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December 15, 2016
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August 28, 2003
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September 9, 1974
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Approved For Release 2003/09/30 : CIA-RDP76M00527R000700160004-3 I 25X1A Page 2 6. DFM) Informed Phyllis Bacon, Assistant Chief Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Monday - 9 September 1974 CIA INTERNAL USE ONCY Clerk, Senate Armed Services Committee, that the letter to Chairman C.,-John C. Stennis (D., 'Miss.) on S. 2597 and 55767 was held up in OMB and that OMB is sending copies to the Department of Justice and the National Security Council. Miss Bacon said she,j vould pass, this information to Clark McFadden, General Counsel,' Senate Armed Services Committee. STATOTHR STATOTHR 25X1A 25X1A STATOTHR 25X1A 25X1A 8. LLM) I IChiei, WH Division, 7. = $AO) Received a' call from Pa,t Shore, on the staff of Senator Sam J. Ervin; Jr. (I).', N. Gar. ), inquiring as to whether or not we`had any information on a who had been killed 'in After discussin the case with The called that was in no way eonnected with the Agency. 'I a suggested that we refer Senator Ervin' e' office' to the Department of State. I. subsequently called Miss Shore ancrt'told her that we had no information 9,n and that she should'Yry the Department of State. No action is required. reported that State representatives had requested access to the Director's 22 April 1974 testimony on Chile before the Nedzi Subcommittee on Intelligence, House Armed Services Committee. Since access is aontrolled,by the Committee I informally sounded out Bill Hogan, of the Committee: staff,, who confirmed that access would ,be controll9dby Chairman Hebert,- that he would be glad to raise XX the matter himself but s,uiggested I contact Frank S1atltshek when he, return ~CG`1 the Wednesday fr , his drip abroad. Hogaiv.feIt it ma be necessary fe State to make a representation directly to Chairman Hebert. was informed . :,L,. QNLY # CIA INTERNAL press a aay or two axtert4e nearing.. i 9. LLM) Marian Czarnecki, Chief of Staff, Hous e Foreign Affairs Committee, called and requested that, we~ send him a copy of the Director's 11 October 1973 testimony on Chile before the Committee, which was sent to him. (Information fr.onn that transcript had been'leaked to the Approved For-Release 2003/09/30: CIA-RDP76M00527R0007001CUIZAd5/2003 25X1