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Sanitized - Approved For R CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 INRNTICNL CGialLUNIST MOVELMIS 1 May 48 - 1 September 48 Sanitized - Approved F CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 25X1A2g Copy No o Sanitized - Approved Form...111E0E4m CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Copy INTERNELTIMIL COLDIUNIST MOVELMITS 1 may 48 - 1 September )48 Sanitized - ApprovedTL CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 25X1A2g INTRODUCTION EVISTSanitized - Approved FoI?r . CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 INTLR.N.ZIONhL COLLUNISTMOVE:M.11M rages SECTION A. AIEETING S Pages 1 - 33 SECTION B P;OT I Travel rages 34. - 114 IRT II Index by Destination rages 115 - 118 SECTION C DD rages 119 - 126 SECTION D List of .:*.bbreviations lages 127 - 128 Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R Sanitized - Approved Forsiltitefira. CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 INTRCDUCTION This second issue of the series'"Internaticnal Communist Uovements" covers the period 1 May 1948 - 1 September 1948. Individual travel movements occurring in the preceding period but reported too late fcr inclusion in the first issue, are listed under the individual's name in Section B. Lddenda to the meeting section of the first issue are appended tc this report in Section C. Lbbreviaticns used are set cut in Section D. 116CETMG5 The current period is characterized by the frequency of meetings of front organizations. Out of 51 meetings listed, 21 were meetings of international front erganitations and/or national front organizations attended by fcreign delegates. First place among the international fronts is again retained by the Arid Federation of Democratic Youth ('DY) and its affiliates which held the fellcTing meetings: International Congress of Union of French 2epublican youth Executive Ccmmittee/Internaticnal Union of Students, Pongres of FrOO .'..ustrian Youth Ceuncilof.'4.0.1th'of DalkanCountries World Federation of Jewish University Students Polish Youth Unity Congress 6-8 May 48 Lyon, France 21 W.-y 48 Bucharest, Rumania 12-13 hik,y 48 Vienna, ,,ustria 15-16 June 48 Belgrade, Yugoslavia 14 July 48 Czechoslovakia 14 July 48 Breslau ('lroclaw), Poland Executive Cemnittee/V5IA Southeast Lsia Section of Inter- national Student Service (unconfirmed) International Conference of 7icrking Youth (FDy) 26 July 48 London, England Lugust 48 New Delhi, India 8-18 LuE;ust 48 Poland new 'international front organization entered the field during the period cclered, viz., the ':iorld Congress of intellectuals held in Warsaw, 25-28 ugust 1948, which decided to set up a ?permanent Committee in Defense of leace" in Paris. ttended by a great number of EUropean and ncn.=Etropean Communist and fellow-travelling intellectuals, the importance of the Congress is illustrated by the fact that it was organized by Jerzy ECREJSZL,, an alternate member of the Politburo of the Polish Workers Party and former Ccmintern employee.. Designed mainly as a propaganda weapon against ? the "war-mengering" US, the congress and its lermanent Committee may be added to the various pressure instruments through which the Com- munists in control hope togenerate. the widest possible antagonism against a war with the Soviet Union. Dbetings similar to the Warsaw Congress are slated to be held nationally, e,s. in the United States and in Latin Lmerica. . In general, a further increase in international front meetings may be expected in the nearer future, and possibly the appearance of other, new front mechanisms. The cux and with it. the international Communist move- ment is today cperating under the assumption that a war against the Soviet Union threatens in the not tcc distant future - the organization of peace fronts is a standard device of Communist propaganda in "defense of the USSR 0" The most significant meeting during this period was the Cominfcrm meeting, presumably held frcm 21-24 June 1948 in Sinaia near Bucharest0 Lt this meeting the "resolution concerning the position of Cr Yugoslavia" was made, and the conflict between CISU and the leadership cf Yugoslavia, still unresolved, was brought cut in the open, Prior to the meeting the CISU had attempted to "correct" the policy of cr Yugoslavia by direct - i - Sanitized - Approved Fortin:KT CIA-RDP78-00915Rimui Sanitized - Approved FoltSISLFI. CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 correspondence and individual contacts, notifying other Comin- form parties of this procedure, The Runanian session was ap7arently called on shcrt order, and indications of an impending Ceminform meeting became apparent only after several movements of high European Part leaders were reported. These leaders converged first on Prague where, according to one report, a preliminary Comintern meeting was held. In general, no evidence is available yet showing the procedure by which Cominform meetings are called and who precisely (CTEU re Comintern Score- - tariat Ss) notifies the Ceninform Parties, ,ItAs-also not --- ? -known upon.-What.principlesethe'deIegates to a Ccminform -meeting e are selected by the affiliated Parties. So for as can be judged there are no pernanent delegates as yet, and Cominform meetings are not always attended by the same individuals. Under these circumstances the only feasible method for anticipating Cominferrimeetings consists in the imuediate reportage of information on the travel movements et all European Tarty leaders. Varieus other Cominfornmeetings were allegedly held during the period covered, but no supporting evidence is available. B. TRhVEL en ...? In general, the heaviest concentration of traffic, both incoming and cutgeing, occurred at Prague, However, no -significant assemblage other than the reported meetings, has been established. To a certain extent the comparatively heavy incidence of traffic at Prague may be accounted for by the fact that Prague is a convenient stopover for travellers going -be or coming from the USER and satellite countries. More specifically, several items concerning travel routes and travel techniques May be noted: 1. 'Travel route from Latin America to. Europe, In August 1948 Flavia Brave (Cr Cuba) reportedly (see section B, k128) travelled by air from Havana to Trinidad, At Trinidad, he boarded Air France for French Africa where visas for France were readily available because of Communist infiltration of the local French authorities, The main object of this route seems to be to avoid the US when en route to Europe from Latin America, 2, Motor travel of CP Austria officials from Alastria to. satellite ccuntries0 Requests for travel out of Austria do not clear through regular channels, Seviet officials in Vienna issue special certificates and notify the Soviet officer in charge of the border control unit of the names and car license numbers of the igistrian Comnunists, A few minutes before the car is due, the Austrian pelicenan on duty at the bcrder- cressing is instructed to leave his pest and the Soviet official there personally checks the car through, ? 3. Travel to satellite countries fremtLkustria? It is reported that the Second &ecretary of the Leviet Political Representatien in Vienna issues special Russian permits which eliminates the necessity for visas signed by the Austrian Government, Under a reciprocal agreement of the satellite governments the.mselves,this permit is good for any satellite country without additional visas. These special passports are issuad only to important Cemmunist functionaries, ? Supporting evidence and reliable' information of this type is urgently needed, ? Among the more interesting individual travel movements of the period is the jeurney of the Indonesian Cenmunist MOSSO (Sectien B, k301)9 a member of the Executive Committee of the Communist International in 1928 and a member cf the Praesidium of the Comintern in 1928 and l929 He apparently remained in the USSR until 1948 when he arrived (via Prague) in Indonesia (20 August) together with SURIINO, a representative of the Indcnesian Republican government in Prague, Bit44tAY after 41"17val2 WW0 aSsdnPd the leadership of a revolt against the city of Madioen in J-ava, the mechanics of 1ULL0's return are of some interesto The following individual movements' listed in Section B need to be confirmed and/or mere fully covered, Sanitized - ApprovedWeisSteltler CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 ilistria: #24, 28, 30, 31, 32, 33 Beln.iums #59 Bolivia: #63 Brazil: /,66, 70 Chinn: #111 Cuba: #128, 130 Denmark: #160, 169 Ecuador : /,172 IaLlancl: 42184 Fin1an04 #204, 208 Germay: #254 Inc-China: #297, 298, 299- ELE21/: #338 Rumania : #375 3rairla #380 .Swedens #407, 410 MLR: #482 Sanitized - Approved Foe4Eratt CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 36, 39, 40, 50 - iii. - Sanitized - Approved ForittruT CIA-RDP78-00915R0buiu Sanitized - Approved Forgictff CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 'SECTION LEETING'S Sanitized - Approved F ? CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 1 0 01- Date 5 MY 48 6-9 M4y 48 Sanitized - Approved For LECRET CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Meeting LED Day of Culture Place Berlin International Congress Lycn of Union of French Republican Youths Delegates Remarks Denmark - Flex?, Martin Andersen (author) The meeting was opened by Wilhelm Pieck (co-chairman/LED) who stated France - Cegniot, Georges (Ed of BUmanite, that the aim of the gathering was to deputy) proclaim the cultural program of the BED. Norway _ Baken, Ingeborg LWeden - Moberg, Ole (Ed of Ny Dag) ULLR - Tulpanov, Col Lergei (propaganda chief LMA) ? Austria - AltEchul, Heinz (Austrian Dem Youths) Belgium - Woestyn, Bob Bulgaria - Barchev, Ivan Canada - btorrie, Jessie (Nat$1 Fed. of Labor) Czechoslovakia - Bucek, Jarcslav (Union of Czech Youths) England - Williamson, Bob (young Conmunist League of GB) Hungary - Manyik, rsul (Zrogressive Youths of HUngar) India - Guha, Ranrogut (believed to be student in France) - 3. - Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R000 Leon Figueres (Esc Gen/Union of French Republican :Youth) presided over the meeting. The National. .Secretary, Andre 'Leroy, read a report on youth activities and Guy de Boy sson (Lec Gen/UM) also attended the sessions Sanitized - Approved ForaltelK4"6 CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Meeting lace Delegates Remarks 6 may 48 to 21 hicLy 48 International Congress of Union of French Republican Youths (continued) Executive Committee of International Union of Students Bucharest Indo-China probably represented by 2 students (Viet Naa) already in France Italy - rontocorvo, Gillc Netherlands - Bakker, Marcus (Progressive Union. cf Netherlands) Poland - probably represented b 2 Students in France Switzerland - Kunz, Heinz (Jaunesse Libre) Bict, Maurice (Suisse) US - Greenberg, Alfred (Amer Y..,-uth for Democracy) USSR - Bogatyrev, Vasili (Anti FascistCemmitte of Soviet youth) Australia - Talhurst Williams, Bert Sec Gen/WFDI) Bulgaria - Zaharieva, Maria Simonova China - Chien, reter Cuba - Vasquez, Angsl Czechoslovakia - Grohman, Icsef Hadeceh, Jirl Jaromir, Grole M4rsclkcva, Jarmil - 2 - Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R00 The 2 conference disused Implications cf the Southeast Asia Conference (held 19-28 Feb /4.8 Accomplishments of the IUS in Latir Amerioa? Increased co-operation between the IUS and the W.LiDY. ? The grcup named Groman (Czechoslovakia Boughet (France) and Bereanu (Rumania) as its representatives for the inter- national students' aid organization. Sanitized - Approved ? CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Meeting ilace Delegates Remarks Executive GCLAittee of Internaticnal Union cf students (continued) Denmark - Magnussen, Ib Egypt - Ghali El Dine, Gernal France - Treuvat, Fierre Bcuchet, jaul Great Britain - Campbell, Mavis Madden, Thomas (Sec Gen?, IUS) Slater, Derekad Hungary - Lorincz, Georg India - Behaya, Vimla Indonesia - Sugicno roland - :eniazek, Stanislav Erzy 7tchlewski, Zenen Salvador-Mexico Fernandez-Gattiz Spain - .4carates. Luis Switzerland - Laidroud, Roland US - Escobar, Lorain icvoct, Rose Rivkin, Eugenia 7ieinfeld, Benjamin - 3 - Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R00 11-1 IUE. Executive Committee Meeting was reportedly also held in rrague 7 May 48 and this coincidence is unexplained (see following meeting) Sanitized - Approved Foriteeffm CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date 7 May 48 14 N.* 48 Meeting Eecutive Committee of International Union of students (continued) Executive Committee of International Etudents Union ?Ekecutive Committee of WIDF Ilace Irague Rome Delegates Remarks UR Ershova, Tamara Ialyektev, Vladimir . rankratov, 4rEI toll Rcmancv (Eki), E. ,Shelepin, .i]aeksandr. Shevtscvi Orest Vecvin, Valenti ? Indonesia - Eetyadjit Ecerio, Dr. Bulgaria - Dragcicheva, Tscla (Min cf rtess Telegraph and Telephones Yres Bulgarian Women Org). France - Vermeersch,- Jeannette (Thcrez wife) Cotten, Eugenie (Chairman/WIDF) roland - Eztachelska, Dr. Irena (Chairman of Women's League Central Board) UE - Draper, Muriel (vice-chairman of Congress of 1.mer Women) UEER Iopova, Nina (Fres, nti Fascist Women's Com) Gurina, Zinaida Sanitize8 - ApprovedgOril li a CIA-RDP78-00915R00 Tomsich. Vida The meeting considered the decision of the Ecandinavian Etudcnts Union to withdraw from the IU 5 and plan fcr organizing student rallies in all capital cities. The Conference voted to accept the German Women organization as a new member after EOviet delegation supported the proposal and voted to accept women's federation of Norway, India, ? Burma and Malaya Sanitized - Approved For e ease : CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Meeting rlace. ca 15 Nay 48 1j-18 May 48 Congress of Ccrsican Communist :Carty Federaticl 14th .Congress of Swedish Communist Party .;ljaccic, Corsica 1 Goteborg, Swede Delegates Remarks France - Dudes, Jacques (Sec Gen/C-1- France) liustria Benkcvitz, Stefan (Exec Ccmm) Rosner, Jakob (editor) Czechoslovakia - Geminder, Dedrick (Sec cf Organization/CI. Czech) Denmark - Gundel, ieif (writer for Land Cp. Folk) Larsen, Jxe1 (Chairman/CP Denmark) Nielson, Svend Sorensen, Hartvig (CC) Finland - Janhunen, Matti (Minister cf Social Xfairs) Dane, irjce France - Fajen, Etienne (CC, NU) Hungary - Revai, Josef (Exec Comm) Friss, Istvan Iceland - Kjertanssen, Magnus (Ed of CI Iceland organ) Italy Dcnini, (CC) - 5 - Sanitized - Approved ForifiCalier CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 The discussions and speeches followed the usual 1.7arty line - against US and British capitalism and for Russian "Demccracy. One report stated that a foreign delegation consisting of 'Sircblewski (icland), Zachoval (Czechoslovakia), and Jean Ccllet (France) were in Sweden in 48 helping prepare for the Congress Resolutions were passed on the defense of peace, national freedom, the fight for democracy and the fight for the well-being of the people, Sven Linderot was re.elected:Ierty. chair- man over some cpposition0 to one report there were few secret sessions at the Congresst .;.,t one meeting, however, the Swedish affiliation to the Ccminform was brought up by Royal (Hungary) who claimed Cl 'Sweden should join the Cominform at once. He was supported by Fajen (France .--fter some discussion it was decided th- the matter would not be pressed at that time and would be postponed until after the fall elections. Date Meeti 14th Can Communis (centinu .35-18 May 48 9th Conc, Ccmmunis Belgium Sanitized - Approved Folteffirai CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 ig Ilace Delegates Remarks _ ress cf 57edisl t Farty Ncrway - Bakken, Ingebcrg Etresvag, Ivar (Politburo). Dd) Foresscn, Ole Lcvlien, Emil (Chairman/ CI' Norway) Poland - Popiel, Eleczyslaw (CC, MP) Etosiewitcz, ':,iktor (Sec of district erganization/TFR) - Spain - Uribe, Vicente (Iclitburc/CT Spain) (.:,rrival unconfirmed) : ress Lf t Party cf Brussels ;Aistria - Mitterackes Hermann Delegates frem.':iestern Germany were refused transit papers. France - Thcrez, Maurice (Lecn/CT France) Great Britain , Mahen, J.Chn -(.'7.ClitbUro). Hungary - Nagradi,- ;Adexander Italy - Spanc, M. (probably Vlio) (Eecretariat/CP Italy) Luxembourg - Bernard, Le-On Grandgenet. Jcseph (Ex Cemm) Netherlands - Van Santen .(CC) Poland - Szczesniak, J. (CC) Rumania - Sorea - 6 - Sanitized - Approv CIA-RDP78-00915Rr Sanitized - Approved For ? CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Meeting 21-1Y 48 18 Nay 48 'Place 9th Congress of Communisl Party of Belgium .(continued) Festival cf the Demi.. cratic Union of Finnish Youth 1st Congress cf Austrian Trade Unions ca 21 Lay Constituent assembly of 48 the 11.E1v Committee of Croatia 29 Ergy 48 Congress cf the Transpor ':iorkers Unicn cf Finland' Helsinki Vienna Zplit Helsinki DelegLtes Remarks &pain. -lister, Enrique (Politburo) &witzerland Corswant, .isndre (CC, Directing Ccmm) ULER achemassov (head cf youth delegation) Unidentified delegates from Denmark &wcden UUR - BarMin, I (Chairmaniiorkers Political Educational Instituticn) avolev, N. 11. (Chairman/Chemical 7;orkers Union) Tarasov, :C. A. (Chairman/Art -Jorkers Union) Vorshev, G. A. (UCCTU rep, for Gorkovski Oblast) kaslarich, Maj. Gen.?Bozidar (1-res./A1l-Slav Comm) Nikilajevich, Igor (Lee Cen/2.11-Z1av Comm) Unidentified foreign delegates UaR - Trukhalev (Chairman, CC/Inland Transport Union) Telpupkhovsky (CC/Motor Transport liorkers Unicn) -7-. Sanitized - Approved Fen CIA-RDP78-00915R00010019 Date Sanitized - Approved ForAltar CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Meeting ' late lay L Rumored 1Leeting of Far Eastern Communist rarties Elid? Of Ilay Rumored Cominfornilleting 48 Ir.June 48 or-Ossibly 21 june 48 Meeting cf Latin American Communists Khabarovsk Montevideo, Uruguay Delegates China - Chou En Lai Japan - Kira, fnu (instructor at Comm school) EUrcto, fnu .(on staff of Japanese paper in Khabarovsk) oba ,E)ampei (present instructor at Comm school in Khabarovsk) Takahashi, fnu (on staff of above paper) Unidentified delegates from all cthor Tar East Communist Iarties 8 Sanitized - Approved ^refflolc CIA-RDP78-00915R00010M9 lierarks No confirmation was received whether this meeting actually took place. unconfirmed report stated that the meeting was held to organize two new centers for the Ccminform, one in Bru3se1s, Belgium, and another in Bari,-Italyc. This meeting of unidentified Lk leaders was originally scheduled for 1 June but may have been postponed until 21 June. No information was received that the group met 1 June but a report stated that Contreras and Godoy (both Cl/Chile) were detained by the Argentine police while llon their way to a Communist meeting in Montevideo." The principal matter to be discussed was complete reorganization of the leadershil cf CI Uruguay and the problems of foreigr groups in Uruguay. Sanitized - Approved FcrlairageT" CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Nbeting Ilace first week of June 48 Early June 48 Conference of Left Socialist Iarties and Groups Secret Leeting on relish German Frontier Rectification Warsaw Eberwald, Germany Delegates 1 Remarks Czechoslovakia Fierlinger, Zdenek Finland - Jakcbson, Santeri France - Blenccur, Elie Hungary - Szakasits, Arpad. Italy - Basso, Lelio rcland - Cyrankiewicz, Jczef Germany - Eechler, Bernhard (DK) Dahlem, Franz (SED) ? George Handke, Georg (LED/Central Secretariat) Sobottka, Gustav (DW9 Ulbricht, '."ialter (S71; bland - Berman, Jakcb (Iclitburc) Gcmulka, Wladyslaw (1-clitburo) Mine, Hilary (Iolitburo) Szyr, fnu UR - Thu !Allpancv,Gol, Sergei (propaganda Chief LILA) Verechagin, fnu -9- Sanitized - Approved For... --.~111,06 CIA-RDP78-00915R0000 ccording to the Ceminform Journal:. the gathering denounced right-wing socialists as hirelings of American imperialism, and declared that the task of Socialists in capitalist ccuntries was to collaborate with the Ccmmunists; The conference supported the Soviet Union's pclicy fcr peace and called on all forces to rally in support of this policy. 