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December 20, 2016
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September 22, 2006
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August 15, 1975
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Approved For Release 2007/03/06 : CIA-RDP77M00144R000300050068-3 -Coe- RET JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Friday - 15 August 1975 1. FBIS Delivered to the offices of Representatives Lester L. Wolff (D. , N. Y. ), Joshua Eilberg (D. , Pa. ) Carl Albert (D. , Okla. ) and Clement J. Zablocki (D. Wisc. ) and Senators William L. Scott (R. , Va.) and Jacob K. Javits (R. , N.Y.), FBIS items in which their names were mentioned. 2. ADMINISTRATIVE Picked up a letter for Mr. Cary from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff. 3. ADMINISTRATIVE - DELIVERIES Delivered an FOIA response to the office of Representative Richard T. Schultze (R. , Pa. ). ADMINISTRATIVE -- DELIVERIES Delivered a the office of Senator John L. McClellan (D. , Ark. ), Chairman, Senate Appropriations Committee, per arrangements made by Mr. Cary. 5. ADMINISTRATIVE - DELIVERIES Dropped off the following: (1) with Christine Cohagen of Senator Cranston's (D. , Ca.) office, our reply concerning a constituent's inquiry on the Agency's secret budget; (2) with Charlotte Wilmer of Representative John Breaux's (D., La. ) office, a suggested reply to a constituent's inquiry; (3) at House Agriculture Committee, Soviet livestock statistics for Steve Allen (staff consultant) as follow-up items to the 8 August briefing on Soviet grain; (4) at House International Relations Subcommittee on Future Foreign Policy Research, material on the PRC for Joyce Shub. 6. CONSTITUENT I called Ms. Debbie Marinern, in the office of Senator Birch Bayh (D. , Ind. ). She needed a status report: 25X1A on the case in order to respond to a constituent inquiry. I told her 25X1A that we were not yet in litigation and that the attorney for th had requested a series of documents and that the Agency was also responding to a FOI request from the family. I mentioned that the Agency had released a set of files on presidential direction several weeks ago. The foregcing seemed to satisfy her interest for the moment. My response was ba =cd on information from OGC. {fY E:QAM C.~ A, X LC.q Approved For Release 2007/03/06 : CIA-RDP77M00144R000300050068-3 Approved For Release 2007/03/06 : CIA-RDP77M00144R000300050068-3 25X1 25X1 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page /. Friday - 15 August 1975 SECRET 16. I LIAISON During the course of the day I talked separately with Clark McFadden (General Counsel, Senate Armed Services Committee), Guy McConnell (staff of Senate Appropriations Committee), Richard Moose (staff of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee) and Jack Brady (staff of the 1-louse International Relations Coznrnittee), on the issue of whether thel_ roject should be conducted under commercial contracts or under the Foreign Military Sales Act. The consensus of these individuals was that unless the Defense Department was directly involved in the contracting, they saw no reason why the negotiations should be subject to the Foreign Military Sales Act and, in fact, thought it would be more appropriate if carried out by commercial contract. They all noted that the DOD is supersensitive on this subject because of the bad experience negotiations under the Foreign Military Sales Act. However, they did. not feel this was a. sufficient reason for utilization of the Foreign Military Sales Act in this instance. Brady, who feels particularly knowledgeable in this field, said he would be happy to talk with our people further about this if we desire. I have informed the Director, of these conversations. they have had in the I Icase and other recent cases of 17. I LIAISON Talked with O Cl, about the request we received from Rich Gilmore, Senate :Frei n Relations Committee staff, for information on how we develop our crop forecasting nd also whether we share any information in this subject area with U. S. corpora- tions. I told Iwe proposed to contact Chuck Meissner, of the Committee staff, and whom we have briefed on related topics, and suggest he communicate this information to Gilmore. If Gilmore has further questions we will be glad to talk with him (and set him straight regarding our contracts with U. S. corporations) but we will not get into matters involving intelligence sources and methods. 