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October 13, 2005
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November 29, 1963
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Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP78-00487A000100160029-5 RECORDS MANAGEMENT PROGRAM 0 RECO DS CONTROL SCHEDULE FOR THE 0 No' 738 Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP78-00487A000100160029-5 (4' ) Preparation: Approved For Release 2005/11/ V RDP78-00487A000100160029-5 Ale Records Disposition Authority Records Control Schedule 30-64 for the Records Administration Staff is approved and authority given to implement the disposition instructions contained herein. Approved: 25 Area ec i Date !on Staff ?Dce 0* Date Approved For Release 200;/1 f f RDP78-00487A000100160029-5 Approved For ease 2005/11t21 : CIA-RDP78=004-8 ~i 10d160029-5 Old Schedule 30-61 - now- New Schedule 30-64 22 Staff Admin. File 1 Records Program Files 22.1 Staff Case Files 2 Staff Projects Files 23 Admin. Files 3 Admin. Files 21- Employee Record Card File 4 Employee Card File 25 Courier Classified Mail Receipts 5 Courier Mail Receipts 26 Regulatory Issuances 6 Regulatory Issuances 27 Library Material 7 Library Material 28 Briefing Material Incorporated with #1 29 Reports and Correspondence Incorporated with #10 30 Records Control Schedules 8 Same 31 Branch Wroking Files Incorporated with #11 32 Filing Workshop Incorporated with #10 33 Staff Working Files Incorporated with #11 34+ Vital Materials Schedules 9 Vital Records Schedules 10 Records Program Workshops new 35 Reference Publications Incorporated with #14 11 Analysts Working Files new 36 Branch Working Files (Forms) Discontinued 37 Reference Publications 14 Reference Publications 38 Forms File 12 Forms File 39 Form Record & Index Incorporated with #12 and 13- 110 Form Indexes File 13 Forms;.Indexds 1+1 Staff Working File Incorporated with #11 Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : CIA-RDP78-00487A000100160029-5 R EOOBpib"dflfl RR0 1?00511/ ' {0 SCHEDULE NO. ~' s+ ~ . E OFFICE. DIVISION. BRANCH ?I DA DDS/PECORDS ADMINISTRATION s ITEM NO. FILES IDENTIFICATION (TITLE, DESCRIPTION, ARRANGEMENT, AND INCLUSIVE DATES) VOLUME (CUBIC FT.) DISPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS 1 ? / .. OGRAM FILES L G~ spondence, reports, and other papers which 2.5 Permanent. Disposal not authorized. .1. docume t the Agency Records Management Programs. Retain in current files for ars then The file is used in directing and administering transfer to the Records Center at the end the daily activities of the records programs and of each calendar year. in establishing and recommending plans and policies for the management and improvement of paperwork activities throughout the Agency. Files are used for background information, reporting pur- poses and in conducting daily operations. Filed by program and by subject thereunder. 2.v STAFF PROJECTS FILES These are record copies of special studies, 2.0 Permanent. Disposal not authorized. Retain surveys and reports which were prepared by Staff in current files for years them trans- members after investigating specific problems or fer to the Records Center if project not of in developing projects for the improvement of current interest. paperwork activities. These include project analysis, recommendations, asoomplishments, graphics and other documentary material. Arranged organizationally and by subject. 3. ADMINISTRATIVE FILES These files reflect the housekeeping functions 1.5 mporary. roy hen ariod o of the Staff. Files include correspondence, report s Re re ecord enter aid eh memoranda on personnel, training, security, logisti s tale r year budgeting a i. other related administrative subjects . V V V Filed according to Agency Subject File Manffiual. Current. Temporary. Destroy three years after date retired to Records Center. Break file annually ~r, I r - r ' " i hold at least one year and retire. and u; ; Amoroved r=Gr Release 20L44 fN RGS 7/16/71 FORM NO. 139 USE PREVIOUS i JAN 56 E 0IT IONS. 1-1 ITEM NO. FILES IDENTIFICATION VO DISPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS Approved For Release 2005/11/21 000100160029-5 4. EMPLOYEE CARD FILE V Consists of OF4b Cara for each employee of the .1 Temporary. Destroy 30 days after employee Staff. A brief summary is recorded of employee's officially resigns from the Agency; if personal and employment history required for daily transferred within the Agency forward to supervision f personnel activities. Filed gaining component. alph>~be#ically by surname. 5. COURIER MAIL RECEIPTS -~ ?~+.1~ `~ Mail receipts prepared on material dispatched .1 Temporary. Destroy when one year Old. from the office and receipted by couriers. Serves as a log. Filed chronologically. (Current) 6. , REGULATORY ISSUANCES Bound copies of Agency Regulations, Notices .4 Temporary. Retain in current files area. and Handbooks which are maintained for reference Destroy when obsolete or superseded. purposes. 