1legedly, this meeting, under Scviet direction, discussed the eventual return of Lower Silesia and Breslau to Germany, but the informaticn reriFj_ns uncenfirmed. Sanitized - Approved For &MET CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Early June 48 ? June 48 8 June 4 10 June 48 Meeting Ixonagandists1 Meeting Place loris Delegates Convention of Newspaper Breslau, IC-land' men and Professors 17th Conference of CI Saar Fighters for Freedom Meeting Prague Remarks Argentina - Enquin, Ricardo (representative of CI Axgentina to CI France) Czechoslovakia - Katz, Otto c Simon, Andre (journalist) France - Cot, Pierre 2raun, Madeleine (Deputy) Guatemala - rellecer (Charge d'Affaires in Paris) US - E.teol, Johannes (journalist) Dolivet, Louis (journalist) France - Bente, Florimond Greece - Iarkos Spain - Ibarruri, Dolores - 10 - Sanitized - Approved For 5ROOOlLTT This meeting which source called nAgit-irep Apparatus Meeting", discussed and planned propaganda for Latin A.merica, Confirmation desired, The convention was reportedly arranged by the Iolish, government to disseminate propaanda in favor of the Polonization of Breslau and environs, Further information Sanitized - Approved For=lfrium CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Meeting 12 June 48 Hungarian Union Congress Ilace Budapest, Hungary Delegates ustria- Fischer, Ernst (Iclitburo) Fuernberg,..Friedl (CC, Iolithurc) Bulgaria - ,Ceptcmcv, Vladimir (iolitburo, Deputy) Czechoslovakia - Bares,. Gustav (Iress Commission/CI Czechoslovakia) Dastovansk, S. (Exec Gomm) Hayek, fnu . Ncvy, Vilem (Ed, Rude iravo) Yungvirtcv, fnu Denmark - Jensen, ,Ilfred (CC) Finland - Rdberg, K. Ndriami France - Duclos, Jacques (I'clitburc) Servin, Marcel - Germany - Grotewchl, Otto (CoChairman/SED) neck, Wilhelm (Cc-.Chairman/SED) Great Britain - Kerrigan, I'eter (Exec Gomm) Greece - Rcussos, ietros OKKE, ForeiL7n Lffairs Minister) Etringcs, Leonides Italy - Dozza, Guisepne - 11- Sanitized - Approved ForAshryrr CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Remarks The meeting was'fcr the purpose 9f'm,erging the Locialist and Ccmmunist lathes into the Hungarian Workers' tarty. One report stated. that Edgar 'Woog (CC, C1iSwitzer1an4) was refused a passport. Sanitized - Approved Forifterri CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Meeting llace Delegates Remarks 12 or 13 June 48 12-13 June 48 Hungarian Union Congress (continued) Rumored Comintern Meeting of minor personalities Congress of Free Austrian Youth Brussels Vienna lcland - Bachday, fnu Dluski-Langer, Ostap (CC) Yabanowsky, fnu Reczek, fnu Stachelsky, fnu fnu Rumania - Bodnaras, Emil (CC) Yorgv,. fnu bweden - Gcesta, Nils Holmberg, Helmer alternate, CC) Sweden Lalander, Nils (Editer/Youth Organ) Unidentified delegates from: Belgium Czechoslovakia Hungary Rumania Zwitzerland UZSR Yugoslavia - 12- Sanitized - Approved Form" T !g CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Specific information desired,, Sanitized - Approved For Relealiffiellter CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 ] Date Meeting Place Delegates Remarks q5-16 June Council of Youth of th Belgrade, _ , ? ..bania - Shehu, Fend According to a broadcast from . 48 Balkan Countries Yugoslavia Bulgaria - Zivkov, Zivko (:res/Bulgarian Belgrade the meeting decided to disband the Balkan Youth Council. Youth League) France - de Boysson, Guy (Sec Gen 7;FDY) Greece - rapadepculos, Costa Hungary - Varga, Peter (-Pres/Hungarian Youth Org) Trieste - Blazina, ;.,ngelo (nentor/Anti Fascist Youth) Yugoslavia - unidentified Probably Cominformikleeting Rumania Bulgaria - Chervenkov, Vulche (Sec On 28 June 48 the official newspaper ? 21-24 June Politburo) of CI Czechoslovakia, Pude Eravo 48 Kestev, Traicho (Deputy- Eremier) Czechoslovakia .. Geminder-V1tavsky, B. announced that a Cominform meeting had been held in JUflOe It is now presumed that the meeting took place in Linaia near Bucharest some time between 20-24 (confidential secretary to June 48? .-b this meeting a nresolutien Llanskyi editor Rude Yrave) concerning the position of CI Yugoslavian was approved which incorporated the accusations made by the CEEU against the leadership of the Yugcslav Party, and which was the first publicized action against Tito and his fcliowei's in a i Siroky, Viliam (Deputy Premer Slansky, Rudolph (Sec Gen) France - Duds, Jacques (Politburo) Fajon, Etienne (Politburo), -13 - Sanitized - Approved For Relea ? CIA-RDP78-00915R0001001 Date Meeting Cominferm Mboting (continued) Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Delegates Remarks BUngpxy - Farkas, Mihaly. (Deputy Lec Gen) Gero, Erno (Minister CencLerce) Rakosi, hAtyas (ec Gen) Italy - Lecchia, Pietro (Directorate) Tcgliatti, ialncirc (E,ec Gen) Poland.- Berman, Jakob (Lee, rclitburo) Zavadski, L-jor Gen 41exander L. Rumania - Gheorgiu-Dej, Ghocrrjle (r_,ec Gen) Luke., Vasile (Minister Finance) iauker, nn (Foreign Minister) USER - Maletkov, Q. M. (Deputy President) Suslcv, (Chief ..,r,.itprop Department/CILU) Zhdancv, 4. 4. (rolitburc) - An Sanitized - Approved For Release CIA-RDP78-00915R000100mffET still continuing series of attempts to depose the "nationalist ft leaders of CP Yugoslavia who apparently had refused to accept the organizational controls . imposed on them by CiZ,U. CI' Yugoslavia itself had refused to send representatives tc this meeting, The official statements brought out that the conflict between Gial and Cr Yugoslavia antedated the Camir form meeting by seteral months. From March 1948 on, CrLU had sent several letters to the CC/C1 Yugoslavia demanding a change in policy,. and had also notified directly the other Cominform Parties of the pending conflict. The meeting in gumania was apparently called by CIZU when it had beecmc obvious that CI Yugoslavia refused to yield to G1ZU, and that politic ostracism and pressure by all Cominfcrm parties wore needed to achieve the desired results. In so far as the evidence for the .5inaia meeting is concerned, we note that we must. rely. on the official statenents from whici. wc took the list of attending delegates From our own sources we learned that several delegates converged upon Prague before the presumptive date of the meeting in Rumania, ,a3 we do not have any active evidence, except Cominform statements, that the meeting was actually hold in Rumania, particular attention may be paid to one report which stated that a preliminary Cominfcrm meeting was 11 Sanitized - Approved Forsi=ktifill. CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Meeting rlace Delegates Remarks Cominform Meeting (continued) - 15 - Sanitized - Approved For R CIA-RDP78-00915R000 held probably either in Prague or Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia. It is pessible that such a meeting teck place but we have received no. confirmation,_ Reportedly present werel Bulgaria - Chervehkcv, Vulcho (Sec Iolitburc'. ? Czechoslovakia - Slansky, Rudolph (Lee qen) France - Duclos, Jacques (Politburo) Hungary - Rakosi, Matyas (sec Gen) Italy - Togliatti, (Sob Gen) USSR Zhdanov, (Pelitburo) For the reccrd of individual travel, starting around 14 June leading European Communists seemed to be convergin en Irague. Duclos and ,5ervin (C5: France) left Yaris 13 or 14 June for an "eastern capital". Tor:liatti and .ecchia (Cl' Italy) departed frem the Rome airport 17 June for an unknoTn destination but a later report stated they were in irague on 18 June, On 19 or 20 June, Jakob Berman (CP Poland) left 'Warsaw probably for Prague. Rakosi (CI. Hungary) left Warsaw by train 19 June apparently changed te automobile at the Czech berder and was reported to be going to lrague. Rudclph Slansky (Cr Czechoslo- vakia) was noted to be absent from the Capital from 19-21 June. Zhdanov (Cra.1) was reported te have left Moscow sometime between 14-19 June. There were several Communists whc were not listed as cfficial Date. Meeting 23-25 June 48 Sanitized - Approved ForldeeREIT'm CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Ccminform Meeting (continued) Ilace Delegates Remarks Foreign Ministers Meeting Warsaw - Hoxha, Enver Bulgaria Kolarov, Vassil Czechcslovakia - Clementis, Vladimir Permany - neck and Grotewohl (unconfirmed) Hunry - Molnar, Erik Leland Mcdzelewski, Zygmund Rumania - Pauker, ITE511 - Mclotcv, liyacheslav E,okelcvsky (DEN L report) Yugoslavia - Ldmic, &tancje Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 delerates but reportedly were travelling in that vicinity and might have attended the meetings, Wilhelm heck and Otto ' Grotewchl co;-Chairmen/ZED Germany were - reported to have gone from Vienna to Irague by air 21 June and still there 23 June,' The Lalmands, Edgar and Georges, Jeanne Wilier an Paul Libcis (all CP Belgium) left Brussels 16 June on military permits travelling to Irague "for reasons cf health This meeting was apparently held after the Rumanian Ccminform Weting. The ()I:13;y delegate to attend both meetings was lina rauker Sanitized - Approved Foreleg!? CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Atetini.7 Place Delegates Remarks mid,June Nbeting cf the Fecutive Rome and Central Cornittee of the Viorld Co-operative ;,11iance June (?) 49 Meeting of Yugoslav and . Italian Party FUnction- aries. 30 June 48 1st week July 48 3rd Conference cf the Society. of Czechs -living abroad LOKOL Congress Rome Prague Irazue aLR?- &idorov (Deputy Chairmaniiidndnis- trative Board of Centrcscyus) Unidentified delegates from: IOland Czezhoslovakia Yugoslav delegation Austria Eldersch Ludwig (Editor Die Welt am..'Abend) Kalmeri.Dr. Radolph (Editor . Neues Oesterreioh) ZuckerSchilling, Erwin (Telitburoi Editor Die Volksstinne) Rumania - _ 17 - Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R00 unidentified .;1.pparent1y another attempt of the 5oviet and Communist fractions to captue this organization. The USER delegate stated. that "reactionary elerLInts" were gaining control, and the meeting ended in discord. mbroio Donini reported supervising preparations to receive a Yugoslav Communist delegation allegedly scheduled to arrive in RCIne in the "near futuce" (date of report, 18 June it. representative from the 3oviet . Etbaspy reportedly will attend the neeting, Foreign delegates probably attended. 48). 7 Date Previous t 7 July 48 Sanitized - Approved For RenteRE+ CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Nbeting Place 2nd _International Conares1 Prague . of Composert and Misic Critics 8-18 July 500th Anniversary of 48 Russian Orthodox Church 14 July 48 Moscow World Federation of Jewish Czechoslevakila? Univel'sity Students Delegates Remarks Unidentified delegates fremt islbania A.ustria Eelgium Bulgaria Czechoslovakia EgY Pt Finland France Jerusalem Nanchuria Netherlands Ib land Rumania Unidentified delegates from: Bulgaria Czechoslovakia Denmark France Great Britain Holland Hungary Palestine Rumania US - 18 - Sanitized - Approved For Relemei-RET CIA-RDP78-00915R00010t, iuuRt+Ai. No further information available Sanitized - Approved FonfteliKm CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Nbeting 3 July 48 Congress of Resistance Nevements 19 July 48 Polish Youth Unity Congress 24 July 48 Executive Committee of the International Federation of Transport Workers Place Prague Delegates Reruarks Breslau, Poland Oslo, Norway Unidentified dele,cates from: Dulgaria Czechoslovakia Denmark France Germany Great Britain Greece Hungary Ialestine Rumania Sweden UUR WFDY IUS Belgium - Delegates unknewn Canada - cuire fnu Denmark - Jensen, Eric .Lage Rikard.- (Ed'ec/Stekers' Unicn) France - Lafond, Thu Great Britain - Deakin, 'irthur 19 - Sanitized - Approved For /449aixT CIA-RDP78-00915Ruum 061909 Itssibly identical with neetin.P. cf FL-,Jiters for Freedom scheduled 10 June in Prague, Further informatien desired.. This meeting of an otherwise non-Communist organizaticn is included here because of the participation cf EkR Jensen,. the well-known former Comintern agent from Denmark. One report stated that Jensen, at the cccasicn, met secretly with krne Balversen, another member cf the Couiintern's cemmunicaticn service. Particulars cn Jensen's contacts in Norway desired. Sanitized -Approved For Orkerrr CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 ? Date Meeting Place Delegates Remarks EXecutive Committee of the International Federation of .Transpert Workers (continued) 26 July 48 Executive Committee of WFDY London Holland - De Vries, Thu Sweden - Christensson, Jen .;iustralia - Williams, Bert (Sec 4FDI) ' Canada - Nrerenber,. Norman China - Chia Kang Chen (VVWFD1) Czechoslovakia - Hajek, Dr. Jiri Kratcchvil, Niroslav Igor ? France - de Boysson, Guy (Sec Gen/FD) Figueres, Leopold Great Britain - Hockham., Ditty (Sec/WFDI) Jones, Penry (1/1,AEKUI) India - Bakaya, Vimla . Poland - Dyner, Niroslaw Spain - Melchior, Frederico US - Damon, Frances (Sec/WFDI) Graves, Elsa (vr/wrEy) -20- Sanitized - Approved For . CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Several foreign delegates were refused passports such as Leon Wbfsey of the .iluErican Youth for Democracy, Date Meeting Sanitized - Approved Fo7'lealE4 CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Place Delegates Remarks 26 July 48 ? 30 July 48 acecutive Committee cf iDy (continued) Congress ef the Albanian Society for Cultural Relations with USER Rumored Ceminfcrm Meeting Tirana, Adbanial Prague USSR - Bcgatyrev, Vasili (Anti-Fascist Ccmmittee of Seviet Youth) Chulkev, Pavel Klimav, Aleksei (Anti-Fascist Committee cf Soviet Icuth) Kochemascv, Vyacheslav Mikhailov, Nikolai Yugoslavia - Hrnjak, Ljubomir USER - Lepeshinska, Olga (poet) Klimintov, N. P. (Representative of Anti- Fascist Cemmittee cf Soviet "Youth) Shabanev, A.N. (Deputy Yin of Health) Tvardcvsky, A. T. (Poet) Austria Fhernberg, Friedl (Politburo) Glaubauf, Fritz (CC) Franz (CC) Zucker-Schilling, Erwin (Politburo) - 21 - Sanitized -;\pproved For Ft&astT CIA-RDP78-00915R0001004 The retort of this meeting was received from only one source and has not been confirmed, The New York Times stated that a secret Cominform meeting was held in Bucharest around the same date, but again there is no supporting evidence, The Austrian delegates allegedly travelled on Austrian passports, Austrian exit permits and special soviet passes which were described as white paper, 5 x 8 inches, with blue diagonal stripe, The report speculated that Titols defection may have been one subject of Sanitized - Approved FortinKm+. CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Meeting Place Delegates Remarks ? Aug 48 3-5 48 ? 8-18 Lug 48' I Rumored Cominform etin (continued) - Congress of the south East Asia Eection of the 15E CrUE;A National Conventiori International Conference of Working Youth, sponsor ed by WFD/ New Delhi, India New York Warsaw UE - Kitcher, Thu Viet Nam - Hoang Nguyeh Hungary - Orban, Laszlo (CC, W) ruerto Rico - Andreau, Cesar (Fres/C0 Lustria - Flemmer, Erwin Bulgaria - Todorov, .',Aanko (head of six-man delegation) Czechoslovakia - Bucek, Jaroslav Finland - Valanne, Dr, Eero Enckell, Bernard Gerrzany HeidenreiGh, Gerhard Great Britain - Cannon, Leo 22- Sanitized - Approved Fic)4;Agaiet, CIA-RDP78-00915R00oi discussion, another being the selection of.. .2 satellite countries (possibky Hungary and Czechoslovakia) for participation in ERO. Further information and confirmntion desired, Viet Nam News agency said in a broadcast of 3 iic.; 48 t ha t "a recent meeting had been held, .No further inforiaation. The National Committee was cut from 13 members comprisinL the twelve leaders who are under indictment and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, The American delegation's passports were refused but reports of the congress mentioned "some unnamed Americans" who were present, A recent American recruit to the California OF, Bob Eambrano, was alleged to be attending. The Indonesian youth group (,A)BEI) was reported to have received an invitation to attend, but no delegates were noted as arriving, According to an unconfirmed report Flavio Bravo, =ber of the Cuban Communist-dominated youth group, Sanitized - Approved For71310(114" CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Meeting Place Delegat(iis' Remarks .International Conference of Working .louth, sponsorh ed by WFDY (continued) India - Raihonduri, fnu Italy - Tesci, Renato E,weden - Karlsson, Urban Thorin, Erik 'Yugoslavia -23- Sanitized - Approved Fo CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Djelajac, Ltojan (Secretariat,. CC/Peoples leuth) Bulovic, Zovka Canovic, Nevica. Gaspirsic, Gabriel (CC/Ieoples louth) Htnjak Ljubo Jaksis, Vinka Keg-man, Dosko (CC/Peoples louth) Naljanovic, Vukan ropovski, E,lavko Pribic, Li1an (deputy to Federal ? Council) Punic, Danilo (CC/reoples 'Youth) Raos, nte (Lecretariat, CC/ Peoples louth) ? bestan, Vlado (Secretariat, CC/ Peoples Iouth) Ldmovski, Zika ,Soskic, Budo (Org Sec, CC/CP Yugo, slavia btojiljkovic, Dragan buncic, Dlavica Todorevic, Mika Juventud bocialista, went to the meeting but Ids name did not appear on the list of delegates. Sanitized - Approved For AtCtrr CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Meeting ? rlace- Delegates Remarks 21 Aug 48 19 Aug 48 25-28 Aug 48 EXecutive Council of WFDY Rumored Cominform Meet inc World Conrxess of Intellectuals Warsaw Frague Breslau, Poland Australia - Williams, Bert Argentina Austria - Varela, Alfredo (Communist journalist) Eisler, Johannes Eisleri?Louise Fischer, Ernst Frey, Dr. Bruno (philosopher) Wolff, rrefessor Karl Sanitized - Approved Rimet1104.6g..., CIA-RDP78-00915R00010VMOICHT91 It was reported that theWFDY convened the Executive Committee immediately after the closinG of the International Conference. Bert 4i11iams was reported to be presiding but no other information has been received. . Allegedly present- were; Austria - FuernberE, Friedl Horneck, Otto Others unidentified UZ8R Vishinsky Unidentified delegates from eastern and southeastern countries. No confiraation available, Meeting allegedly postponed. The Congress which, as advance publicity stated, was organized "to discuss ways of maintaining peace" followed actually the rarty line. Eeveral non,Conmunists who attended were outnumbered and never really had a chance to swing the Congress to the non-Comrunist side. The meeting was Sanitized - Approved For SECRET CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Meeting' Place World Congress of Intellectuals (continued) Delegates Belgium LLuville, Max (ire-G-771Tium Ten Club) .? ? . ? Dupierreux, Richard (Editor of L. Falle,?Ferdinand.(turgeon, Comm for Defense of Peace) Gerle, Jorsa(Prof at.Brussels Uni- ? 'versity) de Liedekerke, Countess Lame (sculptor) Rene, Iyr (poet and. Tres of i-illiance Francaise) ,Thierry, Herman (writer) Brazil . ki-:iado, Jorge Scliar, Carlos Bulgaria Eramabarov (Linger) Ivanov, rrofessor.Ncadyakov Kostov, rrofesser (head of delegation) Ltora (painter) ripkcv (ccmpcsar) Eamodunov, Kecev Saraphon (actor) Stoyanov (Chairman Writers Union) Czechoslovakia - Bagar, :i..drey (Director of Bratislava National Theatre) Burian (stage producer and director) Cirvny (poet) - ?5 - Sanitized - Approved Frult CIA-RDP78-00915R000106t9 ' Remarks planned .1):if Pren6h and F6iish committee with. the Polish side being represented by Jerzy Borejsza (real name GOldberg, former Comintern functionary, IND agent and alternate member of lolitburo/rolish. Workers' rarty). . ? Fadeyev.(Cl-LU) and Ilya .Ebrenburg made vitriolic and belligerent anti- Lmerican speeches with which the delegates- for the most part.seemed? to agree3 Professor Taylor, Oxford - historian, answered the sharp attack and reminded Ehrenburg that the ULLR did not win, the war.singlehanded, ? and Julian :Huxley also tried to refute the Communist "line". Rogge brought ? a message from Wallace, and Nathan brought a message from Einstein which Was never read but an _old one. was misinterpreted, to express support. Einstein protested publicly and said the letter was written beforehe.. realized the political affiliation of the ConFress. The Congress decided to set up a perma- nent committee in Tans to be called. the "International Committe in Defense of Peace', .composed oft .i.,Imado, Jorge (Sec Gen/Cr Brazil) Neruda,. Pablo (Cr- Chile) ialkarovsky, Jan (Cl Czechoslovakia) Sanitized - Approved Forum..MOW+ CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Meetinr,- Ilace Delegates Remarks Arid Congress of Intellectuals (continued). Czechoslovakia - Genda (Rector of Lratislava Iolytecianics) Jesenska (writer) Khosa (dean of rraaue .1.gricultura1 College) Mraz, Dr. (Historian) NUkarovsky (rector of Prague . University) reic, i.nton (cartoonist) Iujmenova,.Maria (writer) Rebru (dean of Law Depart- ment, Bratislava University) SkeUmal (writer, cultural attache in Londen) ? Skupa-, Joseph (puppet theatre director) Stepanek (dean of H4thanities . Department, Bratislava University) Stoll, Vladislav (Director of irague iolitical College) Ludedk, Ea (writer) Travnicek.(Brno University) Tumova (Sec of Czech len Club) Udavsky, Father Fiala Uronec (dean of Ledagogac- Department, Bratislava University) (continued) France ime, Cesare (writer) liragon, Louis (writer) .4uri, Georges (composer) .iluxbel, Eugene (publisher) - 26 - Sanitized - Approved For ? CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Nexo,. Martin?nderson (Cr Denmark) ,Aragon, Louis (CI France) Joliot-Curieene (France-ComEunist sympathizer) Golding; Louis (Great. Britain) Haldane, (Great Britain) nand, MAIlk Raj (India - Octmunist writer) Guttuzo, Renate (Italy). Sereni, Emilio (CI- Italy). Cesaire, mie (CL Martinique) Derejsza, Jerzy (CI. 3:oland)- Dembrowskit Jan.(Loland) . Giral, Jose (Spain) - Davidson, Jo (US .sculptor) Fast, Howard (US writer - probable CI: member) Kahn,-4.1bert (US writer) Fadeyev, 24eksandr (CIU) Fedaseyev (CILU). The Congress was highly reminiscent - of the various anti-fascist front- organizations created by the Comintern in the thirties. With the US having been assigned the place of Nazi Germany by the Communist Iarty theoreticians, the Congress and its International Committee were apparently designed to Speed anti-US propaganda among intellectual., circles threughout the world. Similar Congresses will be held in other countries. Sanitized - Approved ForelteRE; CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Meting . Place World. Congress of Intellectuals (continued) Delegates FranCe ill!aby,-Jean(profebor) - (continued) Bede1:01auricewriter) ':-Bendat. Julien (writerY Boulier, .i.,bbp(professor) :BrUShat,-3-ean:.