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August 7, 2006
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December 23, 1976
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Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP77M00.144R001100220003-6 OLC 76-3750 23 December 1976 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT: S. Res. 586--A Resolution Reorganizing the Committee System of the, Senate 1. S. Res. 586 was submitted on 15 October 1976 by Senators Stevenson (D., Ill.) and Brock (R., Tenn.), with 11 cosponsors. According to a memorandum prepared by W. Clark McFadden, of the Senate Armed Services Committee, a number of Senators intend that S. Res. 586 be taken up as the first order of business in the 95th Congress. According to a staffer on the Senate Rules and Administration Committee, Senator Stevenson is expected to resubmit the Resolution on 4 January; hearings already have been scheduled by the Rules Committee for 5 and 7 January. 2. Whether or not the Resolution goes anywhere, and regardless of changes that may be made to it, there are several interesting aspects of the Resolution that are or may be relevant to this Office's activities and responsibilities vis-a-vis congressional committees. (A copy of the Resolution is attached.) a. The Senate would be required to decide, before the end of the 95th Congress, whether S. Res. 400 and the Select Committee on Intelligence established thereunder should remain in force. The new Committee on Governmental Affairs would report to the Senate by 1 July 1978 "a resolution concerning the disposition of the jurisdic- tion and functions of the Select Committee on Intelligence." If the Senate thus decides that intelligence oversight is best handled by some means other than that currently employed, the present Select Committee would be dissolved early in 1979. The jurisdiction of the Select Committee is unchanged by S. Res. 586. b. According to the Report of the Temporary Select Committee to Study the Senate Committee System (chaired by Senator Stevenson and co-chaired by Senator Brock), that Committee would assign to the Foreign Relations Committee comprehensive policy oversight for national security"; the Armed Services Committee would be given the same mandate for "the common defense." MORUCDF Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP77M00144R001100220003-6 Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP77M00144R001100220003-6 c. The Committee on Armed Services also would gain jurisdiction over national security aspects of atomic energy, and joint jurisdiction with Foreign Relations over foreign military sales. According to Clark McFadden, for the first time Foreign Relations would gain explicit, though not exclusive, jurisdiction over foreign military assistance. d. The Foreign Relations Committee also would be required to study and review "matters relating to the national security policy of the United States, and report thereon from time to time. " ? e. The new Committee on Governmental Affairs would gain jurisdiction over matters now not within the purview of Government Operations, including civil service, Federal buildings, and all "Government information including freedom of information." f. The jurisdiction of the Appropriations Committee would be essentially as now. The Temporary Select Committee rejected proposals to return the appropriations function to the proper standing committees. g. Overall, the number of standing committees would be reduced to 14, with one select committee; there would be no joint committees. Senators would be limited to serving on two standing committees, one additional committee assignment, five subcommittee assignments, one committee chairmanship, and one subcommittee chairmanship on each committee. Further, in appointing Senators to committee positions, consideration will be given to the legislators present seniority and assignments. h. . The Secretary of the Senate would maintain a computerized schedule of all committee and subcommittee activities. i. New scheduling rules would restrict the times at which committee meetings could occur; roll call votes normally would not be in order before 2: 00 p.m.; and certain questions as to committee jurisdiction would be subject Distribution: 1,4 Each OLC'er , w/att OLC Subject, w/att 1 - OLC Chrono, w/o att Office of Legislative Counsel Approved For Release 2006/08/0b : CIA-RDP77M00144R001100220003-6 , (:ktober 4f0166N/91A46941%:TO 100220003-6 S 18241 2Wigrged For Rele% In view of the Senate's action in at- tempting to vacate its passage of S. 3553, there is doubt that S. 3553 has been prop- erly enrolled, and therefore I am sep- arately approving II.R. 11315 and must withhold my approval from S. 3553. GERALD a FORD. THE idyl-an:HOUSE. APPOINTMENT OF MEMBERS OF THE COMMISSION ON POSTAL SERVICE - Pursuant to the provisions of section 7(a) (1) (B) Public Law 94-421, the President pro tempore appointed as members of the Commission on Postal Service Mr. -James H. Rademacher and Ms. Rose Russell Blakely. SENATE RESOLUTION 586-SUl3M1S- gcruricrt-EsuruTroN R1sORC7C- -iraNci ThE UOMTEM OF THE' SEWAT'E (Referred to the Committee on Rules and Aairinustrabon.) --Under- authority ofthe order of the Senate of September 30, 1976, Mr. STE- VENSON and Mr. BROCK (for themselves, Mr. CRANSTON, Mr. DOLE, Mr. DOMENTCT, Mr. GRAVEL, Mr. HANSEN, Mr. HATFTELD, Mr. HATHAWAY, Mr. 1VIETCALF, Mr. MOSS, Mr. NELSON, and Mr. PAch-wooD) sub- mitted the following resolution on Oc- tober 15, 1976: - Resolved, That this resolution may be cited cited as the "Committee System Reorganiza- tion Amendments of 1977". TITLE I-STANDING COMMUMBES JURIS- . DICTION: SIZE SEC. 101. Rule XXV of the Standing Rules of the Senate is amended by striking out paragraphs 1, 2, and 3 and inserting in lieu thereof the following new paragraphs: " . The following standing commlitees slminne ap o n e SZaShuriencement a each Congress, with leave fo refilort-firbTfriiir oilierWieei-Orf matters within their respective jurisdictions: . . "(a) (1y Committee on Agriculture and Small Business, to which committee shall be referred all proposed legislation, messages, petiticittSi memorials, and other matters relat- _ing primarily to the following subjects: ?? ..n1. Agriculture and agricultural commod- ities. ?. . . "2. Inspection of livestock, meat, and agri- cultural products, ?"3. Animal industry and diseases. ''4. Pests and pesticides. "5. Agricultural extension services and ex- periment stations. "8: Forestry. ? ? - "7. Agricultural economics and research. "8. Home economics. "9. Plant industry, soils, and agricultural engineering. -10. Farm credit and farm security. "11. Rural development, rural electrifica- ? tion, and watersheds. ? "12. Agricultural Production, marketing, and stabilization of prices. "13. Crop insurance and soil conservation. "14. Human nutrition. "15. School nutrition programs. "16. Food stamp programs. "17. Small business. Food from fresh waters and