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December 16, 2016
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August 17, 2005
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May 12, 1975
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NEW YORK TIMES 12 lr1AY 1976 __--Approved. For Release 2005/08/24: CIA-RDP77M00144R000 00.90052-4 Chile `fives Free Rein to Secret Police I u;dia, unversities and govern- The secret police apparatu ti.VLLl.t al l,:3. SANTIAGO, Chile, May 5- government, in the view of Last week President Augusta human-rights lawyers ahd con- After 20 military in power C Pinochet Ugarte unveiled a new cerned clergymen. There are Chile's junta shows Series of rules to prevent "abu- five intelligence services, with few sirens of dismantling the ses of power that the Govern- one or two of then) rapidly vast apparatus of political re- anent has never approved." gaining rnore'power than the rest. network of inforers ression the 'M created c led I to '.'extirpate They; call for the punishrnent has expo lded t i-Oul-ho tnlthe of torturers and require that,shantytowns, factoncs, schools The military tool: over when new detainees be released with- t.1e country,was bitterly polar- in five days or turned over and universities. Applicants to ized between an anti-Marxist to the courts. Intelligence servi- public agencies are often rby . the alltelligance majority and a leftist minority, ces must inform a detainee's services. and rapidly drifting toward eco- dearest relatives within 48 The agents are able to ignore norms chaos and a possible civil f;ours'of his arrest.. standards of conduct set by war, But from its beginning the, Thi&. junta's domestic critics the Government for other offi- linnta has chosen to treat the) remain) skeptical because scores cials and ordinary citizens. Oc- lfollowe-s of the late President; are still arrested every weekcasionally, an intelligence offi- ealvador Allende Gassers as a, and allegations of torture con- cial'.s eccentric reputation vanquis'ied enemy capable at,l tinue to make their way into spreads beyond the confines On ic.records. of clandestine interrogation any time of easing a strong 1),V _ iIarch 19 Luis Guillermo centers. terrnrist threat. Nunez, one of Chile's best- This is -true of Conidr. Edgar T known painters, was invited Ceballos, a leader of air force According to Government es? to exhibit a st~l'ies of his works intelligence, a burly man in itiniates more than .41,000 at thd. French-Chilean Institute his early forties who has repor- people -- one of every 250 of Culture. About 500 people tedly often taken a personal Chileans-have been detained turned up at the opening exhi hand in torture. at least tr~mporarily for politi- bit of. his abstracts, oil such "6Vith leftist military officers who were detained he was,a Co.! reasons, themes as social corventicins, beast ar:d zxcrlcd the, , ove: rh 01 rrF- Ft alienation and loss of freedom, #{ ,rollrl whr) have v; i.l all I._ ,^ tinont. e. an;mom' " Despite the tact. that the , oncerned themselves with Po-I fury,' said a man v:cli-arquain- l rhativ was ~ttI onsored b fitical prisoners believe that the the French ~Emba y, it v, as ted with several of the- victiins 4l14gur r? is closer to 95,000, one) quickly closed by, the secret ~~' lttt cis ilian suspec , some -: o of lu;; cons a chi S of a.l;^inO hin- ti J 0 CC 4 the C ov, 'r,^ C'?:]i(IS ;colt) 7l -' f,-)t ' A l~ Ian !I`' J S 0 T .._ __..__?__ _ -- --' ~ ~ Ciro, , SO;tea.. C a 4 i , 1C+!!l' alt # i ;a? I ca,tt s " O.I a,liaat ri7.l r1 tr t ti "r C r t C-t3l ! L1 i 'i? 11 i, r C S C '1t17LFL'? J , ril i 1 .. . , v- Cl u~.r! t~ Uri" - N-Ilr^i'fr #?-.? , 4.} r ~I :c a, . t 1113iIC . i 1.C r.; t i tons the cig ii_'_1,,.0 Ol ~ i j. r + Mr. c ! C. f r s t,t 3, Iid~'?. ! I [ . `en A 1 in cross t -i i itt. riots 10 Chi; f'..~ S OE -1 I.-. .. .r, ill ,."l .,rl .