(profee.sor) Gabannep,. Jean , opsarlova, Laurent .(writer) :Cotton, Eugenie (professor) David, lindre (writer) Eluard, lanl (writer) ? Farge, lves (writer) Guilloux, LouiS (writer) Joliot-Cutie (professor) ? Le Corbusier (architect) ? Leduc, Victor (journalist) Lefebvre, Henri (professor) ? Leer, Ferdinand (painter) ? Nbussinac, Leon (writer? ) Picasso, Pablo (painter) ? irenant, Marcel (writer) ? Seghers, Pierre (publisher) Vailland, Roger (writer) Vercors'(writer) Willard, Marcel (writer) Wyart, Henri Wallen (professor) Remarks It must net .be assumed that all the delegates included in this list :are Ce,tmunists. Great Britain - Greene Graham Hill, C.H. (Itofessor at Oxford). Huxley, Julian Johnson, Hewlitt (Dean of Canterbury) Mackenzie, Compton Kingeley (Editor of New Eitateman and Nation) Needham, Irofessor - 27 - Sanitized - Approved For ? CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Sanitized - Approved ForelliteRC4 CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Meeting place 'Jorld Congress ? of? Intellectual? s (continued) - Delegates Remarks Hungary ErzEebet (historian) Balaban, reter (male cor#entator Boka, Laszlo (wr.iter-).- -BoldiZar, Ivan (journalist) Tibor. (Writer) ... .Hay, Gyula ?_(writer) Hegedus, Geza (Triter) ? Hent8:i, Ferenc (film worker) ? Kobel, Bela (painter) ? Lengyel, Eandor (chemist) Lukacs; Gyorgy (prefessor) Taloty, Boris (Triter) re:tho Tibor (editor) 6zabe,Terenc (professor) ? Tolnai, Gabor (writer) Ukodosa, ral (composer) Vedres, Mark (sculptor) Italy . .11essandrini (journalist) IlrraSEiED (professor) Jsaramo, Sibella (writer) Bandinelli, Ranuccio Bianchi (professor) Banfi, iintonio (professor) Battaglia, Reber-be (secretariat) de Benedetti, Giacomo (writer) de Benedetti, Renata (secretariat) Biglaretti,'Libero(writer) Bontempelli, Nrassimo (writer) Bracci, Mario ( professor) Caccibppoli, Renato (professor) Campitelli, Eubel (publisher) - 28 - Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R000 Date Sanitized - Approved ForiteRET CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Yketing Place Delegates Remarks World Congress: of Intellectuals (continued) Italy - Cartaneo, Carlc? (professor) (continue) Costpta, Luigi (architect): : Fedel (7nsicologist) ? DardarO; Unterto(prefessor) - pevc7to,:. Giscow.t0.. (professor) Dotini,',Lmbrogio (professor)' ? Einaudi, Julio -(publisher) Fetaltea; Giorgio (professor) Ginzburgi Natalia ?(writer) Guttuso, Renato (painter) Jovine, Francesco (writer) Leonardi, Giannini Looncillo ? Levi, Giuseppe (professor) Luporini, Cesare (professor) Fetrassi, Govfredo (composer) retronio, Giuseppe (poet) 6a1vatore (poet) ? :Repaci, Londe. (writer) Rossi, Doria Gastone (professor) E.,apegno, Natalino (professor) Massimo (professor) 6emerano, Giovanni (professor) Serenti, Emilio (professor) Eocrate, Mario (secretariat) Sraffa, riero (professor) Etreshler, Gicrgio (professor) TurGato, Giulio (painter) Valeri, Diezo (professor) Vittorini, Elio -(writer) Jamaica - let, fnu _ 29 - Sanitized - Approved Fo ? CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Sanitized - Approved Forlael+R CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 4*. Date Meeting Elace Delegates Remarks World Congress of Intellectuals (continued) Mexico Cacho, Raoul (author)? . Rendez, Leopoldo (founder of Revo- lutionary Writers and 4.rtists Union) Netherlands - Braat (sculptor) Devries,Thun (novelist) Schendel, Wertheim-(Trofeser) Van Iraag (writer) Van Santen (senator) Van Traavanderburg, Davids Spain - do Castro, Honoroso (Chairman/Spanish Intellectuals Society in Rexico) Giral, Jose Herrera, General (inventor): de los Rios, Don. Fernando Marquez, IhInuel (former professor at Madrid University) .11aja, rtur Serano (writer) quiroga, Jose Maria (member of Union of Spanish Intellectuals) Risco, Martinez (former professor at Madrid University) -Roces,4enceslao (professcr) Sweden - Johansen, Jungda Jur (writer) Lindgren, Erik (journalist) Makelius (architect) Stiernstedt,_ Marika (novelist) Venoberg, Karl (poet) - 30 - Sanitized - Approved For P? CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Date Sanitized - Approved Foraftra CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Re marks ?Lwitzerland Erwih, Hans (painter) Fischer, Dr. Roger (professor) Frisch, Mcx (actor) - Gujot, rrofesscr Charles Riabizchler, Linus ? Uruguay -?Arnorin, Enrique ESpinola, Francisco U,SL, Atkinson, Henry Davidson, Jc (sculptor) Fast, Howard IcArchwey, Frieda (Editor of Naticn) Nathan, irofessor Rogge, 0. John Sheldon, Professor Janes Stewart, Donald Ogden (Irog rarty) 77i1son, Irofessor USER 7 Bardin, 1. r, (metallurgist) Bergun, Zoned Ohiaureli, Ad. E. Ehrenburg, Ilya (writer) Fadpyev, AcA. (Sec Gen of Union of soviet Uriters) Gerasiniov, A. M. (artist) Hbrneichuk, A. E. (writer) iecmov, L, 1/1. (writer) Weshchaninov, I I. (rrofessor Linguistics) Nankhrennikov, T, (Sec gen of Union of Soviet Composers) Palladin, A. V. (Uk, physiolcgist) rUdovkin, V. I, - 31 - Sanitized - Approved Fagtjggr CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 - 1 Date Meeting Sanitized - Approved Foruaa.64 CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Ilace Delegates Remarks ?1 World Congress of Intellectuals (continued) ? USSR - Tarle, E. V. (Historian) (continucd)Turs=-Zade, M. (Chairman dninistration/Union cf Soviet 'iriterEtTadzhikstan) Venslov, T. (Sec Gen/ Lithuanian Union Soviet Writers) Vavilov, Sergei Ivanovich (ircs cf 'Soviet Acadeuy of Science) Zaslavski, D. I. (journalist) Yugoslavia - Andvic, Ivo (Chairmin/Union of Yugo Writers) Barac, Dr. Antun (irofesscr at Zagreb University) Belie, Irefessor Aleksandr (Chairman/Serbian Academy of Sciences) Bor., Matej (Slovene ,Author) Danon, Oskar (Director, Belgrade Opera) Minderovic, Cedomir (Zee/Union of Yugo Writers) Stamper, Dr. Andra (Chairman/ Yugo Academy of Arts and sciences in Zagreb) Unidentified delegates from: Ceylon Greece IvAdagasear 1:ortugal - 32 Sanitized - Approved F CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Sanitized - Approvedadi4fieltrir CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date closed 24 .11.1g 48 30 ;gig 48 27 Lug- 3 Sept 48 Lug 48 after 7 ..;lug 48 Nketing International Teachers Congress also called Internation- al Educational Conference Women's Ler: ue keetin,7 Place Budapest Warsaw 8th Congress of Finnish CI Helsinki Executive Yeeting of WFTU Meting of EUropean Zartisan leaders Faris Warsaw France - Cotton, Eugenie (Ires-WIDF) Great Britain - Mannig, Deah (DI) Greece - lexina, Sybil Great Britain? iollitt, Harry (Sec Gen) Italy - Boldrini - 33 - Sanitized - Approved For FtraT CIA-RDP78-00915R0001Wai 'Remarks Names of delegates are unknown but . the ,:abanian Trade Union General Council sent regrets saying .that Yugoslavia refused te give them the necessary transit visas..., The meting indorsed the manifesto of the '4orld Intellectual Congress and promised that the Iolish women will do their utmost to lessen the war danger and strengthen peace* The Congress elected unanimously imc 1.altonen as chairman of the larty and Ville iessi as Sec Gen, traveling delegation of i%merican Dockworkers attended the Congress. They were Tulian Napuno, Herman Steiweler (probably net a Comrunist), Jovan Zuber, and Donald Brown, Decided at Rom executive meeting in Iny. Will discuss requests for admission etc. Unconfirmed. It is net known whether this meeting actually took place. Sanitized - Approved Fo719BeileT CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 SECTION B r;IRT I Ti-/..,'3.VEL LRT II INDEX B1 DESTM,TIGN Sanitized - Approved For : CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Countryl Africa Name Guelatiffe, mu Albania 1.2, Getcho, George Argentina 1 ! 3. Hoxhas, Enver (Premier) 4. 6hehu, Femi 1 5 Zhabai 6. Thu 7. Oodii1a, Victorio (Exec Comm) 8. Inkier, FAmon (Journalist 1 9. Pens?, Oni Sanitized - Approved For latfigfam CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Departure Date . Aug 48 20 Feb 48 23 June 48 25 June 48 mid-June 48 late Apr 48 late Apr 48 48 5 June 48 7 June 48 8 June 48 13 June 48 27 Feb 48 5 "Pr 48 17 N4, 48 From Africa Alexandria, Egypt Tirana, Albania Warsaw Albania Albania 4 Albania Nbxicso City Lima ia Paz Antofagasta, Chile Argentina 2.rgentina Argentina - 34 - ! Sanitized - Approve 5R0001 Destination Warsaw Yugoslavia Warsaw Albania Belgrade Pragua Prague Lima, Peru La Paz, Bolivia Antofagasta, Chile .Santiago, Chile Bolivia Bolivia Bolivia Purpose of Travel Delivered speech at the Inter- national Conference of Working Youth. Travelled with Dedkov, member of a Zoviet UssiOn on the FAS Kordun. Attended Foreign Idnister61 Meeting. By air. Attended Balkan Youth Council, 13-17 June 48. Attended May-Day cclebrations, Attended hhy-Day celebrations, Reported (unconfirmed) to have arrangk,: meeting of Latin American Communists in Buenos Aires, Conferred with Communist youth leaders. via Panagra. via railroad. via air. Believed to act as contact between Mario Lchafkopf (suspected Communist courier, CP Bolivia) and Argentine Communist groups. Country Argentina I 10. popovich, Bogdan (continued) Name Sanitized - Approved FonteRLE? CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 11. Haduj, Martin (leader of Polish Communists in Argentina) 12. Salazar, Enrique Medina 13, Varela, Alfredo (journalist, 1.4 Hora) ?ustralia 14. Bacon Kathleen ';IDF) 15. Chignell John Edward . Kaiser, Thomas Reeve (Physicist) 29 July 46 25 May 48 23 Apr 48 16 Aug 48 24 Rr-x 48 27 Mar 48 14 Apr 48 9 .61or 48 Apr 48 Apr 48 From Argentina Europe Argentina Argentina India Rangoon Malaya Melbourne UK Italy -35- Sanitized - Approved For : CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 - Destination Santiago Chile ? .Argentina Talara, Peru to Puerto Bolivar, Ecuador and Guayaquil Warsaw Rangoon, Burma Singapore Australia UK Italy UK Purpose Of Travel ? Mission unknown, Suspected UDB .agent, Claimed to be retiring from all Party activity, Travelled with seven other Argentinians. Delegate to World Congress of Intellectuals. Will travel in Rumania, Hungary, Iugoslavia and possibly Moscow, CP Argentina will finance trip with funds collected for that purpose. By air, By sea. Made tour of Malayan Union with other WIDF members, but left them for Australia instead of India because of illness. By sea aboard SS Miliderkerk, ship did not call at British port, but at Port Said, Istanbul, Marseille and Dutch ports. Covered Italian elections as accredited correspondent of Sydney Tribune (Communist newspaper). Country- ! Sanitized - Approved ForaglarefrE+0 CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Name Lustralia 17,, Rogers, John (Director/ (continuedl Lustralian-Eoviet House) .i.Lustria 18. Eharkey, L.L. (Pres/ CP .i.3.11E3tralia) 19..Etein, Harry 20. .c.,treet, Jessie kay (Eec/ Lustralian society for Cultural Relations with UESR) 21. Williams, Herbert :PD1) 22. Litschule, Heinz 23. Betkolricz, Stefan. (Exec Comm) 4. Braunsteiner, fnu 25. Broda, Engelbert (Loci Departure Date 14 June 48 9 July 48 7 .41,ug 48 Mar 48 Mar 48 late 1%, 48 7-15 May 48 26 July 48 It4 48 1150-Y 48 June 48 ?5 48 28 .4r 48 From .;sustralia Yoscow .Calcutta ,lustralia Lustria .sustria UK - 36 No. Sanitized - Approved For ? CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Destination. UK Ye scow Prague Singapore Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, .:Lustria Yugoslavia Bucharest London Lyon, France ...Goteberg,,Sweden Warsaw. UK Continental Europe Purpose of Travel By air. Toured Russia by invitation of Toured Europe as leader of a Wfl.a delegation. Visited ;Intl-Fascist 'omens' Front organizations c Was given travel facilities by Tito, with whom she had an interview. L.ttended IU E Central Committee lbetinL Attended WFDY meeting. . Representative at ivbeting of French Republican Youth. Delegate to 14th Congress of Swedish Communist Party, 1.5-18 May 48. .xttended Foreign Einisters' Conference, 23-25 June 48 Unconfirmed.. Country Name Austria 26. Duermayer, Dr. Heinrich (continued). (representative "Verband Oesterreichischor Anti- Fascistischer Freiheits- kaempferu) Sanitized - Approved FongSateIT"" CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Departure Date 1 From . Eldersch, Ludwig (Editor ' July 48 Austria Die '4e1t Am Abend) 28. Fischer, Ernst (Politburo) June 48 austria i S29 July 48 131 July 48 Vienna . Flemmer, Erwin early aug 48 Austria i 30, Fuernberg, Friedl (Po1itburc) early Tune 48! Austria 1 129 July 48 Vienna Destination Purpose of Travel . Prague Granted visa valid for 6-15 14y 48 to attend Congress of Partisans in Prague* Departure unconfirmed. Prague attended 'Sokol Congress, 3 July 48. Budapest attended illungarian Union Congress 12 June 48. Prague Reported attended Cominform noting. Unconfirmed. Bucharest Loft with Honner on "crders". Unconfirmed. 'Jarsaw Delivered speech at International Conference of 'Jerking Youth. Budapest "Eastern Countries" attended Hungarian Union Congress 12 June 48. On or about 29 July left with Koplenig and Honner. Reported to be travelling "black" from Vienna. Known to be absent from /iustria 29 July but purpose and whereabcuts unknown. ilate July 48 Prague Reportd to have attended Cominform Conference. Unconfirmed. 19 Aug 48 Prague Reported to have attended Cominform Conference. Unconfirmed. 31, Glaubauf, Fritz (GC) 1late July 48 austria -37- Prague. Reported to have attended Cominform Conference. (*See meeting section for cement on reported Cominform meetings sanitized - Approved Fo ? CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Country Name .Z1ustr ia 32. Honner, Franz (CC) cont inued) 33. Horneck, Otto Martin (employee, CC) I 34. Knlmer, Dr Rudolph (Editor Neues Oesterreich 35? Kodicek, Egon (Orsburo) 36. Kcplenig, Johann (Politburo Pres/CP .ustria 37. Lehr, Antonie (represen- tative "Verband Oester- reichischer ischer Freiheitskaerapfer") 38 LucinskaZa? fnu Lucinskaja Sanitized - Approved ui QUIET CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Departure Date Frem 29 July 48 Vienna late July 48 Vienna Vienna 31 July 48 19 Lag 48 Vienna early July 48 Vienna Itay 48 July 48 July 48 6-13 May 48 27 July 48 Vienna Vienna Vienna Destination EL stern Countries" Prague? Bucharest 'Prague _ 38 - anitized - Approved Eartlen+.? CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Prague "Eastern Countries" Czecheslcvakia Pratgu Brazil- ?Y.,_-__ Purpose of Travel _Reported left with Koplenig, and Fuernberg on or about 29 July. travel "black" from Vienna. ittended Cominforne Conference late July 48, Unconfirmed., Reported to have left with Fischer on "orders? . Unconfirmed. ,ittended Cordnform Conference. Unconfirmed. (See meeting section for co=nt on Cominform conferences) .1.ttended. Sokol Congress 3 July 48. ...ttended May-Day Celebrations. Reported to have left 7:ith. Fuernberg.and Honner. ';ii.11 travel "black" from Vienna.? Reported to have been in Czechoslo- vakia during July but did not visit Prague. Held discusicns in Brno with Czechoslovak Communist leaders, Ho requested trave.1 clearance through official channels every two months for Czechoslovakia. Reported to have been granted visa to attend the Congress of Partisans. Reported due to arrive with Winner and Myer. (No further informatier. Country Name Austria 39. IVarik, Franz (CC) (continued) 40. Yatejka, Victor (Politburo, CC)' 41. Ma or, 7ialter 42. Eitterakeas, fnu 43. Friester, Eva Die Woche) (OG 44. quintrm, Fred C Quotsch, Alfred 45. Rosner, Jakob smmaggiliaND Sanitized - Approved CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 , Departure Date Editor 46. .Schneider, Max (representative of "Verband Oesterreichischer Anti-Fascistischer Freiheitskaempfer")- 47. Tschofenig, Josef (Deputy Chairman/CC) From late July 48 Vienna early Aug 48 Vienna 27 July 48 mid-May 23 June 24 June 48 June 48 48 48 ni.Y 48 mid-May 48 before 20 July 48 .mustria Vienna 7iarsaw ustria Austria Belgrade - 39 - Sanitized - Approved Fogs CIA-RDP78-00915R000101V9 Destination Prague Prague Purpose of Travel Brazil Belgium 1,ireaw Vienna es tern Europe Goteborg, 'Sweden Prague,: Austria A.ttended Ceminform Conference. Unconfirmed,, (Eee meeting section) Reported attended Cominform Conference with Zucker-,Schilling at the beginning of .ug 48.(6ee meeting section for caLcent) Due to arrive with -Amdlier and Lucinskaza (No further information) Delegate to Communist Party Congress, 14-17 1,24 48. By air, Spent six hours in Warsaw with Zucker-.Schilling. Reported as a cp functionary who travels frequently on missions for Cr Austria, Delegate to 14th 'Swedish Communist Conference 15-18 Yrly 48. Reported granted visa to attend Congress of Partisans, Country Belgium (continued) Sanitized - Approved Falloff&Jeff CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 54. Lalmand, Edgar (Sec Gen 55, Lalmand, Georges (brother of Edgar Lalmand) 56. Libois Paul (Senator, CC) 57. Larteaux, Dr.? .,,.lbert (CC) 58. 'Wilier, Jeanne (CC). 39. .Neurayi. fnu 60. Taillard, Jean 61. Terfve, Jean (CC) Departure From 15-20 June 48 27 June 48 16 June 48 16 June 48 22 June 48 10 A.yr 48 .16 June .48 liar 48 July 48 23 June 48 Belgium Prague Belgium Belgium Prague Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Belgium Sanitized - Approved Fol4gif CIA-RDP78-00915R000 Destination Purpose of Travel Prague via Germany Liege. railway' station, Belgium Prague Brussels Paris Prague via Germany USSR via Greece Czechoslovakia Belgrade via Trieste Received military permit card for Prague via Germany With reason given as "vacation". Valid 9-30 June, He was accompanied by mistress, Jeanne Mullier. Arrived on train coming .froM. Prague, Reported in Prague around 13-20 June with Libois. Reported in Prague 15-20 June with Georges Lalmand. 48 Delegate to meeting of Internationa: Committee for ;lid to Democratic Greece. 