the sea. 10. Irrigation and reclamation: "20. Land-use planning. "21. Regional ecoaoinic development. "(2) Such committee shall also study and review, on a comprehensive basis, matters relating to food, nutrition, and hunger, both in the United States lt ncl in foreign coon- tries, and all problems of Aniericar small buelnese enterprises and all fonts poseible in relation thereto which would not only be of public interest, but which would also aid the Congress in enacting remedial legisla- tion, and report thereon from time to time. Lab)etaommittee oe_Aprehieengationsn. to cornITS-Stei7?1-Eill-le referred all pro- posed legislation, messages, petitions, menionals, and other matters relating to the following subjects: "1. Except as provided in subparagraph (e), appropriation of the revenue for the support of the Government. ? "2. Rescission of appropriations contained In appropriation Acts (referred to in section 105 of title 1, United States Code). ''3. The amount of new spending authority described in section 401(c) (2) (A) and (B) of the 'Congressional Budget Act of 1974 provided in bills and resolutions referred to the committee under section 401(b) (2) i-.07 that Act (but subject to the provisions of section 401 (b) (3) of that Act). 't4. New advance spending authority de- scribed-in section 401(c) (2) (C) of the Con- gressional Budget Act of 1974 provided in bills and resolutions referred to the com- mittee under section 401(b) (2) of that Act (but subject to the provisions of section 401(b) (2) of that Act). "(c) (1) Committee on Armed Services, to' \VI c .? coet-F-FilitIFTMITI-5.e7-FeTeri'eci all ea-. posed legislation, messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters relating to the following subjects: "1. The common defense. - - "27-Tre ei"M'ne't----/-D? men o eferise, the De- partment of the Army, the Department of the Navy, and the Department of the Air Force, generally: . 3. Pay, promotion, retirement, and other benefits and privileges of members of the Armed Forces. "4. Military research and development. ? ' "5. Selective service system. "6. Strategic and critical materials neces- sary for the common defense. "7. Aeronautical and space activities peculiar to or primarily associated with the development of weapons systems or military operations. "8. Panama Canal Zone gofernment. "9. Foreign military sales (joint). "10. National security aspects 6t atomic energ . ) Such committee shall also study and review, on a comprehensive basis, matters re- lating to the common defense policy of the United States, and report thereon from time to time. (d) (1) Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs; to which committee shall be referred all proposed legislation, messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters re- lating to the following subjects: ? '1. Banks, banking, and financial institu- tions. ? "2. International finance, including inter- national financial and monetary organiza- tions. - e3. Financial aid to commerce and indus- try. . "4. Deposit insurance. "b. Public and private housing (including veterans' housing). "6. Federal monetary policy, including Fed- eral Reserve System. "7. Money and credit, including currency and coinage. "8. Issuance and redemption of notes. "9. Control of prices of commodities, rents, and services. "10. inamn development (except for urban mans tratne ). "11. Evonomic stabilization and tic tense production. "12. Export controls. "13. Export and foreign trade promotion. ?"14. Nursing home co Les tru c non. " (2) Such committee shall also Study and review, on a comprehensive basis, matters re- - lating to international economic polity. de- fense production and national stockpiles. economic growth, urban affairs, find Credit, and report thereon from time to time. ) Committee ete the Bnidget, to whiCh. he referred alt con- current resolutions on the budget (as defined in section 2(a) (4) of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974) and, all other mattera required to he referred to that committee under titles III and IV of that Act, and mes- sages, petitions, memorials, and other mat- ters relating thereto. "(2) Such committee shall have the duty- ? ? "(A) to report the 111 atters required to he reported by it under titles III and IV of the Congressional Budget-Act of 1974; "(13) to make continuing studies of the effect on budget outlayi; of relevant e,:isting and proposed legislation and to report the re- _sults of such studies to the Senate' on a re- curring basis; . "(C) to request and evaluate continuing. ? studies of tax expenditures to devise meth- ods of coordinating tax expenditures, policies, and programs with direct budget outlays, and to report the results of such studies to the Senate on a recurring basis; and "(D) to review, on a continuing basis, the conduct by' the Congressional Budget (Dace of its functions and duties. "(3) Such-committee shall also steady and review, on a comprehensive basis. matters re- lating to economic policy. public and prl-- vate pension programs, priorities and econ- omies in Government, the annual Economia ? Report of the President, and the budget data submitted by the President pursuant to see- .tion 605 of the Congressional Budget Att of 1974, and report thereon front time to time. - "(1) (1) Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation, to which committee shall be referred all proposed legislation, ,. messages, petleions, memorials, and other - matters relating to the following subjects: . . "1. Interstate commerce. Transportation. ? "3. Regulation, of interstate common car- riers, including -raiiroads, buses, trucks, ves- ? sels, pipelines, and civil aviation. ? ? "4. Merchant marine and navigation. - '5. Coast Guard. "6. Inland waterways. "7.. Communications. - "8. Regulation of consumer products and services.? . -"9. Interoceanic canals. - "10. Standards and measurement. 7 "11. Construction and maintenance ' of highways, and highway safety. "12. 'Urban mass transit. ? "13. Scientific engineering and technology research and development. "14. Nonmilitary aeronautical and space sciences. ? - Science engineering, and technology "16. National Science Foondation.' "(2) Such committee shall ale,o study and. review, on a comprehensive heels, all matters relating to science and technology, transpor- tation, communications, and consumer af- fairs, and report thereon from time to time. "(g) Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, to which committee shall be re- ferred all proposed legislation. messages, pe- titions. memoriala, and other matters relat- ing to the following subjects: "1. Energy policy. "2. Energy regulation and conservation. ":3. Energy research and development. - "4. Solar energy systems. "5. Nonmilitary development of nuclear energy. "8. Naval petroleum reserves. '7. Oil and gas production and cli3trIbtt- tion. "8. Extraction of minerals from, outer con- tinental shelf la-nds. Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP77M00144R001100220003-6 S 18242 -Approved Fora50,,ignEad9R. Lt,.!t5W)11M1.4fiR001100226epei. 26,1910 , ? "9. Energy releted aspects of deepwater ports. h10. Hydroelectric; newer. - "11. Coal, production, Oistribution, and "12. Public lands and foreete, -including farming and grazing thereon, and mineral, extraction therefrom. "13. National pare, recreation areas, wild- erness areae, historical sites, military parks and battleteld.s, and lessservation of prehis- toric ruins and objects of Interest on the public domain. "14. Mining, mineral lands, mining claims, and mineral. conservation. - "15. Mining education and research. 16. Native American land management and trust responsibilities. "(2) Such committee shall also study and review, on a comprehensive. basis, inetters relating to energy and resources develop- ment, and report thereon from time to time.- "(h) (1) Committee on Environ cob and Public Works, to which committee shall be - referred all proposed legislation, messages, petitions. memorials, and other matters re- lating to the following subjects: "1. Environmental policy. "2. Environmental research and develop- Mena _ "3. Oceans; weather, and atmospheric activities. ?'4. Fisheries and. wildlife. '5. Coastal zone management. "8. Outer Continental Shelf lance, (except extraction of minerals therefrom). "7. Ocean dumping. Solid waste disposal and recycling. "9. Toxic substances. s "10.,Envirortmental- effects of pesticides. "11. Water resources. "12. Flood control and Improvements. of rivers and herbors. "13. Public works, bridges, and dams. . "14. Water pollution. '15. Air pollution. . "16. Noise pollution. "17. Nonmilitary environmental regulation and control of atomic energy. "(2) Such committee shall also study and review: on a comprehensive basis, matters. relating to environmental protection and re- source utilization and conservation, and re- port therepn from time to time. "(1) (1) Committee on Finance, to which -committee shall be referred all proposed leg- islation, messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters relating to the following sub- - jects; "1. Except as provided in the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, revenue measures gen- erally. . "2. Except as provided in the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, the bonded debt of the United States. "3. The deposit of public. moneys. "4. Customs collection districts, and ports of entry and delivery. "5. Reciprocal trade agreements. "6. Transportation of dutiable goods. Revenue measures relating to the insu- lar posstessiens. "3. Tarins and import quotas. and matters related thereto. "0. National social security, - "10. General revenue sharing. '12) Such committee shall also study and review on a comprehensive basis and report thereon from time to time- -(A) the operations and effects of theln- tereat revenue laws; and "(B) the revenue policy of the United Status. ?-th ( 1) Committee Cu noreign peletems, to-wittarnn. eeeratteeFelleill-h-e -tate:red nil pro- posed legislation. eleeeag,es. petitions, me- - modals, and other matters relating to the followina subjects: "1. Itelatione cf the United States with 'foreign nations generally. "2. Treaties apse execsattive aerseme_ness, nee tfii-Fi'-i:iTiTriZtif, ere-he- egreereents. -3. Boundarliie af the UtAiXt1 States. ? "4. Protection ot United Statee citizteas abroad awl expatriation. ? "5. Entervetitioa abroad met declarations of war. "6. Foreign econernta. military technical. and humanitarian eesistance. "7. United Nations and, its wee:Hated terga- nizatIons.. Inetrnatioual conferences and con- gresses. "9. Diplomatic service ..n."10. Foreign military sales (joint). - **(a.leatiteheemamittee shall also study and review on a cerrinifelitinsits. eir-iteLa-----mattere xer.it I 1-, ttonAl $e4: u t 4:S rt. f::? 'Li 1r,z,m. -Ecns::17tv ---ellereartarifenateae Ceestrenesteal Af- fairs to which committee shall les referiese all proposed leeislation, meseagern petitiope. megtorials, and other nitieteas selatieg to the following subjects; . "1. Except, as provided in the Congress-. atonal. budget Act of 1974. budget and ac- counting measures, other th.au eppropria- tione. "2. Organization. and reorganization of the executive branch of the Goeernment. "3. Intergovernmental relations. . "4. Government information, including freedom of information. "5. Municipal affairs of the, Dietrict of Co- . Jumble, except appropriations thetnfor. ? -6, Acquisition of land and buildings for' embassies and legations in foreign countrlee. "7. Insular possess.sione a the United States. `13. Federal civil service. "9. Status of officers and employees of the United State*. including their clas,eification, compensation arra benents. "10. Postal service. "lle Census and collection of statistics; In eluding economic, sociel, and labor-statistics. - "12. Archives of the United States. ... "13: Public buildings and grounds. ' "14. Federal buildings and parks within 'the District of Columbia. . . "15. United -States Capitol and congres- sional office buildings. "16. Construction and maintenance of the Botanic Garden, the Library of Congress, anti the Smithsonian Institution. ? - ."(2) Such committee shall have the duty ofa- --"-(A) receiving and examining reports of 'the Comptroller General of the United States and of submitting such recommendations to the Senate as it deems necessary or desirable in connection with the subject matter of such reports; ? . "(B) studying the efficiency, economy, and effectiveness of all agencies and departments of the Government; "(C) evaluating the effects of lawn enacted to reorganize the legislative and executive brancbes-of the Government; "(De studying the intergovernmental rela- tionshires between the United States and the States and municipalities, and between the . United States; and international organiza- tions of whien the United States is a member_ (1) Committee on Human Resources, to which committee shall be referred all pro- posed legislation, messages, petitions, memo- rials, and other mattets relating to the fol- lowing :subjects: -1. Measures relating to education, labor, health and public welfare. "2. Vocational education. _ , "3. Vocational rehabilitation. "4. Equal employment opportunity. - "5. Occupational safety and health, In- cluding the welfare of miners. "6. Private pension plans. ?"7. Aging. 