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November 17, 2016
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April 5, 2000
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April 17, 1956
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IIII^v ~V^F0 w ~' $ ,~ Fay ase 0a , PA-004A FOREIGN S-vrGE DESPATCH FROM TO REF Foreign Service Despatch #594 ACTION For Dept. C/N Use Only }:EC' D N F OTHER ?1 Embassy Liaison on Communist Affairs DO NOT TYPE IN THIS SPACE 0005000200 APr_?5 D474147 64 -!5 i 4- -88 The Embassy liaison officer met with Mr. L EMUS,, his C .aatemala cou.nterparte as o it opens. pprova3 or Release 200 Q a ;,0:14 tQg7$-00915R0005 if11 014-9 state De . ec lass i ice ion ins ruc ions on me on April 10 and April 13. At the aforementioned meetings the Embassy liaison officer delivered the two remaining portions of the Operational Plan of International Comammism in Latin American to Mr. LEMT . Mr* LEWIS stated at the meeting on April 13 that he had read the first and second sections of the paper with interest and that he had distributed them to selected members of the Direccion. General de Seguridad Naci' Tonal for study. He commented,, however, that he had found the paper a bit too general to be completely useful. He suggested that he would appreciate more specific information re Conamud,st technic uee, 1.*. j, Soviet operations in the Hemisphere. The Embassy' liaison officer advised Mr. LEP US that he did not have that sort of information at. his disposal but he was able to satisfy the request by making available to Mr. LEWIS a copy of E. H. Cockridge e s book entitled.. The Not That Covers The World. The enthusiasm with which Mr. LEWIS accepted the as leads the undersigned to believe that liaison officers may find it useful to make available unclassified literature of this nature to their counterparts. It serves two purposesae 1. It facilitates establishing rapport with one's counterparts, and 2. it serves as it did in Mr. LEMUS' case, as a means of satisfying requests which are difficult to comply with definitively. Since the initial meeting,. Mr. LEMUS had demonstrated his desire to cooper- ate on the Communist problem. Although quite understandably he has not pro- vided intimate details of his government's operations against the Commnanists, he has given the Embassy liaison officer his analysis of the a siatema].an Govern- ment es estimate of the capability of the Communist internal organization. Briefly, ,Mr. LEMUS has stated that the Communists do not represent a threat to stability, but that they have some potential in the propaganda field. He cited as an example the fact that the Partido Guatemalteco de Trabajo is planning a propaganda offensive for the period April 20 through Mw 3. Mr. LEKUS indi- cated that although his government does not know the location of the Communist printing equipment,p it is not concerned and will squelch the offensive as soon Page 2 of 2 Page of best No.__ [ $~CRET .. ~ . Encl. No. Fro lease 2000/0W27fitdm1A-RDP78-00915 rom O0II2II14-9 A recent 4uateomalan press release stated that seventeen people incarcera on charges of Corsmuzist activity by the now defunct Committee for Defense Altai t CQmettun would soon be reJLeased from prison. The Embassy liaison officer queried M8r. LEMUS during their April 10 meeting re the accuracy of this article. Mr. LEMUS informed the liaison officer that the government had twenty-four people in prison, not seventeen, and that they were not being released in a "carts blanche" maimer as had been published. He indicated that the prisoners' cases were being studied individually, and would be acted upon in the near fu- ture. The liaison officer then stated to Mr. LEWIS that he was pleased to hear this because the Embassy had noticed that the Guatemalan Government had not yet sentenced any Comnaniate under the old Decree 59 or the new constitution. Mr. LEWIS affirmed that there had been no prosecutions,, stating that he had been re- luctant to take cases into court because it would compromise his sources of information. The liaison officer agreed with this, but suggested that it might be useful to assume that risk in order to secure the conviction of at least one major Commi.et since such a conviction would, in his best judgment, do much to discourage the Comm mist tnderground. Mr. LEKUS agreed with this, stating that he shared the liaison officer's view. He then referred to the case of ALVARADO Monson, former Secretary General of the Partido Guatemalteco de Trabajo,p who was detained under Decree 59 for six months and then expelled from the country on pabruary 29. He said that he had recently learned that ALVARADO Monson planned to return to Guatemala clandestinely the end of April and take over as Secretary- General of the Partido Guatemalteco de Trabajo from SILVA donama, its present chief. The liaison officer queried Mr. LEWIS concerning the wheregbouts of SILVA Jonama and why he was still at large. Mr. LEWIS replied that JONAM lived in Guatemala. City but that his maw friends, non-Communist as well as Communist, had provided him with refuge, and that various police and investigative agencies had been unable to apprehend him to date. During the April 13 meeting the Embassy liaison officer discussed the Fi.ret American Congress for Civil Rights with Mr. LEWIS (see CL-f791 of April 5, 1956). Mr. LEMUS said that he had heard of it, indicating that the Guatemalan Pnbasay in Chile had provided the information. He had no information other than that contained in CA-7791, however. The liaison program vas been in existence approximately one month. It is developing satisfactorily, and all indications are that it will improve with time. Information of a genera). nature has been exchanged on a regular basis and Mr. LEM shows an increasing inclination to discuss his problems with the Enbaa y .liaison officer. It is essential, however, that information be made available by the Department on a continuous basis to ensure success of the pro- gram, because any liaison program to be successful over a protracted period of time must provide for a tuna-+a exchange of information. Jacob D. Esterlim Second Secretary of Embassy Approved For .40ase 2000/08/27: CIA-RDP78- 15R000500020014-9