'Travelled on military permit with Edgar lalmand for reasons of *health". Reportedly resigned seat in parliament and Party activities merely as a cover for work as Belgian Cominfwrm representative. Unconfirmed. Had interview with Gottwuld, Subject and wife applied for tranait visas but not known whether they actually went. Country Name Sanitized-Approved For SEGRENT CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Departure Date From Austria 1 48. Umschweif, Max (continued) (Representative, "Verband Cesterreichischer Anti-Fascistischer Freiheitskaempfern) Belgium 49. Wirmer,, Karl 30. Zucker-Schilling, Erwin (Politburo,Bditor/Die Volk.atimme) 51. Demany, Fernand (CC) 32. Grippe, Jacques (CC) 53. Herssens, Samuel (CC) mid-I 48 27 July 48 10 June 48 23 June 48 3 July 48 29 July 48 10 Apr 48 1-Ay 48 10 Apr 48 Austria Vienna Vienna Vienna Belgium Belgium Belgium Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Destination Prague Brazil Czechoslovakia 'Warsaw Prague Prague Paris Prague Paris Purpose of travel Reported to have been granted a visa to attend Congress of Partisans. Due to arrive with keyer and . Lucinskaza. Allegedl-a on vacationi By airs spent six hours with. Priester in Warsaw. Attended Sokol Congress. Remained in Czechoslovakia one week with Kalmer and Eldersch. Unconfirmed. One report said he would be departing "soon" to attend Cominform Eeeting, Another report said he was representativeat Cominform Ebeting in Prague in early Aug 48. Delegate to meeting of Inter- natienal Committee for Aid to Democratic Greece. Attended IV-Day celebrations, Delegate to meeting of Inter- national Committee for Aid to Democratic Greece. Country Name Belzium Ce2. Woestyn, Bob (continued)i 1 Bolivia 63. Arze, Jose (Sec. Gen/FIR) 64. Jalecic, Hilbert G Viscovic, Tomas Sanitized - Approved Fdrefrearlimmi CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Departure Date -6 May 48 10 Apr 48 24 nine 48 2 July 48 24 July 48 From Destination Rome Lima, Peru 16 May 48 Bolivia ?42- Lyon, France Faris Rome Faris La Paz, Bolivia Sanitized - Approved Fainftenzi, CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Iugcslavia via Buenos Aires Purpose of Travel Attended meeting of French Republican -Youth. Attended meeting of International Committee for Aid to Democratic Greece. ZAayed at Fensione Giuliana, also HOtel.Genca.?CPItaly booked room for him. Used UE ER Etbassy car during his stay, and went almost daily to U5ER Embassy. Lade no contact with cp Peru representatives. Believed to have brought instructions from Eurobe to Latin American CPs. rade speech in Aug 48 to PIR Youth meeting during which he stated his trip had been financed by l'foreign funds" and that the PIR must maintain sytpathetic relations with the U&R. Plans to return to Bolivia early 1949. It is alleged he was to make a report on the Bolivian situation and receive instructions. Sanitized - Approved FongeRETN CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Bolivia (continued) Name 65. bchafkepf, Yario Date Departure From Bolivia Brazil 66, Amado, Jorge 9 June 48 Frague Destination Argentina Moscow Purpose of Travel 26 Aug 48 Breslau, Poland 67. Guedcs Armenio (National 20 ATT 48 Brazil Comm) 68. kbrena. Roberto (E-ec Gen CM) 696 Pertinari Candido 20 Aug 48 26 June 48 Mexico Montevideo,... Uruguay - 43 - Sanitized - Approved For ? CIA-RDP78-00915R00 Peru Brazil via Havana Rio de Janeiro suspected courier between Bolivia and lrgentina. Believed to contact Michael Lakatos in Buenos Aires and receive money and instructions._ Recently bought the Hotel Yugoslav? which is located in same building as the American Embassy. (June 48) Reported living in I'ague since Party outlawed in Brazil. Allegedly heard broadcasting over short wave from lbscow. Note: The ,iorld Intellectual Congress was held in Breslau 2.5_28 August 48. Allegedly accompanied Luis Prestes shortly after 20 Apr for Mexico where both were to embark for Gdynia, Poland.. Questionable report. Reported to have travelled via CIA Airlines and to have carried correspondence for Prestos. There is no record of his departing Havana since 20 Aug 48. Departed with wife Maria, son Juan and daughter Inez. on Brasil. Reported to be going tc Czechoslovakfi' Country Name Brazil 700 Erestes, Luis Carlos (ccntitued) (sec Oen) Sanitized - Approved Forger:WEI CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Departure From Destination 71. Schoenberg, Mario C Schemberg (alternate member Seo-_Faulo State, Directorate) Bulgaria 72. Avramcva, Katia (Pelitburo) 73. Beshev, Yvan (wny) 74.,IPtchev, Yvan (possibly identical with k 73) 75. Blagejeva. Stella (VI/ All Slav Ccmm) 23 Aug 48 15 Apr 48 July 48 6 May 48 18 Lpr 48 Brazil Scfia anden Bulgaria Bulgaria 414_ Sanitized - Approved ? CIA-RDP78-00915R00010Werg Breslau, reland Budapest Switzerland and Germany pycn, France Mcaccw Purpose of Travel Pestes has been variously reported to be on route Poland, en route USSRy in Uruguay etc. It is doubtful that he left Latin America at all and probably is in hiding in the Brazil hinterland. No Vessel has left Lexico for Poland since Dec 47. He is reported to be suffering from tuberculosis. One report stated that the Brazilian army received instructions that he is to be "liquidated? when and if found. Several cennunicatiens have. been received by CP Brazil Which wcu: indicate he is in hiding s) place in Brazil, Attended Cengress of World Intellectuals. Following this he will attend the Aznual Conference of Physicists at Ccpenhagen. He plans to remain in Europe for three mcnths. Attended Hungarian Woren's Congress. Attended Exec Comm Meeting of WM.? Attended I,Zecting of French Republican Youth. Delegate to Ccngress cf Slav Scholars. Country Name Bulgaria (continue a) 76. Bratanov, (Minister to Italy) 77t Chervenkov, Vulcho (Politburo) 78. Chibarov, fnu 79. Danyanov, fnu (Defense Minister) 80. Dimitrov, Georgi (Prime Minister) 81, Dragoicheva, Tsola (Exec Comm, Politburo) 82. Georgiev (Foreign Minister 834 Kamenoffi tnh- 84. Kolarov, M.V. (CC) 85. Kostov, Traicho (CC) Sanitized - Approved Folackelief". CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Departure Date 7 July 48 19 June 48 around 20 June 48 124 June 48 Nr-51 48 May 48 10 July 48 24 Jug 48 15 knY 48 10 July 48 29 July 48 23 June 48 24 July 48 19 June 48 From Bulgaria Bulgaria -Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria Bulgaria - 45 - Sanitized - Approved Fo CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Destination Rome Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia Sinaia, Rumania (or Bucharest) Prague Moscow Moscow 1/bscow Rome Moscow Belgrade. Warsaw Czechoslovakia Purpose of Travel Reportedly carrying a comunication fromTimitrov to Pietro Nenni (Socialist leader). ? Left for unknown destination. Reported to be at Cominfort meeting. On official list of delegates to Cominform Meeting "some place" in Rumania, .littended ma3i Day celebrations. With Yugov and KAI= Georgiev. Rumored, not confirmed. Delegate to WIDF_5th Ekecutive Session, With Yugov and Dimitrov. ittended Danubian Conference. littended Foreign Minister's Meeting. ? Departed by air 25 June 48,, Left for vacation. Strongly rumored his influence waning.. Left for unknown destination but his name appeared on official list of delegates to Cominform Meeting in Rumania about 24 June 48 Sanitized - Approved ForMOW CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country I Name t--, ' 8c. Lekov, Professor Ivan Departure Date 18 Apr 48 From Bulgaria Destination Moscow lurpose of Travel Delegate to Congress of Slav Bulgaria (continued) (Org Comm of Slav Scholars) 87. Yanatok, fnu late June 48 Scholars , Repertedly refused visa to tour North Africa with '41-DI group. May join delegation in Egypt. 88, Mikov, Thu Bi13r 48 Bulgaria Irague Attended May Day celebrations. 89, Natan, Renata (CC/Union of Bulgarian 1icmen) 28 Bilv 48 Bulgaria Berlin Travelled by air to German Democratic Womenls Congress. 90. Ianov Temkcv, Danail 18 Apr 48 Bulgaria Italy via Trieste Applied for visa tc transit (Ed Rabotnichesko Delo) Trieste on tcur 91, retkoff, Krastiev 23-26 Apr 48 26 .;x.131' 48 Naples Naples, Italy Milan, Italy "Jith btoine and ropcff 3 It13, 48 Milan Yugoslavia Crossed bcrder at Mbnfalcone by train. Allegedly will return to 92, ietrov, Georgi (Ires/Slav 18 Apr 48 Bulgaria MCscow Italy, Delegate tc Congress of Slav Corr of Bulgaria) Scholars. 93. Popoff, Ivan 23-26 Apr 48 Bulgaria Naples, Italy With Ietkoff and Steine 26 Apr 48 Naples Milan, Italy 3 May 48 Milan Yugoslavia Crossed border at Yonfalcone by train, Allegedly will return to 94, Toptcmcv, Vladimir June 48 Bulgaria Budapest Italy, Attended Hungarian Unity (rolitburc) - 46 - Congress, 12 June 48, ani ize - pprove or It/. CIA-RDP78-00915R0bui ukON Sanitized - Approved' CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Departure Country Nano Date From Destination Purpose of Travel Bulgaria 954?Stoine (continued) possib1y,-0 Erastev Canada 964 Yugov, Anton (Politburo) 37, Zivkov, Zivko 98. Beaver Brigade Group 99. Nazir, George John Nasir (journalist) 234,26 Apr 48 26 Apr 48 3 May 48 July 48 June 48 July 48 214_ 48 1004 Nerenberg, Norman July 48 101. Roberts, Leslie (Pres/ National Council for Canadian-soviet Friend- ship) 10 May 48 12 May 48 1 June 48 Naples Milan Bulgaria Bulgaria Canada Naples, Italy Milan, Italy Yugoslavia hescow Belgrade ,;astern Europe Poland via Sweden Denmark Canada Moscow ? Prague London - 47 - Sanitized - Approved F@WTT? CIA-RDP78-00915R00010vvwI London Prague London Canada With_Petkoff and Popoff. Crossed border at Monfalcone by. train. Allegedly will return to Italy?, With Dimitrov and Georgiev. Delegate to Balkan Youth Council. Group of Canadian youth going to work on reconstruction of highways, buildings, etc. Doreen bherjak (Toronto) will represent the Canadian South- Slavic Youth Federation, on the brigade. Danish authorities made arrange- ments to ship him back to Canada after they became suspicious of his actions.. In London 16 July 48 at meeting connected with forthcoming session of the Executive Committee of 1FDY4_ By air. Sanitized - Approved For Iregintrr CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Canada (continued Chile 102 Storrie Jessie 103, Taub, Muni 104. Contreras Tapia, Victor 1054 Godoy, Cesar (CC) 106. Neruda,-Fable 107. Ocampo Fastene, Salvador Departure Date iv".y 48 my 48 June 48 June )8 20 MaY 48 11 July 48 13 July 48 From Canada Canada Chile Chile - 48 - Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Destination Lyon, France Montevideo, via Buenos Mendoza, rent ma Lima, Peru Santiago, Chile Purpose of Travel .i%ttended meeting of French Republican Youth. as representative of National Federation of Labor, 4ifter beinc. refused a Limited Entry Permit, probably entered US by boarding a bus at Windsor. and proceeding through Detroit. Returned to Canada. With Godoy to meeting in Montevideo. Godey detained in Mendoza, ,Irgentina, but Contreras proceeded to Buencs ires Iv train. With Centreras to meeting in Nentevidec but was detained by .iirgentine police and returned to Chile. Hasty pasage through Montevideo Via Fanagra airlines. Conflicting report said he had not been in Chile since June 47. .;Illegedly stated he would not remodn long in Chile as he was needed in Mexico as CTI, Secretary, Was refused passport to attend ILO Congress in an Francisco in June 48. Sanitized - Approved For Re1611?1144 CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 .? ? ? ? ? "1-1, Ccuntry Name Chile 108. Rojas, Carlos Vassallo (continued). (lawyer) China 109. Chen, Chia-Kang c Chen, Charles (VP, WPDY) Date Departure From 30 Apr 48 Apr 48 3 DIY 48 26 July 48 110. Hue Kang ? Apr 48 111. Li Chi Hsing 112. Li Li-San (rolitburo, CC) 113, Liu Ning late My 48 June 48 28 Mr 48 ? Apr 48 Buenos Aires Sweden China -49- Sanitized - Approved For______________ CIA-RDP78-00915R000100 Destination Purpose of Travel Santiago, Chile By air, May have taken money to Neruda (unconfirmed). Scandinavia Norway Londen Hong Kong Damascus, Eria Beirut, Lebanon Moscow Rome Member of delegation touring Scandinavia, Reportedly went from Finland to Sweden 18 Apr 48, Attended WFDY meeting. Reportedly carried directive to Hong Kong Comr-unists to adept new tactical line (unconfirmed). Landed at al-Maza airport. Arrested 9 June 48. Was using name, of Charles and carried a diplomatic passport and forged papers in that name. Reportedly was to be sent back to China from Turkey by air and with an escort. 30 Apr 10 May 48 in Rerrie for WFTLT EXecutive Committee ketina, having visited Prague en routed. Also may have visited i'P.1iP4 Sanitized - Approved For refteRE4.? CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Departure Date From Destination kurpose of Travel Colombia 114..Abe11a, 1edr0 5, (CC,- .? Sec Gen/CTC) Apr 14_8 Colombia Cuba Reportedly arrived few before 19 Apr and pres kept secrete 21 Apr 48 Caracas, Venezuela Held meeting with Nati Committee members of C 115, Sanclemente, Alvaro 28 NAY 48 Colombia Caracas, Venezuela To establish permanent (journalist) Reportedly will act as representative of Cr C Soviet diplomats in Ca Costa Rica 116. Brana Roses, Adolfo 117. Carballo,Corrales, Luis July 48 July 48 Costa Rica Costa Rica Tanana Ianarya Confirmation and furth desired, Unconfirmed departure, Unconfirmed departure4 118. Carvajal, hilaria Isabel 3 may 48 Merida, Yucatan Mexico City With Mora and Judith F 0 1.yra', Carmen 119. Ferreto,Seguna#,Lrnoldo a"-4 48 Costa Rica lanamn Unconfirmed, Was refu Ly 48 by Panamanian A in an Jose: 120? Ferreto, Edgar 1 July 48 Costa Rica Venezuela Travelled by air with Luciano. 121. Forroto, Judith 3 may 48 Mends, Yucatan Mexico City With Carvajal and Nbra 122. Ferreto, Isiano 1 July 48 Costa Rica Venezuela Travelled by air with Edgere - Sc - an ze - pprove or K? CIA-RDP78-00915R000100 days nce nal Venezuela, residence, direct olombia to acas, r informatiaa rreto. sed passport bassador brother brother Sanitized - Approved ForeNIRE3m. CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country I I Name Departure Date From Destination Purpose of Travel i Costa Rica .: (continued), 123. Guzman Rodriguez, Rodelfo (Politburo) 124. lira Valverde, Manuel? Zuly 48 1 Way 48 Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica Panama Havana, Cuba Unconfirmed departure, Expelled from Costa Rica (sec Gen In) 3 NAY. 48 Merida, Yucatan ? Mexico City Travelled with Ferret? and Carv4*- 4 Aug 0 Guateza1a Arrived and spent one night , incognitc(unconfirmed). Was back in Mexico City as of 12 Aug. 12.5. libscoa Earrantes, Manuel July 48 Colombia Venezuela via ranana 126. quesada Carvajal, Victor Nhnuel July.. 48 Costa Rica Panama Unconfirmed departure, 127, Saenz Clizondo, Carlos Luis July. 48 Costa Rica . Panama en route Unconfirmed departure. . Venezuela Note -.The Costa Rican Government, after the revolution, was anxious to get all leading .Communists out of the peUlltryv Whether they actually left,- or were imprisoned in Costa Rica, is not lc/Town. Cuba 128. Brave, Flavic (leader rsr? Youth Group) Aug 48 Havana, Cuba Warsaw Unconfirmed report that he left by air to Trinidad where he boarded Adr France to French Africa and from there to France, object being to avoid US. (See Introduction for travel route) 129. Carrillo Garcia,. Jose Mar 48 Havana Mexico City Attended CTL Congress 22-28 Mar 48,... Reportedly still in Xexico City 19 may 0 and attending - 51 - CP meetings and actively- engaged in propaganda activities. _ _. - _ __ - . CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Sanitized - Approved Forel:0E4i CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Ccuntry ?__ Name Departure Date From Destination Purpose cf Travel' _ Cuba . - (continued) CZechc..._. clovakia 130 Henriquez, Gels? (sports editor Hoy) 131.- Technical Mission 3 July 48 rviaY 48 Havana, Cuba Czechoslovakia Prague- Calcutta Reprrtedly invited 1:1: Czech Embassy , Five-man missicn ccnsisting of PThfessOr. Dr. J, Cernak, Dr, A. Vyscky, Dr. F. Jansa, J. Dvorak, and A, Iachnrich (sec cf mission) arrived (dalcutta 2 June 48. 132.. Bares, Gustav (Central June 48 Czechcslovakia ?:Budapest . Attended Hungarian Unity Action Comm) Congress 12 June 48. . June 48 Czedhcslcvakia Rumania .Delegete tc Cominform Meeting 'around 20-24 June 48. 133. Bastcvansky .s.? ?. June 48 Czechoslovakia :Budapest Attended Hungarian Unity Congress (EXec Comm). 12 June 48.. 134. .Bucek, Jareslav .3i7FIY 48 Czechoslovakia - ?. Lyon, France ? Attended meeting of French ? Aug 48 Czechoslovakia 'Warsaw Republican. :Youth, 6 May 48, Delivered speech at Internaticnal Conference. cf Working Youth 8-18 Aug 48,. 133. Cibulka, Jan 15 June 48 Czechcslovakia ? Eweden Had permit to stay until 15 'Sept 48 but that will probably be extended.. 136. Clementis, Vladimir 23 June 48 Prague Warsaw. Is omplOyed by the Czech Legation but does not have diplomatic status, By air,. Attended Foreign Ministers' (Foreign Minister) Conference... 25 June 48 Warsaw Prague By air. Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Sanitized - Approved ForreMENT CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Departure Date From Destinatien Purpose of Travel A_ Czeche slovakia (continued) 1374 Erban, Frantisek (Gen Sec/ SOVP) .4r 48 Norway Czechcslovakia ttended Ncrwegian Congress of political ex-prisoners. 1384 Fierlinger, Zdenek (Chair- man/Social Dem Party, hinister of Industry) June 48 Czechoslovakia Warsaw .;ittended Socialist Party reeting; .56 June 484 139, Geminder, Bedridk (Cordn- form representative) MaY 48 Czechoslovakia Goteborg Sweden .i.ttended Swedish- cp Cengress, 15-18 My 48. June 48 Rumania Delegate to Comintern Meetingi probably held Sinaia 2024 June 48.' (see Ibetings Section) 140, Golda, Karl ? 141? Gorner, Dr. Jesef .July 48 27 .pr 48 Czechoslovakia Czechcslovakia Chicago Brussels .4p1iod for passport, Departure not confirmed, To discuss preparations for International Congress of Derx)cratic Lawyers to be held Sept 484 ? 142. Hajek, Dr. Jiri July 48 Czechoslovakia 1,cmdon: ?.tended WFW meeting 26 July 48,. 1434 Haskeva, Id's. Vera Alpr-Iray 48 or Hakcwska Egypt Beirut, Syria Unconfirmed repert stated she was Comintern Representative living in Egypt. ,1se-.7eported to have cone from Istanbul. 144. Hayek, fnu June 48 Czechoslovakia Budapest ttended Hungarian Unity Ccngress,- 12 June. 44 - 53 ., in......:4:-.....4 A efteftrIsentri Cetr Dellancet ? CIA-RDP78-00915R000 Country Czeche- slovakia (continued) Sanitized - Approved Fon MOW CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Departure Date 145. Jungwirtova, Anna 146, Juraj, I. Kohn 147.. Eralova', Milena 148. Eratochvil, Miroslav Igor A,pr 48 June 48 7 Aug 48 Apr 48 July 48 149. Martinek, fnu (Maintenance Jul 48 1 Director for Czech Airlines 150. Nbsek, Vladimir 151. Novy (possibly Vilem, Editor Rude Iravo) 152. Reiman, Paul or Pavel 30 July 48 ? June 48 30 Ear-5 Apr Apr )j8 LS nitized - Approved For 8 From Destination Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia Havana, Cuba Cz-choslovakia ? Czechoslovakia London Prague Czechoslovakia - 5 4 - CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Faris. Budapest Fort au Irince, Haiti Faris London Rio de Janiero Budapest Helsinki Copenhagen Purpose of Travel Delegate to Internatienal Committee Meeting fcr Aid to Democratic Greece, 10 Apr 48. Attended Hungarian Unity Congress, 12 June 48. Contacted one Dellavalle. Attended meeting of International Committee for id to Democratic Greece, 10 Apr 48. Attended WFDY meeting 26 July 48. Reported in Londcn but no traces UK. Believed in American Zone, Germany. Prague passport bore diplomatic visa issued in London.- Purpose of trip not determined. Attended Hungarian Unity Congress, 12 June 48. Returned to Czechoslovakia by 15 ipr 480 At meeting of Danish CI, explained the idea of a peaceful transition to Zocialism. Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001 -9 Country Name Departure Date From Destination Purpose of Travel Czecho- slovakia (continued) 153, Simok, Captain fnu Prague Berlin Communist Party courier to Czech mission in Berlin as representative of Minister of Interior Gruber. 154. Simon, Andre C Katz, Otto June 48 Prague Inns Spoke on "'Jar or peace?" under auspices of "Democratic (Foreign Editor Rude Pravo) Nouvelle", 155. Siroky, Viliam (Chairman/Cr Slovakia) June 48 Prague Rumania Delegate to Cominform Meeting held probably Sinaia 20-24 June 48, (See noting Section). 1256. Slansky, Rudolph (Sec GoTIOr Czechoslovakia) June 48 IraF;ue Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia Reportedly attending pre-Ccminform meetings, Had been absent from Prague for three days as of 21 June, Tune 48 Rumania Delegate to Cominforml&eting . probably held Sinai's. 20-24 June 0. (See Meeting Section). 157. Erp, Ladislav 27 Apr 48 Prague Brussels Discussed preparations for International Congress of . Deriocratio Lawyers to be held 158, Zachoval, Marcel 16-20 Mar 48 Prague Sweden Prague Sept 48, Reportedly had written orders to carry out intelligence mission (Chairman/Nationalin Scandinavia (Unconfirmcd). Bureau of Students' Aix 48 Oslo, Norway Association) 3 N43,- 48 Norway Member of WFDY delegation. - 55 - dtIILILU - CIA-RDP78-00915R000 : Sanitized - Approved Ffiatriateir CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Denmark Name 169. Brauer, Willy 160, Clausen, Tove Hilmar 161. Gundel, Leif (Editor Land og Folk) 162. Houmann, Berge (Editor Land cg Folk) 163. Jensen, Alfred (Sec Gen Cr Denmark) 164. Jensen, Rikard (Sec/ Danish Etc:kers' Union) 165f, Larsen, Aksel (Chairman Denmark) Departure' Date From 8 Apr 48 ,41Pr 48 Apr 48 11 Apr 48 June 48 about 15 July 48 5 Aug 48 July 48 Nay 48 ;11D:4165-20 previous 9 Aug 48 Copenhagen ? Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Denmark ,Prague Copenhagen Copenhagen Copenhagen Warsaw Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R0001u 6 Destination Oslo Rome Hamburg, Germany Budapest Prague Copenhagen Oslo Gcteborg, Sweden Poland Prague Purpose of Travel Allegedly working for Cominform. lakes frequent trips to France,: Switzerland and Belgium. Reported in Faris Apr 48 attempting to contac-? Yugoslav Royalists with prepositions to work for CI (unconfirmed), Covered Italian elections Visited British Zeno with six other representatives of the Danish press. Attended Hungarian Unity Congress . 12 June 48. Attended conference of International Federation of Transport Workers 26 July 48. Reportedly met secretly- with Dr. Arne Halvorsen, former Comintern employee, Delegate to Swedish CF Congress, 15-18 lay 480. As of 9 Aug 48 had act returned to Copenhagen. Sanitized - Approved FolleeRIE4 CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Denmark , 166. Nexo, Martin Andersen (continued) Ecuador 167. Nielsen, bvend 168. Rasmussen, Ingeborg Maria Departure Date 169. Sorensen, Hartvig (CC) 170, Eteffensen, Eigil (Correspondent Land OF 2.9141 171, Almeida, Alberto Hidalgo 172. Verdesoto Zalgado, Luis (Ires FEU) MY 48 MY 48 MY 48 Apr 48 J.uly 48 7 Aug 48 From Denmark Denmark Copenhagen Copenhagen Czechoslovakia Paris Ecuador Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R000 Destination Berlin Goteborg, ',Lweden Oslo Goteborg, Ergeden Denmark Bulgaria Mexico City Iurpose of Travel About 10 May 48 spoke in Berlin on necessity for Germany's unity* Delegate to Swedish CL Congress Employed as stewardess on Danish' ship Kronprins Olaf, sailing between Oslo. and Ccpenhagen, Known Or courier between Danish and Nor- wegian CIs, Delegate to ,wedish CI Congress, 13-18 May 480 Wrote prc-Czech articles, Etudent in raris, Requested transit visa for American Zone, Germany to proceed to Bulgaria for two months and return to France. Believed trip is under auspices of 7FDY which is sponsoring "youth train" for students to work on Bulgarian railroads, To attend the Workers University. Reportedly will act as contact between CD Ecuador and CI Mexico with the special task of contacting student leaders and planning a pro-Wallace Campaign0 Money is ex- pected from CI France, ...