'Se Reale-ay labor and rearetnent. '9. Fiesta: health. "10. AI le; and humanities. , ? Gsre. odd t ,College, Tionard Unieestity? and Saint in tzabeth Hospital. '12, Biomedical research run? develeptnent. "13. Student loans, "Fl. Native American education, health, social .servicets and losnt programs. "15. Veteratee' measures, except for hous- ing. "16. Agricultural colleges. "17. Overseas ? education of civilian and military dependents. "(2) Such committee shall also study and review, on a comprehen.sive basis, meners relating to health, education and traening, aging end the problerns of the elderle, come. rnsinteuance, and Native Arian-man affaire, and report ? thereon from time to tine- (as) Committee on the ate:lice-try. to which committee ehell be. referred, all pro- - posed legislation, messages, petitions, memo-. nate, and other matters relating to the fol- _ lowing subjects: ? . "1. Judicial proceedings, civil and crimi- nal, generally. "2. Constitutional amendments:- "3. Federal courts and judges. ?? "4. Local courts in the territories and pos- sessions. . ? . . "5. leavieion and codification of the statu tee of the United States. - "6. National penitentiariea_ "7. Protection of trade and commerce against unlawful restraints and monopolies. "8-: Holidays. and celebrations. "9. Bankruptcy, pantiny, espionage, and counterfeiting. , . , .. "10. State and territorial boundary lines. "11. Meetings of Congress, attendance. or . Members, and their acceptance of incom- patible fences. "12. Civil liberties. "13. Petents,. copyrights, and trademarks. "14. Patent Office-. - "15. Immigration anti naturelization. "16. Apportionment of Representatives.- "17. Measures relating to claims.. against - the United States.. "18. Interstate compacts. generally... "(n) (1) Committee on Rules, Adaninistree tion, and Standards,' to which committee shall be referred all proposed legisletion, messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters relating to the following subjects: "1. Matters relating to the payment money out Of the contingent fund of ? Senate or creating a charge upon the seatan- except that any resolution relating to sub- stantive matter within the jurisdiction of any other standing committee or the Senate shall be first referred to such committee. - "2. Except as Provided In esibi3areerapli (k), matters relating to the Library of Con- gress, the Government Printing Office, find the Senate Library; statuary and pictures; acceptance or purchases of works of art for the Capitol; the Botanic Gardens; manage- ment of the Library of Congress; piarcneee of books and Manuscripts:. erection of moitu- merits to the memory of individuals. . "3. Except as provided in subparagraph ? (k), matters relating to the Smithsonian In-. . stitution and the incorporation of similar inetituttons. ? "4. Matters relating to. the election of the President, Vice President, or Members of Congress; corrupt practices: contested elec- tions; credentials and qualifications; Federal elections generally; Presidential suers-aeon. "5. Matters- relating to parliamentary rules; floor and eallery rules; Senate Restaurant; administration of the Senate Office Buildings and of the Senate wing of the Capitol; as- signment of ?Moe space; and servicee to the Senate. Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP77M00144R001100220003-6 OciQber 20Med For Releo-RWftfygiatA-Rp.83/zINSLIgfRcikanooncioo376 6. Matters relating, to printing and cor- rection of the Congressional Record. ? "(ee Such committee also have the duty of assigning office space in the Senate wing of the Capitol and in the Senate Ofilce "(3) It shall be the duty of such commit- tee to? "(Al receive complaints and investigate allegations of improper conduct which may reflect upon the Senate, violations of law, and violations of rules and regulations of tile Senate, relating to the conduct and individuals in the performance of their du- ties as Members of the Senate, or as officers or employees of the :senate, and to make ape proprlate findings of fact and conclusions with reenect thereto; ? "(B) recommend to the-Senate by report or resolution by a majority vote of the full committee disciplinary action to be taken with respect to such violations which the committee shall determine, after according to the individuals concerned rine notice and opportunity for hearing, to have occurred; "(C) recommend to the Senate, by report or resolution, such additional rules or regu- lations as the committee shall determine to be necessary or deshable to lesure proper standards of conduct by Members of the Senate, and by officers or employees of the Senate, in the performance of, their duties and the discharge of their responsibilities; and "(D) report violations by a majority vote of the full committee of any law to the proper federal and State authorities. "(4) Such committee shall also-- "(A) make a continuing study of the orgae nization and operation of the Congress of the United States and shall recommend im- provements In such organization and opera- tion, with a vies,/ toward strengthentn,e Con- gress, simplifying its operations, improving its relationships with other branches of the 'United States Government, and enabling it better to meet its responsibilities under the Constitution of the United States; and "(B) identify any court proceeding or ac- tion which, in the opinion of the Committee, 13 of vital interest to the Congress as a con- stitutionally established institution of the federal Government and call such proceed- ing or action to the attention of the Senate. "2. Each standing committee may study ? and. review tax expenditures related to sub- ject matters within its jurisdiction, and submit reports and its recommendations with respect thereto. "3. Except as otherwise provided by para- graph 6 of this 'rule, the standing commit- tees shall consist of the number of Senaters set forth in the following table on the line on which the name of that committee appears: Committee Members ? Agriculture and Small Business 15 --Appropriations 22 --Armed Service 15 ? Banking. Housing and Urban Affairs 15 ? ...Budget 15 Commerce, Science, and Transporta- tion 17 Enerev and Natural Resources 17 Envirceintent ancinsublic,Works 15 ? Finance 15 Foreign Relations_ 15 Governmental Affairs 15 }Inman Resources 15 judiciary 15 Beim Adinteietration. and Staeclards_ 9.", TITLE II?COMMITTEE ASSIGNMENTS: CHAIRMANSHIPS Sec. 201. (a) Paragraph 6 of rule XXV of rhe Standing Rules of the Senate is amended . to read as foilows: -6. (a) Except as otherwise provided by thiS paragraph? (I) each Senator shall serve on two and no more standing committees; and (2i each. Senator may serve on only one select, speci1.1, or ad hoc committee of the Senate or joint committee of the Congress, "(b) (I) Senator may serve on nob more than two subcommittees of each stand- ing conatutta of which he IJ a member. e(2) Each Senator may serve on only one stemmeeniatee of each select, special, or ad ho0 committee of the Senate or joint coos- mir.tee of the Congress of which he is a member. "(3) No standing, select:, special, or acl hoc committee of the Senate may establish any sub-unit of that committee other than a. subcommittee, unless the Senate by resolu- .tion has given .permission therefor. For pur- poses of this subparagraph, any sub-unit of is joint gonna:ate.) shall be treated as a sub- committee. "(c) 13y at:rem:mat entered. into by the majority loader and the minority' leader, the mernh?rship of one or more standing com- mittees may he increased temporarily from time to time by