- O 1 c r t r '.l it 1 tc,t t.'"r4C.. , i' .:C th'. ~~? _~_ rf.I '~ l.t t, r ., .. .,.ttCi lit -, . .... .1`'~ 1..,, .. ?, :~ a.- , t.. I., % 1"~L .., .-k 1 s I~ 1 O. ApproveidlF-or Release 20051..08/24 -,CIA-RDP77M00144R000500090052--4 _~.~.', .... .^rta tact i.( il:assI l'.:, ,.a..~~.i. ? Approved For Release 20NY64 )G"P7 ,AM11111 000500090052-4 12 MAY 1975 . ' r junta, .20 Months __ o r - lit Were planning to overthrow~lex was allegedlya mernberlby her son in an appeal toition with the purpose of pro- -1r. Afie:ide's Marxist regime, of an extreme left-wing group.;a Santiago court for a writ ducing the intelligence necessa- Coniniander Ceba'los succeeded Civilians hart by I ivalry of ha ,e:is corpus, :i com- ry to fornlu.late policies, pian- I`I` in o-, aimrg -'forlr. 'herd it The intelligence rivalry 'has,plain?e_I that despite his effortslning and the adoption of rnea- 'relativel, lig+it 1.>-,year sea-,occasionally enveloped civiliansito locate his mother throughisures to assure national securi - t,nct which he has been sere-ib yond suspicion of l:ftist acti-Government and military than-ty and the development of the i g as a sort of personal secre-Ivities. ~nefs, he had been unable to country." tary for the commander. On April 8 Elena Abalos;obtain any information. The same decree gives the Another protege is Adolfo Formes, a businesswoman, sat Broad Mandate Given agency unlimited access to "the Puz, a Socialist who led a in her living room negotiating DIVA is led by an army resources that are necessary bazooka attack against a police with an, officer to rent an apart- colonel, Manual Contreras, and for its financing" and allows bus during the coup. One of,with an officer to rent. an apart- most of its'egents, estiniatadlit cluty-free imports of equip? t!:. few incidents of resistance,;rnent to air force intgencellit 1,000, are array intelligencement and accessories, p'- file attack killed more than for an interrogation' center. Iofficers and enlisted men, butlmably for interrogation and ice.: a dozen policemen. . Two men in civilian clothes?it includes members of ethervestigation, `,.r. Puz has not yet been!lniockecl on her door, identified1rnilitary and pr ice branches Its agents almost always sentenced; Commander Cebai-ithenlseIves as mc:nbers of as well as a growing number wear civilian clothes, rarely acs convinced the militarylDlNA and announced that they'of women. display identification docu.. courts to try him on violation had come to arrest her. Wheal The decree creating the agen- Inents and drive in unmarke- of the arms control law, a the air force officer and Mrs.!cy at. the beginning of. 19741cars or refrigerated meat true: far lesser charge than he could Abalos Formes protested that'{ gave it a mandate broad l imported by the Allenr_ba have exo cted. she was a stanch supporter enourrh to grow into a full-IGovernment's Public D e'c T.ast month air force secvritvlof the, junta. one of the a[rent.' lf7ednecl secret police force,jment Corporation. Its i_iLerrt_~ ofticers under Conirnrznner Cc- said: ''I will give you iu lion-Itheoretically responsible only'gation centers include array ballos secretly spirited TornAslcites to get ready and come to the junta. garrisons as well as former Gonzalez Reese to sanctuary with me. If you do not I am` The decree states that theiprivate properties, the best in the Papal Nuncio's diploma-;going to get you out of heralrr;is inrl is "to er alt, infcrr-; of which is 1'illa Grimsl- IItrc residence rather 'ihan turd with my fists." lrlatirat at a national level froni!di, a on -time discotheque on him over to DINA. Mr. GonzA-I The incident was recountedithe various theaters of. opera-(the outskirts of Santiago. Approved For Release 2005/08/4 : CIA-RDP77M00144R000500090052-4 Approved For Release 2005/08/24: CIA-RDP77M00144R000500090052-4 Approved For Release 2005/08/24: CIA-RDP77M00144R000500090052-4