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December 15, 2016
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October 8, 2003
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December 10, 1974
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Contacts: 2 Calls: 1 Approved For Release 2003/10/21 : CIA-RDP77 144R000800010017-8 0 ADDENDUM TO JOURNAL OFFICE OF LEGISLATIVE COUNSEL Tuesday - 10 December 1974 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY 1. I I In connection with the pending Foreign Assistance Authorization Act, during the day sat in with the Administration team in Minority Whip Leslie Arends' (R., Ill. ) Capitol office to be available for rendering such assistance as called upon. Included in the group were: Carlyle Maw, Jim Michaels, Sam Goldberg, Governor Holton, Alex Schnee, all of State Department, and Dennis Neill, OGC/AID. As the State Department and AID were pushing very hard for the bill, they were hopeful that our plan for a colloquy between Chairman Lucien N. Nedzi, Special Subcommittee on Intelligence, House Armed Services Committee and the House floor managers, together with a suitable statement in the conference report and a statement accompanying the President's approval of the bill, would provide access on the provision limiting intelligence activities. 2. Dennis Neill, OGC/AID, said that section 22, restricting aid to Chile, was going to be challenged on a point of germaneness because it contained the words "any other act" and thus would apply to assistance beyond the scope of the Foreign Assistance Act. Neill claimed that Chairman Thomas E. Morgan, House Foreign Affairs Committee, himself would raise the point and that it had already been reviewed with the House Parliamentarian who is prepared to sustain the point. (Frank Slatinshek, Chief Counsel, House Armed Services Committee, checking on the very same point for us earlier, was advised by the Parliamentarian that the words "any other act" in the provision limiting intelligence activities could not be challenged because the matter had been reported by committee and was not a floor amendment.) CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY 25X1 Approved For Release 2003/10/21 : CIA-RDP77M00144R0008000gf 829/2003 Approved For Release 2003/10/21 : CIA-RDP77M00144R000800010017-8 25X1 Addendum to Journal - Office of Legislative Counsel Tuesday - 10 December 1974 CIA INTERNAL USE ONLY !A INTERNAL. USE ONLY Page 2 3. Sarah Cohen, OMB, called regarding a meeting being set for CPI adjustment for Thursday, 12 December, in Room 10103 New Executive Office Building at 1000 hours. I told her that rather than my attending a representative of our Personnel and Finance offices would attend. GEORGE L. CAR? Legislative Counsel 25X1A 25X1A 25X1A cc: O/DDCI Ex. Sec. DDI DDA DDS& T Mr. Warner Mr. Thuermer Mr. Lehman O EA/DDO Comptroller Item 3 - OP Approved For Release 2003/10/21 : CIA-RDP77M00144R000800010017-8