such number or numbers as may be required to accord to the- majority party a majority of the membership of all standing committees. When any, such tem- porary increase is necessary to accord to the majority party a majority of the membership of all standing committees, members of the majority party in such number as racy be required for that purpose may serve as mem- bers of three standing committees. No such temporary increase in the membership of any standing committee under this subpara- graph shall be continued in effect after the need therefor has ended. No standing corn- mitte may be increased in membership under this subpaeagraph by more than two mem- bers in excess of the number prescribed for , that committee by paragraph 3 of this rule. "(d) Any Senator who by reason of his being chairmarmof a standing committee is required by law to serve on more than one joint committee of the Congress may serve on each such joint committee, but such Sen- ator may not serve on any select, special, or ad hoe committee of this Senate-. _ r. "(e) (1)- No Senator shall serve at any time as chairman of more than one stand- ing, select, epecial, or Sc) hoc committee of the Senate or joint committee of the Congress. "(2) No Senator shall serve est any time as chairman of more than one subcommittee of each standing, special, select, or ad hoe committee of the Senate Or joint committee) of the Congress of which he is a member. "(f) Until that date occurring tinrine, the first session of the Ninety-sixth Congress upon which the appointment of the majority and minority members of the standing com- mittees is initially completed, "(1) membership on the Committee on the Budget shall not be taken into account for purposes of subparagraph (a) (1): and "(2) the Committee on the Bude.et shall be treated as a committee referred to in sub-. paragraph (a)(2).", (b) Rule XV/ of the Standing Rules of the Senate b amended 'by striking out para- graph 6'. (S) (1) SecrlonI-I 2 rera.F. eloetatellueseintiOnt.A.Q.O. 7?7 i,;'L-rqZ1170Q717iii:(!.a%1:5A!amirffz- (Ails.- striking "Rava.erann 610" in the last 3enteii-e-e7cir-S-UV.eOtiiiri-(e) in lieu theroTir'ThAftiffiTdpli.0(e) (1)"" 03) by strWng..tni.t subsection (rn. ? (i3.)35:rittat: cite-oaenrrinT firt rs,lon or t?'.e Nmerv-si,r7 Comi:rege, :..--111rY ": cereel,'_:- ? fe.':s: is rriitiri177 certIn'e?it,j, gaisle f?7:s-,--1"1:100 is rest 1e d. (3) Not later than Juiy I, 0)73, the Com- initt,...e on Gol,!rhmentRi t its shill-'ronort po,!i! ion of Its jurisdiction ilnd firections of the S?Fdect artrrt. ^frrn-trz: (d) (I) got later tbati-Til.;11:-.1-f5TrThe ap- S 18943 proprtate standing committees shall report legislation terminating the statutory author- ity of the following joint committees of the Congress and transferring their functivs to the appropriate standing committees of the Senate and the House of Representatives (to the extent such. functions are not then ve?.teri In sucli ste_nd!ng committees) or other ap- proprlat.: bodies: (A) Joint Committee on Atomic Energy: (11) JOilat Committee on Congressional Operations: (Cy Joint Committee on Defense Produc- tion; ? (D) Joint Economic Committee; (E) Joint Committee on the Library; , (E) Joint Committee on. Printing; and (G) Jeint Cornini..tee on Internal Revenue Taxation. No pcaposed legislation hall he referred In the Senate to any joint committee of the. Cc.,-ngre.,is and no p:oposed. legislation re- ported by any such jt-inc committee &hail ha received. in the Senate. (2) Not later than July 1, 1977, the appro- priate standing committees shall report legis- lation establishing a Congressional Revenue' Office, to be staffed initially by the staff of the Joint Committee on Internal Revenete Taxation and to be primarily responsible to the Committee on Ways and Means and the Committee on Finance. (3) Until the termination of the joint connnittees referred to in paragraph (1), vacancies occurring in the Senate member- ship of any such. joint committee shall be filed, consistent with the provisions or para- graph 6 of rule XXV of the Standing Rules of the Senate, by the appointment of Sena- tore who are members of the standing corn- mitteee .of the Senate which have jurisdic- tion over the subject matters with respect to which such joint comtnittee exercisas its functions. The preceding sentence shall not apply' (but paragraph 6 of rule XXV of the Standing Rules of the Senate shall apply), to any joint committee the Senate inembe..rs of which are required by law to he appointed from one or more specified standing commit- tees of the Senate: ? (e) Senate Resolution 58, Eighty-first Congress, and Senate Resolution 338, Eighty- eighth Congress, are repealed. (f) It is the sense of the Senate that in appointing Senators to the standing commit- tees pursuant to the Standing Rules of the. Senate (as amended by this resolution) and in establishing seniority of Senators on such standing committees, first and full consid- eration should be given to those Senators who, on October 1; 1970, were serving as chairmen and ranking minority members. Of standing committees whose jurisdictions are transferred to, or consolidated. in, other standing committees and as chairmen and ranking minority members of select or special committees and subcommittees of standing committees whose jurisdiction and func- tions are so transferred or consolidated. TITLE III?muLTIBLE REFERRAL OF PRO- . POSED LEGISLATION: ESTABLISHMENT OF AD HOC COMMITTEES inc. 801. (a) Rule 'XXVI of the Standing Rules of the Senate is amended by ad;ling at the end thereof the following new para- graph: "3. (a) Except as provided in this para- graph and paragraph. 4, in any case In whioh a controversy arises as to tile Jurisdiction of any committee of the Senate with respect to anv proposed legislation, the question of je- rlediction shall be deckled by the presiding; officer of the Senate, without debate. in favor of that comnittee which has jurisdiction over the subject matter which predominates in such orenosed le.glslation: hut such deci- sloe shall be subject to an appeal. "(b) (1) Upon motion by the Majority leader or his designee made for himself anti Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP77M00144R001100220003-6 S 18244 Approved FoctiftReEMMOVD9E{P-730.61PlititR001100220(45141* 26, 1976.. the Minority Leader or his deagnee, pro- posed legislation may he referred to two or more committees joirtly or sequin-Ai:lily. No- tice of such motion tied the proposed legisla- tion to which it relate; shall be printed in the Coneressionat Pecoid. The motion shall be privileged, but It entril not be In order until the Congressional Record in which the ' notice is printed has been available to Sen- ators for at least iweiity-four hours. NO amendment to any such motion shall be In order except amendments to any instructions contained therein. Debate on any such nio- tion, and all amendments thereto and tie- batabie motions and appeals In connection therewith, shall