(Unconfirmed Country Name Sanitized - Approved FoTIMIteT CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Ecuador 173, Ueiset Weinreb,Benno (continued) (Representative of an Israeli organization in 'Ecuador) ? England 174, Trade Union Delegation 175. Brickman, Carmel (Sec/IU) 176. Burns, Emile (Exec Comm 177. Cannon, Leo 178, Capper, David Departure 2 June 48 21 June 48 July 48 24 Apr 48 4 L* 48 21 May 48 1 June 48 22 June 48 4r 48 Aug 48 Apr 48 From Quito Ecuador Bogota Colombia London 5ingapore Hongkong Shanghai Bangkok England England England Sanitized - Approved Fo CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Destination Cali, Colombia Venezuela Belgrade Hongkeng ,thanghai Hongkong Europe via Calcutta Ivague Liege, Belgium ? Warsaw Liege, Belgium rurpose of Travel Via Taco airlines, but could not be located in Venezuela. Reportedly wrote letters to the local press (Bogota) denying any participation in 9 Apr 48 uprising. A group of trade unionists arrived 7 July 48.. By air, By BOAC Attended national conference of the rersonnel Enseignant (probably training personnel) organized by C: Belgium.. Delivered speech at the International Conference of Working Youth, 8-18 Aug 48. Attended national conference of the Iersonnel Enseignant (probably training persennel) organized by Cr Belgium. Sanitized - Approved Forliglegfie+gam CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country l Departure Nam i , Date From. Destination Purpose of Travel England 179, Clayton, Olga ! 11 ENT 48 Sweden Vaasa, Finland Passed through Sweden with (continued) Leslie Roberts. 180. Cockburn, Francis Claud (Foreign Correspondent 13 Apr 48 London Italy Covered the elections for the Daily -Worker. London Daily Worker) 24 Apr 48 Italy London 181. Cock, Mrs. Freda IMry 10 Apr 48 England , r._,. Prague By air. Travelled for (wife of Eric Kingsley Cook) Democratic and General News, intending to stay two months. 182. Cousins, Harry (writer on Tass staff) 29 June 48 England Prague By air. Intended to return in "day or two% 183. Evans, dith?(Tres/ Ivy 48 England USER . Theatrical Section, Anglo- Soviet society) 184. Gibbons, John .c. Ross 2 July 48 (correspondent, London Belgrade Bucharest Previously reported as English ? editor of Cominform journal. Daily Worker) . Allegedly moved to Bucharest with Cominfcrm headquarters, Confirmation desired. 185. Gladwin, George Apr 48 ? Oslo, Norway Toured Scandinavia as member of WIDY delegation. 186, Gollan, John (Exec. Comm) NiaY 48 England Prague Attended May-Day celebrations. 187.. Haldane, J.B.S. (professor) Aug 48 England Breslau, ieland Attended World Congress of Intellectuals. 188, Horner, John (Exec Comm) , t?DY 48 England Prague At invitation of Central Trade - 59 - Union Council studied structure of Czech trade unions. Sanitized - Approved Fo : CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Sanitized - Approved Fors-ISMENT..i, CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Departure Country Name Date From Destination Purpose of Travel ____. . . ? - -- __. .. England (continued - 189. Jones, Gladys (organizer of "League for Democracy in Greece") 190, Kartun, Derek (Foreign 1 Editor London Daily Workerl Air 48 10 May 48 England Paris Palestine via Cypress and Greece Attended meeting of International Committee for "Aid to Democratic Greece", 191. Kerrigan, Peter (Mcec Comm, Politburo) June 48 England Budapest Attended Hungarian Unity Congress. Spent one day in _ Prague on return trip and 6 hours in Amsterdam. Arrived back in UK 192. Madden, Ton (Sec Gen/IUS) July 48 Helsinki, Finland 20 June 48, Spent 10-14 July visiting student groups. 193, nahon, Jchn Augustus May 48 England - Brussels Delegate to Belgian CP (Exec Comm) Congress, 14-17 May 48. 194..InniE, Deah Aug 48 England Warsaw Attended Warsaw Women's League meeting 30 Aug 48. 195. hankes, Ruth. and Aran Leonard (wife and husband) 14 Apr 48 England Geneva, Switzerland By air, 196. Pollitt, Harry (Sec Gen/ 16 Apr 48 Iaris England CPGB) June 48 England Le Havre, France Appeared as witness in libel suit brought by CP deputy, Rene Cance against a newspaper. 25 Aug, 48 London Stockholm en route By air. Attended Finnish cp . Finland Congress. - 6o - 6.p....:4:?....4 A ........s..Aft? ,esel Cot r Clandininizi ? dIIILILU - CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 ? Sanitized - Approved PergrITIfiRet" CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name _ Departure Date From Destination Purpc Ehgland (continued) . 197. Rust, William (EXec Comm; Editor London Daily Worker) 28 May 48. London Prague By air, to coy( 2 June 48 Irague London 25 July 48 London Bucharest .4,ccompE 198. Shand, James, and son July 48 London Scranton, Iennsylvania Visitoi 199. ?Terry, Paul McKenna 28 May 48 _., London Prague Travel: - correspondent-Londot-' Tamara Daily Worker) 18 Juno 48 Prague London Williamson, Bob N4Y 48 London Lyon, France iittendi .2004 Republ. repro SE of Gre 201. Zilliacus, Konni (NP). Stine 48 ?Czeehoslovakie Had.ta: and wa 9 Tune Finland 202. Delegation of. journalists June 48. ? Finland Moscow - ?Toured 'WKS. 203. .,Aaltonen, 4:1iM0 (EXCC COMM Aug 48 - Finland Moscow With 1'4 for Op 204. ilarika, Annelle Finland Sweden Suspec? freque: Finlan desire - 61 - Sanitized - Annrovpd For RADLazg?ki,-.... CIA-RDP78-00915R00 se of Travel Invited by Rude Pravo r general elections. nied by wife Tamara, daughter. ed with William and Rust1 d meeting of French can Youth 6 Nay nting Communist League t Dritain. ? k with Minister of Health interviewed by newspapers 48. ULSR at invitation of ssi, reportedly arranged Finland's 30th jubilee. ed Party courier. kakes t trips between Sweden and L. Precise information 0 Sanitized - Approved Forilla&U,.... CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Nam Departure Date From Destination Purpose of Ilsavel Finland 205. Jacobson, fnu June 48 Finland Warsaw Attended Conference of Left (continued) Socialist Parties and groups? 206. Zanhunen, Matti (CC) iy 48 18 May 48 ' Finland Goteborg Goteborg, Sweden Helsinki Attended Swedish CP Congress, 36-18 May 48, 207. Mtkinen, Aili (Propaganda Section/ CI Finland) May 48 Finland Prague Attended May-Day celebrations and remained in Czechoslovakia for nine days. 208. Niantykoski, Anna-Lisa Finland Sweden Suspected Party courier. Makes frequent trips between Finland and Sweden? lrecise information desired. 209. Nieninen 11;Y 48 Finland Danzig and Warsaw Toured with 10 journalists. 210. ressi, Vilho (Exec Comm) Aug 48 1 Finland Moscow "JithAaltonen, Trip reportedly to arrange Party's 30th jubilee. 211. Rossi, Tori Reino Kai 25 May 48 . Copenhagen Net by Toivola (leader of Finn-Soviet 2 June 48 Copenhagen' Goteborg, Sweden Friendship Society) 212, Rydberg, K. Miriami June 48 Finland Budapest Attended Hungarian Unity Congress 12 June 48. 213, Turtianinen, Omatud Arvo 'i abin (member Finnish ? J une-IulY 4 1 Yugoslavia Reported to have spent three state Police) U i i weeks in Yugoslavia "recently"), - 62 - CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Country Name Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Departure. Date From Finland (continued) France 214. Vuolijoki, Hella (Director Finnish Broadcasting Company) 215. .:"...racs-on, Louis (journalist) 216. Bertrand, Simone 217. Blonccurt, fnu. 218. Cogniot, Gecrges (CC; Editor L'Humanitt) 219. Collet, Jean (National Bureau/French Republican Youth) 220, Cettcn, Eugenia (Pros WIDF) 26 May 48 8 June 48 48 early 24 liar 48 27 Mar 48 20 Apr 48 June 48 early May 48 Tr 48 Aug 48 Finland Moscow France Ihdia Rangoon Malaya France France -63- Sanitized - Approved F CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Destination Moscow Finland IraLUO Rangoon Singapore via renang India Warsaw ? Berlin Oslo, Norway Warsaw Purpose of Travel Attended 600th Anniversary celebrations of Charles University 10-11 Apr attended Czech Cultural Congress. By air. Headed WIDF delegation touring Southeast Asia. By sea. Arrived Singapore 8 Apr. Arrived India 22 Apr 48. Attended Conference of Left Socialist Iarties and Groups, 5-6 June 48. Attended celebration of 3rd anniversary of liberation of Berlin. ?Toured with delegation represent- ing ktIDY. Attended Warsaw Women's League Meeting, 30 Aug 48. Country France (continued Name .221. de Boysson, Guy (Pres 222. Duclos, Jacques (CC) Sanitized - Approvedisolf CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Departure Date Frem June 48 26 June 48 July 46 9 June 46 19 June 48 around. 19-23 June 4b June 48 23 July 48 26-27 July 48 5 48 France paris Budapest lar is Haute Savoie -64- Sanitized - Appriampodjaftetris+mm CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Destination Belgrade Budapest London Budapest probably Bucharest. Karlovy Vary, Czechoslovakia Rumania (Bucharest or Sinaia) Haute Savoie, France Italy via Switzerland Paris Purpose of Travel Attended meeting of Council of Youth of 'Balkan Countries, 15-18 June 48. Visited International Fair, Attended WilDY meeting, 26 July 48, With Servin, attended Hungarian Unity Congress, 12 June 48. Also reported he left Paris 13-14 June for an "eastern capital". By air withGero, Farkas, and Tobiro. Reported to have attended pre-Cominform meeting (See Mecting Section for comment). On official list cf delegates to Cominferm Meeting, probably held around 22-24 June 48. He had returned Paris by 27 June One report stated he attended a Cominform meeting 31 July (location unknown) which Molotov right also be attending. Another report stated he net with Rakosi (CP Hungary) on or about 27 July 48. Rome sources could not verify his presence in Italy. 48. Sanitized - Approved Fora=elf". CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country France "(continued Name 223, Fajen, Etienne (6ec Gen/CGT) 224. Figueres, Leopold CI Leo Figuieres 225. Geay, Louis (Pres/ French Comm '3111JY) 226. Godart, Justin (journalist) 227, Herbaul, Eugene (IFDY) 228.. Lachenal, G. 229. Marty, Andre (CC, Politburo) Date M* 48 June 48 July 48 Departure -15-JuaY 48 July 48 May 48 June 48 June 48 Aug 48 From Paris France France France Paris Mexico City France - 65 - Sanitized - Approved FrIrilerAT CIA-RDP78-00915R000100Ve0 Destination Goteborg, $weden Rumania London Poland London E,ofia North Africa Czechoslovakia Purpose of Travel ......***araralvaaker Delegate to Zwedish CP Congress, 15-18 N.Nr 48. Delegate to Comdnform meeting held about 20-24 June 48 probably in or near Bucharest or Sinaia. Attended WFDY Meeting 26 July 48, Attended youth meeting (BreslauTri), Attended AFEY meeting 26 July 48. Attended meeting to commemorate French Revolution sponsored by French-Bulgarian Association 16 May 48. Was elected to the. Praesidium of that associationl I.64 have departed with Flavio Bravo via Air France through Trinidad and French Africa (see introduction for route). No confirmaticn, Toured with WFDY delegation. Only one of group to receive permission to travel all of North Africa. First step la:recce. Visiting Czech ,5pa, Sanitized - Approved Forfplicara CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country :France (ccntinuedi Name Date Departure From 230. do Navranccurt, Jean }on 231. Rousseau, Waldek. 232. Saillant, Lcuis (Sec Gen WFTU) 233. Sauriat,.Georse (;; Gecrge Soria (Fcreign Editcr Ce Soir) 234. Servin, Marcel (deputy) 235, TalbLu, Thu (member Sino- ? French Cultural Research Asscciation in Peiping) 236. Thcrez, Murice (Lee Gen) 237, Triclet, Elsa (wife cf Louis Aragcn) 24 Yay 48 APr 48 ,APr 48 my 48 9 June 48 )48 May 48 Apr 48 Ecuader France France Paris France France France -66- Sanitized - App oved For ? CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Destinaticn France Prague Rcme Bulgaria Budapest Peipias Belgium Prague Purpose of Travel Return to France made possible by French consul in Guayaquil* Attended Myi,Day celebrations. 'Attended 'FTU Executive meeting 30 Apr 10 My 48*. Toured blilan 12 May 48 with six Soviet trade unionists. Was received 19 My 48 by Traikov (Minister of Agriculture) and 20 Yay visited Central: Council of General Workers* Professional Union. With Duclos* Attended Hungarian Unity Congress, 12 June 48. ? Active amcng the Mongols in Peiping. Attended Belsian CP Ccmgress 14-17 May 48. 'Attended 600th anniversary celebration of Charles University. 10-11 ATT. attended Czech Cultural CengresS. 'With husbands Country Name Sanitized - Approved Fo7Slante CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 From Destination Purpose cf Travel France (continued) Germany 238, Treuvat, Pierre (Pres/ Etudiants de France) 239. Tzara, Tristan 240. Delegation of Democratic Union of Women of Germany 242. Bertsch, Heinrich 242. Gniffke, Erich 243. Grotewchl, Otto (Co-Chairman BED) YU 48 Ilpr 48 .111-1,7 22 June 48 12 may 4.8 8 June 48 17 June 48 19 June 48 21 June 48 France France Soviet Zone Germany Germany Germany Germany Sofia Vienna -67- Sanitized - Approved For : CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Bucharest Prague licscow Budapest Stockholm Budapest Sofia Vienna en route Iragu Prague Ilttended meting of CC of IUS 7-15 May 48. He is reported to take frequent trips to Central Europe, ;It-tended 600th .nniversary celebration of Charles University. 10-11 pr attended Czech Cultural Congress, Invited by L.nti-Fascist Committee of &evict Women. Headed by President of the Union, Emma Damerius, By air to visit BUngarian Fair. By air, Attended .Hungarian Unity Conress 12 June 48.. With i1he1u Fleck on official By air. Still in Prague 23 June. Rumania 25 June. ..irrived back in Berlin 26. June and held press conference. conflicting repert stated he and Fleck were in Bucharest until about 19 June and left Prague for Berlin 22 June.- Sanitized - Approved FoNECRETfteft? CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Nan Germany (continued Departure - Date From Destination. . Purpose cf Travel 244. Earich, Ernst "Jelfgang June 48 Berlin Alexander 245, Heidenreich, Gerhard 2)6. Kerber, Erwin 247, Yoldenhauer, fnu .2480 Pieck?-nlheIm_(0.0-? Chairman LED) Aug 48 22 June ?48 22 June 48 June 48 18 June 48 19 June 48 21 June 48 Germany Germany . Germany Germany GerL:any Lofia Vienna -68- Sanitized - Approved Fo . CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 - Vienna Arrived 30 June. His identification papers were endorsed by Russian authorities. in Berlin and had a Czech transit visa. When questioned he hinted he tcok trip at request of Russian officials, Also said he had been instructed to take lodgings in Vienna only in Russian sectcr of international zone, Had only briefcase as lugEage. Departed after several days, presumably fcr Berlin, Warsaw Attended Conference cf Working Youth 8-18 AuE 48. Budapest ? Budapest Budapest Lofia Vienna en route PraL;ue Prague By air ? to visit Hungarian Fair. By air to visit Hungarian Fair Attended Hungarian Unity Congress 12 June 48. With Grotewohl on official visit. By air, still in Prague 23 June 48. Reported in Rumania 25 June, Arrived back in Berlin 26 June and held press conferencee A conflicting .report stated he and Grotewohl were in Bucharest until about 19 June and left Prague for Berlin 22 June. Sanitized - Approved HA&CAR' CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Germany (continued Name 249. Rau, Heinrich 2503 Rudert, Arne (Editor Frankfurt Ru 251. Stein, Heinz 252. Strauss, Dr,, Ernst C Dr. Ernst Siegfried 253. Weise, Bruno (leader German Communist refugees in Stockholm) Departure Date 22 June 48 June 48 29 .4 LUL: 4.8 June 48 : MVO 254, Wollweber, Ernst Friedric. ljaY 48 (Chief of Shipping Divisi n 6 June 48 of Central Administration in Berlin) 25.5. Zils, Paul 25 ug48 From Germany Germany Funa,. Ecuador Germany (Russian Zone) Stockholm Berlin Scandinavia New Delhi -69- Sanitized - Approved For . CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 - Destination Purpose of Travel Budapest Bern, Switzerland Marseilles, France Chicago Hamburg Scandinavia Berlin Bombay By air to visit Hungarian Fair. Allegedly attended some celebraticn, but Swiss officiali reperted no traces. Boarded LS John. Bakken with wife and-son.Ronald0 stern may be ' identical with Heinz Alfred Stern Aster c Lobby Aztor Krail- ? sheiner, ex-president Ecuador Free German Movement, Who stated he had been promised political position in Russian Zone. Arrived New Iork 22 June on way Chicago to visit mother. Wished to negotiate for children!s packages to be sent from Committee cf Former political Prisoners in Sweden to Germany. Departure unconfirmed. Unconfirned. Some sources believe trip unlikely. Reportedly making nevies fcr UN in India, with A, Obdchoff. Sanitized - ApprovecrrffiliteRmi CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Departure Date Greece 256, Adexina, Lybil 257, Grozcsa, Apostolos 258. Ioannides, Toannis (Pelitburc) 259. Papadopoulos. Costa 260. Papalia, Nary c Papaelias, Mary 261, Porphyrogenis, Wiltiades (Central Control Comm) 262, Roussos, Petros (Alternate member Politburo) Aug 48 June 48 Aix 48 June 48 6 ivi3r 48 13 Y* 48 Aug 48 July 48 8 June 48 June 48 17 June 48 10 July 48 From Greece Greece Greece Greece Destination Purpose of Travel Piraeus, Greece Greece Bitolj, Yugoslavia Prague - 70 - Sanitized -Approved F CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Warsaw Warsaw Faris Belgrade Alexandria via Cyprus and Beirut. Piraeus, Greece Piraeus, Greece Prague 5koplje, IuLoslavia Budapest Tirana Attended Women's League Leeting about 30 Aug 48. Invited by Central Comrlittee of Trade Unions and Polish association of Friends of Democratic Greece, Attended meeting of International Committee of Aid. to Democratic Greece, Delegate to Balkan youth Council 15-17 June 48, Alleged Communist courier, Sailed aboard 55 Corinthia and escaped arrest, Arrived 7 Aug and was arrested. Reported to have been in.Frague 9 July and still there 18 July. By train, Believed to be emplaning to Prague. Attended Hungarian Unity Congress 12 June 48. Reportedly (unconfirmed) paid flying visit_to Warsaw 23 June 48. Was expected to attend Albanian Army celebrations, (unconfirmed) and to be back at Rebel junta Head- quarters by 13 July. 48. Country Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Name Greece (continued.j 263. Strinizos, Leonidas (iternate member Politburo) Departure Date 264. Vafiadis C General larkos (CC) 265. Lachariades, Nicholas (Sec Gen) Guatemala 266, raon, Cardoza Y. (i.mbassador to Chile) June 48 July 48 8 June 48 17 June 48 19-20 June 48 June 48 8 June 48 June 48 Apr 18 267, Castillo Ibarra, Carlos 26 July 48 From Bitolj, Ylk,oslavia prague ? Bitclj, Yugoslavia Guatemala - 71 - Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Destination Budapest Tirana Skoplje, yugoslavia Bratislava, Czecho- slovakia Warsaw Skoplje, Yugoslavia Warsaw Bogota, Colombia Ean Zalvadcr, El -Salvador Purpose of Travel Attended Hungarian Unity Congress 12 June 48. Then went to Prague and Warsaw (unconfirm_. 18 July in Tirana, but was expected at Rebel Junta Head- quarters by 13 July (7) By train, BelieVed to be empla to Prague, With Roussos. Reported (completely unconfirae. at a Cominform meeting. (Unconfirmed) made flying trip Warsaw, 23 June 48. By train. Believed to be emplaning to PreE;ue. Reported in Prague from 10 June 48. (Unconfirmed) made fly in trip to Warsaw, 23 June 48. 9 July 48 was reported back in Rebel Junta Headquarters, Known Communist sympathizer. In agota 9 1-qr 48 (date of uprising). Isrrested at airport and deported following day to Guatemala. : Country Name Guatemala 268, Fellecer, Carlos Ilenuel (continued) (former Charge di.Lffaires in Paris) Sanitized - Approved For*ECIRE4mmi CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Departure Date Aug 48 - 48 269.. Recinos, M. Augusto Aug 48 270. Torres, Edelberto (member Union Democrat lea Centro ;iaericana) From 17 May 48 Guatemala Hawaii 271. Napuno, Julian ug 48 'Hungary 272. =arat Tibor c Darat eidler, Tibor 3. Dreuer, Joseph (former Leo Gen Hungarian ? Democratic Nvement in France) June 48 July 48 Venezuela France -72 - Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Destination Czechoslovakia and Poland Tiarsaw Czechoslovakia and Poland Hungary Purpose of Travel Possible crypto-Communist. Travelled as "Guatemalan Minister" although was relieved of post early July, Attended International Conference of ':iorking Youth 8-18 Aug 48. 