7. LIBRARY MATERIAL Books, guides, manuals on subject of interest Temporary.- Return books to OCR Library to the Records Management Program. Maintained for 8. when no longer of interest to theStaff. reference purposes. Destroy her publ ations as they become ..:. obsole -A- --7:" 14 ILI 8. V CORDS CONTROL SCHEDULES ~ sN ~ 3. .- au-~ ~~ a These are the reeord copies of Records Control Schedules for Agency components, together with background material pertinent to each office, and here applicable, authority to dispose of records which was obtained from the National Archives and he Congress. a. Comprehensive schedules for individual omponents of the Agency. Schedules contain d .3 Permanent. Disposal not authorized. Place e- ailed information on types of records, use, con- nt l in an inactive file when superseded Trans- fer to the Records Center s, vo ume and disposition instructions. Filed rganizationally., (current) n _ ID Approved For Release 2005/11/21 I 7 O11001 29- NO PREVIOUS I JAN 56 139a Eo1T,o RECORDS CONTROL SCHEDULE - CONTINUATION SHEET (41 Approved For Release 2005/11/21': / b. Disposal authorizations obtained from National Archives on rec0Dds not covered by General Schedules. C. Background files. Contain information per- tinent to analyzing specific records problems, including organizational changes, files peculiar to an office, changes in functions or responsi- bilities within an office, and other papers which may have been gathered while conducting a study. Filed organizationally. VITAL RECORDS DEPOSIT SCHEDULES Copies of schedules prepared for each component identifying the vital reoords to be deposited, frequency of deposit and disposition instructions. Maintained for reference of VR officer on the Staff in reviewing VR program activities. RECORDS PROGRAM WORKSHOPS Files contain lectures, exhibits, slides, graphics, guides and reference materials which are used in conducting workshops in the various elements of records management. Workshops are held in cooperation with Office of Training. File are maintained by program, such as filing, disposi tion, forms, correspondence, vital ro ords, etc. ANALYSTS WOORKING FILES Contain copies of memos, reports statistical compilations, background information, and related material pertinent to the records management activities. Piles are maintained by individual analysts according to each area of interest or responsibility, or brought together as a central file for the`group. Used for background in making additional 'studies ant to keep analysts apprised of current happenings. Filed by subject. Approved For Release 2005/11/21 : P FORM NO. 139a USE PREVIOUS I JAN 56 EDITIONS. 7A000100160029-5 Permanent. Disposal not authorized. Retain in current area indefinitely. Temporary. Review annually and destroy material no longer pertinent to current activities. Temporary. Retain in current file area until no longer needed for current activities; transfer to Records Center. Hold for 5 years, then return to Recds Adm Staff for review. Temporary. 5cre. annually aad destroy material no longer of current interest. RECORDS CONTROL SCHEDULE . CONTINUATION SHEET 777 ITEM NO. 1,/i2. / FILES IDENTIFICATION Approved For Release 2005/11/21 Contains case files on the official yforms approved for use in the Agency. Files contain,N initial requests and justification, revisions, specifications, correspondence, changes, (organ- izational), and a 5 x 8 card record and index of each form. Filed numerically by form number. and others related t These are machine listings of forms used by the Agency - cross referenced alphabetically, numeri- cally, functionally and by OPI; the-DARE-System- cards-containing a reduced image of current active forms; and, a 5 x 8 control card on inactive or obsolete forms. Maintained for control and reference purposes. a. Machine listings c. Control and Index card. Serves as a per- petual inventory _of inactive Agency forms. Con- tains a complete history of each form. Used for replying to telephone inquiries and for reporting purposes. ference of the Staff. Some topics are forms, individually by analysts or collectively for re- phases of records management. They are maintained commercial samples and periodicals relating to all lnese are various publications' brochures, filing, equipment, correspondence, reports, mail, Maintained for backgro records management programs. Permanent. Disposal not authorized. When form is superseded or obsolete, remove 5 x 8 card record from folder and place. in inactive file. Retire to the Redords Center U `- IL Temporary. Destroy when new listing is re- ceived (generally quarterly). 0 ^- ? P,6o3c4 CO TemporaPurg~file q ua tey.refflo{te inac a or bsolet forms. Permanent. Disposal .not authorized.. Re= tat i4i current -files indefinitely. ;Z l I{-0L! .