be limited to.reot more than two hours, the time to be equally divided between, and controlled by, the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader or their designees. "(2) Proposed legislation which is referred to two or more eortanittoes jointly may he reported only by such committees jointly and only one report may accompany any pro- posed legislation so jointly reported. "(3) A motion to refer any proposed legis- lation to two- or mare committees sequen- tially shall specify the order of referral. "(4) Any motion under this subparagraph May specify the portion or portions of pro- posed legislation to be considered by the committees, or any of them, to which such ? proposed legislation is referred, and such committees or committee shall be limited, in the consideration of such proposed legisla- tion, to the portion or portions so specified. "(5) Any motion under this subparagraph may contain instructions with respect to the time allowed for consideration by the com- e mittees, or any of them, to, which proposed legislation is referred and the discharge of such committees, or any of them, from fur- ther consideration of such proposed legis- lation.". (b) Section 137 of the Legislative Reorga- nization Act of 1946 is repealed. . SEC. 302. Rule XXVI of the Standing Rules of the Senate (as amended by section 301 of this resolution) is amended by Adding at the end thereof the following new paragraph: '4. (a) A resolution submitted by the Ma- jority Leader- or his designee for himself . and the Minority Leader or his designee - which establishes an ad hoc committee to consider proposed legislation which falls within the jurisdiction of two or more com- mittees of the Senate and which conforms to the requirements of this paragraph shall be privileged. Any such resolutien shall? "(1) specify the subject matter or matters - over which the ad hoc committee shall have jurisdiction; _ . "(2) specify the -number of members to serve on the ad Into committee; "(3) provide that the members of the ad hoe committee from the majority party shall be appointed by the Majority Leader, after. consultation with the chairmen of the com- mittees whose jurisdiction Is Involved (which committees shall be named in the resolu- tion); tt "(4) provide that the members of the ad hoc committee from the minority party shall he appointed by the Minority Leader. after consultation with the ranning minority ? members of the committees whose jurisdic- tion Ic Involved; "(I) provide that the Majority Leader shall eppoint the etudernan of the ad hoc committee: "nit provide that the expellees of the ad hoc committee shall be paid out of the con- tingent fund of the Senate, and specify any limitatioa on the amount of :each expenses; aud -(7) specify the period of exiatence of the ad hoc committee, which ehall not extend beyond the end of the Congress in which it is established. "(to) ( I) A resolution desreized. In sub- paragraph (a) alrall not be referred to a cot mirtee bet shall be placed on the calen- dar -under the heacline "General Orders", and ehall he printed In the Congressional Record. It shall he in tinier after the third den foilmaing the Introduction of any such resolution, but not before, to move to pro- ceed to its coneideration. Ditiette on any such motion, and all debatable motions and ap- peals in connection therewith. shall be thin lted to not more than. one hour, ihe nine to be equally divided between, and, controlled by, the. Majority loader and the atioority Leader or their designees. "(2) Debate on any such resolution. arid all amendments thereto and debatable mo- tions and appeals In connection therewith, shall be limited.to riot more than five: hours, the time to he equally divided between, and corrtrolleft. et, the Majority Leader and the. Minority Oeacier or their &eat:enter_ "f,c1 Notteetleae? reline pers :tarn I of rule XXV ood petal:no-eon 3 of tele eate, rfk pro- posed legislation reieting to the tatinect Mate ter oe metiers over which an :ed fen commit- tee ,established- pursuant to eeOperagraph (a) has jurisdiction (as specitied intise reso- lution establishing that ad hoc conamittee) shall be referred to that ad hoc committee, "(d) An ad hoe committee established pun suant to this paragraph shall have power to report proposed legislation, and shell have the. powers conferred upon standing etnennittees. by section 134(a) of l the Legislative ineorgant- zatIon Act of 1946. The provisions of section 133 of the Legislative Recffganization Act of 1946 shall apply to any such ad hoe com- mittee. For purposes of the Standing Rules and other 'rules of the Senate (including provisions of the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946 enacted as rules of the Senate), 'an ad hoc committee established pursuant. to this paragraph shall be treated as a special committee of the Senate. "(e) With the approval of the chairman and ranking minority member of the corn- inittee .concerned. an sel hoe committee es- tablished pursuant to this paragraph may utilize the personnel, services, and facilities of any other committee of the Senate-. "(I) Beginning with the- day on which a resolution described in subparagraph (a) is introduced and until such resolution is die- posed of, any proposed legislation introduced which involves any of the subject matters specified in such resolution shall not be re- ferred to a committee, but shall be printed in the Congressional Record of the day on which introduced.". TITLE IV?SCHEDULING OF COMMITTF.E . MEETINGS - Sec. 401. (a) Under the supervision and di- rection of the Majority Leader; the Minority Leader, and the Committee on Rules, Ad- ministration, and Standards, the Secretary of the Senate shall establish and maintain zet computerized sehedule of all meetenee Cbmnrirt, eea tor .i.enannarre?Stirahlbrorririnta" fees thereof, arid of all meetineteseef joint'cOM- rfattrre-Ctonetress ( nein itiirret -Cteitilii it- ee nclal lltlefactorifitilt?ee'S there ot. Such schedule shall be iro7MWeeel on-leree ? irTtermiriais in the offiee,e of all Senatore, committees of the Senate. and permanent, joint commiatees of the Congress, and shall be up-tiated hourly. (let Each conimittee of the Senate, and each subcornrnittee thereof, ettall notify The Secretary of. the Senete cut each meeting of such ccaninittee or subcommittee. Including the time period or periods (tie prescribed in peiagrapri 9 of rule XXV of the Standing Rules of the Se.nete). the place. and Ore pur- pose of such meeting. The Senate neembere of any joint committee of tee congress or of a subcommittee thereof sten cause notice to given to the e.ecretaty of the Senate of each meeting of such joint committee-or sub- committee, including the Orn'. place, and perpos of such meetizet. subsection shall -.?e given inmenleireiy upon scheduling a meet ing. (c) Each committee of the Senate, .aatd each &u.hcommlWe thereof, shalt notify the Secretary at the Senate iminedlately eipoul. the cancellealon of