'ias accompanied by M. Augusto Recinos for about 1.5 days. Travelled with Fellecer for about 35 days. Resides in Paris. Expelled, Destination unknowns Member of delegation of CIO International Federation of Dock and Warehouse Viorkers from Lan Francisco who were greeted by Tito. Reportedly expelle,d, Inquiries about his being, in England bore no traces, Recalled. Country I Name Sanitized - Approved ForinaRl'IIhh1UI CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Departure Hungary (continued) 274. Farkas, Laszlo (Chief Hungarian Red Cross in France) 275, Farkas, Mihaly (Deputy Sec Gen) 276. Friss, Istvan (CC) July 48 19 June 48 6 Ju: 48 May 48 277. Gero, Ernc (Lecretariat) 19 June 48 278, Hamori, Ernest (Chief of Police Zemplen Department 279. Manyik, Paul (member Progressive Youths of Hungary) 280., Mote Peter 281, Nbgrady, Sander (CC) Aug 48 1\lc, 48 AuE 48 L4 48 From France Destination Purpose of Travel Dudapest Budapest. Hungary. Budapest par is HungEiry Dudapest Budapest Sanitized - Approved F CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 73 - Hungary Bucharest Czechoslovakia .Goteborg, Sweden Ducharest Caracas, Venezuela Lyon,France Paris via Prague Brussels Recallea1 Reported as liaison between CP Hungary and CP France. ?Dy air with Gere.2 . Delegate - to Ccminform meeting probably held about 20-24 June 48 near Bucharest (Lee Meeting Section Accompanied Szakasits. Attended Swedish CP Congress, 15-18 May 48. Dy air with Farkas. Delegate to Cominform meeting held probably 20-24 June 48 in or around Ducharest (See Meetings Section). Stated he was "refugee from CoEminist Hungary" but may be a,7bent ? ? Attended neeting of Irench Republican 'Youth. Dy air. Had secret conference with Havas and Gyomai. Delegate to Belgian CP Congress 14-17 May 48. Sanitized - Approved ForalieBEIREimm' CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Date Departure Hungary (continued) 282. Penzes, Geza 283. Poor, Bertalan (former Pres Hungarian Democratic Movement in France) 284. Rajk, Laszlo (Secretariat 285. Rakosi, 1/.40.1tyas (Sec Gen) May 48 July 48 June 48 June 48 June 48 Aug 48 18 June 48 19 June 48 late July 48 From Destination Sweden France Hungary Hungary Hungary Ludapest Warsaw fludapest - 74 - Sanitized - Approved Forkasakerr, CIA-RDP78-00915R000.1 ;ALUM I Denmark Hungary Paris Switzerland Moscow l&sccw Warsaw Dudapest Trouville, France Purpose of Travel Suspected Cominferm agent and . courier. I May entered Denmark and went south from there? Recalled. Reported (unconfirmed) in Paris about 1 June 48). Unconfirmed. Unconfirmed. Reported in Nescow 30 Jug to discuss the formation cf Hungary into a Soviet republic. Unconfirmed Left on special train with rest of Hungarian delegation. Apparentl- made sudden decision to go to Prague 20 June 48. Reportedly at pre-Ccminform meeting at Karlovy Vary, . Czechoslovakia around 20 June 48. Mt knLwn when or how he reached Rumania but was delegate to Cominform meeting in or around flucharest about 20-24 June 48. (See Meetings Section) Sanitized - Approved For WIRE+ CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name BUnrzary (ccntinued Iceland India 286: Revai, Jcszef (CC, Editor Szabad Ne-u) 287, Szakasits, Arpad (Politburo) 288, /inter, Peter 289; Kjertansson, MaLnus 290, Angadi,iaj 291. 2akaya, Vimla Departure Date N.hy 48 Prem '11.1c 48 8 Feb 48 June 48 Aug 48 4r414 48 Budapest Budapest Budapest Budapest Budapest 14 48 Iceland mid-may 48 14 48 July 48 Norway - 75 - Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Destination Goteborg, Lween Moscow Moscew Warsaw Czechoslovakia &candinavia Goteborg, Sweden England Bucharest Londola Purpose cf Travel Attended Swedish cp Ccm,.ress, 16-17 My 48. Reportedly in Moscow 30 Aug discussing fcrmation of Hungary into Leviet republic. Unconfirmed. Had returned to Budapest for 36th Congress ofocial Democrats which opened 5 khr 48. Attended Conference of Left Socialist Parties and Greups 5-6 June 48. With wife and Faras.allegada4,,,-- for treatrient at spa, Nenther of WFDY delegation who arrived Norway 3 May while touring L,candinavia. Delegate to Zwedish CP Congress 76-17 May 48. Possible TrctsXyite but seen frequently in ccripany of Norwegian Conmunists during stay in Norway, .Attended 3rd Lession of IEJS Eicec Comm - Returned to Prague. In London from about 16-26 July. 48 preparing for and attending 1,,TFDY recting Sanitized - Approved For RereCeCRET CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Departure Date From Destination Purpose of Travel India 292. Guha Ranajit NLY 48 Lyon France Attended reetim7 of French (continued) Republican Youth, 6 May 48. June 48 Tunis, Tunisia Attempted tc get visas'for Nbrecco and Algeria for tour with ':iFLI greup. 293. Gupta, Lala Deshbandhu July 48 FraEue JAttended Sokol Festival. ? 294. Reddi, Gaddi Rei Jagannatha (leader Mir 48 India UK Arrived en emergency certificate for medical treatment 8 Iliki 48. Andhra cuth Federation) 6 Apr 48 UK. prague Reported wantin7 to, co to Moscow. 295. Eadanand, Swaminath (editor 17 IV* 48 India New York With wife and children. Dombay Free Press Journal) ? 296. Wickramsinghe, Dr. S.A. 11'17)r 48 RC7.0 Attended WFTU Exec Comm meeting Indo-China 297. Hc-Ch'i-Min ? June 48 Indo-China Moscow 30 4'pr-10 May 48, Reportedly "recently" went to 298. N=uyen, Hbang early July 48 Bangkok Pre Moscow in report dated 4 July 48, Dy air, Supposed to obtain Iraqi visas somewhere en route. Viet Nam provided him with equivalent of 20,000 ticals. Reportedly attended International Conference of 7/crkinE Youth 8-18 ;Ilk; 48. 299. Trinh, Thu early July 48 Bangkek PraEue At same time as Nguyen. Also provided with 20,000 ticals by _ Viet?Nam. Travelled on Viet- narese passport and Lurmese visa, Sanitized - Approve or CIA-RDP78-00915R000100 Sanitized - Approved For ReigriaOe .CT CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Ccuntry ?4 Indonesia Name Departure Date From 300 Alimin, IVs (Politburo) 9 July 48 3016 Nnsso 302. Suripno hpr 48 Aug 48 1\E4lacca, I41aya Moscow Nbscow -77- Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R000 01 0001-9 Destinaticn Indcnesia Jogjakarta, Indonesia Prague Indonesia Purpose ef Travel Allegedly en route to Ibscow4 Had returned by 14 Aug 48. Former member ECCl/Eresidium, Comintern. Arrived 16-20 Aug 48 with ,Suripino after 23 years stay in Moscow. Travelled under name Mohamed Suparto. Believed knsso brought new Moscow policy for revolutionary ction. Allegedly brought with him 20 Russians who were waiting in Bangkok for permission to come to Java. Notes The Lew York Times, 20 Eept reported an uprising led by the Communists which overthrew the ItiAdioen Government and set up a "Loviet" regime, President Soekarno, speaking over the Jogjakarta radio, said that the Republic was in grave danger and that the coup was led by Moscow_ trained Muss?. The Eresident denounced kUsso as a traitor and called for the capture of Mass?. 19 Apr 48 reported acting as Indonesian Republic representative. Believed he receives ,Soviet funds for Republican use in Europe. Arrived around 20 Aug with MUssoo who was travelling as his secretary. Sanitized - Approved F CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Departure Date -1-- From Destination purpose of Travel _ . . . Iran 3030 Delegation of 5cholars of May 48 Tashkent, UR participated in the 500th Iran and .ii.fghanistan ;i.nniversary celebration of lilisher Ntvoi. 304, Kambaksh, itbul &aired' July 48 Iran Moscow Reported as having left by ? Iraq 305. Delegation of 1.5 Iraqi -Communists July 48 Iraq . Damascus 12 July 48, ,:Illeged that the group arrived to direct Communist affairs after the &yrian Governmentis action against local Communist leaders. Five More arrived Beirut for the same purpose? ? Italy 306, Group of 100 Communists Italy .ustria CP Italy reportedly making arrangements for sending a 100 man group to.e,ustria in the coming weeks (date of? report 30 June 48) to attend a training course in the Russian Zone of Vienna, ?From Milan they will be sent to an Candido in couples and from there, with the assistance of a guide, one Giuseppe Vanzo, the Communists will cross the Italo,ustrian bordero Confirmation desired; ,.. 78 - .,_ __ F_,F _ _1 __ Igabs_a_ Atela_lal. marl lrI CIA-RDP78-009 Sanitized - Approved For eleasew: CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Date Departure Italy (continued) 307. Basso, Lelio (Socialist) June 48 308. Boldrini, Lrrigo (CC, 7 Aug 48 Central Exec Comm ALPI) 909. Cappellini, Senator Feist() (CC, Administration Bectioni 310. Denini, (CC, former Ambassador to Warsaw) 311. Dozza, Giuseppe (CC, Mayor Bologna) 312, Nenni, Pietro (leader Left',.. Wing Socialist Party) 313. Fajetta, Giancarlo (Directorate) 27 Aug 48 Biay 48 June 48 Aug 48 June 48 about 10 June From Italy Italy Rome Italy Italy Italy Italy Destination PUrpose of Travel Tarvisio, Italy - 79 - Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R00010^3E1n Warsaw Warsaw Prague Goteborg, Sweden Budapest 11:CECCW via Leningrad Belgrade Attended Conference of left Socialist Parties and Groups. 5-6 June 48. Allegedly attended meeting of European Partisan leaders. Looting and departure unconfirmed, ? Attended Congress CP Sweden, 15-18 Nay 48. Attended Hungarian Unity Congress 12 June 48. Arrived Eescow 9 Aug 48. Arrived back in Rome 13 Aug. Had also visited Czechoslovakia. Unconfirmed report stated he was on "Party mission" (Nature of mission not known). By train with brothers Had not returned as of 27 June 48, 751reefilmin Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Departure Date From Destination Purpose of Travel Italy (continued, 314, Pajetta, Giuliano (CC) 315. Pontocorvo, Gillo 316, Reale, Eugenio (Director 317. Secchia, rietro (Secre- tariate Central 0rg Commissicn) 25 V.4Y 48 about 10 June 48 Italy. Tarvisio, Italy 5 July 48 Venice Jua4 48 20 July 48 Ma L8 e) 19 June 48 17 June 48 Prague Italy Paris Rome ? 80 - Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R00010PM1T : Budapest . Bucharest Rome Lyon, France Rome Rmania Destination unknown, Reentered via Yonfalcone by train 5 June 48, By train with loother, Had not returned as of 27 June 48? Press reported him in Hungry between 4-17 June 48, Allegedly attended meeting in Bucharest 16 July to protest attempted assassination cf Togliatti. By air, Attended French Republican Youth Yeeting, 6 May 483 Held discussions with CP France leaders in Paris, By air with Togliatti,. Returned Rome by air with Togliatti 2.5 Juno 48, Delegate to Cominform Meeting held probably in er around Bucharest 20-24 June 48, Allegedly also attended a Cominform military meeting at Zlin, Czechoslovakia, arcund 21 June (Unconfirmed) (11:ee hbetings Zection). T ? ? ? Country. GINREORIE1611111. Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Name Date DeDarture From Destinaticn Purpose of Travel Italy ! 318. Eereni, Emilio (continued) (Directorate) Korea 319, Spanc, Voile (Secretariat) 320. Togliatti, Palmiro (Sec Gen) 321. Tonnetti, Nino . (Journalist, Unita) 322. Group cf 80 Koreans 17 lug 48 17 June 4.8 MV 48 .ilug 48 Rome Italy Rome Italy Korea - 81 - prague Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R000 Bulgaria Probably. went to Warsaw and participated in World Intellectual Congress. Was named to permanent committee. Delegate to Congress C1 Belgium, 14-17 i-ay 48. By air .with Secchia. Returned Rome by air with Secchia 23 June 48. Rumicred in Prague around 19 June and to be departing for Bucharest. reported with Secchia at Caminterm military meeting in Zlint Czechoslovakia and at a pre-Cominform meeting at Karlovy Vary. Delegate to Comintern meeting in or around Bucharest about 20-24 June 48. Visited the Central Council cf ORYS 20 Nay 48. .iilleged that this group of young men may be cadres receiving final training instructions for important activities in Korea. Sanitized - Approved ForiggEWF' CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 'Country Name Departure Late From Destination rUrpose of Travel Lebanon 323, Bagdash, Khalid lalpr 48 Beirut, Lebanon Eyria Allecedly to organizo special squads along the Turkish and Iraqi borders. 324* Khuri, Atdullah 0174.4e 48 Lebanon l). Applied for visa but departure unconfired. Luxemburg .325,Grandjenet, Joseph L-Pr 48 Luxemburg' laris Attended Meeting of International , (res) (Exec Comm) Committee en Add te Democratic Greece, 10 Apr 48. Vici 48 Luxer:turg Brussels Delegate tc Congress CI Belaium 14-17 kW' 48 326. Hoffmann, Jacques Apr 48 Iuxotburg Paris Attended reetinc cf International Comittee en Aid to Democratic Greece, 10 Apr 48. 327, iossamaia, Thu spring 48 Luxemburg Prague 4.1.ccompanied Urbany. 133, air. ' 328* Urbany, Dominictue Spring 48 Luxemburg irapue By air. Was recolved by (bee Gen) Gottwald. - 82 - Sanitized - Approved PtProll CIA-RDP78-00915R0001001900 1-9 Ccu Mexic Ne the Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 _ itry Name :.Departure Date ._ ' From DePtinatien lurpcse cf Travel . ? . ? 329. Toledano Lombardo. Vicente (Pres CTL) 9June 48. 2exidc City. ,San Francisco Delegate to ILO Meeting. After disagreeing with ILO policy, he resigned and returned imnediately to lexico.. Allegedly Went to U5 to meet secretly with Harry Bridges. 28 July 48 kexico City Guatemala ? Allegedly talked with label- leader re founding cf new political party along lines cf his Popular party in Mexico, Left suddenly after 2 hours saying his brother oneeded him". land 330. Unity Trade Union (EVC) late June 48 Netherlands Czechoslcia Invited by Czech Trade Union* Group 331. Brecht Van Den Mhysenberg Apr 48 Netherlands Liege, Belgium Only fcur (all CP members) were reperted to, have made trip possibly because individuals had to pay own expenses, Attended national conference of Personnel Enseignant (probably training personnel) organized by CI Belgium 10,11 Apr 48. 332. Bakker, Ara.rcus May 48 Netherlonds Lyon, France Attended meeting cf French 'Republican Youth, 6 14 48. 333, Van 5anten, J, (CC) My 48 Netherlands Brussels Delegate tc Congress, CI Belgium, 14-17 M4 48. - 83 - ani ize - pprove or e ease : CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Sanitized - Approved Forlfesrir CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name . DepartUre Date From De tination lurpose of Travel Nicaragua Ncrway Palestine 314. iv:za, Juan Jose 335. Bakken, Ingeborg 336. Forssen, Ole 337. Etresvag, Ivar 338. HanEsen, Arvid Gilbert (CC 339. Lovlien, Mail (Politburo) 340. Varden, Gunnas Cato ? 341, Alkarmy, Abdul Kerim C Karameh 20 Aug 48 Apr 48 May 48 lelY 48 May 48 / Aug 48 E4 48 June 48 3 June 48 2nd week Apr 48 Mexico Norway Berlin Norway Norway Oslo Norway Sweden Copenhagen - 84 - Nicaragua Czechoslovakia and Germany Goteborg, Sweden Goteborg, Sweden Goteborg, Sweden Denmark and Stockholm Goteborg, Sweden Copenhagen Zurich Beirut, Lebanon Exiled. Departure unconfirmed. Known to maintain contact with Teledano. Attended May-Day celebratisms in Prague Attended Congress 011 Sweden, 5-18 1&5, 48, Delegate to Congress CP Sweden, 15-18 h,.4 48. Delegate to Congress CI Sweden, 15-18 31:i 48, Described as contact man between Furubetn and C1 Sweden. Reported mission to contact people in CP who would work for Cominform. _ Delegate to Congress CP Sweden, 13-18 May 48. Arrived 3 June. Left with one Hultman (possibly a Swede) Reportedly attended meeting of hdddle East CP members. Sanitized - Approved For e ease : CIA-RDP78-00915R0001commT Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Departure Country Name Date From Ialestine 342. Fein, Abraham Aug 48 (ccntinued) Gojanski, Elihu 344. Lachman, Dr, Federico R. t Fritz Richard 345. Likunis, 'Samuel (Sec Gen) 346. Nakarra, Hanna 29 Lug 48 Ccicabia Aug 48 prier 8 June 2nd week Apr 48 Destinaticm Cclombia Jamaica ralestine Bucharest Ric de Janeirc Bclivia itIrpCse of Travel With wife recruiting funds fcr Israel. stated that new Israel state regarded western powers as enemies and wculd ally itself with USER sheuld war break out. Further destination unkncwn. The Central Committee/CI' Ialestine decided tc send him tc Europe tc "continue wcrk begun by Likunisr. Arrived Bucharest 16 Lug 480 On lecture tcur reperesenting Hebrew University cf Jerusalem. Departure uncLnfirmed. kray be ? representing Irgun. Reported in Ric 24 June 480' Lalegedly residing in Buencs Adres 30 July 48, Warsaw Allegedly in Warsaw 28 Apr 48. Yregue Nay-June 48 reperted in Irague aid his ?:ZSe WEIS tc get mcre help fcr Ialestine Was back in 12a1estine by 6 Aug 48 lalestine Beirut - 85 - Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Allegedly at meeting of Middle East CI leaders. Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Ntme Date Departure From Palestine 347, Sneh, meshe (contiruer Ianana Iaraguay reru 348. Benriquez Berdal, Iantaleon 349. Canete, .ilugustc (Sec Gen) 350. Torrales, Jcse Ignacio 351. Capellinc, Nelsen 352, Del Trade Chaves, Jorge 353. Miloslavic, antun June 48 11 ;Aug 48 3 July May /i8 .4r 48 48 end cf May 48 Destination DirpcSe cf Travel l'arlEtra iirgentina Bclivia leru -86- Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Irague Guatemala lirgentina Inraguay Ieru Mexico 115 Reported Irague 22 June 48, Made two secret visits to .:1suncien one 24 N4 48 and cne 20 June 48. Departed after being held fer several days by'1.rgentine pclice, Under arrest by Bolivian authcrities. Te be returned to leru. illegedly with Irestes and Guedes (bcth CI Brazil). Unconfirmed By beat. 4=pp1ied for passport to receive nedical trcatnent at Mayo Clinic. 31JCJIZET Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Departure Date From Destination Purpese of Travel' Thillipine 354. quirinc, ntonic (brother of rresident) 5 Lug 46 Manila Europe By air, Spent 3 days in bpain, 14 1,.ag 48 27 Lug 48 IVdrid Iandcn Manila ..1sc visited raris and Th Hague to attend International Conference of Democratic Lawyers waich, however, wee not held there, alleged Communist, Poland 355. Bermn, Jakob rolitburo) 19-20 June 48 Warsaw Prague Ru7rania Delegate to Cominform Meeting probably held about 20-24 June in or near Bucharest (See Meetings Section). 26 Lug 48 Warsaw Mescow 356, Branski, Henryk 5 ivir 48 Cclombia Expelled. Destination unkncwn; 357g. Dluski-Langer, Cstap ii,pr 48 i Paris ttended meeting of International Ccmmittee of to Democratic Greece. 3580 Dyner, Miroslav 359. Klosiewicz, Wiktor (Cr bee/Stettin District) 48 July 48 Niay 48 Ioland - 87 - Lille, Trance London Goteborg, bweden 11-21 z'spr allegedly attended meeting cf Iclish isdd bcciety, ttended WITY meeting 26 July 48, Delegate to Congress CI Sweden, 15-18.R* 48, Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Country Name rcIand 360, Meier, Stefan (ccntinue0 361, Mine, Hilary Industry) 3D MET Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Departure Date 9 NPY 48 1 Tuly 48 mid July 48 Frem. ..:Destination Buenos 4f,ires Santos, Brazil Sao raulo (Minister of about 16 Tune Tiarsaw 48 362, ilininski, Thomas Jerzy 363. Iopiel, Mieczyslaw (deputy member CC) 364. Raczynski (alsc Graczynski) 365, Szajdecki, Scsef 366, Lzczesniak, Josef (deputy) 14 Apr 48 Apr 48 .1t7,31 48 June 48 19 May 48 22 1\ry 48 DIV 48 La laz, Bolivia Icland Bolivia Peru -88- Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R000100 Gdynia via E,antos and Ric de Janeire Sac. Iaulc, Brazil ? Rio de Janeiro Iragua. Arequipa, leru Bogota, Celombia Goteborg, Sweden Irague Peru Bolivia Belgium Iurpose cf Travel llegedlY aboard ship plinskj. Believed he might:have tried to disembark in Brazil and go to Sao Paulo, .:arcsted for 4 days. Resides With sister,Amelia Ginsbergo Departure uncenfirimd, Planned to go to Lima and Quito, Ecuador, In Bogota 24 Apr 48, 'das expelled cm or about 5 may 48a Delegate to Ccmgress Cr E)-weden, 15-18 May 480 Probably an assumed name Arrived 17 June in rague and newspapers were allegedly forbidden tc mention his arrival. Deported by Bolivian police, Bolivian police plan to deport him to Chile, They will not allow him tc return to La Iazo Delegate to Ccngress CP Belgium, 14-17 Ray 48:. Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country NaLle Departure Date Frem Destinatien iurpose of Travel Peland 367, Sztachelski, Dr. Dena 12 May 48 ioland Rome Headed Iolish wonerOs delegation? (ccntinueaI 368. Wroblewski, Zdzislav (CC/Demccratic Youth Association) 18 Apr 48 Finland Sweden Norway One of WFDY delegation who was tcuring Z)candinavia, Reportedly arrived Norway 3 1Say with delegation, Also allegealy in Oslo 26 Apr 48. 369. Zagorski, fnu (Possibly , June 48 Poland Irague Arrived Irague 17 June ).8: identical with Stanislau) 370. Zawaaski, Major General Alexander L. June 48 Rumania Delegate tc Cominform Dbeting probably held in cr near Bucharest about 2C-24 June 46, (See Meetings section). Portugal 371. 'unhal, Alvaro (Sec Gen) June 48 Rumania Unconfirmed report that he attended Cominform Meeting in or around Bucharest about 20-24 June 48. Paris Reported in Paris about 30 June 48. Puerto Ric 372. Andreu Inglesias, Cesar 2 Aug 48 Puerto Rico New York Confirmation desired, Delegate to CPUSA Congress. Alberto (Pres CP) 23 Aug 48 New York Puerto Rico - 89 - Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R0001001 Release: ORDT Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name. Departure Date From Destination Purpose of Travel Rumania 373. Frentesco, Gaines -Tune 48. RUmania Egypt .Lccompanied the Charge d'ilffaires Jonesco as secretary.- Suspected agent. 374. Luca, Christina (Press Counsellor, Belgrade) 44 373. Presente, Marco (BankeN,) kAY 48 ixug 48 Geneva :France Reportedly has Cominform connoctions,, 1 end 48 France Switzerland '1.11egedly plans to go to Liam 376, Sorea, Cudar 377. Group of eight Siamese K7-ay 48 Mar 48 Rumania Siam Brussels USSR Palestine. Reportedly working on financial deal for Russians, Delegate to Congress cp Belgium, 14-17 May 48, Unconfirmed. South ?'..frica 378e Berrange, Vernon Colliers (Legal Comm/CP) June 48, Johannesburg UK By air? rrived 16 June, 30 June 48 UK Paris Holds Belgian, French and - 9C - Italian visas, Sanitized - Approved For Release: ??'UFiET Sanitized - Approved For Rdrigefir CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Departure Name Date From ? Destination Purpose of Travel spain 379..cebez Barrios Lrturo .