~.tnrtv9ti.. trirf rte !j Temporary. Purge file at least annually and destroy material of no further interest to the Staff. FORM NO. USE PREVIOUS RECORDS CONTROL SCHEDULE -CONTINUATION SHEET I ITEM NO. FILES IDENTIFICATION VOLUME DISPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS Approved For Release 2005/11/21 - Cl, r ,100100160029-5 15 PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY LIAISON FILE Memos, copies of transmittals, lists , and .1 Permanent. Disposal not authorized. receipts for materials selected for transfer to Incorporate in Agency Archives when no the National Archives for inclusion in the Presi longer needed for current activities. dential Libraries. The file reflects the extent of CIA's contributions and participation in the Presidential Libraries Program. File is- maint-ained for the CIA representative to the Archivist. Filed. chronologically. 1962 to date). APPROV Me CIA Records Administration Officer URTHTI Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA- DP78-004 7A000100160029-5 FORM N0. 139a USE PREVIOUS I JAN Se EDITIONS. ITEM NO. K1 R E A-:6"FT891RcAf - 05/11&ttiflT!At04 7A0001001600 DDS/RECORDS ADMINISTRATION STAFF FILES IDENTIFICATION (TITLE, DESCRIPTION, ARRANGEMENT, AND INCLUSIVE DATES) These are the official files of the Records Management Board maintained for the Board by the secretary. The files consist of the minutes and agenda of the Board's meetings, copies of the Board's reports to the Executive Director, memoranda, working papers, contributions by the members, documentation of projects undertaken by the Board members, and other related papers. The Board was established in 1968 to oversee the records management activities for the Agency. Files are maintained by topic or category. a. Official files maintained by the secretary. (1968 to June 1972.) b. Copies of the Board Files maintained by the Chairman and members of the Board. eoAtcuA , L~ A S ~t2 ,`'~ ~ Records Management Board established 1968; discontinued May 1972. VOLUME (CUBIC FT.) Approved For Release 2005/11/21: C rA- - FORM NO. 13 9 USE PREVIOUS 1 JAN 56 EDITIONS. TITLE Chief , RAB 29 Permanent. Disposal not authorized. Cut off at the end of each calendar year; retain in current files area until no longer needed for current activities then transfer to the Records Center. Temporary. Destroy when no longer needed for current reference. CIA Records Administration Officer K00100160029-5 SCHEDULE NO. R Efk.gv'eVFT8P Zel68g8Uld05/11/21: CIA-RDP78-00 61 OFFICE. DIVISION. BRANCH SIGNATU Management Staff, Records I4lanageirent Staff, Agency Archives and Records Center TITLE ITEM NO. FILES IDENTIFICATION (TITLE, DESCRIPTION, ARRANGEMENT, AND INCLUSIVE DATES) VOLUME (CUBIC FT.) DISPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS 1 CENTER SUBJECT FILE Consists of memorandums, reports and other 4 Temporary. Destroy after three years. Cut documents pertaining to administration and off at the end of each calendar year and operation of the Center. This file is used in retire to Records Center shelves for the daily operation. Filed according to the temporary storage. Agency Subject Numeric File 24anus1. (1960) 2 'REGULATORY ISSUANCE FILE Consists of Agency Headquarters Regulations, 2 Temporary. Retain in current Files. Notices, and Handbooks maintained for reference (Destroy individual issuances when obsolete purposes. Current) or replaced by current issuances.) 3 REFERENCE LIBRARY This is a collection of unclassified 5 Temporary. Destroy when obsolete or no publications consisting of magazines, bulletins, longer needed. and other publications about Records Center and Archival Operation. These are used by Center personnel for reference and training purposes. Current. ITEM NO. FILES IDENTIFICATION VOLUME DISPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS Approved For Release 2005/11/21 CIA- DP78-00 87A000100160029-5 RECORDS STATI STICAL FILE Consists of statistical forms used in 1.2 Permanent. Disposal not authorized. Accessioning Disposal functions. These and Retain in current files indefinitely. files show space available in Records Center and space use various offices of the d by d by office. File. 1948-1960. 5 SPACE LOCATOR FILE Consists of a 12 x 3 card stamped with a 3 Permanent. Retain in current files area number to reflect each shelf space within the indefinitely. Center. This file is used to show, by means of-colored signal tabs, which spaces are shelves. s. Filed in numerical order in a tub file. 6 CONTROL SCHEDULE FILE RECORDS CONTR Consists of copies of the Records Control 1.5 Temporary. Retire to the open shelves Schedule prepared by Management Staff. This area when a revised schedule is received. file is used in checking and verifying the Destroy when Management Staff retires groups of records accessioned and destroyed the Record Set. by the Center. Filed organizationally. 