it. rneetine, it Elena come ttee or sulecommi Wane The Senate teen-Alma of any Joint committee of the Cougress or any subcommittee thereof shall l'a.11Sk, notice to be given, to the Secretary or the Senate Immediately upon the cancellation or a meet- ing of such joint COMIXMCCO c,r enticammit- t"(d) 'Until appropriations are nieee theee-? for, the expenses incored in carrying out the provisions of this section shall be paid from the continent fund of the Senate on vouch- ers signed by the Secretary of the Senate_ SEC. 402. (a) Subparagraph (a) of para- graph 7 of rule XXV of the Standing Itulee of the Senate is amended to react as folios-et "(a) No committee of the Senate or any subecoomittee thereof 'may meet, wireekio, spec-tat heave, after the conclusion or tlie fOet tAVO hour; eller a meeting of the Seriate hiss commenced Et Ild ilk lit, Ci;:lo after two cnclocit postmeridian 'unless 'coneent therefor- nes been obtained .from the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader (or in the event of the absence of either of such loaders, from his designee). The prohibition contained In the preceding sentence shall not_ apply to the Committee on Appropriations or the Committee on the Budget. The. Senate mem- bers of any joint committee of the Coneeeee, (other- than a committee of conference) nary riot, without special leave attend any me.et- log of the joint committee or any subcom- mittee thereof after the conclusion of the .first two hours-after a meeting of the Senate has commencec1 and in no case after two o'clock postmeridian unless consent there- for has been obtained from the Majority Leader and the Minority Leader (or in the event of the absence of either of such Lead- ers, from his designee). The Majority Leeder or his designee shall announce to the Sen- ate whenever consent has been given un.der this subparagraphdr. (h) Rule XXV of the Standing Rules of the Senate is amended by adding at the. end thereof the following new paragraph: _ "9. Morning meetings of committees of the Senate and subcommittees thereof shall be scheduled for one or both of the periods prescribed In this paragraph. The first period. shall end at eleven o'clock antemeridian. The second period shall begin at eleven o'clock antemeridian and end at two o'clock postmeridian.". (c) Section 134(c) of the Legislative Re- organization Act of 1946 is repealed. See. 403. (a) The Majority Leader shalt, from time to time and as far In advance as is practicable, announce to the Senate those days on which he plans to have the Senate meet and the hour at which he plans to le a. ze the Senate meet on each day. In order n; provide the maximum amount of time fee- meetings of committees, the Senate encerld meet only on as many days as are neceaeitry for- the. proper conduct of Its business end to comply with the Constitution of the 'United States, and should not meet on itny day before the hour regularly prescribed tor commencement of dalter sessions unless the business of the Senate so requires. - . (b) Paragratett 3 of rule VII of the Stand- ing Rules of the Senate is amended by etrrie- log "until the hour of I o'clock has arrived" and inserting In lieu thereof "until the con-. elusion of one hour after the meeting of the Senate was commenced". (c) Rule VIII of the Standing Renee of the Senate is emended by striking out "2 certhear" cxi peragraphs 1 and 2 fil1C1 inserting In lieu thereof "the conclusion (if two hours atter the meeting of the aomate kcrk, k El) Mee XII of the Standing Rules tbe Senate Is amended by adding at the end thereof the following new paragraph: "4. Any roll call vote ordered during the first tsvo hours of a daily meeting of the Sen- Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP77M00144R001100220003-6 ?-,Octotter 26, 1976 - . CONGRESSIONAL RECORD-SENATE S 18245 Awroved For Release 2006/08/09 ? CIA-RDP77M00144R001100220003-6 ate shall not be held b re two o'cloek POSt 19'76, stated that he had approved S. 2942, An Act for the relief of Kenrick Withington Brookes (also known as Kenrick Withing,ton Clifton.) S. 2991, An Act to amend the Hazardous Materials Tranportatiou Act to authorize appropriations, and for other purposes. S. 3050, An Act to authorize the Secretary of the Department in which the Coast Guard is operating to lease housing facilities for Coast Guard personnel in it foreign country on a multi-year basis. S. 3149, An Act to regulate commerce and protect human health and the environment by requiring testing and necessary use re- strictions on certain. chemical substances, and for other purposes. S. 3757, An Act for the relief of Walter Louis Laqueur and his wife Barbara Auguste Helene Koch Liiqueur. October 12, 1970: S.J. Res. 181, Joint Resolution to authorize the erection of the American Legion's Free- dom Bell on lands of the park system of the District of Columbia, and for other purposes. S. 1414, An Act to amend the, Commercial Fisheries Research and Development 'Act of 1064 to change certain procedures in. order to improve the operation of the programs ' under such Act and to make the Trust Ter- ritory of the Pacific Islands eligible to par- ticipate in such programs. S. 1506, An Act to amend the Wild and. Scenic Rivers Act, and for other purposes. 8. 2228, An Act to amend the Public Works and Economic Development Act of 1963, as amended, to extend the authorisations for a three-year period. - - S. 2657, An Act to extend the Higher Ede- . cation Act of 1985, to extend and revise the Vocational Education Act of 1963, and .for Other purposes. ? ? S. 3035, An Act for the relief of Alice W. 'Olson, Lisa Olson Hayward, Eric Olson, and -Nils Olson. " October 13, 1976:: ? ' ? . S. 3383, An Act to authorize and direct-the Secretary of Commerce to develop a national policy on weather modification, and for-other purposes. October 14, 1976: .8.3. Res. 126, Joint Resolution consenting to an extension and renewal of the interstate Compact to conserve oil and gas. S.J. Has. 209, Joint Resolution authorizing the President to proclaim the week of Octo- ber 10 throueh 16, 1978, as "Native American. Awareness Week". S. 3441, An Act to authorize the Architect of the Capitol to perform certain work on and maintain the historical sections of the Congressional Cemetery and to study and formulate proposals for renovation and per- manent maintenance of such sections by the United States, October 15, 1976: S. 726, An Act to direct the Secretary of the :Interior to convey, for fair market value, certain lands to Valley County, Idaho. S. .969, An Act to amend title 38, United States Code, to, set a termination date for _ vetsrans' educational benefits under chapters 34 and 36, to incre-se vocational rehabilita- tion subsistence allowances, educationel and training assistance allowances, and special allowances paid to eligible veterans and per- soes under chapters 31, 34, and 35; to extend the basic educational assistance eligibility for vete.rans and for certain dependents from thirty-six