(Exec Comm IUL) 380, ,'Iyestaran, Francisco ,pr 48 End July 48 Faris Mexico Guatemala City Paris France Arrived 30 4r 48 but there is no official record of his entry Guatemala. Guest of Dr, Rafael de Buen (CP Spain); Waiting for Mexican visa ?to visit Salvador Gamiz (CJM) which he considers vital and main purpose of trip to Central America, Presumably- back in Paris by 25. A.. as letter datelined there was obtained. Believed to have sailed on EdS Trun, Possibly mission is clandestine guerrilla work; Intimate friend of Francisco .eInton. 381, Azcarate, Lhnuel .(CC) 382, Bec, Jorge Martin July, 48 May 48 Rumania Faris Hungary Hoped to return to Rumania for residence, illegedly active in Hungarian CP Youth Nbvement (KIDISZ), directing military training section* 383, de Castro, Honoroso .iug 48 Paris Believed accompanying Giral Warsaw 21 ug 48, Attended World Congress of Intellectuals, 25-28 Aug 48 .91- Will remain Faris few days on return trip; Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915R0001001900 CRET Sanitized - Approved Forofifirditeir CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 ? Country Name Departure Date From _ Destination .. Iurpose of Travel Spain 390. de Los Rios, Fernando Aug 48 Tanis Expected 21 Aug 48 with de (continued; Castro, Giral and Roces Warsaw Attended World Congress of Intellectuals, 25-28 Aug 480 391. Melchor, Federico (member Council WFDY) Apr 48 July 48 -Oslo London Will stop in Paris for few dais on return trip, One of ';iiI.DY delegation that toured Scandinavia, Attended WFDY meeting 26 July 483 3923 iaz, Jose Antonio (CC) July 48 Casablanca - Does not seem to be politically active. 393, Irat, kedesto Apr 48 France Venezuela Had previously been ordered out of France. Ztayed in Belgium for five months, then returned France and departed for Venezuela. 394, Roces, Wenceslao Aug 48 Tans Expected 21 Aug with de Castro, Giral and Rios. Warsaw Attended World Congress of . Intellectuals, 25-28 Aug 483 Will stop in Paris for few days on return trip. - 93 - Sanitized - Approved For jggarsTmos CIA-RDP78-00915R00d "iggitE4. Sanitized - Approved CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 cuntry , Name Departure ?. Date From Destination Purpose of Travel ain 395. Taguena, Thu ontinue0 396. Velasco, B. (possibly Victor) ?July 48 ? MaY 48 Spain France Prague Came at head of delegation of Levante guerrillas who called on Albornoz, Attended May-Day celebrations, eden 397. Youth Brigade of 62 July 48 , Bulgaria Sweden , Returned 17 July 48, Group headed by Barbo Linde ' 398. Youth Brigade of 50 July 48 Sweden Czecheslovakia Headed by Holger Lindstrom. 399. Youth Brigade of 80 July 48 Sweden Yugoslavia Headed by Igij Junstrom. 400. Youth Brigade of 10 July 48. Sweden Warsaw Headed by Waldemar Ilriksson4 To. work on reconstruction of Warsaw 23 days and then attend the Youth Congress. 401, Holmberg, Nils (CC) MaY 48 Zurich 19 May applied for permit to cross Germany to attend Town Planning Congress in Zurich. 10 June 48 . Goteborg, Sweden Prague Date of departure .not known, June 48 Budapest Attended Hungarian Unity Congress 12 June 48 - 94 - Sanitized - Approved FO CIA-RDP78-00915R00 100 1- Sanitized - Approved ForaMtati'm CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Sweden 402. Hultman, John Gosta (continuedl 403. Janssen, Vappu T, 404. Karlsscn, Urban (Business Ivnager Stormlockan) 4050 Lager, Fritjof (Editor NY Dag) 406', Lalander, Nils (Editor Stormleckan) 407. IArsson, Bror Harald 408. Ibberg, Carl (Cultural director Ny D) Departure Date June 48 48 Aug 48 May 48 June 48 From Copenhagen Sweden Sweden Sweden 1 June 48 I Sweden RtY 48 Berlin -95- Destination Sanitized - Approved For ? CIA-RDP78-00915R000 Prague Warsaw., Poland Prague Vienna Rotterdam Sweden Urpcse of Travel By. air, According to report dated 10 June 48 travelled to Zurich, Delegate to Slavonic Agricultural Attended Conference of Working Youth 8-18 Aug 48, Attended lay-Day celebrations.' Attended Youth meeting, 12-13 June 48 Travelled through Germany, Czechoslovakia, Italy and France Attended Congress of Transport Workers syndicate 28.30 June, ? Reported engaged in establishing illegal organization for Swedish transport workers and seamen in Goteborg, Adlegedly held secret conference with Col, Tyulpancv, Repertedly has close connections with RI' officers, Sanitized - Approved Fsairalarr CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Departure Date From Destination Purpc e of Travel Sweden (continued' 409. Nbberg, Stnre ,iiug 48 Sweden France 410. Olsson, Kurt (CC; Chairman July 48 ? : Komnunistika Ungderisferbund) ' Berlin Sweden Returned from Berlin 16 July bringing a report on Soviet policies and what propaganda line CP Sweden should follow during the Berlin crisis, 411. Svensson, Greta Valborg liNr 48 .Berlin Supposed to arrive at ? (14.1ternate acc Cum; head Womenls Secretariat) Ltettiner Railway Station, 25 bl'?.,y 1948 412, Thcrin, Erik July 48 Sweden _Breslau ttended Polish Youth Unity - Switzerland 413. Bertholet, Rene July. 48 ' - .Ric de Janeiro ? Congress 23 July 48, A:krrived 5 July 48. 12 July 48 Ric de ?Janeiro Sao Paulo, Brazil ? 27 July 48 Ric de Janeiro London Via airo? . Representative fcr Swiss .ii,ssociaticn of ,.id for . Wrkers. 414. Biot, Maurice kh3', 48 (Jeunesse Libre Suisse) Switzerland Lyon, France ai.ttended meeting of French Republican Youth, 4150 Bodenmann, Marino (CC, 1/.3, 48 Basel) Switzerland 'Prague ttended Mayy celebrations. - 96 - Sanitized - Approved For . CIA-RDP78-00915R00 Sanitized - Approved CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Departure Date From Destination .Switzerlan (continued Syria Uruguay 416.?Corswant, Andre (Politburo) 417.,Horngacher Lax 418. Kunz, Heinz (Jeunesse Libre Suisse) 419. Vincent Jean (Politburo) 420. Coudsy, I. 421. Amorin, Enrique 422. Araujc, Indalecie 11:4 48 Switzerland Brussels abcut 1 June 4 Geneva ItY 48 Switzerland July 48 Prague June 48 25 June 48 May 48 raris Montevideo Europe - 97 - Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R000 Yugoslavia Lyon, France Switzerland Tunisia Buenos Aires Montevideo Purpose of Travel Attended Congress CP Belgium, 14-17 1\t'y 48 Ostensibly on business connected with World Students' Relief. Attended meeting of French Republican Youth 6 May 48, Attended Sokol festival. Allegedly had visited Warsaw and Bucharest and conferred with Gottwald and Pauker. Member of WFD/ delegation touring North Africa and Middle East. Allegedly was instructed by Carpenter, de Boysscn's secretary to pick up funds in Tunisia. ? Will depart Buenos Aires for Europe, and will attend World Congress of Intellectuals 25-28 Aug 48, Breslau. Reperted had dinner with Alberto Suarez in Buenos Aires. Arrived with Gomez 20 May 48, Sanitized - Approved F CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Country Name Departure Date From Destination lUrpose of Travel Uruguay 423 Espincla, Francisco 21 Aug 48 Montevideo Amsterdam Via KiZdAirline, Attended (continued 'Acrid Congress of Intellectuals ? 25-28 Aug 48, Breslau,-Poland and planned to travel in France and Italy before returning to 421.k Gomez, Eugenio (Sec Gen) 425. Iltssera, Jose Luis (CC) MaY 48 July 48 Europe U5 Montevideo Montevideo Uruguay, Aalegedly expenses will be paid by the Congress, Arrived 20 May 48 after extended stay in Europe, Report dated 28 July 48 stated 426, rollieri de Viana ;11)1" 48 France Montevideo "just returned" from year's study in US. ? Indicated he will receive more propaganda Eaterial from the US, Report dated 8 Apr 48 stated "recently returned' US 427, Delegation from Inter- national Federation of Aug 48 _ U5 Europe Delegation, CCMIDCSOC. of Julian Napuno, Herman Steiweler, Jovan Dock-and:JarehOuse : 'Luber, and Donald Brown visited .dorkers France, Italy, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia,. Poland, USSR and attended Congress GP Finland 428, Abbe, George .:114g 48 US Katowice, Poland 27 Aug 48, Collecting material for his writings, Active member of Wallace rarty. - 98 - Sanitized - Approved For Release: CIA-RDP78-00915ROMPONSKEN? Sanitized - Approved For" CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 _ Country Name Departure Dao From Destination Iurpose of Travel US (continued 429. Bearse, Ray Ir-aY 48 Still in 5teckho1m and attempting to obtain visas tc Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia, Tells conflicting stories of 430, Bick, Rabbi Abraham J 19 June 48 U5 Europe and Israel CI affiliation, 5uspected Connunist sympathizer'. )431, Brainin, Joseph 7 ally 48 Lausanne, Switzerland Tans 4320 Cuestas, Juan Enamorada 5 cr 6 May 48 Bogota, Colombia Caracas, Venezuela 433,, Damon, Frances 1 June 48 1.Sxicc New York (Treasurer, Exec Corm D1) 434. Derwent, Clarence (Brit citizen, .Cres cterst May 48 Nev York U5 Iris London Warsaw London and irague Tc arrive raris 14 June 48, Attended 'dFDY meeting 26 July 48, ;Attended International Conference of '4orking Youth,. ';iarsaw 8-18 Aug 4F,, Equity in U5) 435. Dclivet, Lcuis (jcurnalist,) Nay 48 New York Iaris Visited rierre Cot on arrival 12 My 48. 436. Dembrawski, Thomas Xerxes, 18 June 48 New /ork roland Sailed aboard SS Batory. l'ossibly relish Consulate in Detrcit financing trip ostensibly tc study for four weeks. - 99 - Sanitized - Approved Failitimmir CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Sanitized - Approved orri"leeetell CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Ccuntry Name Date Departure From US (continued 437. Draper, IUriel 438. Duncvan, fnu 439, Elefant, Joseph 440, de Fuss, Lucille Ronia Misky Ianowelich (sister- in-law of Blas Manrique, CP Mexico) 441. Gates, John (Editor Daily tiorker) 4420 Gluszak Katherine 443. Graves, Elsa 3 Mar 48 25 Mby 48 Apr 48 Prague Mexico Rome tj - 10C- Destination Iurpcse of Travel Sanitized - Approved fialteivammo CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 - Rome Malaya Brussels Brussels US Us Poland London .i.ttended meeting of ILFQ 31 IaY 48. Usually visits Malaya at eight- month intervals, always contacting one or more cf the following; Lin, Thornton Elliott, Duncvan had been seen in Ci Malaya headquarterso .:irrived by air 23 Feb 48, Carried $50 (Us) and 20 francs, Departing by air 2.5 Feb 48 carried $5,500 in Belgian francs, ? Unconfirmed. US citizen, living in Mexico with husband Joel ;.1ter Fuss. in .US in -pr 48 in ? the ?interest of CI. Mexico, Reportedly sent by mer lean Iolish Labor Council of New York, ? Mtended ';,iFDY meeting 26 July 48. Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Departure Date From Destination Isurpose of Travel u. WM. Greenberg, .A.fred .1YD) US Lyen, France .,:ttended meeting cf French (continued l Republican Yeuth, 6 May 48. 445. Higgins, Ray 4 June 48 Manila Hcngkong Believed on ship engaged in smuggling arms and ammunitien to China. 4).6. Jordan, Christ 48 France Bulgaria Living in France. .illegodly makes frequent trips to Bulcaria. 447 Kahn, i'lbert E. June-July 48 ad "Switzerland ? .ccompanied by 'Salzman, to attend ';iorld Jewish Congress. 7 stay 48 Lausanne, E,witzerland 71.7rague .i.ccempanied by Jcseph Brainin. 448. Kin7, Nell ..melia 14 June 48 Rome .Lcndon By air. 449. Kohl, '...deline Mexico :;ith Mary Irene Ycagle, ostensibly making cultural and political studies, Contacted known Communists and were active in group 'Ecciety of Friends of -;=allacol. Left Mexico (destination unknewn) ? L1115, 480 450. Lark-Horovitz, Dr. King 24 July 48 'Sweden Zurich via Cepenhagen ;.11eged1y travelling en Navy orders. Repert states that subject is "associate cf Communist suspects" and has connections with a - 101 - Communist infiltrated scientific grcup and pro,Scviet scciety (sic). Sanitized - Approved F?r CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Sanitized - Approv CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Ccuntry Nam Departure Date From Destinaticm Purpose of Travel JE :centinued) 451. Ragezini Lnita (Tres LIT- Radcliffe) 452, Eambrano, Bob 453. Eamudes, Irk 454, Eeldes, Gecrge 455. ztakiewiez, ivhrie 456. Etala, 'Stanislaw 437 Etarcbin, Jcseph . ? (Foreign al New /crk Daily. 'Aorker) Lug 48 Lug 25 May 48 11 June 48 20 likar 48 2 Lug 48 UE Yaninna,'(Greece?) 1.4:, UE 'OE - 102 - rcland ,Salcnika, Greece Hungary Bu17aria Gdynia, rcland Europe Reportedly travelling with Gecffrey -.;arnor Wlaite in UK, France, Hungary and 1,cland. krebably LaBrican delegate tc Internaticnal Conference of Working Youth, 8-18 Lug 48, (Eee Nbetings Eaction). Intended tc proceed tc Geneva and Egypt. Intended to visit Marko s on return trip to Greece, In Hungary for "few days" (23 Lug 48) Repertedly very pro-Leyiet, 'Sailed aboard RE Batory as crewman, loe. have received ne informaticn from the field as to: his whereabouts, but articles have appeared in the Daily crker datelined Rcme,, raris, Breslau and Trague, in that order, during Lug 48, Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 1 0 - Country Name Sanitized - Approved' CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Departure Us (centinuedl 458. Steel, Johannes 459. Stone, Isadore F. (Correspondent New York PY) 46o. Strong, Anna Louise 4614 White, Geoffrey warner (AID) 17 May 48 3 June 48 5 June 48 May 48 4 May 48 June 48 Sanitized - App r' From Earis 1rogue Paris New Iork Mexico City us - IC3- Destination purpose of Travel Prague .,arsaw Tans iT:iiarsaw ran is California Europe Saw Clementis and Gottwald, In ',4arsaw 28 hity 48?, Allegedly talked with Cyrankiewitch, Idnc and Sedzelewsky, Gave cocktail party for the Yugoslav Ambassador 6 June,. Also gave a lecture 16 June on Is the UF, Going Fascist?" under auspices of the .4.1-2prican Veteran Cc=ittee. By air, Steel was reportedly (unconfirmed) carrying a letter from Henry 'dallace to Stalin,, lossibly would visit Moscow, Italy. Allegedly talked with Duclos and Thorez during stay in Paris. Departure not confirmed. Subject accused of being instrumental in placing cr members in governmental positions. 18 June 48 was issued passport to travel to UK, France, Hungary and PolandQ Departure unoonfirad4 Thy have been travelling with Anita Ragezin. He is allegedly active in CT and AID activities, Sanitized - Approved orrntrIERE4mi CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Ut5 462.::iolfard, John ;Addison (continued) TC CD 463e Yeagle, Mary Irene 46.4 Youth. Delegation; to London 465. Two unknown Politburo nenters. 466. Trade Union Delegation 467. Delegation of -;icnien Departure Date July 48 July 46 June 48 May 48 may 48 From US UR UELR Moscow Moscow Rome Destination -104- Sanitized - Approved ForedpenT CIA-RDP78-00915R0CIL iu London Mexico London Vienna Vienna Rome Prague_ Purpose of Travel ;Arrived London 4 July 48?, .11.fter spendin several days expected to visit Switzerland, Italy, Vienna, Prague and Holland. Expected to return US 23 ?Aug 48, (No further information). J'ith deline Kohl, ostensibly making Cultural and political studies, Contacted known Communists and were active in group "Society of Friends of allace". Left Mexico (destination unknown) ME4 48. ...Attended Executive Committee meeting of '.5TY, Led by ;Aloxsei ;Allegedly to advise CP ;Austria on future policy, ;At invitation of ;Association of Trade Unions of .14ustria0 ;Attended First Congress of ;Austrian Trade Unions, ;Attended Executive meeting of By air, ;Arrived Moscow about 27 June, Sanitized - Approved Forkrearri. CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name i Departure Date From r Destination Purpose of Travel USER i 468. Trade Union Delegation 1 (continued)! Ma Y 48 Ibscow 1 Rome ttended Executive Committee meeting of WFTU. 36 Aria5, 48 Rome Moscow 469. 200 soviet Officers and Specialists Apr 48 kbscow Bangkok, Siam Allegedly to assist in organization and training of Siamese, including military training. 470. Alinik, Ariji (probably falsE name) 2nd week ATI. 48 USSR Beirut, Syria Attended meeting of kiddie . East CPs (Unconfirmed) 471. Barmin, A. I. (ChairmLn Nisty 48 USSR Austria Attended First Congress Workers Politico-Educa- tional Institutions) 472. Bogatyrev, Vs iii. (Anti- N4 48 Lyon, France Austrian Trade Unions, 18 kay 48, Attended Meeting of French Fascist Iouth CoLmittee) Republican Youth, 6 lay 48. July 48 London Attended WFDY Executive 473. Bogorovt-Kolomitsev, Vladimir June 48 Paris Santigo, Chile Reefing, 26 July 48, Had been residing in Paris. 474. Bondarchuk, V. Go Apr 48 USER Prague Attended 600th Anniversaty celebration of Charles University. - 1c5 - Sanitized - Approved For 5R0Oru Country Name Sanitized - Approved Fererreit'Emm CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Departure Date From Destination Purpose of Travel USSR 475. Borshchev, (Commissioner (continued) Central Council Trade Unions, Gorki Region) 4760 Burkov, Boris (Editor Komsomol Pravda 4.77 Chulkov, Pavei Alekseyevich 478e Florovsky, Geora (Orthodox priest) 479. Garfield, Harry H. 480, Gurina, Zinaida 461. /sachenko, D. 482, Kaplunov, Dora Juno 48 Apr-Lay 48 July 48 July 48 15 June 17 June Nr-c.i 48 Apr 48 July 48 48 USSR USSR USSR Paris Brussels USSR -106- Sanitized - Approved For ? 5R000TL Austria Scandinavia London New York Brussels Rome Prague Rangoon At invitation of Austrian Trade Union Association. Toured JFdcandinavia as member of WFDY delegation, Norway 29 .3.1:T 48. Was in Attended WFDY Executive Neeting 26 July 480 To attend Saint Vladimirs Theological Seminary. Destination unknown, Born in Russia and travelling on Soviet passport Nr 051500 Attended meeting of WIDF. Attended 600th anniversary celebration of Charles University, Arrived late July with Sergei Stern, allegedly with plans (coordinated with Than Tun) for increasing disturbances and riots throughout the country and sabotaging factories, rice and sugar fieldse Confirmation and precise details desired. Sanitized - Approved Foil* Ref CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Date Departure From Destination Purpose of Travel UB (continuedl 483. Kapustina fnu. 484. Kdrhanov, fnu )485. Klimov, Alex SB Gricri evich 486. Kochemasov, Vyacheslav Ivanovich June 48 3 Mr 48 . July 48 July 48 487. Kevalev, N. M. (Chairman May 48 Chemdcal Workerst Union) 488. KUsnetsov, Vaaile 4890 Lytkin, 490. Malenkov, G. M. (politburo) 491. hanzekeen George (possibly same as Mamryjine) Apr 48 28 May 48 Tune 48 . 48 Faris Rumania USSR USSR T.L.SE2 USER Shanghai - 107- Sanitized - Approved 41041.1.1. CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 ULER Italy London London Austria Rome Bangkok Rumania Scandinavia Travelling on SS Translvania on Nansen passport. Attended WFDY Executive Meeting 26 July 48 Attended WFDY Executive hbeting 26 July 480 Attended First Congress of Austrian Trade Unions, 18 h_c_cy 48. Attended WFTU meeting, 30 Apr- 10 May 480 Via PAI?M. Delegate to Cominform Meeting held in or around Bucharest probably between 20-24 June 48. (See Meeting Section) Member of WFDY delegation which toured Scandinavia during .4101.-11-131 480 Country Name Sanitized - Approved FOI CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Da te, Departure From Destination Purpose of Travel USSR (continue0 4?2. Mikhailov, Nikolai Mirskaya, TatYana 494. Yelotcv, Vyacheslav M. (Foreign Minister) 4950 Mbrozcva, Tamara 496, Nesmyanov, A. N. (Rector Lomonosov Moscow University) July 48 USSR 24 War 48 India 27 Mar 48 Rangoon 20 Apr 48 Singapore 31 July 48 24 Mar 48 27 Mar 48 20 Apr 48 Apr 48 497. Cbdchahov9A0 Lug 48 498, Pissarevski, fnu June 48 Mcscow India Rangoon Singarore USSR Lc:laden Attended'WFDY?Executive Meeting 26 July 48. Rangoon By air, Toured South East Asia with WIDF group. Singapore via Penang By sea, arrived Singapore 8 Apr 48 and toured Xalaya, India Arrived India 22 Apr 48. Allegedly "on vacation" Possibly attended reported (unconfirmed) Gominferm meeting, (See Meeting Section). Rangoon By air, Toured South Last Asia with WIDF group. Singapore via Penang By seau Arrived.bingapore 8 Apr 48 and toured IV:slaya India_ Arrived India 22 Apr 48, praeue Attended 600th Anniversary celebration Charles University 6 4r 48, New Delhi Bombay Paris Sanitized - Approved For - 108 - CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 USSR Arrived with Zilk 25 Aug 48, Returned from Internaticnal Exposition of 'crmn, Country Name Sanitized - Approved For FWL CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 1 , aSR : 499, Popova, Nina (Pres Anti- (continue0 Fascist Women's Cemm; i IIPPIDF) 500. Pronin, fnu (Academy cf Science) 501, Sarkissian, Boghos 502. beminas, L.B. 503. Shull, Sara (nee Gurevich 504? Sunenkovo ?fnu 505. Stern, Sergei 506. Sudenko, 5, IL 507. Suslov, Mikhail A. Date Apr 48 1VlaY 48 June 48 Departure From Destination Purpose cf Travel 28 May 48 28 Apr 48 June 48 late July 48 Apr 48 June 48 UR Armenian SLR Shanghai Shanghai . Paris tr..iSFL - 109 - Sanitized - Approved Ffoffief. CIA-RDP78-00915R00 Rome Prague Lebanon via Iraq Madras, India via New Delhi and Calcutta, California USSR Rangoon Prague Rumania By air. Attended meeting of WIDF. Delegate to Slavonic Agriculture Exhibitien. Allegedly comissioned to organize an Armenian Communist brigade which would attack Turkey in case of war. Reportedly assisted by Soviet Legation in Beirut, Allegedly to attend Far Eastern Economic Meeting. Allegedly violently pro-Soviet and possible courier. Returned from International ? Exposition of Women. With Dora Kaplunav. Ko Klan Yen has been his constant companion. Attended :600th Anniversary celebraticn Charles University? ? Delegate to Cominform Meeting probably held in or near Bucharest about 2.G.24 June 48, Country Name Sanitized - Approved For Marl'. CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Departure From Destination Purpose of Travel USSR _508, (continued) Tarasov, P. A, (Chairman Art Workers' Union) 309. Telpupkhovsky, fnu- (CC/Motor Transport Workers Union) 310. Tolbukhin, Feodor 311. Trukha1ev fnu (Chairman CC/Nictor Transport Workerdl Union) 512, Vinogradov, V. V. 313. Vorshev, G. A. 3140 Yudiken, fnu (alleged representative of Politburo) 536. Zakharov, Ncbar (National CcUncil Armenian LSR) Af.aY 48 MaY 48 June 48 May 48 Apr 48 ay 48 July 48 June 48 UaSR USLR thc-?;L?R ULSR - 110 - Sanitized - Approved FozgrekL. CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Austria Helsinki, Finland Karlovy VarY, Czechoslovakia Helsinki, Finland Prague Austria Vienna Lebanon Attended First Congress Austrian.. ?Trade Unions 18 hay 0,? Attended Congress of Finnish Transport Workers Union 29 key 48. Unconfirmed, Attended Congress of Finnish Transport :livorkers Union 29 May 48, Attended 600th Anniversary celebration Charles University. Attended First Congress Austrian Trade Unions, 18 May 48, From Prague with Soviet colonel (Nil) allegedly to inspect cp.i:aistriao Unconfirmed. Accompanied by a priest, Vartapet Vatanov-, Has been meeting with leaders of all parties. Claimed his only mission was unifying of all Armenians. Sanitized - Approved Fong:CM& CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Departure Name Date From Destination Purpose of Travel USER 316. Zhdanov, iindrei 22 June 48 Irauue Passed through Prague. (continued ,;1.1e1124,70Y1.01 (died sept 48) Kc..r1vovy Vary , Czechoslovakia Reported at Cominform meeting previous to Rumemian Cominform meeting (See leetings !Section) Rumania Delegate tc Cominform MeetinP, in or around Bucharest about 20-24 June 486 517. Zorin, Valerian deksandrovich Prague Presence in Prague between 13_20 June 48 confirmed. (Deput Foreign Minister) .xlso reportedly 'passed throug10 Prague 22 June 48? . 