7 DISPOSAL TIC ILER FILE Consists of copies of Form 140, Records 1.5 Retirement Request, used for the systematic and orderly disposal of temporary records and for statistical purposes on permanent records. Filed chronologically by year of scheduled destruction. (1948-l9 O) a. Temporary Record Temporary. Destroy when records concerned are destroyed. PORN NO. 139a USET PREVIOUS RECORDS CONTROL SCHEDULE . CONTINUATION SHEET FILES IDENTIFICATION Approve or Release 2005/11/21: CIA- , DP78-00 b. Permanent Record Consists of copieaef Record Retirement Requests (Form l40), Shelf Lists (Form 140-A ), Notification of Disposal Action (Form 141), and related memos. This file has the official signed copies and is used for the verification of the disposal of records. Filed numerically by disposal job number. (1948-1960) Consists of Records Retirement Requests (Form 140), Shelf Lists (Form 140-A), and Notification of Disposition Action (Form 141), Used by the Center personnel as a reference aid and a proof of action media. Filed by organiza- tion. Consists of the originals of Records Retire- ment.Request (Form 140) filed in Kardex cabinets. This file is used to show retention period, classification, monthly activity, restrictions, and location of records. Filed numerically by job number. (1948-1960) 11 SUSPENSE FILES Consists of request forms for Records Center service on permanent records, top secret records, and records being furnished to offices other than the originating office. This file is used as a control on records sent out that FORM NO. +3ga USE PREVIOUS I JAN 56 EDITIONS. 1.5 87A000100160029-5 Permanent. Retain in current files indefinitely. Permanent. Cut off at end of each fiscal year and retire to Records Center shelves two years thereafter. Permanent. Retain in files area indefinitely. When job is destroyed or transferred, insert Form 141, destroy Form 140 and incorporate Form 140-A with the Disposal Job File. Permanent. When the group of records under a particular job number are destroyed, pull Form.140 and incorporate with Disposal Job File. Temporary. When document is returned, the request form is removed and interfiled in the completed request file. RECORDS CONTROL SCHEDULE - CONTINUATION SHEET Approved For Release 2005/11/21: CIA must be returned to Records Center. Filed by month, then alphabetically by name of requestor. Current. FINISHED IN'T'ELLIGENCE LOCATOR FILE Consists of 5 x 8 cards, Form 325, that are used to locate records. This file indicates the office a report is received from or sent to, the number of copies in stock, and the space location on the shelf. (1948-196(g) COMPLETED REQUEST FILE Consists of copies of Form 490, Records Center Service Request, that have been serviced. These copies indicate the document ,furnished, person requesting, date sent, courier receipt number, and is used in lieu of an outgoing mail log. Filed chronologically by month and. then job number. (10,52-10,60) These are copies of receipts signed by courier upon pickup of classified material. Filed chronologically. (1958-19at) CLASSIFIED DOCUMENT RECEIPT FILE These are signed copies of classified document receipts. These receipts are no longer issued or retained by Records Center. Filed chronologically. (1948-1957) I DP78-00 5.5 Temporary. Destroy three years after discontinuance of item. Place in inactive file when a revised report is received or when report becomes obsolete and destroy Temporary. Destroy after two years. Cut off at the end of each calendar year and retire to Records Center shelves for temporary storcge. Temporary. Destroy after three months. Temporary. Destroy after two years. This file is inactive and is eligible for destruction. - (41) FORMJANNO56 139a EDITIOEVIOUS RECORDS CONTROL SCHEDULE -CONTINUATION SHEET NS. a ITEM NO. FILES IDENTIFICATION VOLUME DISPOSITION INSTRUCTIONS Approved For Release 2005/11/21 'CIA- bP78-00 87A000100160029-5 16 VI'T'AL i?'.'12 RIALS DEPOSIT SCHEDULL FILE Consists of copies of the Vital 1 aterial 5 Permanent. :Retire to inactive file T,rhen Deposit Schedules prepared by the Vital i,:aterial superseded. The inactive file will be Officers. This file is used by Records Center placed on open shelfs. (To be evaluated personnel to check, verify and control Vital at Dater date). r,iterials deposited in the Center. Piled organization. 17 VITAL P?i.^-~TERLUS DEPOSIT SLIP FILE Consists of Form 620 (Blue Copy) which is 12 Temporary. Retire to inactive file . on retained by the Records Center to verify deposit, , open shelf files w%Then last item on slip it is also used as a reference and finding has bean destroyed or vithdratm. Destroy media. Filed by organization code number. one year after. .99469929 6 ON NO. 139a EUSE DITION9!OU9 JAN RECORDS CONTROL SCHEDULE -CONTINUATION SHEET I (41)