to forty-five months; to improve and expand the special programs for educa- tionally disadvantaged veterans and service- - men under chapter 34; to Improve and ex- pand the education loan program for veter- ans and persons eligible for benefits under chapter 31 or 35; to create a new chapter 32 (Post-Vietnarn Era. Veterans' Educational Assbtance program) for those entering mili- tary service on or after January 1, 1977; to make other improvements in the educational assistance program; to clarify, codify, and -meridiem unless ordered otherwise by the Senate, ort a previous calendar day, by a majority vote or by unanimous consent.". TITLE V--CONTINUING REVIEW OF THE COMMITTEE SYSTEM SEC. 501. (a) The Majority Leader and the Minority Leader shall review, on a continu- ing basis, the committee system of the Sen- ate and the standing rules and other rules of the Senate related thereto. (b) During the second regular session of each Congress, the Majority Leader and the . Minority Leader shall submit to the Senate a report of the results of their review under subsection (a) during that Congress. Such . report shall include their recommendations - (if any) for changes in the committee system of the Senate and the standing rules tlhd other rules of the Senate related thereto. The Majority Leader anti the Minority Leader may submit, from time to time, such other reports and recommendations with respect ' to such committee system and rules as they deem appropritae, . (c) At the request of the Majority Leader - or Minority Leader, the Secretary of the Sen- ate, the Secretary for the Majority, and the Secrertery for he Minority shall provide such . assistance as may be requested to assist them ..in carrying out their cluties and responsibil- - !ties under this section. TITLE VI-AMENDMENTS NOT WITHIN A. - comivirrv:Tr's JURISDICTION SEC. 601. The Standing Rules of the Sen. ate are amended by adding at the end thereof the following new rule: ? . "ItIME JaN-COMMITTEE AMENDMENTS !. NOT WITHIN ITS JUIVSDICTION "1. A committee shall not report any bill or resolution with any proposed committee amendment (other than a technical, clerical, or conforming amendment) which Contains any matter not within the jurisdiction of that committee. If any bill or resolution is .reported to the Senate with any such pro- posed committee amendment. a Point of order may be made agains the bill or reso- lution and, if the point is sustained, the bill or resolution shall be recommitted to the committee which reported it. "2. Paragraph I shall not apply to an ap- propriation bill or resolution reported by the Committee on AppropriatIons.". l'ITLE VII-IVLi5CELLANE0 CIS Sac. 701. This resolution anti the amend- ments to the Standing, Rules of the Senate made by this resolution shall take effeet on the thirtieth day after the day on which thq resolution is agreed to. Sac. 702. To the extent necessary to carry 'out the provislots of pargaraph 1 of rule -.;c101 of the Standing Rules of the Senate (as amended by title I of this resolution), all proposed legislation and nominations re- ferred before the effective date of this resolu- tion to the standing committees of the Sen- ate shall be rereferred on such effective date to the appropriate standing committees. Sap. 703. Any reference in any rule, reso- lution, or order of the Senate or in any law, regulation, or executive order to any stand- ing committee of the Senate (as such com- mittees were constituted before the efIzeitive date of this resoluttkkon) shalt, after such ef.. fective ,tat, be contild..s.red as i'vret rig?, to the .ippropriete standing committee established by paragraph 1 of ma) XXV of the Standing Rules of the Senate (as amended by title I of this resolution), 'orosefilwas APPROVAL Or :Brims AND JOINT RESOLUTIONS ,:ft:f.3SAGIL.i: OM THE PRESIDENT A message from the President of the 'United States received on October 26, _signed the following bills and joint ? ?? September 30, 19761 8. 522, At. Act: to implement the Federal responsibility for the care and education of the Indian people by improving the services Stud facilities of Federal Indian health pro- grams and encouraging maximum participa- tion of Indians in such programs, and for other purposes. October 1, 1076: S. 1404, An Act for the relief of Mrs. Kyong Chu Stout, S. 1477, An Act for the relief of Beatrice Serrano-Toledo. fe, 1787, An Act for the relief of Maria Lisa R. Menai?, anti Rogena R, Manalo. S. 2090, An Act to make the provisions of seiction 1131(e) of title 10, United States Code, retroactive to November 1, 1953. S. 2220, An Act to authorize and direct the Secretary of the Interior to reinstate oil and gas lease New Mexico 18302. ? S. 2481, An Act fat' the relief of Oscar Rene Hernandez Rustria.n. S. 2668, An Act for the relief of Arturo Moreno Hernandez. - S. 2770, An Act for the relief af Anthony Augustus Daley and Beverly Evelyn Daley. .S. 2830, An Act for the relief of Gary A. Broyles. , ? S. 2956, An Act for the relief of Teresa Marie Selman. S. 2052, An Act to authorize orientation and language training for families of certain officers and employees of the Department of Agriculture. . B. 3095, An Act to increase the protection of consumers by reducing permissible devia- tions in the manufacture of articles made in whole or in part of' gold. October 2, 1976: ..8. 2322, An Act fore the relief of Lee Mee Son. ' . October 4, 1976: 13, 8651, An Act to amend the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act to provide for the Withdrawal of lands for the village of Kiuk- wan, Alaska, arid for other purposes, October 5, 1976: ' S. 566, An Act for the relief of Patrick Andre Ta.sselin, S. 3734, An Act to approve the sale of cer- tain naval vessels, and for other. purposes. October 7, 1976: S. 3430. An Act to amend the Act approved August 18, 1070, providing for improvement in the administration of the National Park ilijstom by the Secretary of the Interior and clarifying authorities applicable to the National Park System, and for other pur- poses. - October ii, 1976: s. 2981. An Act to authorize appropriations for the Indian Claims Commission for fiscal year 1977, and fte- other purposes. 5. 8146, An Act for :the relief of Leo T. Conway. S. 3380, An Act for the relief of Miss Mary Vance Trent. S. 3485, An Act for the relief of (Deland? - Gerson. 5, 3843, An Act to name the Visitors' Cen- ter at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lake- shore the "Philip A. Hert Visitors' Center". October 11. 1070: S. LI, An. Ai;t, to provide cost-ta: -living ad- justments in retik ement pay of certain Fed- eral fudges. S. 1071, An Act to d.:slcsnate the plaza area or rtle .! leoldhig, Portland, Oregon, the "Tere; aOhrouk Plaza". 201 An Au,: :,:or the rel!?f ot Chea Hyo S'ak, S. 2839, An A, ". to supplement the au- _ thorIty of the r. ,:Ictent to collect regular and periodic int-conation 011 international inveF;inv?nt. . Approved For Release 2006/08/09: CIA-RDP77M00144R001100220003-6