18. LIAISON Placed a call to Tim Ingram, Staff Director, Subcommittee on Government Information and Individual. Rights, I-louse Government Operations Committee, to advise him that I had material to provide him in connection with the Subcommittee's request concerning thel case, but he was no longer in the office at 6:00 p.m. I left a message with his answering service at his home to call me over the weekend regarding this matter, but I received no call. Approved For Release 2007/03/06 : CIA-RDP77M00144R000300050068-3 Approved For Release 2007/03/06 : CIA-RDP77M00144R000300050068-3 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 2 Thursday - 14 August 1975 CONFIDENTIAL 5. CONSTITUENT Accompanied. by Mr. Gary, delivered to John Doherty, Legislative Assistant to Representative Robert J. Lagomarsino (R. , Calif. ), a suggested reply tol letter regarding merger of KGB and CIA. Doherty mentioned that he might also ask for a reply from the Senate Select Committee. No further action is necessary. 6. ADMINISTRATIVE -DELIVERIES Met with Ralph Preston, Staff Assistant, House Appropriations Defense Subcommittee, and provided him with extracts from transcripts of 2 and 3 March 1971, 3 February 1972 and a Memorandum for the Record of 8 June 1972. These related to Mr. Helms' testimony before Appropriations Subcommittee on the subject of Chile. 7. ADMINISTRATIVE-DELIVERIES Met with Rachel Bostic, on the staff of the Senate Foreign Relations , ubcom-- mittee on Arms Control, International rgai rations and ecurzty A.greerx~e:.xits, and delivered to. her a copy of Mr. Carl Duckett's 29 July 1975 testimony before the Subcommittee and answers to questions raised during the briefing and separately by Senator Stuart Symington (D. , Mo. ). Ms. Bostic indicated that George Ashworth, of the Subcommittee staff, who had requested the transcript, would review it on Monday. When the staff has completed their review of the material, they will notify us and return the material. 25X1 11 EMPLOYMENT REQUEST Met with the receptionist in Senator Jacob K. Javit's (R. , N. Y.) office, and provided 25X1A her with the Agency's response to the Senator's inquiry on behalf of I outlined the details of the matter for her and 25X1A indicated that the Agency has been in direct contact with Approved For Release 2007/03/06 : CIA-RDP77M00144R000300050068-3 Approved For Release 2007/03/06 : CIA-RDP77M00144R000300050068-3 Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Page 3 CONFIDENTIAL ADMINISTRATIVE - DELIVERIES In response to his request, left three copies of the USSR Agriculture Af-las for John Baize, I-louse Agriculture Committee staff. Kolinor, on the staff of Representative Charles H. Diggs, Jr. (D., Mich.), concerning a letter from a constituent, whhad written a letter to the Congressman with a copy to the Director of~ Personnel. After discussing the content of the letter with her, we agree 95 1 al: since it was for information only and made no requirement of the Agency that no response would be expected from us. i3.1 I LIAISON Les Janka, NSC staff, called to say he was clearing the Director's letter to Chairman John Sparkman cuaLyy Foreign Relations Committee, on Maya uez with the understanding that the first contact with the Committee on this would be a meeting between the Director and Chairman Sparkman. I told him it was our intention to (1o that, as the letter indicated, but, of course, we could not control the possibility that Sparkman would have other thoughts about it. In any event, we will keep the NSC staff informed as this situation develops. Janka also asked for, and I agreed to provide him, copies of the Post Mortem on the Mayaguez incident as well as the pertinent Situation Reports on that incident. Approved For Release 2007/03/06 : CIA-RDP77M00144R000300050068-3 Approved For Release 2007/03/06 : CIA-RDP77M00144R000300050068-3 25X1 25X1A 25X125X1A Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Thursday - 14 August 1975 CONFIDENTIAL Page 6 LIAISON Accompanied and met with Don Henderson, Deputy Chief, Sena ~~reign Relations Commi to , and left with him the Director's letter to the Chairman responding to his request for information on the Mayaguez_ incident. I told Henderson that as indicated in the letter, the Director would like to talk with the Chairman as to how this information could best be provided. Henderson said the Chairman actually is in town and he (Henderson) plans to talk with the Chairman about our reply and the State Department's reply in the next day or two. It is Henderson's expectation that the Chairman will want the. Director to brief the full Committee on the intelligence aspects of the Ma a uez incident when Congress returns from recess next month. Henderson said this is something that Richard Moose, of the Committee staff, would normally handle but in view of his proposed travel to Africa with Senator Dick Clark, he, Henderson, would be working on it and he would be back in touch with us. Counsel, Senate Armed Services Committee, to discuss interests as they relate to his visit along with Ed Braswell, Chief Counsel and Staff Director, to the Agency on Tuesday, 19 August. 22 AGENCY VISITS Called. Clark McFadden, J J. Legislative Counsel cc: O/DDCI Ex. Sec. DDI DDA DDS&T Mr. Warner Mr. Thue rme r Mr. Parmenter IC Staff EA/DDO Compt Items 9 and 11 - OP CONFIDENTIAL Approved For Release 2007/03/06 : CIA-RDP77M00144R000300050068-3