932 and the city and county tax digests. Now a $3 million Wednesday, October 9, 1974 and he oject occupies the site. Mr. LENT. Mr. Speaker, some inter t-' 153?i ~eit:clcratic N 'tonal conventions. pr Congresumin St