318. Zueva, T. M. Juno 48 . Vlo8tcw' :Faris Representative tc International ? Venezuela 319. Garcia Ponce, Guillermo 27 ;i4Dx. 48 Venezuela Mexico via Cuba; Expcsiticn cf Women, _1ttended iY Congress 30 .i,pr 48, 5206 Irababal, Carlos Ma Y 48 Venezuela Cuba rrived 27 May 48 with Miguel Otero bi1va6 321. kbrval, Martin ;*.lar 48 Mexico Venezuela Had attended CTL Congresse 522. Otero Silva, Niguel (Editor El Nacional) 0-31- 48 Cuba isrrived 27 Nhy 48 with Irababal, Sanitized - Approved Peveilparmix CIA-RDP78-00915R00010V900'0?1"-SI- Sanitized - Approved FonneltRift CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country _ . Name : Departure Date From Destination Purpose of Travel Yugoslavia 523. Delegation to Italy June 48 Yugoslavia Rome Allegedly took part in conference with CP Italy leaders 3 or 6 June 48, at Rene headquarters. 524. Bulat, Dr. amp Tonislav Aug 48 Yugoslavia Buenos Aires To establish residence. Brother Eduard resides Argentina.. 52.5. Cerovic, Gavro 526. Damjanovic, Dr. Ivan June 48 May 48 Yugoslavia Chile Vienna Delegate to Austrian Conminist youth Congress 12 June 48, Departed Chile illegally. Destination unknown. . 527. Deskovic, Vilka July 48 Italy Bolivia 528. Dizdarevic, Nijar June 48 EEypt Attempted to Fret visas to tcur North Africa and Middle East with '.4FLY delegation but was refused and will join group in Egypt. 529, Djilas, Milcvan 21 June 48 Prague With Kardelj in military planee. (Politburo) Destination unknown. Unconfirmed. 53C. Ducovic, Dusan 21 June 48 Cairo thens llegedly spy and courier. 531. Dudas, Louis (Deputy 10 Jul,> 48 Yugoslavia Hungary Fled. 'Serbian National Asserably.,' 532, Farfalia, Franc .ilcir 48 Cairo Beirut, Baghdad, Jedda Ostensibly a ccnrrcial traveller. Basra and Teheran - 112 - Sanitized - Approved Forofel CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Sanitized - Approved ForiegatM CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Country Name Yugoslavial 533. Htnjak, Ljubcmir (continued) 534. Kardelj, Edward (Politburo) 535. Konjhodjic, EUhannad 536, Krajncic, Anton 537.Ma1ich Nicolas C Mulatz 538, NVarangunic, Gustav 539. Midsic, rc (National Bureau International League cf Youth) 5.10* Misid, Dzevad 5!.1 LTunih, Jcze Departure Date From July 48 2 June 48 48 pr 48 My L8 4r 48 ?41Dr 48 21 Apr 48 prague Egypt Paris Chile Cairo - 113 - Sanitized - Approved Fcarif CIA-RDP78-00915R000 Destination Lo non Belgrade ? Spain Lebanon Scandinavia Scandinavia Beirut, Baghdad, Jedd41, Basra, and Teheran Purpose of Travel Attended WFDY Executive Meeting 26 July 46e With Djilas in Military plane, Destination unknown, Unconfirmed. 'Jas on Comintern mission in London, 1936, A,rrived 10 May 48, Allegeny brought instructions to CP icbanor4 Under his direction are forming armed terrorist groups, Left Chile illegally with Damjancvic, Member of WFDY delegation touring Scandinavia, Was in Norway 26 Apr 48. Member cf WFDY delegation touring Scandinavia, 'Was in Norway 26 Apr 48, Ostensibly travelling on Ccmnercial activities Fussibly engaging in Connunist propaganda, Sanitized - Approved ForiteRVII'D CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Ccuntry Naze ' Yugoslavia (ccntinued) Country Unknewn 542. Nachtigal, lese 5436 Elenadic Bcgdan 544. Pesich, Lilorad (.FDY) 545,, Popovic, :nee (Chief of 5taff) 546. Fuhalo, Dusan 547. EakiC, Victor 548, Ulcer, Lauro 549. de Garcia, Ella Departure Date Apr 48 June 48 Yay 48 16 DI* 48 June 48 2 svpr 48 2 y 48 46 7 June 48 From Paris Faris Havana UK Calcutta reris Shanptai - 114 - Sanitized - Approved For . CIA-RDP78-00915R000 Destinaticn pain Brazil cr Chile UK Continental Europe lrague .iirasterdam, Holland pain Manila - Eurpcse of Travel &erved with Intern, Brigade An ETain (1936-39). Departure unconfirmed. Travelling en Yugoslav passport but thought he may cbenge it while in Paris. ?i-lleE,:ccilY carrying $220,000 in MS currency, Uncenfirmed and nct known if he actually departed. By air. rrived 15 May 48. Reportedly in Prague 18 June 48 and allegedl met with Tegliatti and ecchia in Irague 23 June 48, Had attended bEil Ycuth conference Reportedly entered illegally, En: be identical with Ulcer, Nachtiga or Xrajncic. Uncenfirr-;.ed departure. Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 228, 292, 392, 420 LBNL 3, 262, 263 .2Ga.TE\T 11, 64, 65, 1o4, 105, 349, 388, 421, 524 ..ULTR-i..1.1 14 (SECTION B, IRT II) INDEX Movercents ;iceerding to Destinations BURE4 14, 482 . CLI\TZ.:& 101 CIJITP , 1o, 107, 1089 388, 473 CHINA 175, 235 "C3F..,a1R-i, 19, ).3, 47, 243, 244, 248, 306, /06, 465, 466, 471, L75, 487 001,Ciw5L,. ?173, 266, 42,3 362 508, 513, 514, 525 BELGIUM 12.5)4 56. 141, 157, 176, 178, 193, 333, 366, 376, 389, 416, 439, 479 236, BOLIVL. 8, 9, 63, 344, 365, 527 BRziL, 38, 419 49, 68, 69, 150, 360, 413 BU1G-R1:1 171, 226, 233, 243, 248, 321, 4469 455 281, 3199 3259 3311 CURL. 68, 114, 1249 519, 520, 522 CIT.RUS 190 CZECHOZLOV,,KI 5, 6, 17, 199 26, 27 36, 37, 39, 4o, 46, 6o, 78, 84, 88, 101, 175, 181, 182, 186, 222, 229, 231, 237, - 1.15 - Sanitized - Approved For e ? CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 T 284 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35e 48, 49, 50, 52, 541 55, 56, 58, 130, 1364 1374 156,.163, 165, 188, 197, 199, 201, 207, 215 2399 243, 248, 261, 264, 268, Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 CZECHOSLOW,KIji 269, 275, 280, 287, 293, 294, 298, 299, 302, 309, (continued) 318, 327, 328, 330, 3.5.5 345, 355, 361, 364, 369, 384, 387, 396, 398, 401, 403, 405, 415, 434, 458, 474, 481, 496, 500, 506, 510, 512, 516, 517, 545 DENhiaRK 99, 15.7, 163, 170, 211, 282, 338, 340, 450 ECU-DOR 12 EGYTT 373, 528 M:GL:.ND 15,16, 17, 21, 25, loo, 101, 109, 142, 148, 180, 196, 197, 199, 221, 224, 225, 290, 291, 294, 354, 358, 378, 391, 413, 434, 433, 443, 448, 462, 464, 472, 477, 485, 486, 492, 533, 544 FINLZID 357, 179, 192, 196, , 214, 509, 511 ifE,NCE 7, 22, 51, 53, 57,62, 63, 74, 102, 134, 145, 147 196, 200, 222, 315, 325, 326, 385, 386, 390, 459, 467, 472, 518 227, 230, 251, 258, 279, 280, 284, 3321 3571 371, 375, 378, 379, 380, 394, 395, 409, 414, 418, 431, 435, GERLiza 73, 89, 153, 162, 166, 218, 253, 254, 335, 411 , 154, 189, 285, 292, 381, 383, 444, 458. - 116 - Sanitized - Approve T. G=E 190, 260, 453, 533 GILTENi-J_Al. 124, 329, 348, 379 HITI 146 HCITEGEG 110, 175, 445 HUNG,ARY 28, 30, 72, 94, 132, 133, 144, 145, 251, 163, 191, 212, 221, 222, 234, 241, 246, 247, 248, 249, 262,, 263, 273, 274, 283, 285, 311, 314, 382, 401, 454, 531 Dim,. 131, 216, 255, 493, 495, 497, 502 I.NDCIaLL',. 300, 301, 302 M..N 532 541 IR 501, 532, 541 ;MT INDIES) 342 ITLY 16, 63, 76, 81, 90, 91, 93, 95, 113, 161, 180, 222, 232, 296, 314, 316, 367, 387, 437, 467, 468, 480, 484, 488, 459, 523 Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 LEII,NoN 111, 341, 501, 515, 537 TaiL.,y-,. 14, 18, 216, 14.38 493, 495, 505 NEXIC0 118, 121, 124, 129, 172, 552, 449, 463,519 ErETHmLapcJ. 407, 423, 546 NIcia,GuL. 334 NoRw.iiy 105, 268, 159, 164 168, 185, 219, 368, 391 12,LE6TINE 190, 345, 430 Liz,Lxi. 116, 117, 119, a 23 , 125, 126, 127 LIR4uily 350 IERU 81 12, 67, 106 351, 362, 365 nuinTimis 3.54, 549 oLiiiNo 1,3, 13, 24, 29, 43, 50, 66 71, 84, 128, 134, 136 138, 16.5, 177, 187, 194, 205, 209, 217, 220, 225, 245, 256, 257, 264, 265, 268, 265, 285, 287, 307, 308, 345, 360, 383, 386, 390, 394, 400, 404, 412, 428, 433, 436, 442, 4.52, 456, 458 lUERTO RICO. 372 RUM.iiii* 21, 28, 32, 77,132, 139, 155, 156: 184, 197, 222, 238, 275, 277, 290, 3.14,317, 343, 335, 370, 371, 490, 507, 516 ivilDOR 267 L-,r.,1,1 469, 489 IIN 354, 536, 542, 547 548 In.Jt EDEN 23, 45, 135, 139, 158, 165, 167, 1690 196, 204, 206, 208, 211, 223, 242, 276, 2869 289, 310, 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, 359, 362, 368, 397, 408, 410 - 117 - Sanitized - Approved Foil CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 ttRtal? Sanitized - Approved For FS . CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Si-IITZERLZD 73,195, 222, 250, 284, 934, 3'74, 375, 401, 402, 419, 447, 450, SRL 111, 143, 305, 323, 346, 470, 532, 541 TRIESTE 90 104v 422, 424, 425, 426 UE 103, 140, 198, 252, 295, 324, 329, 353, 371, 433, 440, 441, 460, 478, 503 I.T.S.5R 17, 59, 66, 75, 79, 210, 214, 240, 284, 377, 466, 468, 483, 80, 82, 86, 92, 96, 112, 183, 202, 203, 286, 287, 257, 30, 304, 312, 322, 355, 498, 504 11aEZUEL.. 114, 115, 125, 12O 122, 127, 173, 278, 393, 432, 521. 11;GCSL;ITL. 2, 4, 19, 20, 61, 64, 83, 91, 93, 93, 97, 174, 213, 221, 259, 262, 264, 265, 271, 313, 399, 417, 335 - 118 - Sanitized - Approved Fusalk CIA-RDP78-00915R0001001 Sanitized - Approved For MIR CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 SECTION C Sanitized - Approved 5R0001 _Date 19-28 Feb 48 Meeting Sanitized - Approved Foraraeir CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Ilace -r- Delegates Remarks Southeast ,A,sia Youth Conference Calcutta, India, ? DELEG,-TEL Burma Nino Bch .:..kung (Democratic Iecples Youth of Burma) Myaing Bch }Ila (Democratic Iecples Youth of Burma) ? Gyi, Kc Lung (.i.11 Burma Trade Union Congress) lying, Kc Lung (,11 Burma Students' Union) Chit, Ko (L,11 Burma Students' Unicn) TUn, Than Goa Burma Students' Union) Hla, Bch Lein (recples Volunteer Organisation) Nadha, I. NL (&11 Burma Indian Youth League) China - ring, Hco (National Student Federation of China) ? Niug, Sung Vee (National Student Federation .of China) Hwa, Zen Ulu (National Student Federaticn cf. China) Ming, Wong (National Student Federation cf China) rong, Tien Tsun (National Student. Federation of China) Kee, Hsu (Chinese Demccratic Youth League) Chetio-Baiden F? (Chine$e Democratic League) -13.9 Sanitized - Approved For tee CIA-RDP78-00915ROutri uulPA This meeting was reported in 3-Memo- randum k36 and information since received has seemed to conflict with the earlier reports,, It ia impossible to identify the delegates as Communist cr nen-Communist in many instances? Lfter the first two days cf the conference the group split on policy and Bose (India) led one group (anti-Communist) out and announced they would hold sessions elsewhere? These sessions were later cancelled, presumably for lack of supportc. It is known that the security pclice took great interest in the Conference, It was reported that instructions were received from Moscow as to the matters to be discussed, but just who brouht these orders is unknown. Sanitized - Approved FolIME411" CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Meeting Ilace Delegates :Remarks Southeast Asia Youth Conference (continued) Ceylon - NanamTeri, D. T E. India - Dan, Satyapal (ii11 India students Federation) Dhattacharyya, Armada (All India Students Federation) Dardhan, A. B, (13.11 India Students Federation) Dose, Aurcbindo (All India Students' Congress) Jha, Lakhinath (All India Stufaents' Congress) EUkerEhee, Diswanath (All India Students' ConEress) Kalil, Jelly (All India Trade Unicn Congress) Rey, Sudha (,11 India Trade Union Congress) Chakrcvarty, J, (All India Trade Union Congress) Mitra, :Haridas (Ul India Ycuth League) Fratyegatma (Andhra Youth Fed- eration) Navaratnam (Indian National Aray) Datta, Arun K. (Socialist Unity Centre Students' Bureau) .Laheri, Abani (All India Kishan Sabha) Datta, Badha G, (All India Kishan Sabha) Zuberi, timer Ahmed (All India Muslim Students Federatien) Chatterji, Bhobani (Mazdoor ranchayat) - 120- Sanitized - Approved For Ie? CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Sanitized - Approved FittEiforS CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Yeeting Ilace Delegates Remarks Southeast Asia Youth Conference (continued) Indonesia Fanggidaej, Francisca (Badan Kogres remuda Republik Indonesia) Anwar, byamsu (Badan Kogres remuda Republik Indonesia) Tamboenan, Firman (Badan Kogres Republik Indonesia) Scepenc (Badan Kogres Republik Indonesia) Rondonuwu (Badan Kogres Republik Indonesia) Malaya Soong, Lee (Mlayan New Demo- cratic Youth League) Iakistan Hoc', Lhamsul (Democratic Youth League of Iakistan) Chaudhury, Abdur Rahran (East rakistan EVslim:Students Federation) Shahidullah (All India Students' Federation) Guha, Swadhin (All India Students Congress (Varma) Talukdar, Hirok (All India Students Congress) Hussain, Maruf (East rakistan Trade Union Federation, rakistan Trade Union Federation) Habib, Mansur (Iakistan Kishan Sabha) Khan, Lily (University Women's Students Union) - 121 - Sanitized - Approved Forarst CIA-RDP78-00915R00818 ulrbb I Sanitized - Approved FortfieRFame CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Meeting Ilace Delegates 'Southeast L.sia Youth Conference (continued) Remarks Viet Nam - Cucmg, Nguyen Duy (icuth Fed- eration of Viet Nam) Iho, Nguyen Hong (Youth Feder- ation of Viet Nam) Thu, Trucng Van (icuth Federa_ ticn of Viet Nam) Mot, Tran Van (Youth Federation of Viet Nam) guynh, Nguyen Duc (students' tizsociation of Viet Nam) Tam, ie (students' 2:isecciation of Viet Nam) OBSEMLLK,S2 (From countries not sending delegates) Korea Ki, n Kyung (Union of Democratic Ycuth of Korea) 'Sock, Kim Chung (Union of Demo- cratic Youth cf Korea) ? Tai, Yang Bcng (Union cf Demo- cratic Youth of Korea) Whan, Nhng 14ocia (Union of Demo- cratic Youth of Korea Ibngclia - Dgudchei, Hombc (Revolutionary Youth Association cf the Mongolian recples Republic) Chultum, Luboun (Revolution- ary Youth i;ssociation of the Nkngolian recples Republic) - 122 - Sanitized - Approved For e e ? CIA-RDP78-00915R0001 Sanitized - Approved Fr&MK; CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Meeting Ilace Delegates Remarks boutheast Azia Youth Conference (continued) Mongolia - Churimedbek (Revolutionary 'Youth (continued) Association of the Mongolian leoples Republic) Nepal - Upahay, Devendra Raj (Nepali National Congress) ? Soviet Union (All affiliated with Anti- Fascist CommIttee of LcIiet Youth) - Khariamov, A, Eamidov (engineer) Eanapin (teacher) Radyapcv EUrbanodov (a leader cf 'Xamathmali organisation) Yonsad. Lyed (Tioneer?Organisaticn). UrriurshuthvJ (mining engineer) . Zavania (Young Pioneers of Georgia) Dranov (International Youth Movement and Organisation ) Philippines Rono Jose (Manila Univer- sity Students Council .t;ssociation) Joaquin, Enrique (Manila University Students Council Association) (From countries sending delegates) Burra - Dey, I. (i.11 Burma Indian Youth League) - 123- Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Date lieeting Southeast ;*sia Youth Conference (continued) Sanitized - Approved Fors-uMite+", CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Place Delegates Buri. Mikerji, Dela (.211 Burma Indian (continued) Youth League) .Shah, Suchila (L11 Burma Indian youth League) Ramaswarmy, ;..XTT. (Indian Youth League) 'Indonesia - Werjan (Badan Kongres Iemuda Republik Indonesia) India - Meematage (,11 India Youth Congress) Iakistan - liwna7" EIL-A (Democratic Youth .LeagUe of Iakistan) ?prani, K.T (.1.11 India }Students Congress (Varma) Das.Gupta, K, (.1.11 India Students Congress (Varma) Basu, ilrebindo (Dacca University Students' Union) Chaudhury, A. LL K (Dacca Univer- sity Mnslim Students League) kbhmed, B., (Democratic Youth LeaLue of iekistan) L1on4 ;1?, (Denccratic Ycuth League of Pakistan) Mitra, ;isok (FerWard Eloc Students Bureau) GUESTS; .?iustralia - Bacon, Kathleen (Eureka Ycuth League) Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 124- Sanitized - Approved For FgrelltS^IIIIIIIII?mi. CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Meeting ilace Delegates 28 Mar 48 ca 17 41pr 48 Southeast sia Youth Conference (continued) Second session cf the southeast .0.sia Youth Conference National Students Congress Bangkok Bucharest Canada - Ranbush, Robert (National Federation of Canadian University students) Yugoslavia - ruhalo, Dusan (reoples Youth of Yugoslavia) REIRESD\ITLTII,IY OF TIE WFDY ,.ND THE MS Lautissier, Ioan - WPDY Kanuga, LydiaWFDY Grohnan, Joseph - IUS Bricknan, Carmel - ru.,5 Great Britain - Brickman, Carmel (IUS) Hungary retroschi, Francis Sobota, Nicole USER - Kokealovt Terebova, Ludmilla Yugoslavia - Bogdanovici, Bogdan Cocsc, Mitridian - 125 - Sanitized - Approved FollowAnn CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Remarks It is presumed that several of the sane delegates attended the Calcutta and Bangkok conferences, but no information ilss been received. Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Date Meeting Ilace Delegates Remarks mid ; 48 Hungarian De=cratic Women's Congress Budapest .:dbania irmoska, Nedred Irtan Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 ustria - tc1z. Ruth Bulgaria - .;Ivremova, Kati& Dragojeva, Tsola (Iclitburc) Czechcslcvakia Glhsercvo, E. England - Griffith,r. France - Vi011os Viwillis, i.,ndree (Ce E,oir) Italy Bernetti, Drie Icland Jaszcyukova, Rurania Radaceanu :Yugoslavia Ninics, Illka - 126 - Sanitized - Approved ForlIME4.? CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 SECTIGN D LIST CF .k.BBREILIITICEL)c Sanitized - Approved Foltwo. CIA-RDP78-00915R00010 Sanitized - Approved FM- Utter CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 Explanatory mote The function of a Communist is indicated by the pertinent symbol attached to his tame, The party to which the subject belongs is generally not indicated since the text makes affiliations obvious. The abbreviations usd in this paper aret LN2I - National Lssociation of Italian Partisans LUCCTU 7 L11-Union Central Council of Trade Unions LYD - Lmerican Youth for Demccracy CC - Central Committee CC-IL - Confederazione Generale Italiana del Lavoro (General labor Federation of Italy) CGT - Confederation Generale du Travail (General Labor 'Federation) CTM - Cenfederacion de-Jcvenes axicanos CF - Communist Party CYGB - Communist Party - Great Britain CILIT - Communist Party - Loviet Union CIULL - Communist Party - United States CT - Confederation of Arkers (of the particular Latin mer lean country) - 127- Sanitized - Approved Foriifirairr CIA-RDP78-00915R00010elle0V11-1 I CTL - Confederacien de Trabajaderes de Lmerica Latina (Latin Lmerican Labor Federation) CTD - (Brazil) Cenfederacae dos Trabalhadores dc Brasil CTC - (Colombia) Confederacion de Trabajadcres de Colombia 1g4K - Deutche '4irtschafts Kommissicn (S2iii. Government) Exec Cemm - Executive Committee FEU - Federacicn Estuclunatii Universitaria (Federation of University 'Students) FEUD - Federation of Ecuadorian University Students - International EtudenW iService TUE, - International Union of Students JLU - JuVentudes Eccialistas Unificadas (Spanish Youth) ID - International Brigade KTO - Komunistische Partei Cppositien Member of Parliament CRIL - General ':;orkers Professional Union (Bulgaria) IIR - Particle Izquicrda Revelucienaric (Brazil) - Particle acialista Popular (Cuba) Sanitized - Approved For SLCUT CIA-RDP78-00915R000100190001-9 rvp rartido Vanguardia Popular (Costa Rica) Sec Gen - Secretary General SOW- - Union of Czoch ex-rclitical Prisoners -UNESCO -? United NationslEconenic and Social Organization Vas - .i.,11-Union Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries Vr - Vice rresident W2DY - World Federation of Democratic Youth 4F11U - 'dorld Federation of Trade Unions WIDF Internationa1 Federation of Democratic Women - 128- Sanitized - Approved For CIA-RDP78-00915R0001