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November 11, 2016
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March 25, 1998
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Approved For Release`: CIA--RDP78-00915R000500140015-5 4 better. " He went on to say that such conferences should be attended, not only by top CP leaders, but also by "representatives of basic organizations and comrades working in various kinds of popular organizations and associations- -in trade unions,. cooperatives, self-government, women's, youth and cultural organizations. " In addition, Terracini advocated exchange of visits between CP leaders. Di Vittorio went "so far as to say, if the need arises, that an international conference should be convened for an eventual exchange of ideas, but without decisions binding for all and without the formation of any kind of permanent international organ. " On 15 December, the Polish news service PAP revealed that a special correspondent of Trybuna Wolnosci had interviewed Umberto Terracini and Giuseppe Di Vittorio. Terracini stated that the delegations of ten CPs at the 8th PCI Congress had "availed themselves of the opportunity to conduct long and fruitful conversations, which made it possible for them to mutually exchange views concerning the most important problems of today. Thus it seems that in the future relations between the various Communist Parties can develop in a similar way, that is, in the form of meetings that do not have the character of official conferences with meetings, commissions, resolutions, and so forth. The more often these meetings take place, the Approved For jf 0/0 n07AnAGrfnn~~ww. "0015-5